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#IranProtests2022 5th week of incessant protests (29th day) starting today with reports of ongoing protests in Karaj, Rashst, Hamedan and Shahinshahr.

It is 1:30 PM local time.

This is students today in Sanandaj.

In Ardabil where a high school student was allegedly beaten to death (we have not yet been able to confirm or disprove) protesters have clashed with the security forces.

#MahsaAmini #NikaShakarami #IranRevolution #مهسا_امینی

Students in Tehran University now

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#Iran #PS572
New Dimensions of Ukrainian Airplane Incident in #Tehran; #US Footprint Brighter than Ever! + Video…
According to available information, few after #Iran’s missile attacks on #US terrorist forces in #Iraq, the US reconnaissance aircraft “Rivet Joint”, started the simulation of cruise missiles firing to some targets in center of Iran.
In fact, the Americans have acted against #Iran’s defense system to mislead it; but it’s not the all of story!
What indicates the depth of disaster and #US evil, is the changing the identification of a passenger aircraft to a cruise missile!
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Jan 11 - Tehran, #Iran
Students of Amir Kabir University are chanting during a large rally: "IRGC shame on you! Let go of the country!"

This rally follows today's acknowledgement by the IRGC of downing a Ukrainian airliner.
Jan 11 - Tehran, #Iran
Students of Amir Kabir University chanting at a large rally:
"People haven't died for us to praise the leader!"

This is strong criticism directed at the regime & the mullahs' dictator @Khamenei_ir.
@khamenei_ir Jan 11 - Tehran, #Iran
Students of Amir Kabir University chanting at a large rally: "Shame on you! Shame on you!"

They're targeting their slogans at security units dispatched by authorities to disperse their peaceful gathering.
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1. This is staggering & not what I was expecting so soon. A day after accusing the U.S of propaganda and ‘lying & engaging in psycological warfare’ regarding U.S claims that Flight #PS752 was shot down by a missile, Iran admits it ‘unintentionally’ shot down the Ukrainian flight.
2. #PS752 Iran’s admission of culpability comes a day after its Civil Aviation Organisation chief Ali Abedzadeh repeated his view a missile was not the cause of the crash.

"The thing that is clear to us & that we can say w/ certainty is that this plane was not hit by a missile,"
3. The admission likely comes after the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) information was accessed and analysed. Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif tweeted the following apology.
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QUESTION @HassanRouhani

On the night of a military operation with the chance of a retaliatory response and while air defense systems are on highest alert, why allow civilian planes fly over the capital to lead to such a devastating yet preventable tragedy?

After a week of official denials that opened the door to lots of rumors and conspiracies, and in the middle of a politicized media atmosphere, this official acknowledgement and detailed explanation is a good first step towards transparency and responsibility. Also unprecedented.
This tragedy is very personal to me as a family member flew out of Tehran on another flight right before #PS752. It could have easily been their flight instead. And I have been rethinking this over and over in my mind.

This could happen to many of us, living in or outside Iran.
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