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Inspired by @MonicaK2511 to share photos taken my ME, God has been so wonderful to me that my work has taken me to so many places & I share some pictures from my travels. Maybe I will add to this like a series but this is just a beginning. #Amritsar #Dhaka #Dublin #Mysore ImageImageImageImage
To these I add #Holland #Qatar #Norway and #California There many pictures but these are just a few, representative... ImageImageImageImage
The next in line are #Paris #NewYork #Switzerland and #Kolkatta... Each place has a beauty, charm, culture, that must be experienced. ImageImageImageImage
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An interesting aspect of the Shura Elections is that candidates must be from a family that resided in Qatar prior to 1930. Article 80 of the #Qatar constitution as far as I can tell does not provide this requirement, simply that they be Qatari nationals. 1930 is mentioned in
the nationality law of 2005. 1930 is a date mentioned in the nationality law as the key date for which those residents and descendants of those residents have nationality. There are many other roads to obtaining Qatari nationality however, but the…
law on candidates for the Shura council does make a distinction between those with pre-1930 nationality and post 1930 nationality. As far as I know there is no formal distinction between citizen and national. Also I am not sure if there are numbers out there defining the
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Un dialogo "didattico" sull'etica che pervade il mondo del liberismo italiano.

Da qui, in su, potete vedere una strenua difesa di qualsiasi attività che "porti soldi", rinnegando le discriminanti etiche.
(parto dal fondo per evitare le diramazioni)
Non importa che #Qatar e #SAU assassinino bambini;
non importa che le bombe italiane assassino bambini;
non importa che la mafia assassini bambini.
Sono tutti importanti perché generano PIL e posti di lavoro.

Sono come le sigarette (che idiozia questo divieto di venderle
ai bambini, mi vien da dire), il vino, il lardo.

Ovviamente, appena estendi il ragionamento (si fa per dire), dimostrando come nel passato quella logica ha portato il massimo schifo umano, il nostro liberista scappa, accusandomi di sminuire
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.@SIGARHQ released its latest quarterly report on #Afghanistan today. Some key points in this THREAD.

@SIGARHQ Data from @USFOR_A shows that enemy-initiated attacks increased significantly since the signing of the US-#Taliban Agreement. During the past quarter (March – May 2021), USFOR-A reported 10,383 enemy-initiated attacks and 3,268 effective enemy-initiated attacks. 2/n
@SIGARHQ @USFOR_A Most ANA corps refuse to execute missions w/o spt from the ANA Special Operations Corps (ANASOC), according to NSOCC-A. When ANASOC forces do arrive, they're misused to perform tasks intended for conventional forces such as route clearance, checkpoint security, & QRF. 3/n
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What happened to #FollowTheScience? Global data/research confirm #NaturalImmunity is robust & their is no discernable benefit beyond antibody production. Those with past #COVID infection are at very little risk of reinfection, hospitalization, or death. 1/
Recommending #COVID19 vax even if you've had #COVID is #AntiScience. @ClevelandClinic found not 1/1359 previously infected subjects who remained unvaccinated were reinfected. Those w/ prior infection "are unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination"… 2/
#Naturalmmunity against #COVID-19 in #India significantly reduces the risk of reinfection: findings from a cohort of sero-survey participants - only 3/1170 were reinfected w/ 1 hospitalization (but didn't require O2 support or critical care… 3/
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🧵I love #football

Have done since the 1980's ⚽️

Nowadays though, the off-field stuff seems to get as much coverage & column inches as the game itself 🗞️📺📱

Competition isn't just about trophies - it's about eyeballs, soft power, geo-politics, PR and #money

Quick tale...
Did you see that news report from the #US this week about the #billionaire financier #TomBarrack being arrested? ($250m bail)

In the weird (but fun) world we live in, that incident ties to #NewcastleUnited & the #PremierLeague

Say what?! 🧐

#FollowTheMoney #Networks #Power 💸
We have;

- Billionaires acting as back-channel diplomats (💰)
- Political actors orchestrating things but pretending they're not
- Qatar buy rights to #EPL for region
- Saudi pirate them #AJ #BeIn #BeOut
- SA try to buy NUFC
- Qatar say "No Way"

#Rights ✍️/👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
#Value (s) 💸🙏⚽️
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Happening now: @SecDef Lloyd Austin, @thejointstaff Chairman, Gen Mark Milley address reporters at the Pentagon
#Afghanistan: "We're still on track to finish up by the end of August" per @SecDef on US withdrawal

"The president has made a decision-we're going to get it done & we're going to get it done right"
US #Afghanistan interpreters/Operation Allies Refuge:

"We take our obligations to them and to their families very seriously" per @SecDef, saying the 1st will arrive at Fort Lee "soon"

He says US bases overseas, foreign facilities also under consideration
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#Taliban released a "#Joint_Declaration" about the two-days intra-Afghan peace negotiations in #Doha (17-18 July 2021):
They agreed on the need to speed up negotiations to address the current conflict/crisis in Afghanistan and find a just and lasting solution to the problem ASAP.
They understand the need for a compromise that responds to the interests& aspirations of all men& women in AFG in the light of Islamic principles.
They are committed to engaging in high-level negotiations to reach a settlement& will continue to hold such meetings in the future.
At the same time, the two leaders (Baradar& Abdullah) instructed their negotiating teams to expedite negotiations.
Both sides r committed to ensuring that civilian infrastructure remains secure throughout AFG& will prevent civilian casualties& cooperate n humanitarian assistance.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/14/2021…
A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Instructional Videos with Jonathan Halls…

#InstructionalVideos #HowTo
Moscow's QR Code Passes Get the Tattoo Treatment…

#QRCodes #tattoos #consequences
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A number of people have been asking my thoughts on recent developments in #Afghanistan. Now that I’m back from a week of sandcastle building, a THREAD to that effect. 1/n
1st, a few thoughts on recent #Taliban gains. That the TB are suddenly gaining ground in rural areas shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. eg, I predicted the group would have a slight military adv post-US withdrawal in a @CTCWP paper back in JAN:… 2/n
@CTCWP The #Taliban have—for years—been employing a strategy of capturing rural areas IOT generate position & resources to threaten more populated areas, as we @CNA_org described in our independent threat assessment for Congress back in 2013 (…). 3/n
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Hillary Clinton: “We Created #AlQaeda”. The Protagonists of the “Global War on Terrorism” are the Terrorists

“And great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahabi brand of Islam so that we can go beat the Soviet Union.”
And that is precisely what the #US is doing in Syria: using their #AlQaeda “Moderates” to fight against Syria and Russia. For Moscow, it is “Déjà Vu.

The plan in Afghanistan was to destroy the secular state and install a proxy U.S. Islamic State.
The same objective prevails in #Syria.

What Hillary does not mention is that at no time in the course of the last 36 years has the US ceased to support and finance #AlQaeda as a means to destabilizing sovereign countries. It was “a pretty good idea”, says Hillary, and
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Reports yesterday revealed that Giuliani is now facing a 2nd gov investigation for alleged lobbying on behalf of #Turkey -sanctioned by the U.S for #Russia|n S-400s purchases.

More on Guiliani's work for Turkey's ally #Qatar and others⬇️2015:…
2016: "#Qatar is a U.S. ally that hosts a major American military base but once stifled an attempt to arrest Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, who went on to mastermind the Sept. 11 attacks, according to the 9/11 commission report."…
2007:"Some..clients have controversial records. Among those he hasn't disclosed is the gov of #Qatar..criticized for its conduct toward al Qaeda-a potential political pitfall for a candidate pitching himself as an uncompromising foe of Islamic terrorism"…
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The #Houthis turned down the meeting because the peace plan does not go far enough to lift the blockade imposed by #Saudi . Mohammed Abdulsalam, spokesman for the #Yemeni #Anssarallah movement and senior negotiator for the
#Sanaa National Rescue Government, accused the #UN Security Council of prolonging the war against #Yemen. “You are talking about part of the ongoing battle and leaving the discussion about the besieged Yemen. That is not enough for the ongoing conflict, it does not address
the problem, it exacerbates it. ”He took the view that talking about a single battle - in relation to #Marib - does not help to achieve peace but rather prolongs the war.

Nevertheless, Maas is silent about the political and military cooperation of ex-President Hadi,
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I did some basic open source-online search on this #US-based “#Turkey Democracy Project” & here is what I found:

✅It has 11 member in the Board of Directors and 2 members on the Team

✅Out of 13 people in a project dedicated for Turkey, only 1 Member is Turkish

✅Turkish media said he’s a FETO member too

✅The guy left his position in the project only few days after announcing it!

🚨Four of the Advisory Board (AB) of #Turkey Democracy Project (#TDP) are in the AB of Counter Extremism Project #CEP

✅CEP ws created by members of the AB of United Against Nuclear Iran(#UANI)

✅7 member of the AB of UANI are in the AB of TDP

✅UANI is funded by 🇦🇪🇸🇦🇮🇱
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Arms Dealers And Lobbyists Get Rich As #Yemen Burns

JUNE 25, 2019
Chronic human rights violator Saudi Arabia is using American-made weapons against civilians in the fifth-poorest nation in the world, Yemen. And make no mistake:
U.S. defense contractors and their lobbyists and supporters in government are getting rich in the process.
The majority of the 6,872 #Yemeni civilians killed and 10,768 wounded have been victims of Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, according to the Office of the
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (#OHCHR). Nearly 90 coalition airstrikes have hit homes, schools, markets, hospitals, and mosques since 2015, according to Human Rights Watch. In 2018, the coalition bombed a wedding, killing 22 people,
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.@nytimes produced its war film vs #Israel that it's been working on for wks. The storyline: Israel used US weapons to bomb Gaza apt buildings & kill civilians.
I saw this coming. See thread.
Gaza’s Deadly Night: How Israeli Airstrikes Killed 44 People.…
2/ The NYT ignored proof of tunnels & command center that CREATED A SINKHOLE.
3 wks ago NYT advertised for a tekkie who could help produce this video.
NYT ignored Hamas' reax to question about a command post, but bored in on IDF response.
Film's producer has HRW & AJ "history."
3/ .@herbertnyt How come WSJ asks #Hamas but you can't? "When asked if a tunnel was under Wahda St or if Hamas has tunnels under residential 'hoods, Basem Naim, Hamas office of intern'l rel:“How to defend ourselves, w tunnels or w/out, where to have the tunnels, is our choice.”
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Sergey Soygu, Russian defence minister, has subbed #America like eight times in his speech. FTT, he's right. America has lost the war in #Afghanistan.

"#Africa is of particular concern because our Western partners have not allowed them to stabilise economically."

Is he right? Image
He just reminded us that the Soviet Union supported many liberation movements with #Africa, and has offered a hand of friendship.

P.S I hate it when they (and they're all guilty of this) of talking of Africa as a country.
Another direct sub: "we will sign agreements with our African friends without imposing our ways on you like our Western partners do."
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Having turned #Libya's capital into an Islamist gangsters' paradise with the support of the regimes in #Turkey and #Qatar, #Tripoli's militia cartel and warlords began fighting each other again in the early hours of this morning.

Death toll so far: 7. Latest⬇️
The #Turkey-#Qatar axis sent over15,000 mercs from the #Syria|n National Army and cargo after cargo of weapons to protect their proxy cartel when the Libyan army launched an unsuccesful offensive in April 2019 to free the capital from their militia tyranny…
May 27, 2021 AFP report: "Abdallah said burglaries, sex trafficking and kidnappings committed by Syrian mercenaries were reported in #Libya."
Sexual assault on Libyan women by #Qatar-#Turkey's mercs also reported by AFRICOM as early as September 2020.…
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Tip: When the word "warlord" is used to smear a government official appointed to his post by the only internationally recognized, democratically elected parliament of #Libya, it's a pretty good sign that the rest of the article will also contain other Islamist propaganda and lies
1/2) Patient X of Libya related fake news: Both terrorist orgs such as Al-Qaeda+Qatari-funded outlets first used the term "warlord," "Kafir,"+"Zionist" (classic) to smear Haftar, appointed by the parliament to combat #Libya's terrorist and militia problem and restore sovereignty.
2/2) Fake news first planted in Qatari funded outlets, including AJ, are then picked up by "copy+paste" Western press, think tank, institutions funded by Qatar and disseminated by powerful agencies such as Mercury, also funded by #Qatar. [cont]
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Un thread sur la résistance palestinienne à #Gaza.

Pourquoi #Israel concentre toute sa propagande sur le #hamas?

Pourquoi les officines israéliennes en occident attaquent les frères musulmans?

Quel rôle/realtions avec les dictatures arabes alliées d'Israël?

C'est parti⬇️
1. Pendant que #Israel massacre les palestiniens à #Gaza, toute la communication et la propagande israélienne aussi bien en interne mais surout en occident, consiste et peut se résumer à ceci:

"#hamas, terroriste, nous attaque.
Israël, victime, ne fait que se défendre"
2. La porogande israélienne veut ainsi faire oublier la "root cause": colonisation, massacres, déportations, apartheid...qui sont le quotidien des palestiniens depuis la création d'Israël en 1948...bien avant la création du hamas en 1987.
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#Israel 🇮🇱 military says it has thwarted an apparent attempt by #Hamas to carry out an attack on Israel from the sea, said a number of operatives from Hamas were spotted today in the north of the Strip with suspected “naval diving weaponry”
#Israel 🇮🇱 Magen David Adom ambulance service says those being treated at the site of a #Gaza 🇵🇸 rocket strike in #Ashdod include 3 people lightly hurt by broken glass and five people who suffered anxiety attacks

Turkish 🇹🇷 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan @RTErdogan urged Pope Francis @Pontifex to help end what he called #Israel’s 🇮🇱 “massacre” of #Palestinians 🇵🇸, which should be punished with sanctions, his office said
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✈️Flying during COVID19 - the numbers

COVID19-figures on aviation are rare.
A thread about (the search for) this data.

We've collected 4.400 flights with at least one contagious(!) person.

Corona spreads its wings… ⬇️🧵
✈️Flying during COVID19 - the numbers

COVID19 & variants spread worldwide, also by aviation.
Despite precautions like PCR- and Antigen-tests.

Why are there no figures?
● Commercial interests?
● Inconvenient? (we want to travel)
● Too difficult?

No... it's not too difficult.
✈️Flying during COVID19 - the numbers

Fortunately, some countries share flights with contagious COVID19-persons, to alert other passengers.

From 5 websites we've collected:
● 4.428 international "affected"-flights
● 962 flightnumbers
● 98 airlines
● 82 countries

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There's been a phone call between @FaisalbinFarhan and @SecBlinken to discuss the latest developments "in Palestine and in the region', according to @spagov.
No readout yet from @StateDept about the chat with the #KSA foreign minister, but is has a brief one about a call today between @SecBlinken and @SMQureshiPTI.
Also, there’s been a call between @SecBlinken and his counterpart in #Egypt, according to @StateDeptSpox.
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Just mixed up the last thread on live updates now will post updates under this. Now follow this for live updates.
IDF: Over 3100 rockets have been fired at Israel over the last 7 days according to the IDF. During the 7 weeks of the 2014 war, just over 4500 rockets were fired.
A while ago Saraya Al-Quds has released a new release featuring rocket arsenal, training and attacks on IDF forces.
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