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#AlFurqan organe principal de l’#EI annonce une nouvelle production // #IS announces a new production from its main outlet
L’audio est d’Abou Hamza al-Mouhajir porte parole de l’#EI
Ch. al-Mouhajir Abou Hamza al-Qourachi compare le #Covid19 à la campagne de la coalition contre l’#EI et les populations qui vivaient sur son territoire
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@Qatargas will choose partners for its massive #LNG expansion by year-end & its not unlikely #Qatar will choose an Asian NOC, such as China's CNPC or CNOOC, as a core partner. Why? Well its never just about economics in the Gulf #oil and #gas (thread) #OOTT #ONGT
Choosing an Asian equity parter would reflect how #LNG is more than just an export for Qatar, it's a tool for the small #GCC nation, currently embargoed by its neighbors, to create global interdependencies
This makes even more sense given the difficulty #Qatar is having resigning long-term contracts amidst its marriage to oil-indexation. Bringing on end-users as equity partners is the perfect solution here. As the chart shows, the scale of Qatar's uncontracted position is massive
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Before I left #Turkey, for 2 months, I warned of this (and more coming). The problem: every single person there, locked-down 24X7, hiding under blankets, unable or willing to hear a single word. Never seen this level of fear & compliance, anywhere; ever.
Not a single protest. Not a single person questioning. Not a single person engaged in critical thinking. Not one. Everyone, every single person, willingly, and fear-ridden, went into 24X7 lockdown unquestioningly. Wow. Horror. Simply horrifying.
Between #Germany, #Qatar and #China, they will be gobbling down this country that was left un-defended and in-spoken for by its own people. So sad and frustrating for me. Because I loved #Turkey
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#Libya #AlWatiya #GNA #LNA #Turkey
1/The GNA has managed to break through defences and capture the Al-Watiya airbase...a major victory for them & probably means the LNA will no longer be able to seriously threaten Tripoli
#Libya #AlWatiya #GNA #LNA #Turkey
2/ few more pics from Al-Watiya airbase
#Libya #AlWatiya #Pantsir #GNA #LNA #Turkey
The GNA has reportedly captured a Pantsir AD system as well...although the below pic is pretty blurry...will update as more info becomes available
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Thread :
The Expired #GNA is a predecessor of a list of #Tripoli based govs that backed,founded,& funded #terrorist orgs in #libya,#Turkey
Such as the #Benghazi shura council; that attacked the US embassy in 2012
Many fighting against the #LNA in #Tripoli
The #Binghazi shura council
is a military coalition in Benghazi composed of Islamist and jihadist militias,including Ansar Al-Sharia, Libya Shield 1, & several other terrorists groups such as #ISIS & #AlQeada
This coalition by the #MuslimBrotherhood was created to fight the #LNA
Who are BRSC?
Benghazi Revolutionary Shura Council was formed in 2014 by Ansar AlSharia (#AlQaeda) leader Mohammed AlZahawi & Wissam Bin Hmaid.
The group fought alongside #ISIS in Benghazi in an attempt to stop the Libyan Army #LNA liberate #Benghazi.
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A #MiddleEast kingdom just sold around 5% of it's #GDP in bonds .
Do not ask who, or to whom it was sold.
You'll know soon enough.
Have messaged my source asking whether i can name the country.
Will let you know as soon as I get s revert.
Q) Who sold bonds?
-Well so it turns out three #MiddleEast countries sold bonds yesterday to try & stay afloat .
1) #SaudiArabia
2) #Qatar
3) #UAE ( The emirate of #AbuDhabi )

Q)Did we buy any?
-Unclear as on date .
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Just a reminder that when I first got the inside tip about the info am about to publish on #Lebanon's FSRU bids & the scandals attached to it the former cabinet was still in power
I had given the tip to an international newswire but the reporter was too lazy to write it, so I did
Wasted Energy

The Lebanese government may find itself in hot waters as one bid by a #Qatar-led energy consortium for a multi-billion dollars #gas-related project, included a legal slip enabling the latter to solely change its price after being awarded the contract.
The contract to build the country’s multiple Floating Storage and Re-gasification Units (FSRUs), as well as its Liquified Natural #Gas ( #LNG) pipelines, is yet to be awarded.
Once set, the project will supply Lebanon’s power plants with gas, and give Lebanon the capacity
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H E Lulwa Al-Khater, Spokesman for the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management: All forms of gatherings are prohibited by the rule of law in all public facilities

#Qatar #coronavirus #Covid19
Mobile patrols will be deployed throughout the country and anyone who violates will be punished
The crowd inside vehicles also not allowed. If there there are more than one person in a vehicle, the vehicle will be stopped and checked: Official said at the press conference
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MAR 16 #COVID19 MD THREAD 1: REMEMBER these are just NUMBER of POS #Tests and we can't TEST in US Right @VP #Pence and local transmission is on the rise in many places, especially Europe and US.
#China's @JackMa sent FLIGHT off to #US 3 hours ago with #TestKits see next tweet.
MAR 16 #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: A HUGE TY to @JackMa. .TWEETED 8:09PM SUN PM The first shipment of #masks and #coronavirus #testkits to the #US is taking off from #Shanghai.
All the best to our friends in America.
PLS Tell us when you get one.
MAR 16 #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: “When you look at the projections, there’s every chance that we could be #Italy,” @Surgeon_General warned Mon. Widespread #socialdistancing could help change that trajectory, he said.
SEE @MartyMakary ARTICLE @maddow @CNN
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Happening now:

Media briefing on actions taken, preparedness & updates for the management of #COVID19

@PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @AshwiniKChoubey @MIB_India @PIB_India @DG_PIB @MEAIndia @MoCA_GoI @shipmin_india @tourismgoi @mygovindia @PIBHomeAffairs
Group of Ministers (GoM) had detailed deliberation on #COVID19 management in their 7th meeting today. After a detailed discussion, the following social distancing measures have been proposed for implementation.
These interventions are preventive steps proposed to be in force till 31st of March,2020. While the advisory is under issue, the important measures suggested include:
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THREAD on the impact of low prices on #LNG

1- Low oil prices will hit US LNG, Qatar LNG, and Russia LNG really hard. Russian govt probably did not count the cost of lower natural gas & LNG prices (they are oil-linked) when it decided not to participate in OPEC+ cut
2- With Brent around $37/b, US LNG is NOT competitive with traditional LNG suppliers with oil-linked contracts such as Qatar, Algeria, and Indonesia. Historically, all #LNG contracts around the world were oil-linked until Cheniere came up with the idea of HH LNG pricing.
3- #Qatar & all traditional LNG exporters with oil-linked LNG contracts will be hit hard by the collapse in oil prices. Qatar exports are equivalent to 5 mb/d of oil, if I remember correctly. All LNG companies operating in Australia will be hit especially hard with the oil rout
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The Sultan of #Oman has issued ten decrees, including promoting his full brother to a senior defense post and changing out the ambassadors to #Iran, #Kuwait, and the #UAE. //Thread…
Sultan Haitham appointed Shihab Bin Tarik al-Said (his full brother) as Deputy PM for Defense Affairs where he "shall have the powers and prerogatives of Head of Unit" as it pertains to the MoD. Assad, Haitham's older half-brother, is already Dep PM for Int'l Cooperation. #Oman
He appointed new #Oman ambassadors to #Iran (Ibrahim bin Ahmed al-Mu'aini), #Syria (Turki bin Mahmood bin Ali al-Busaidi), #Iraq (Hamid bin Ahmed Aidaroos al-Sheikh Abubakr), #Kuwait (Dr. Saleh bin Amer al-Kharousi), #UAE (Abdullah bin Nasser al-Rahbi), among others.
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MAR 8 #CoronaVirusUpdates will begin using #CV19MD THREAD 1: New #UptotheMinute MAP SITE link below US AT 463 cases as of 8:07 AM #GrandPrincess to Dock MON at #PortOfOakland. W Oassengers still Quarantined
#SantaClara #CA cases were from #India.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: This is US (Can) RealTime site last update 8:07 shows 463 TOTAL WaPo MAPPING w LIST of 34 states w cases NOTE Does Not Show 66 #DiamondPrincess (Japan) cases.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: THIS is current ARCGIS MAP .. #Italy nears 6.000 and #France #Germany 1,000. #Spain 600 #UK #Switz #Neth near 300 #Sweden 200, #Canada 60 #Lebanon 28, #Russia 15 #Mexico 15 .. eg still spreading
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#BREAKING: Kuwait announces new coronavirus case, bringing total to 62
#BREAKING: Bahrain says its Formula One race this month will be for ‘participants only’ without spectators over #coronavirus fears
Bahrain’s Crown Prince @PrinceSalmanbi3 says the decision to close this month’s Bahrain Formula One race to the public was ‘to preserve the safety of citizens, residents and racing fans,’ as #coronavirus #COVID_19 continues to spread
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What is #Russia doing in #Syria? Thread 👇

Right now the vast bulk of piped gas to Europe comes via pipeline from Russia. Transporting gas by pipelines is vastly cheaper than by ship (LNG).

This has been a source of major annoyance to the US Military Industrial Complex.
Why? Because Europe desperately needs gas in winter for heating. With the piped gas monopoly, Russia can in extremis shut gas supply. This makes Europe extremely reluctant to confront #Russia.

So what's the solution? Find another source of gas that can be piped to Europe.
#Qatar sits on the world's biggest gas field which it has monetised by LNG. But the US plan that starts to take shape in the early 2000s is to construct a pipeline from Qatar to Turkey (which has exidyunv pipelines connecting to Europe and already carrying Russian gas).
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Red, Green Alliance is the same organization that @BarackObama came from.
• This is why nobody could definitively pin down if he was a Communist or Muslim
why he filled his administration will both..
•This info has been gathered using Artificial Intelligence
XR Vision software.
Facial recognition software
Open source data mining, speech detection, node detections etc.
The Squad and many others involved, openly speak in code.

They believe they are untouchable by the law ImageImageImageImage
Just to show you that two extremests groups uniting towards a single cause is not as crazy as it sounds.

Nazi definition
National Socialists

13 Waffen SS Division
Nazi Islamic division

Just as ww2 united these to groups in their hatred for the #Jews and #Christians ImageImageImage
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FEB 29 Live #CoronaVirusUpdates THREAD 1: MORE CASES .. No Preparations .. #Trump won’t let @CDCgov discuss or make #TestKits .. #Nigeria has them they were prepared. @WPJohnWagner #AMA @AMSA_News @ANANursingWorld @APHA @UCSF @StanfordMed @maddow @cnni
FEB 29 Live #CoronaVirusUpdates THREAD 2: FOUR new cases FRI bring the total number of covid-19 cases detected through the U.S. public health system to 19, (total 64 w #DiamondPrincess returnees to #TravisAFB. NO TEST KITS, NO PREPARATIONS @sfpelosi @sfchronicle @ANANursingWorld
FEB 29 Live #CoronaVirusUpdates THREAD 3: #France, the government banned gatherings of more than 5,000 people on Sat after #HealthMinistry confirmed 19 new cases late FRI. #Qatar announced first case after repatriating ppl from #IRAN. #IRAN 200 new cases.. 19 deaths. @guardian
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This is JUST the beginning for this POS pedo.
Another frequent flyer on the #LolitaExpress to #EpsteinIsland he is one of them. How do you start piling #RICO on a pedo? Follow the money. Crypto is just the way to open the door.

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#Qatar invites #India to be witness in #Afghan peace deal in Doha, which will be signed on February 29 in Doha

Indian envoy in Doha, Kumaran will be representing India after the invite was sent by the Qatari government…
The State Department in a release on February 21 had announced the agreement saying, "We are preparing for the signing to take place on February 29."

The deal hinges on "reduction of violence" and so far no major violence has happened in the landlocked South Asian country.
The State Department in the same release said,"Intra-Afghan negotiations will start soon thereafter, and will build on this fundamental step to deliver a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire and the future political roadmap for Afghanistan."
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(1/10) This is a report card on #Eritrea Prez Isaias Afwerki considered by himself & NNNN as a political architect of the Horn of Africa. From #Somalia, #Sudan, #SouthSudan, #Djibouti, to #Ethiopia, he has wasted #Eritrean treasury grooming satellite orgs. All for nothing.
(2/10) #SouthSudan: The #SPLA had members who were for secession & members for reforming Sudan and remaining part of it. Despite Isaias Afwerki's cries, the secessionist won and they proved it in a referendum where 99% voted for independence. Isaias didn't attend the ceremony.
(3/10) #Darfur Sudan: Although #Eritrea has no border with West Sudan, Isaias inserted himself &, along with #Qatar (now enemy state) conducted a long and useless effort, including hosting armed Darfuri rebels. In the intra #Sudan reconciliation now, he has no role or influence.
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➡️#Municipales2020 : Les candidats cédant aux sirènes du #communautarisme communautarisme, épisode 1⃣0⃣.
➡️Connaissez-vous Violette #Spillebout, candidate La République en Marche à la ville de #Lille ?
➡️#Thread ⤵️
➡️Violette #Spillebout est à la tête de la liste #FaireRespirerLille qui se présente dans la capitale des Flandres, 10ème ville de France avec 232.000 habitants.
➡️ Elle est soutenue notamment par #LREM, le #MODEM et l’#UDI.
#Spillebout a travaillé pendant 20 ans dans les cabinets de 2 maires successifs de #Lille, #Mauroy et #Aubry. Elle a dirigé le cabinet d'Aubry de 2008 à 2013. Les 2 femmes, longtemps très proches, n'ont désormais plus de relations, selon Spillebout.➡️…
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Here’s a thread of some of the cases that have come up in the last couple of years. Most of these cases are not resolved. Meaning workers have not received any or all of their dues and the employers have not been punished
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@StormIsUponUs 2) #QAnon 3841...
#Q gives us a redraw of 2697 & follows w/an @M2Madness Tweet w/links 2a Youtube video: #GlennBeck Presents: #Ukraine: The Final Piece
#BidenCrimeFamily & #HusseinAdmin are discussed, re: #MoneyLaundering
@StormIsUponUs @M2Madness 3) #QAnon 3841 cont...
$1.8 Bil 2finance a #ProxyWar💥, which existed w/o #Congress' knowledge!!!
That's #TaxpayerMonies!!!
Where's that $ [ !!! ]


By the way, we back @realDonaldTrump!
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