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Welcome to the daily war thread for Tuesday 20 June 2023.
Can you believe it's Day 482 of #Russia's full invasion?
Each day a new 🧵 with all the important news in one place, updated live.

Already a busy day for #Ukraine's air defenders as #Russia launched drone attacks..
First a quick reminder that the link below is the start of yesterday's thread in case you wish to scroll through at your leisure to catch up on what you missed.

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Two days ago an enormous cargo plane arrived in #Russia from #Iran.

So no surprise that recent nights of 3-6 drones suddenly became this:

32 Iranian attack drones shot down in the last 24 hours by #Ukraine. But it two managed to get through defences.

#RussiaIsATerroristState Image
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War on the Kinahan cartel: ‘Fear of financing terrorism spurred US to join forces with gardaí’

Former top garda John O’Driscoll reveals concerns that #moneylaundering by Daniel Kinahan’s gang could fund terror groups.

#Ireland #OrganizedCrime…
Daniel Kinahan: The cartel boss is believed to have moved to #Iran - a place where 'organised crime groups are going to launder money'
Kinahan cartel used tiny Iranian island to launder dirty money and for holidays

It is understood that Christy Kinahan discovered Kish when he was first travelling in the Gulf.

#KinahanCartel #Iran…
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#BREAKING: In response to execution of three political prisoners by #Iran's Islamic Regime, Iranians all around the country are protesting against this regime tonight. Video of one of these protests in Gowhardasht, #Karaj tonight:
Video from Pounak neighbourhood in NW of #Tehran shows anti-regime protest in response to execution of three political prisoners by #Iran's Islamic Regime. Protesters chant "Akhoonds (Shiite clerics) must get lost".
People are burning banners and posters containing images of dictator supreme leader, Ali #Khamenei in #Iran tonight in protest to execution of three political prisoners.
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#BREAKING: Despite protest of Iranians in front of Dastgerd prison of #Isfahan, #Iran's Islamic Regime executed three political prisoners named #SaeedYaghoubi, #SalehMirhashemi & #MajidKazemi this morning. Their crime was protesting against the regime in October 2022.…… Image
#BREAKING: Video from Ekabatan residential complex of #Tehran shows people chanting “Death to the Islamic Republic”, “Death to the youth-killing regime” & “Death to the murderer Khamenei” after #Iran's Islamic Regime executed three political prisoners in #Isfahan this morning.……
The terrorist Islamic Regime of #Iran buried three political prisoners that had executed them today in #Isfahan in unmarked graves in a remote area. Their families were not allowed to attend the burial ceremony. #SaeedYaghoubi, #SalehMirhashemi & #MajidKazemi were executed to…… Image
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#Syria ‘s Assad did roll out the red carpet for #Iran ‘s president

Assad wanted to dismiss any notion that his rapprochement with the Arab world would come at the expense of Tehran

But why is this alliance so enduring & why does Assad cling to it at seemingly high costs?

=> ImageImage
2-When you pick allies, you want them to be there when you absolutely need them and for them to demand little in return

This is precisely what Tehran is to Damascus

A consistent & dependable ally who needs you just as much as you need them

Ditch them for who? And what?
3-Assad loves to keep all his options open. Never be hostage to one single party

His nirvana ?

Be friends with Tehran, Moscow, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Ankara and even Washington

But he knows he can’t

So he has to pick his most trusted & enduring ones

You guessed who
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Some exclusive images from #Tehran, taken @ ~ 21:00 Tehran time (1730Z)


Military cars near the fire site belong to IRGC Thar Allah which is responsible for the "security of the capital"

[your guess is as good as mine] ImageImageImageImage
Video [Had to remove the audio upon source's request] /

Cameraman tells me:
"1. It wasn't from the refinery (there is a refinery nearby)
2. He heard explosions, likely secondaries"

[Pay attention to the 3-4 seconds]

#Iran #Tehran
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NEW: Digital repression "does not, at least in my view, get enough attention" @ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines tells @CarnegieEndow
#China is "the global leader in digital repression" per @ODNIgov's Haines

#Russia comes next, using a different approach that relies heavily on #disinformation, she says
US keeping eye on "Kremlin-aligned media" & social media, per @ODNIgov's Haines
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JUST IN: US sanctions senior #Iran law enforcement & #IRGC officials for suppressing protects/censorship

Includes officials with:
- the Law Enforcement Forces of Iran (LEF)
- Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)
- Supreme Council on Cyberspace Leader ImageImage
US sanctions vs #Iran being coordinated w/#Britain, which is slapping #Tehran w/similar sanctions

“The Iranian people deserve freedom of expression without the threat of violent retaliation & censorship from those in power" per @USTreasury Under Sec Brian Nelson
NEW US sanctions targeting:

-IRGC Salman Corps Deputy Commander Parviz Absalan
-IRGC’s Ground Forces Deputy Inspector Amanollah Goshtasbi
-IRGC Brig Gen Ahmed Khadem Seyedoshohada
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#BREAKING | #Iranian Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei: growing ties between #Iran and regional states thwarted the Western plans to isolate #Tehran. Image
Sayyed Ali Khamenei: I say decisively that the Iranian people are strong, and they will continue supporting the resistance.
Sayyed Khamenei: Allegations about Iran participating in the Ukraine war are false, and we outright deny them.
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It remains to be seen whether #Iran will temper its behavior after the deal with #SaudiArabia or if it will embarrass the guarantor #China and relapse into its old ways, says @JackRosenNYC, President @AJCongress.

Full statement🧵⤵️: /1
The agreement between #SaudiArabia -#Iran to restore diplomatic ties renews debate about the future of peace between #Israel and Arab states, Iran’s malign influence in the region, and #America’s role in the Middle East and ties with traditional regional allies-- @JackRosenNYC /2
#AmericanJewishCongress recognizes 🇸🇦 rationale in severing diplomatic ties with #Iran in Jan 2016. Extremists linked to #IRGC+#Basij stormed & burned #Saudi missions, in violation of intl law & as an attempt to exacerbate tensions to advance 🇮🇷’s extreme ideological agenda. /3
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The #Iranian regime is preparing to deploy its security services to deter and likely crack down on the planned demonstrations during the upcoming Iranian holidays. Read today's update from @TheStudyofWar and CTP:…
Student poisonings occurred on March 11, 12, and 13 in Iranian provinces that saw significant protest activity during the #MahsaAmini protest movement. #مسمومیت_دانش_آموزان
Iranian public figures continue to suggest that the regime or regime-adjacent actors are in some way responsible for the poisoning campaign primarily targeting schoolgirls in recent months.
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Saudi Arabia collides with reality: the solution is in the hands of #Sanaa only.

Saudi Arabia tried to involve the file of its involvement in the war on #Yemen, in its recent rapprochement with Iran and the agreement sponsored by China,
as if it lied to its followers to motivate them to fight on its side and fight Iranian expansion.

Then she herself believed the lie that made her loyalists destroy their country and kill their brothers, but those attempts failed and collided with Sana’a’s positions and
closed any door to bargaining over its conditions and demands regarding the renewal of the armistice, especially with regard to the humanitarian and economic file, and despite Sana’a welcoming the Iranian agreement, Saudi Arabia has distanced itself.
That the country's
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The resumption of #Saudi-#Iran relations has triggered what I believe to be exaggerated reaction about #China’s emergence as a #MiddleEast powerbroker and a strategic shift of #Riyadh away from its traditional partners. 1/17
Some context: in an October meeting in #Jeddah, a #Saudi leader at the highest level explained his strategy was to defeat #Iran through growth. The fact that KSA is the fastest growing G-20 country, w/trillions invested in everything from tourism to mining, supports this. 2/17
But growth takes time - and growth can be sidetracked through insecurity, whether from #Houthi missiles or the threat of nuclear blackmail. To protect the long-term strategy, he said, KSA needs security. 3/17
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##Iranian state media BREAKING NEWS:

#Iran and #SaudiArabia agreed to re-establish ties and re-open embassies. 🇮🇷 🇸🇦

IF confirmed, this was months in the making but held back by the Saudis, asking for big #Yemen move from #Tehran. IF confirmed, #Yemen news coming soon, too.
Again, IF true, this is a confirmation that the WSJ article on #Riyadh normalizing ties with #Israel was wishful thinking (in both #Biden administration & #Netanyahu)
Also, rumour has it that #China mediated this alleged normalization between #SaudiArabia & #Iran. That would be more #Riyadh & #Tehran wanting to give a diplomatic win to #Beijing. If this really happened it was more a bilateral process, with direct engagement.
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Reports suggest that chemical poisonings occurred in 116 separate schools--primarily girls' schools--in #Iran today. It’s difficult to imagine a scenario wherein the regime isn’t complicit in failing to protect these children. Here’s why: (1)
Officials have blamed the poisonings on foreign actors. Others have suggested the attacks were the work of domestic groups who either aimed to punish girls sympathetic to the #Mahsa_Amini movement or sought to discourage girls from going to school. (2)…
It's unclear why--if foreign actors are indeed behind ongoing poisonings--the regime has not deployed the surveillance and security capabilities that it used to violently suppress protests during the #Mahsa_Amini movement to protect Iranian girls. (3)
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Last yr #UkraineWar became the organizing principle of Russian foreign policy

➡️7 trends
1 Full turn to non-West
2 China’s junior partner
3 Less leverage vis middle powers
4 Struggle in the neighbourhood
5 Russia MFA sidelined
6 Wagner normalized
7 End of compartmentalization
1. Full turn to the non-West:
Judging its break with the West to be total & irreversible, Russia's leadership has intensified its (pre-existing) turn to #MENA, #Africa, #LATAM, #Asia-Pacific.

Shunned & sanctioned, Russia needs to make up for losses wherever it can... (2/22)
This year, Lavrov already visited 8 African states, Iraq, & hosted Pakistani & Egyptian FMs.

Russia's push to expand engagement does resonate.
Last spring, #MENA states for instance refused to take the West’s side vs Russia - for complex reasons:… (3/22)
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Israeli delegation expelled from AU summit

Although the #AfricanUnion Commission revoked an invitation it had previously sent to the #Israeli delegation to attend the #AfricanUnion summit's opening, they still attended, resulting in their expulsion.
An Israeli delegation that sneaked into the African Union summit on Saturday in Addis Ababa was expelled
According to Israeli media, the Deputy Director for #Africa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sharon Bar-Lee, was expelled from the #African Union summit in Addis Ababa.
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The #USA is a terrorist country.

American journalist Seymour Hersh claims that the explosives under the "Northern Streams" in June 2022 were laid by US divers under the cover of NATO exercises, the Norwegians activated it. #Iran #China #Syria #Iraq #Japan #Norway
I wonder what the mission of the American anti-submarine aircraft P-8A Poseidon is at the moment, which cuts circles at different heights above... the route of the "Northern Streams", where his predecessor had previously coordinated their undermining. 🤔 #USA #China #Russia #Iran ImageImageImage
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⚡️⚡️🇮🇱 🇮🇷 Israel launched a special military operation inside Iran — Al Arabiya
1) air raid alert in Western Iran now.
2) Locals claim government buildings in Tehran attacked.
3) Gunfire and screams heard in Tehran. Air raid alert too
#Iran #IranWar #IranTerrorState…
🇮🇷 Iran. Situation at the moment

— A fire at a factory for the production of ammunition and UAVs.
— Fire at an oil refinery.
— Fire at the weapons factory
— Explosions at the military base in Hamadan and Keredzh
— Explosions on some military units
#Iran #IranWar #IranTerrorState…
Explosions at military factories in the Iranian cities of Isfahan,Hamadan& Keredzh. No casualties.
According to one version,the production facilities where the Shahed-131 and Shahed-136 UAVs are assembled were attacked by unknown drones. An oil refinery in Azarshar is on fire too
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Tehran, 02:19 local (2249Z), a glowing light was spotted on southern Tehran's skies.
Jet scrambles were spotted from Mehrabad [western Tehran]

Moniriyeh, #Tehran
"We heard numerous aircraft taking off, we're relatively close to the Mehrabad airport"

[Via Mamlekate]
Tehran, Aerial activity, AFAIK, Mehrabad airport has no in/outbound flights due to the close distance to the city.

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Strange events in #Iran tonight

Looks like a dose of their own medicine with reports of a drone attack on a Ministry of Defence building in the city of #Isfahan.

This is said to be an ammunition production centre.

Media in #Iran also reporting an oil processing plant in the Salimi industrial area in the city of #Azarshahr in #Tabriz is spectacularly ablaze.

And one more video from the crazy scenes in #Iran tonight.
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Israelis? Americans? Ukrainians? Local rebels?

#Iran, how are Shahed 131/136 feeling there? Ready to catch boomerangs?
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#BREAKING: Three massive explosions heard in #Isfahan 30 minutes ago. A building belonging to #Iran's Ministry of Defence was targeted by three explosive laden quadcopters of #Israel Intelligence Organization (#Mossad).
#BREAKING: #Israel Intelligence Organization (#Mossad) just targeted another facility belonging to #Iran's Ministry of Defence in #Karaj, west of #Tehran. New footage from the attack in #Isfahan 👇
All the roads to the targeted building of #Iran's Ministry of Defence in #Isfahan are blocked by security forces.
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After the #Nazi defeat at #Stalingrad, Ambassador Harriman met Soviet Premier #Stalin at the Kremlin and presented him with this scroll 📜, signed by President Franklin Roosevelt, on behalf of the American people, expressing their ETERNAL gratitude to #Russia and the Red Army. ImageImageImage
King George 👑 also bestowed upon Josef #Stalin England’s highest honor, which was personally delivered to Stalin at the #Tehran conference by PM Winston #Churchill. 🗡 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧

(At 27 minutes, 10 seconds) 📺

Churchill delivered the sword 🗡 he would use to stab #Stalin in the back before #WWII was even over!

What fickle friends the British! 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
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