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THREAD: For our new report, we interviewed several immigrant service providers and identified a common pattern: the new DHS public charge regulation generated confusion and concern in immigrant communities across the country even before it was implemented.
Researchers @manatt estimate that as many as 26 million people could be chilled from accessing health, nutrition, and housing programs because of fear and misinformation about the rule.
Our report helps uncover how that fear has manifested on the ground, including among groups not technically targeted by the rule: lawful permanent residents, U.S. citizens, and exempted humanitarian groups like crime and trafficking survivors.
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Today, as the implementation of Trump's harmful #PublicCharge policy weighs heavily on the minds of immigrants & their families, all of us who value diversity & share a vision for a more just & equitable country must strengthen our resolve to keep fighting. 1/ #ProtectFamilies
Over the past three years, the Trump administration has used threats, false starts, exaggeration, and misinformation around #PublicCharge to deliberately spread fear and confusion among immigrant communities navigating an already dysfunctional system. 2/ #ProtectFamilies
These tactics are designed to maximize this cruel policy’s harmful impact. As a result, we’ve heard far too many reports of families avoiding crucial economic support programs vital to their kids & loved ones’ wellbeing—even before the policy went into effect. 3/ #ProtectFamilies
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President Trump is so fixated with pursuing anti-immigrant policies that he is blind to the effects they'll have on our nation and our economy.

But here in CA, we don't let xenophobia get in the way of sound governance. We fight to protect everyone’s access to healthcare.
That's why, today, we're standing up against The Trump Administration's unlawful #HealthcareProclamation.

This arbitrary rule limits access to health coverage, pushes junk insurance plans, and contradicts Congress' longstanding policy of keeping families together.
We're also taking action against @RealDonaldTrump's cruel and un-American #PublicCharge rule.

This vile attack on working families would have a profound effect on both California's economy and those of us who call California home. #ProtectFamilies
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Chances are you'd never heard of public charge before today.

It's a big deal and will have devastating consequences for potentially millions of immigrants. Here's why it matters. 1/
Public charge has been around for over a hundred years and was intended to keep certain "undesirable" immigrants out of the US...poor people.

It's basically a wealth test for immigrants. 2/
What should shock no one to learn, Congress passed the public charge restriction the same year it passed another, more famous restrictionist law: 3/
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BREAKING: Days after mass shooting, inspired by anti-immigrant hate speech & white supremacy, Trump admin finalizes #publiccharge anti-immigrant rule - historically used to enforce white supremacy.

Rule will go into effect in 60 days from now.

The Trump public charge rule on its face is an elitist push to tell immigrants that they must achieve the American dream somewhere else before they can come here.

It favors wealth over family in determining who can come and stay here.
It punishes immigrants for the low-wages their employers pay & is license to discriminate against ppl w/disabilities/health conditions.

This is VAST departure from status quo. Public charge currently means institutionalization at gov's expense or subsisting on public cash assist
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It’s official. Trump has published his radical #publiccharge rule in the federal register.

Now it’s up to to us to generate thousands and thousands of comments to #protectfamilies

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.@amprog statement…
The public charge rule is nothing more than an elitist and discriminatory wealth test that will hurt people regardless of their immigration status.
As @inclusionist has detailed, DHS acknowledges IN THE 400+ PAGE PROPOSED RULE that its policy would increase poverty and housing insecurity, reduce educational attainment, and have negative effects on businesses and charities.
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BREAKING: President Trump just announced a devastating new proposed regulation that would harm countless immigrant families & all of our nation's communities. The adjustments to "Public Charge" would rig our immigration system so green cards would only go to the highest bidder 1/
This is a regulatory backdoor approach to separate more families. We’ve seen this before when Trump attempted to enact his draconian agenda of restricting legal immigration through Congress — but failed. 2/ #ProtectFamilies
The lead-up to this policy is already producing a damaging chilling effect. Families are foregoing critical, basic needs to stay healthy and thrive for fear of being shut out of the immigration process. 3/ #ProtectFamilies
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🚨 THREAD: President Trump has signed an executive order mandating that families be jailed by the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security or Defense. This order would have the effect of jailing, for months or even years, immigrant families seeking safety in the U.S. 1/
.@MarielenaNILC: "The Trump administration has created a crisis and committed horrific human rights abuses by separating children from their parents at the border." 2/ #ProtectFamilies
@MarielenaNILC .@MarielenaNILC: "Clearly on the defense, today it used a political sleight of hand to try to placate Americans who have been rightly outraged by their government’s repugnant policies, including separating children and babies from their parents and housing them in cages." 3/
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