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Time for a special summer edition of the (nominally) Spring 2020 Unified Regulatory Agenda.

Wherein the Trump administration previews what it really wants to bear down on during its final guaranteed months in office, including immigration policy...

First, a quick primer:

"Proposed rules" haven't even left the starting gate. There is precious little time to get them published, collect public comments, & implement a final rule before Jan 2021.

It's possible, but they're going to have to triage.

If a "final rule" is published by Jan 2021, & a Biden admin takes over, then either:

a) Congress can nullify the rule using the Congressional Review Act (not happening if Rs hold the Senate)

b) Biden admin must do a whole 'nother rulemaking process to rescind a Trump rule

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What should Congress do now that @USCIS is claiming insolvency & holding its 20,000 employees hostage—not to mention the legal immigration system—unless it gets a $1.2 billion taxpayer-funded bailout?

@AILANational has some eminently reasonable ideas…
First, no bailout without full transparency.

"Congress should appoint an independent auditor to conduct an immediate review of the agency’s funding request by June 15, as well as a full audit of its budget and operations by June 30."

Congress has an auditor. Paging @USGAO!
No bailout until @USCIS stops digging itself an even deeper hole. Namely:

*Stop requiring needless interviews

*Stop re-adjudicating approved petitions

*Use fingerprints for 5 years (it's not like fingerprints change!)

*Stop wasting staff time on demanding extra paperwork
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Thanks to #StephenMiller, this ream of paperwork is now the minimum required for the spouse of a U.S. citizen to receive a greencard. (And this is *before* we've included evidence of the relationship.)

This is the easiest possible way to immigrate to the United States in 2020.
And by "this" I mean an immediate relative visa. Filing for a parent or child under 21 would require the same stack, thanks to the absurdly expansive new #publiccharge rule which #StephenMiller has (and this is true) wanted to impose on new immigrants since he was 15 yrs old.
FWIW, this client is exactly the kind of immigrant Trump and Miller explicitly want more of: a wealthy English-speaking European entrepreneur ready to innovate in a vital STEM field and create American jobs. Really rolling out the red carpet here, guys
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In late 2017 the NYT reported that
-#UFOs are real
-we have pieces of at least one of them in a warehouse
-these pieces have caused "physical effects" to some people in their vicinity
-the Pentagon believes that "science fiction is now science fact"
-we can't compete w/alien tech
per the same story, the only reason we haven't really studied any of this is because the American military didn't want to look like it had gone full Fox Mulder
tbh I still haven't fully recovered from our nation's paper of record reporting that #UFOs are real 28 months ago, but if you're seeing it in the news today it's because the Pentagon has confirmed that the footage leaked to the NYT back then was legit. The truth is out there.
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1/ Many people have been saying "thank you" to me for working on #covid19 response

I've been thinking about this a lot

There is a lady who cleans the cubicle where I have been working each night- she's there later than I am

But I'm not sure that anyone has thanked her
2/ We've had many conversations over the last few weeks, about her life/kids/#covid19

She is originally from El Salvador; we spoke about this too

She exposes herself to keep our workspaces clean and protect us- but who is protecting her?

Who is recognizing her? thanking her?
3/ She, too, is a hero, just like doctors, just like nurses

Those who are most forgotten and taken for granted- the people making your food, cleaning your offices or houses, those who cannot afford to miss work, bc that is life/death for them

We owe them a lot.
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10 tips for caring for #immigrant & limited Eng prof pts during #COVID19. Created w physician experts in #languagebarriers. Full recs:…. 1- No shortcuts with interpreters. This is not time to “get by” w limited lang skills. Reinforce confidentiality. 1/7
2- Interpreted conversations often less #patientcentered. Ask about pt concerns & feasibility of recs. Dispel rumors. Inquire abt medicines/herbs or high-risk contacts (e.g. elderly parents at home, etc). If #COVID19 #isolation advised, explore open-ended❓about concerns 2/7
3- Highlight #publiccharge suspended for #COVID19 testing & treatment. Spread the word. #Greencard eligibility not jeopardized by seeking #COVID19 testing & treatment… 3/7
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It's a good thing that @RepJayapal & other members of Congress compelled @USCIS to issue this statement, but it's still fatally inadequate.

1st, the number of people who will be reassured by this dense & internally contradictory statement is about 0.
We know that millions of people—including US citizens—have *already* avoided public health services well before the public charge rule was actually implemented, based on misplaced fears intentionally propagated by this administration.

Our current #Covid_19 public health crisis demands that the administration completely suspend all of its #PublicCharge rules: DHS, State Dept, & the one still looming from DOJ.

Anything less will lead to preventable suffering and death.

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🚨New gold-standard report from @MigrationPolicy shows:

The #PublicCharge rule is being marketed as a policy to penalize #immigrants who used government benefits—but practically nobody subject to this rule is eligible for benefits in the first place.

There is almost no overlap between people applying for green cards and people eligible for public benefits.

That's because Congress has already closed off public benefits for undocumented #immigrants & temporary visa holders who don't have green cards already.

@MigrationPolicy finds that max 167,000 people (probably much fewer) are actually eligible for public benefits & subject to the #PublicCharge rule.

That's <0.76% of the 22.1 million noncitizens in the US.

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So @HomelandKen is no leader of @USCIS—more than that, he never was one.

This is a big win for @DemocracyFwd @RAICESTEXAS @cliniclegal @Debevoise & the #asylum seekers they represent.

Immediately, two misbegotten asylum policies are nullified.

@HomelandKen @USCIS @DemocracyFwd @RAICESTEXAS @cliniclegal @Debevoise But what other Cuccinelli actions might also be voided under this decision?

Not regulations, to my knowledge, since those are signed by the DHS Secretary.

But the Director of USCIS signs plenty of orders on their own, not just the ones at issue in this lawsuit...

@HomelandKen @USCIS @DemocracyFwd @RAICESTEXAS @cliniclegal @Debevoise Potentially vulnerable: Any USCIS Policy Memoranda issued after 6/10/19, when Cuccinelli was unlawfully appointed.

Here are all 9 of them:

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folks, I never thought I'd be sexually attracted to a court order before but here we are
We've become so numb to the Trump administration doing so many things like these janky appointments which are relatively minor, unquestionably illegally, & enormously consequential. Such a absolute treat to see a court not only call them on this shit but actually *do* something
*illegal, *an

*pours third cup of coffee*
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L: 20th-century eugenicist & immigration policy obsessive Prescott Hall

R: 21st-century eugenicist & #immigrationpolicy obsessive #StephenMiller

I'm not saying Hall sold his mortal soul to push the devil's immigration policy for eternity...

But also not *not* saying that.
Hall founded the Immigration Restriction League, a predecessor of today's #TantonNetwork (FAIR, CIS, NumbersUSA). He was consumed w/advocating race-based imm. restrictions, often staying up into the early morning hours to research & write.

#StephenMiller is... Stephen Miller.
my theory does have its limits, however
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Today, as the implementation of Trump's harmful #PublicCharge policy weighs heavily on the minds of immigrants & their families, all of us who value diversity & share a vision for a more just & equitable country must strengthen our resolve to keep fighting. 1/ #ProtectFamilies
Over the past three years, the Trump administration has used threats, false starts, exaggeration, and misinformation around #PublicCharge to deliberately spread fear and confusion among immigrant communities navigating an already dysfunctional system. 2/ #ProtectFamilies
These tactics are designed to maximize this cruel policy’s harmful impact. As a result, we’ve heard far too many reports of families avoiding crucial economic support programs vital to their kids & loved ones’ wellbeing—even before the policy went into effect. 3/ #ProtectFamilies
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I spent all of today in the office, and a lot of it working to finish marriage cases which may otherwise have serious problems when the new #publiccharge rule kicks in Monday. So long as they are postmarked today they're in under the wire. Off to USPS now!
All of these couples are employed, none with any history of taking public benefits. None of them would clearly pass the new #publiccharge test.

Thanks for nothing #StephenMiller
My own white US citizen family took more benefits (Sec. 8, WIC, etc) in my early years in Lansing than nearly all of my clients; certainly more than anyone I'm filing for today would. Strange to think #publiccharge would have kept *me* from immigrating as I go to file these.
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The #PublicCharge rule is horrific.

Applicants for a green card inside the US will, after 2/24/20, have the fact that they are applying for a green card held against them as a negative factor.

Yes, you read that right.
Make no mistake: the public charge rule is simply to provide a way for USCIS to more easily deny ANY application for a green card.

We're working double overtime to file several cases in our firm. Trying to save as many as we can from this horrific rule.
It's not getting the attention it deserves.

Like many policies of this administration, it's the poor, the vulnerable, and the sick who are going to suffer.

The #TantonNetwork has been clamoring for more "public charge" denials for nearly 40 years.

Feb 24 is their day.
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President Trump is so fixated with pursuing anti-immigrant policies that he is blind to the effects they'll have on our nation and our economy.

But here in CA, we don't let xenophobia get in the way of sound governance. We fight to protect everyone’s access to healthcare.
That's why, today, we're standing up against The Trump Administration's unlawful #HealthcareProclamation.

This arbitrary rule limits access to health coverage, pushes junk insurance plans, and contradicts Congress' longstanding policy of keeping families together.
We're also taking action against @RealDonaldTrump's cruel and un-American #PublicCharge rule.

This vile attack on working families would have a profound effect on both California's economy and those of us who call California home. #ProtectFamilies
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"If you listen to Trump talking about how he wants a points-based #immigration system & wants people who are wealthier, better educated, higher skilled & not from countries he's spoken of in derogatory, profane language — this is it."

(via @camiloreports)…
@camiloreports "This is the policy that aims to do that, without Congress approving it whatsoever. It's a way to screen out people, not just from developing countries, but from any country, that the govt has decided aren't wealthy enough, aren't healthy enough & don't speak English well enough"
@camiloreports "This regulation is not about public benefits, except insofar as it's scaring people to stay away from public benefits — even when they don't have to."

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Trump’s immigrant wealth test is cruel & hurts women the most. Women will suffer permanent harm.

GOP continues to sit idle. I’m running for US Congress to right this wrong.

Support our fight:……
John Muir, (immigrated in 1849) helped establish Yosemite National Park. He famously wrote, “No other wild country I have ever known extended a kinder welcome to poor immigrants.”

Imagine an America w/o our National Parks b/c we arrogantly banned poor immigrants🤔

Joseph Pulitzer (immigrated in 1864) came to America as a poor immigrant to fill in for a rich draftee

Journalist & US Congressman, the money he bequeathed upon his death became our highest journalism honor—The Pulitzer Prize

Imagine an America w/o the Pulitzer🤔

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The Trump administration's new #PublicCharge rule-- the single most restrictive immigration policy from any administration in more than 100 years--is now law.
Today's #SCOTUS order only lifts the injunction which was keeping the #publiccharge rule from going into effect while it remains on appeal, imposing a tremendous burden on immigration attorneys and our clients. We continue to hope for justice at the end of this appeal.
Here's more on the "public charge bond," one weird aspect of the #PublicCharge rule which hadn't been getting much coverage

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Big day at the 9th Circuit! Oral argument is underway in the #healthcareban proclamation case. 1/
In this case the government seeks a stay pending appeal of the district court's order preliminarily enjoining Presidential Proclamation No. 9945, "Suspension of Entry of Immigrants Who Will Financially Burden the United States Health Care System."
Judge Berzon is on fire: she is just chopping Govt counsel into pieces. And she now brings ACA and subsidized care as a direct contradiction in the proclamation. Govt counsel is swarming but has no response other than conclusory "there is no contradiction". 3/
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#BREAKING @splcenter drops another bombshell report on Stephen Miller and his *extensive* connections with white nationalist hate group @CIS_org.

Why is this so important? Of course Stephen Miller is a white nationalist, right?…
Ramped up #ICERaids.
#TPS loss.
#DACA revocation.
#RemainInMexico protocols.
The #MuslimBan

Miller is often credited as architect of 45's immigration policies, but these policies didn't just appear in his mind overnight. He had lots of help, going back a long way.
The Center for Immigration Studies was founded by white nationalist/eugenicist John Tanton. If you follow me, you know I've been seeking to unseal the private #TantonPapers for 3 years.…
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THREAD: Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that the US gov is legally responsible for the #MentalHealth trauma that Trump’s #FamilySeparation policy inflicted on thousands of migrant families at the US/Mexico border.… (1/9)
This groundbreaking ruling recognizes that the Trump Admin knowingly put families in danger & is obligated to provide a solution. #MentalHealth svcs are a step on the path to healing for kids & parents who were torn apart simply for seeking safety. #FamiliesBelongTogether (2/9)
It’s also critical that we don’t forget the millions of children--the vast majority of whom are US citizens--who are increasingly vulnerable to or have already been separated from their parents due to ICE enforcement in our own communities. #FamiliesBelongTogether #NoRaids (3/9)
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The *Happy Firday* #BadImmigrationDecision trend continues. This week it is courtesy of BIA with Matter of C-A-S-D

Although its a 209c & Matter of Jean decision, don't be fooled in thinking it is a limited scope, so no biggy.
1/ It is the BIA's first take on "Exceptional and Extremely Unusual Hardship” and "Exercise of Discretion" in the context of an application for relief by a non-citizen with criminal record after AG Barr dropped Matter of Castillo-Perez ... and you guessed it it ain't pretty.
2/ The BIA analysis is sweeping so it will apply to EVERY 42B cancellation of removal application even where criminal record is not present. It basically eliminates eligibility for many cases in which medical hardship to qualifying relative is at issue & narrows Matter of Monreal
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The #PublicCharge rule was stayed (for now) & is huge relief but in nitty-gritty of immigration cases happening away from twitter-sphere, injunction is of little coseq. Last FRI I got email from OPLA atty on upcoming 42B merits w/ “I don’t see the credit reports 4 Respts?” WTF!?!
It has nothing to do with cancellation of removal eligibility or meeting the burden of proof to get #immigration relief requested. But you see, Credit Score was one of the things introduced into immigration adjudications by the #PublicCharge rule. 1/
A confession is in order. I my 19 yrs practicing immigr I have never submitted Credit Reports/Scores in cancellation cases bc those are often not pretty. It has very little to do w issues at bar but everything to do on how debt & debt collection affect vulnerable populations. 2/
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another Friday, another terrible Trump policy stopped by the only adult branch of government we have left

lol die mad
Congrats to @MaketheRoadNY @CCharitiesUSA and all of the many attorneys and advocates who made this happen, and my sincere thanks for giving me my weekend back
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