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RU tweeting #RecallGavinNewsom over the $125M fund to give stimulus checks to "illegal" immigrants, remember this:

70% farm workers are undocumented.

Cali grows 40% America's produce.

Farms are literally throwing away food right now.

This is bigger than your xenophobia.
And yes, xenophobic!

Notice how the "ERMAHGURD get rid of them there illegals" crowd never complains about the very businesses or people that hire them (like Donald Trump)

They wouldn't be here working unless someone gave them a damn job.

Do the math.
Unless you want every business owner fined, shutdown, or in jail for hiring "illegals," your fake outrage nothing but friendly neighborhood xenophobia.
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@realDonaldTrump, Please do NOT send 1 CENT of FEDERAL FUNDS to Pelosi's,Schiff's & @GavinNewsom's "SANCTUARY STATE",until Newsom agrees to:
1) FULLY co-operate w/ ICE
2) Stop giving preference to ILLEGAL ALIENS over California LEGAL CITIZENS
3) END "Sanctuary" State/CITIES...
4)provide a written proposal that demonstrates a NON-WASTEFUL,EFFICIENT PLAN that will actually WORK to END HOMELESSNESS w/ all the money CA taxpayers have had to pay already & US taxpayers will be funding.
-From a CA Democrat for Trump2020
Also @POTUS,
Please END Federal funding for public schools & colleges until California agrees to STOP using TAXPAYER funds to promote radical LGBTQ+ indoctrination of children & the promotion of revised history that demonizes America & promotes radical leftist & socialist values
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Have you ever wondered why, starting in the late 90's, there was an increase in #illegalAlien gang activity at every Home Depot in California?
Thank you, building contractors, housing developers & restaurant chains for making THAT happen. (cont'd)
There were plenty of jobless American citizens in CA who wanted to work & were as qualified as illegals,but you only wanted to pay $10 an hour instead of a livable wage which is what the LAW required to MAXIMIZE profits.
Example; My mom had her house re-roofed some years back...
The roofing company in their contract said they were charging &$75 per man-hour for each worker.I figured that meant they were hiring real legitimate qualified roofers who new the code regulations for roofing.When the crew showed up there was ONE person who could speak English...
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Not buying your fake climate crisis BS @GavinNewsom. It's something you use to allow PG&E to get away with murder and to get even MORE people out of rural areas to further agenda 2030,letting insurance companies drop people for living in"high fire risk areas" even when they DON'T that instead of paying $700 yr (before Obama's deal w/ ins co's, letting them redistrict places where there haven't been forest fires in over 100 years as "High Risk" areas,as a payoff for going along w/ Obamacare) they had to pay $2K a year after the Obama deal...(Cont'd)
But now YOU, Newsom,have gone another step worse in that you're letting the insurance companies drop people's insurance in ALL rural areas so that we have to all buy "California Fair Plan" insurance for up to $13K a year from the State...
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@GavinNewsom Speaking of faces,FACE up to the fact that most of the LEGAL citizens of California are SICK of you & are sorry they ever voted for you. That's why the #RecallGavinNewsom petition drive is going so well. I tried to warn them because...(cont'd)
I lived near SF when you ILLEGALLY married hundreds of LGBTQ people right after CALIFORNIA VOTERS voted AGAINST Gay Marriage on the ballot just months earlier. I KNEW you are a LAWLESS ANARCHIST before the 2018 election.(Cont'd) 2/4....
I warned people about the things you'd do if elected governor; & even though almost ALL the LEGAL CA citizens I know voted against you,there were enough illegals & fraudulent votes of dead people & people who didn't know the LAWLESS ANARCHIST you are...3/4…
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I've lived in California off & on since the mid 50's.I was born here. There is SO much #CA_Voter_Fraud in the few large hi-density urban far leftist areas & Silicon Valley that no CA election results after '08 can be considered as reflecting the values of most LEGAL CA residents.
Throughout the 1980's and 1990's various LGBTQ ballot measure got on the California ballots and were ALL DEFEATED,
In 2000, California Proposition 22 was on 2000 ballot, where it was approved with 61.2% of voters in favor.
Proposition 22 stated that only marriages between a man and a woman are to be considered valid or recognized in California.
During the week of Sept 11, 2001, ...
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1. If you're a homeowner, you're angry because he wants to repeal Prop 13.

2. If you're a landlord, you're angry because he wants to reduce your income.

3. If you're a taxpayer, you're angry because he wants to raise your taxes over 2 billion.

#MCGA #RecallGavinNewsom
4. If you're a business owner, you angry because he wants to raise business taxes by 11 billion.

5. If you're a parent, you're angry because he wants mandatory vaccines, explicit sex education, and abortion chemicals in schools and colleges.

#MCGA #RecallGavinNewsom
6. If you're a teacher or principal, you're angry because he won't let schools statewide suspend troublemaking students.

7. If you're a veteran, you're angry because he refuses to deal with the homeless crisis.

#MCGA #RecallGavinNewsom
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