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#ReclaimTemples #Autonomous2HinduTemples
#HRCE law section10
Only practicing #HINDUS must be employed in temples under it.
At the time of joining, all the HRCE employees including the commissioner, must sign an undertaking professing faith in Hinduisim
Is this being followed ?
As expected & most unfortunately ,the answer is a BIG NO! 😠
This #RTI reveals that #HRCE doesn't have any records of anyone joining the dept taking the stipulated undertaking!
Violation of law
Also gives raise to the doubt how many nonHindus used this laxity & entered temple.
Secular constitution of India guarantees the right to citizens to govern their own religious institutions
Churches governed by Christians
Dargahs governed by Muslims
But Only Hindu Temples have been penetrated by non hindus.
Shame on the secularism of this country.
Must end!
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62 crimes against Hindu temples in 2019 alone. No outrage.

Any attack on a Hindu temple is an attack on Hindus at large. Crimes committed against temples are crimes against Hinduism.

This is #CulturalGenocide of Hindus
A brief summary.

Majority of the crimes against Hindu temples happened in India.
~60% were committed by Muzlims & 30% don't report criminal names.

There's a SHARP rise in crimes since June.

Majority of the crimes include vandalizing deities.

#1 Hindu Temple Vandalized in Kentucky, USA by Christian Extremists
The deity images were spray painted with black paint, a knife was stabbed in the chair. The miscreants left spray painted hate messages on the walls, saying “Jesus is the only God.”
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Details of zafar khan mosque, tribeni West Bengal. This was a vishnu temple in past but converted to mosque in 1298 CE and named it to zafar khan ghazi dargah. Note a temple pillars with anuprastha inside the tomb
Zafar khan Ghazi Dargah, sanskrit inscriptions, descriptions of scenes from the Hindu epic Ramayana, and stories from the life of Krishna can be seen inside the western chamber of temple cum mosque.
Zafar khan dargah, WB
See idols hidden by bricks in the dargah. Hundreds of temple traces can be seen everywhere which was captured by khilji's muslim armied in 1298 AD.
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The animal sacrifices for Mother Goddesses at Yogmaya and Kalika Devi temples in Delhi was stopped due to influence of Jainism.

The bloodshed of innocents that started with the Islamic invasion happened soon after.

Many ancient Hindu temples lying in ruins in Bharat are associated with Shaiva and Shakteya traditions.

The revival of these temples would mean restoring the structure as well as reinstating the original rituals.

Follow @GodsOfBharat for reconnecting to the lost traditions, modes of worship and Deities once revered in Bharat.

An attempt to retrace and rekindle the teachings of great Gurus like Matsyendranath.

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As a testimony for apathy of secular #India towards Sanatana Dharma & neglect of temples under Govt, in May 2010, 500 years old & 136ft tall Rajagopuram of Srikalahasti temple in #AndhraPradesh got collapsed.
Never forget, never forgive!(1)
This majestic temple tower built by Vijayanagara King Sri Krishnadevaraya stood high to welcome the devotees of Mahadeva. It was a testimony for architectural skills of medieval Hindus. Any country except anti Hindu secular #India would have preserved it at any cost.(2)
As the cracks developed, warnings & requests from Hindus to preserve it, even many months ahead of its collapse, went into deaf secular ears. As the TRP frenzy media telecasted its death live, dhimmi Hindus watched it like some hollywood movie.(3)
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Day 4 : Temple no 16 #Kashmir #ReclaimTemples

Sh Thameshwar Mahraj Bhairav Tumlahaal #pulwama where Bhairav Puja was done with great festive and Kashmiri Shaivism style. Whats left is just a flat piece of land overseen by Sufi Mosque and abandoned temple pond.
Day 4 : Temple no 17 #Kashmir #ReclaimTemples
Bhairav Mandir Village Achchan #Pulwama the doors were shut and finally in 30 years the crumbling structures are falling apart.
Day 4 : Temple no 18 #Kashmir #ReclaimTemples

Mata Pingla Devi Temple Asthapan in #Pulwama who can imagine the grandeur of Navratra and big fair is reduced to 10 by 10 small dilapted hut. And then someone asks me Whats Kashmiriyat ?
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1. In the Saka year 1446 tAraNa saMvatsara, in the month of vRuschika (phAlguNa mAsa), on 12th lunar day of bright fortnight, Sri Vyasatirtha made a donation to Tirumala temple,
2. This inscription of Sri Vyasaraya [No. 165] issued as 08/11/1524 AD has some very interesting aspects that could help in understanding the roles of state, temple, maThams w.r.t. to the pilgrims visiting Tirumala & Tirupati.
3. According to this inscription, Sri Vyasatirtha has donated 5 villages along with their annual produce to the Tirumala temple & also donated 14,000 nar-paNanams (gold coins) to the temple treasury. He also specified the food offerings to be made to God Srinivasa on his behalf.
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Update on rebuilding of Vaniyanur temple Malappuram Kerala

This is the temporary Garbagriha built, where Lord Subrahmanya and Shivlinga will be worshipped till original Garbagriha rebuilt. Daily worship is now happening at the temple.

#ReclaimTemples #KL001
Update on rebuilding of Vaniyanur temple Malappuram Kerala

As per astrologer many Hindus were killed and their blood shed inside the temple in the past. Chief Priest wanted Poojas for their souls before work of Garbagriha started. All rituals are completed now.

Devotees of Vaniyanur temple in Malappuram which is being rebuilt doing Namajapayatra and Deepa Prayanam to nearby Mahavishnu temple, praying for temple to be rebuilt at earliest, removal of difficulties.

Revival of a temple causes revival of Dharma.

#ReclaimTemples #KL001
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Alathiyur Subrahmanya temple in Malappuram Kerala was lying in ruins for close to a century, before we started revival. Land was encroached and legs and head of Subrahmanya idol cutoff during during 1921 riots.

Visit for details.

#KL002 #ReclaimTemples
Timeline of revival of Subrahmanya temple in Malappuram Kerala

14-15 Jun 2018: Devaprashnam rituals
23 Aug 2018: Temporary sanctum built
13 Sep 2018: Dismantling of old Garbagriha
4 Nov 2018: Approach road cleared.
8 Nov 2018: Shilanyas for new Garbagriha

#KL002 #ReclaimTemples
Reconstruction of Alathiyur Subrahmanya temple in Malappuram Kerala is ongoing.

The foundation below ground has been completed. Huge circular stones is being made by shilpis for the Garbagriha.

#ReclaimTemples #KL002
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Thrippaloor Narasimha temple is a Mahakshethra in Malappuram Kerala which was destroyed during invasion of Tipu Sultan. The temple is now lying abandoned.

We are starting the revival of this temple. Site clearance work will start on 26 Oct 2018

#ReclaimTemples #KL003
The sanctum of Thrippaloor Narasimha temple Malappuram Kerala was three storeyed and the Narasimha idol was also very huge in size.

Hindus of locality tried to rebuild temple a decade back, but work was stalled due to shortage of funds.

#ReclaimTemples #KL003
Even the circumambulation path of Thrippaloor Narasimha temple in Malappuram was encroached and people made an illegal road through the temple. The temple pond was taken over by the Panchayat.

Temple need be rebuilt to protect whatever land is left.

#KL003 #ReclaimTemples
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A must read book for every Indian irrespective of her religion.

Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them, Vol.2: The Islamic Evidence… #Amazon
Here is a small introduction to Sitaram Ji.…
Pl read this article by @davidfrawleyved on SitaramJi, a prolific writer on broad range of social, historical and religious issues. He challenged communism in India, when it was fashionable to be a leftist. His work on massive Islamic destruction of Hindu temples is unparalleled
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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Ambarnath Siva temple near Mumbai in Maharashtra was built during 11th century and has a unique architecture. In April 2018 Maharashtra @BJP4India govt notified land at a mere 200 m from temple as a burial ground for Muslims.…

In year 2017, @narendramodi govt had written to Maharashtra government supporting the demand to allot land for graveyard for Muslims near the Ambarnath Siva temple in Maharashtra.

Hindu Samaj is protesting, agitating and fighting court cases against @BJP4India Maharashtra govt notifying land near Ambarnath Siva temple as Muslim graveyard.

Support the fight for Dharma against the traitors who backstab Hindus for political gains.

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Our Karnataka team visited Nijagal hills temple complex in Bangalore Karnataka. Found five ancient Hindu temples lying in ruins even as two Dargahs slowly encroach the entire area.

Nijagal Hills temple complex near Bangalore Karnataka has two Dargahs existing near the Hindu temple ruins. The construction of one Dargah near the temple pond is ongoing, while another is at the top of the hill.
This particular tree growing on the temple ruins situated on top of Nijagal hills near Bangalore, has coins placed all over its roots.

Is it a custom, is there details available about this particular practice.

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Hindus should brace themselves for a referendum in year 2024, people of India should be allowed to choose between Present Constitution and the new Constitution for Bharatvarsha.

#ReclaimTemples , #Gharwapsi should be an integral part of the new.
The present Constitution of Bharat was never accepted by the people of Bharat via a referendum. Many of its provisions are based on Govt of India Act 1935 passed by the British.

A reason why the rich, mighty and minorities gets benefits denied to Hindus and ordinary citizens.
Indian Constitution based on Victorian moralities and legalities has failed to protect Hindu Dharma and it's age old traditions. It has relegated Hindus as second class citizens.

Lets adopt a Constitution based on Hindu Dharmik traditions via a referendum in 2024.
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Do you know the Hindu temple in your locality that was demolished by Muslim invaders. Do you know the temple built by your ancestors which is now used as Masjids.

We are making an effort to ensure that every Hindu knows these details. Help us spread the word.

Jami Masjid in Mandu Madhya Pradesh, a Hindu temple seized and converted to Masjid by Sultan Mahmud Khilji.

Lal Darwaza Masjid in Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh is actually a Hindu temple converted to Masjid during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Shah.

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Before #2019Elections,we request @BJP4India to announce(in a timebound plan),#FreeTemples #ReclaimTemples #Punarutthana activities frm its 20+governed states.Will be similar2autonomous institutions wt accreditations. If required,a detail roadmap will be shared.Junk @dgasi_delhi
We need to build these institutions to evolve parallel ecosystem with our own resources to safeguard Hindus,Temples,Education,Legal,Health,Demography &finally defeat these evil forces. We cannot afford to wait any longer as our enemies are much ahead in the race to eliminate us.
We also request @BJP4India to bringout white papers on #ReclaimTemples #Punarutthana #FreeTemples census in all your governing states including their audit reports. We need 100s of TTDs & can administer on our own. We no need to wait for any constitutional change/RS numbers
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Today 29.4.18, Swamy Bharati Maharaj lighted lamp and restarted worship at Alathiyur Subrahmanya Swamy temple in Malappuram Kerala.

Temple was destroyed during 1921 Moplah riots, later encroached by a Mullah. Temple site was retaken by Hindus after litigation.

Site clearance work at Alathiyur Subramanya Swamy temple Malappuram Kerala, which was destroyed during 1921 Moplah riots.

Next stage is Devaprashnam ritual where astrologers, temple priests, temple architect, devotees decide on temple plan, design, worship.

Rebuilding of Alathiyur Subrahmanya temple Malappuram Kerala #KL002 :

Devaprashnam ritual will be held on 14 Jun 2018, and the temple renovation plan will be finalised as per TantraShastra.

This is 2nd temple being rebuilt as part of the #ReclaimTemples project in Kerala.
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#DidYouKnow What does TN Govt do with #Temple Money they get?
A short thread!

-Buying fully loaded Toyota Innova cars and other luxury vehicles using temple monies and then handing them over to Govt Ministers, Ministers' PA, Govt Secy, HR& CE Commissioner. 👏
-Even the fuel bills, drivers’ salaries and maintenance costs of such illegally given vehicles are met with temple funds.
-Building Conference Rooms, library, etc in the 2nd Floor of the HR & CE Department using funds from Sri Subramaniaswamy Temple, Tiruttani.
-Diversion of funds of Sri Parthasarathy temple for Tamil Nadu Government Tourism Exhibition.
-Diversion of funds from three temples in Chennai for buying General Brand 2-Ton Split Air Conditioners for the Audit Department in HR&CE Department, Chennai.
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Did you know that?
-Hindu Temples have to give Income Tax on all donations received; finances are controlled by the government;
-However, the same is NOT true for minority institutions which are 100% exempt from paying Income Tax
Did you know that?
-The government, by law, if free to interfere in management of educational institutions run by #Hindu religious bodies
-The government is, however, NOT free to interfere in management of educational institutions run by minority religious bodies.
Did you know that?
-Practitioners of #Hinduism in their #temples (you and me) do not have a a say by law in the management of the temple;
-However, practitioners of minority faiths retain the freedom to determine the management of their places of worship
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Laugh at your own ignorance @RifatJawaid @vikramchandra
histories by medieval Muslim historians,

Chapter, ‘Hindustan ki Masjiden’ in
Maulana Hakim Sayid Abdul Hai’s,
‘Hindustan Islami ahad mein’

‘Epigraphia Indica’ by Archeological Survey of🇮🇳

1-Maulana Abdul Hai in the chapter, Hindustan ki Masjiden,describes each principal masjid in few lines;

“Qutub-Din Aibak, after demolishing Temple built by Prithviraj, leaving certain parts, built Quwwat al-Islam in 587”,👇🏻
2- In 592,Aibak returned & under Shihabud-Din Ghori’s orders, started building a huge masjid of red stone including certain parts of the Temple.

When Shamsud-Din Altamish became the king, he built edifices of white stone on both its sides & on one side, the lofty towers..
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40,000+ Hindu temples are now used as Masjids, Dargahs across Bharat. Please share widely in all social media as we publish their details, evidences here.

Join #ReclaimTemples movement to liberate Hindu temples from Muslim occupation. Register via
Atala Masjid in Jaunpur UttarPradesh is a Hindu temple for Goddess Atala Devi. It was ransacked by Sultan Firuz Shah and converted to Masjid by Sultan Ibrahim.

It has Hindu temple architecture , pillars and many evidences that prove its a Hindu temple.

The Hindu temple for Goddess Atala Devi in Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh now exists as a Masjid.

When will Hindus restore worship of the Goddess in her temple?

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Amazing Kalyani(Temple tank) at Hulikere near Halebidu(Karnataka)
Dated: ~12th century CE
Note the details of aedicula. Fractal pattern is obvious.

#ReclaimTemples #WalkToTemple
Chand Baori stepwell, Abhaneri ,Rajasthan
Dated: ~9th Century CE
The four sided 13 storied stepwell is over 100feet deep and lined with over 3500steps with an amazing geometrical precision. This stepwell is one of the largest stepwells, a magnificent device to store water.
A large stepwell and temples, Bundi(Rajasthan)
Anda(dome) surmounted by Kalasha forms the Shikhara of temple.
It is known as Dabhai Kund. Currently filled with dogshit and garbage. It is maintained by ASI.
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On this Auspicious day of #MahaShivaratri i am Posting a Thread on Sacred Bilva Leafs,its Closeness with Lord Shiva and its Medicinal Values
1. Can cure diarrhoea, cholera, vitiligo
The presence of tannin in the bael fruit helps in curing diseases like diarrhoea and cholera.The dried powder of the fruit is used to treat chronic diarrhoea. The extract of unripe bael fruit can effectively treat haemorrhoids & vitiligo
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