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Hindu Deities having ZERO constitutional rights => Hindu Dharmika Sampradaya having no Art 26 constitutional rights while other religions enjoy same.
#FreeHinduTemples w ZERO Hindu Deity Rights is no freedom
#FreeHinduTemples w Hindu Deity Rights our goal…
Our approach to #FreeHinduTemples with Art 26 Hindu Deity Rights is the same path articulated by Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha with guidance of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati Image
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Iskcon praising Allah and Christ more than Krishna @RadharamnDas

#MlechhKutniti ImageImage
Where Hindus are celebrating centuries-old Rath Yatra according to Tithi, then why #ISKCON modified these tradition according to themselves. Isn't this cultural or traditional modification @RadharamnDas ji? Image
Those who says foreign bodied devotees of Iskcon are more Hindu than Indian Hindus they need to see their child sex abuse cases.
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How Tirumala Shri Balaji Temple survived ☪️ Invasion

Abdullah Qutb Shah of Golkonda attacked Tirupati in 17th CE. His Army Commander Ali, managed to destroy few idols and temples in Tirupati . However, Ali was tricked by local people near the foothill, when his
army took steps towards Tirumala. He was said they will have to cross Varahamurty idol at foothill . Ali assumed it to be a Boar and they returned to Chandragiri Fort, planned to attack from other side later. The name of foothill being Alipiri, came from Ali-Phiri (Ali- returned
They were preparing to attack 2 days later, but meanwhile the Temple priests managed to mediate. Ali understood that if temple is destroyed, is a loss to Sultan’s kingdom. Priests agreed to pay jizya tax to sultan from temple income and save Sri Balaji temple🙏🏻
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Zafar Khan Ghazi Masjid at Tribeni in Bengal, India was built on a demolished ancient Vishnu Temple in 1298 CE.
One can notice Hindu temple architecture on entrance doors, walls and pillars. Zafar Mohamed Khan was known to forcefully convert Hindus ImageImageImageImage
Zafar Khan Ghazi Masjid has many such walls which prove that it was once upon a time a Lord Vishu Temple.
The Dasavatar carvings on North wall also proves it to be originally Vishnu Temple. ImageImage
Broken Temple Pillars were found behind the Masjid.

West Chamber of Temple, where one of the temple faces is hidden by bricks. ImageImage
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Vijay Mandir or what is officially known as Bija Mandal m0sque in ASI records

This temple was demolished many times. By Iltutmish, Malik Kufar under Alauddin Khalji, Mahmud Khalji of Malwa and Bahudarshah of Gujarat. It was rebuilt every time.(1)
In 1682, under Aurangzeb, the upper part of temple was destroyed and a mosque constructed on the plinth using the pillars, plasters and lintels from temple ruins.(2)
Read 14 tweets… A section of the priests and temple staff under Malabar Devaswom Board(Govt) by staging a relay Satyagraha raising long pending demands including parity of pay and clearing salary dues in temples.Joint agitation council convener stated that despite High
Court calling for reasonable remuneration and parity of pay for priests and other temple staff in Malabar way back in 1994, it hasn't been implemented. He also stated that Malabar Devaswom Board(which has 1300 temples under it) pays salaries classifying temples as per the income
generated by the place of worship which is unjust and discriminatory .Measly salaries for staff in C and D category temples have not been paid for months even as income from offerings at temples had also stopped due to Corona. Monthly salary of cleaning staff is as low as 2500
Read 4 tweets… High Court of Karnataka stayed further constructions at famous Sri Renuka Yellamma temple(Govt controlled temple) at Saundatti in Belagavi district, Karnataka. Vijayanagara Inscription of Krishnadevaraya in the temple is a protected monument and as per
Section 20-A of the Act, illegal construction being put up on the south-west side of the temple should have been stopped within 15 days from the date of the show-cause notice.But still construction activities are going on. Constructions carried out are in violations of provisions
of Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 1958. Sri Renuka Yellamma Temple is a State Protected Monument and it is under the control of Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments and Charitable Endowments Department as given in website
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A thread.Will try to give one of simpler reasons with facts on why should HRCE/Govt should not control temples.36153 temples out of 44121 temples under control of HRCE earn an annual income of less than 10000.Which comes to Rs 28/day.Why HRCE needs to control these 36153 temples? Image
So what if the priests take Rs 28/day. Will still be enough for the priests in absence of Dakshina Money? HRCE claims in its policy note that Rs.2 crore was created by diversion from the surplus fund of Palani disbursed for renovation / restoration of each village temple. From
2011 to 2019, Rs.37.51 crore was disbursed to 5387 temples by HRCE as per its Policy Note. But if HRCE claims it has done so much for the village temples, why the 36153 temples are struggling with daily income of Rs.28. Some of the temples are in ruins. @HRajaBJP states that
Read 8 tweets… Very important article by Swami Chidananda Puri on temples being mismanaged by Devaswom Board(Govt controlled) in Kerala.5 crores from Guruvayur Devaswom Fund was donated to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund in May 2020. Similar donation was done Image
in 2018 for the floods and this donation was challenged in Kerala High Court and matter is still pending. Guruvayur Devaswom functions according to the Guruvayur Devaswom Act of 1978, which contains only 43 sections. Section 27(1) empowers Devaswom Committee to spend the money
of the temple. The Committee can spend money only on the items specified in sub sections (a) to (g). The Devaswom Managing Committee cannot donate any money or spend for any expenditure not specified in this section. Therefore, using temple funds for another purpose is illegal
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Let's discuss point by point. How many of u learned of the detailed account of how much was looted during #BritishRaj ? Look how #Hindus were made to suffer. From a surplus country with all the riches in the world to the daily average per capita income of 5pices/2 1/2 cents...1/n Image
#ConversionMafia propagates, "if British didn't rule India, then there's no India at all." #SleepingHindus fall for such false information and become an easy prey, as they don't know what actually happened.

If the levied tax on land is 65% more than the produce, how Image
will farmers survive?
Our #Hindu rulers used to provide almost free education to all the people in their Kingdoms. Look at how much #Britishers spent on Indians education. They never cared about our sanitation, but all they cared was our army, spent whooping 330 millions Image
Read 12 tweets… Thieves broke into Sri
Anjaneyaswamy Temple, Muttatti, Malavalli Taluk Mandya, Karnataka (Govt controlled-Muzrai B Group Temple) Thursday night and made away with gold jewellery and cash from hundi.CCTV footage showed four thieves breaking open the door Image
entering the temple and taking away the valuables. Senior Police officer advised the temple authorities not to leave valuables on the deity and cash in the collection boxes. This incident took place just 1 week after 3 priests were murdered in Sri Arakeshwara temple in mandya
where money was also stolen in Sri Arakeshwara temple. Sri Anjaneyaswamy Temple in mandya is a B group temple under the control of Muzrai Dept. Why Govt did not provide any form of security to Sri Anjaneyaswamy temple as this theft took place in Mandya(3 priests murdered in Sri
Read 6 tweets…. HRCE tells the Madras High Court it is empower to administer temples through article25(2) of the constitution.
article 25(2)(a)-Nothing in this article shall affect the operation of any existing law or prevent the State from making any law
a) regulating or restricting any economic,financial, political or other secular activity which may be associated with religious practice. But is HRCE following article 25(2)(a) properly?Because if you go by the logic of HRCE with regard to article 25(2)(a), then HRCE must conduct
an external or CAG audit as per section 87(4) of 1959 HRCE Act and(emphasis on word financial on article 25(2)(a))But HRCE is not conducting internal audit regularly, leave alone external audit. So,is HRCE not violating article 25(2)(a)? Also article does not mention interference
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Another mismanagement in Govt controlled temple.Three silver plated lions adorning the chariot of Sri Durga Malleswara Swamyvarla Devasthanam here in Andhra Pradesh, popularly known as Indrakeeladri Kanakadurga temple, have gone missing.… Image
The incident came to light after the temple authorities started to enhance the security of the chariot on Tuesday, on receiving instructions from the higher-ups, in the light of the Antarvedi temple chariot blaze. Temple authorities are searching lockers and other secured places
missing from the wooden chariot. The Chariot was last used in April 2019 for procession and it was not used afterwards as per the Executive Officer. Then how did it go missing? #FreeHinduTemples @RamananPr @FreeTemples
Read 3 tweets… January 2020 article. 1000 Govt controlled temples of Indore in Madhya Pradesh in neglect. these temples have 5000 acres of land.Salary of 1600 priests in these 1000 temples adds up to Rs 25 lakhs per month(which comes to approx 1500 per month per priest) Image
Land belonging to these temples like Ram Mandir, Maruti mandir, Pandharinath Mandir,Mahaveer Mandir, Sri Khedapati Hanuman Mandir etc. have witnessed encroachments in form of illegal colonies and structures and in some cases matter is pending before courts. There is clear
instruction from Apex Court not to consider any sale/purchase or encroachment in these temples as valid but in many temples there is claim of private ownership of the temple lands by encroachers.Also there is no records maintained whatsoever of donations received from devotees
Read 7 tweets… Three priests were found brutally murdered in the courtyard of Sri Arakeshwara Temple at Guttalu on the outskirts of Mandya city today morning.The bodies of the priests,identified as Ganesh, Prakash and Anand were found in a pool of blood with their heads
crushed with boulders. The accused took only currency notes and left behind the coins. The three deceased were cousins and served as temple priests for security of the temple and its property. The temples come under the Muzrai department and this temple at Guttalu was rated
as a B group temple. The emptied kanike hundis (money collection boxes) were found outside the temple. The Killers took all the cash in notes and left all the coins lying after breaking the 3 hundi boxes. CM is providing compensation to the priest's family but
Read 5 tweets… there is this trend of stealing idols, jewellery and hundi money in temple. After the gold, silver utensils weres stolen from Madukkur Mariamman Temple,near Tanjore worth 5 lakhs, there was an attempt to break the hundi at Sri Chennakesava Swami temple in Image
Chandrayangutta, Telangana.The presiding deity of Chennakesava Swamy is housed in a 28-pillored mantapa. The temple is a symbol of unity. It's one of the rare temples that has Shiva and Vaishnava idols and it united warring Shivaite and Vaishnavaite groups in ancient days. Hence
it’s called Shaiva Keshava Keshtram. The temple which is believed to be over 600 years old is a rare example of a temple built to reconcile the warring Shaivites and Vaishnavaites. The temple is maintained by the endowments department of Government of Telangana. This temple is
Read 7 tweets…… Instances of 2 temples mismanagement in Andhra Pradesh by govt.1st temple is the VarahaLakshmi Narasimhaswamy Temple at Simhachalam where the Executive Officer was allegedly involved in illegal quarrying of Simhacham Hill. Special Image
Endowments Commissioner had requested the Govt to take action against the EO. The second temple in focus is the Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna temple at Srisailam where multi-crore fraud was unearthed in the Srisailam Devasthanam in the range of 2.12 to 2.56 crores. According to Image
Special investigation Officer and Atmakur Deputy Superintendent, an MTech graduate Rupesh made use of outsourced systems operators in defrauding the temple and taking advantage of the software of Endowments Department.The ticketing procedure was made online through
Read 9 tweets… Uttarakhand Govt after taking over 51 temples by way of Char Dham Act is preparing a master plan worth 424 crores for beautification of Badrinath temple for devotees in form of beautification of ponds near the temple, expansion and widening of road leading Image
to the shrine, streetscaping, developing Badrish Van construction of parking facility near temple etc.I have a completely different point of view here.I dont understand what is the meaning of Beautification and why it is required because for me Temple is a home of the deity and
I as a devotee is visiting the home of that deity.If I have decided on a voluntary basis to visit the home of the deity then why I as a devotee have to demand that home of another living form(deity) has to be convenient for me when I visit there? Also I believe a temple belongs
Read 6 tweets… Why infrastructure projects have to be always at the cost of destruction"only" to our temple's heritage structures?This is in Veerabhadra Swamy temple(Govt control)at lepakshi in Andhra Pradesh where BJP MP G.V.L. Narasimha Rao in his letter to CM states Image
that the proposed road widening of NH 544-E from Kodikonda check post to Madakasira will pass through the prohibited area of Basavanna( Monolithic Bull)temple at Lepakshi village by abutting the compound wall of Basavanna temple and also road widening project would pass through
the northern gate of Veerabhadra swamy temple which is in violation of AMASR Act of 2010. this infrastructure project according to the BJP MP would cause irrepairable damage to the monuments in Basavanna temple and Veerabhadra swamy temple in the form of pollution and vibrations
Read 6 tweets… An instance of temple mismanagement by Govt.Rameshwara Temple Tirthahalli town Karnataka comes under Jusrisdiction of Muzrai Dept. Logs in Warehouse(both purchased and donated by devotees)used for temple renovation were missing and so a complaint was filed
In the complaint,it was alleged that without informing concerned authorities, members of the managing committee had shifted logs for their personal needs and no proper documents were maintained on number of logs. Deputy Commissioner passed an order to keep the managing committee
in abeyance as it was felt that the managing committee may try to destroy the evidence. If this is the case, How can devotees can trust that money or any other offering they donate to the temple will be used in the best interests of the temple? #FreeHinduTemples
Read 3 tweets… July 2020 Article. A couple of questions come to mind. HRCE has informed Madras High Court that 37000 temples have annual income of less than Rs.5000 out of total 44121 temples under HRCE Control .So why 37000 temples under Govt control?
What Financial Mismanagement can be done by private parties with pittance annual income of less than Rs.5000? If this is the case then temple will be in ruins inspite of bit of Rs 3000 financial assistance and free groceries to the priests.Will that be enough for the priests?
HRCE has also informed Madras High Court that 11999 temples cannot afford puja once a day. If this is the state of temples, then HRCE must give it back to the communities. The community will ensure with their devotion and bhakti that atleast basic puja will be conducted
Read 4 tweets… . In Sri Chamundeshwari temple Mysore(Govt control), 3 employees manipulated the software at the special entry counter and swindled over Rs. 7 lakh. Date was entered as 2008 instead of 2018 and the employees issued special entry tickets at Rs. 100
and Rs. 30 and they pocketed the money. In Srikanteshwara temple(Govt control), Nanjagud, money deposited was less than the money collected from the devotees. These temples earn 1 crore from the devotee's offering alone once every 45 days. Money received in Srikanteshwara temple
from the devotees was misused where there has been a misappropriation of Rs. 17 lakh.Yet Another reason to #FreeHinduTemples Money given by the devotees must be used for the diety first and then the temple.Money given for the diety and the temple should not be touched
Read 3 tweets… Kukke Subramanya temple in Karnataka is the richest temple in the state with 98.92 crore last year. Priests are paid only Rs. 96 a month. Temple has 15 staff 4 priests, an assistant priest, Purohits and assistants.
the Dakishna payment or service allowance( based on puja charges) which was offered to the Lord by devotees has been stopped ever since the lockdown. Executive Officer sent an proposal to the commissioner of HECI to disburse 4.21 lakh for April 2020 and 5.19 lakh for May 2020.
But the temple has yet to be informed of this proposal to the priests as of June 2020.Muzrai Minister mentioned that 5000 Rs was disbursed to priests on temporary basis. But is it enough since there is no dakishna amount or service allowance for the priests? #FreeHinduTemples
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Let's ensure Hindu Deity money is not against them when Temple traditions are questioned through SC PIL Process like it happened in the case of Sabarimala. Let us reclaim Art 26 Hindu Deity Rights and #freehindutemples
Lord Shri Padmanabha Swamy Ruler Citizen Deity through covenant ensured devout members of communities that were deprived of temple entry and gained access through His historic Temple Entry Proclamation which inspired Art 25 also gain representation in TDB…
The pivotal role of the Ruler Citizen Deity in Temple Entry Proclamation which inspired Art 25 is being slowly recognized by Organizations working for Social Justice and they are supporting movement for His reclaim of His Art 26 rights
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