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#LestWeForget #RemembranceSunday
When our ancestors returned from war they said "Lest we Forget & Never Again".
Never had humanity and life been more linked.
Never was victory more important.
May we live up to their vow: Peace on earth.

No greater sacrifice #WeWillRememberThem
#LestWeForget the contributions of the #Commonwealth.
Victory would not have been possible without the Men & Women who volunteered and came to fight for King Emperor & the Mother Country.

Proud that among them, in WW1 (1.5Million)
& in WW2 (2.5Million) Asians came to 🇬🇧's aid.
51 VC medals were awarded in WW1 & WW2 to soldiers who came from the Indian Subcontinent.
Below (L-R) Mir Dast VC, Shahamad Khan VC, Khudadad Khan VC & Naik Nand Singh VC.
Just 4 examples of soldiers who earned the highest military honour, FOR VALOUR in the presence or the ememy.
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In our centenary year the fantastic @RoyalMarines drummers get the #FestivalOfRemembrance underway.
The Prince of Wales arrives at the @RoyalAlbertHall along with other members of the @RoyalFamily @ClarenceHouse #FestivalOfRemembrance
.@probstomfoolery reads 'Alive with Poppies' as wristbands worn by the audience light up in a shared moment of remembrance #FestivalOfRemembrance
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💯 reasons to visit Westminster Abbey
1/100, Britain’s Oldest Door
The door in our cloisters was constructed in the 1050s. It’s made from wood felled around 1032, making it almost a thousand years old and the only surviving Anglo Saxon door in England:… Image
💯 reasons to visit Westminster Abbey

2/100, tomb of Elizabeth I

Next time you visit us, don’t miss the magnificent tomb in the Lady Chapel. Elizabeth was crowned in the Abbey in 1559 and reigned for 45 years. She’s buried with her half-sister, Mary I… Image
💯 reasons to visit Westminster Abbey

3/100, Robert Devereux memorial

Devereux had a lot of bad luck...
- His father was executed by Elizabeth I
- His wife tried to poison him
– His effigy and hearse were vandalised before his funeral

Find out more:… Image
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(1/16) It’s #RemembranceDay in Britain. In preparation for my next book on the history of plastic surgery, I’m immersing myself in diaries, letters, & literature from #WWI. Today's THREAD is in honor of the nurses who played an integral part in the war effort.👇
(2/16) Never before had the world faced such slaughter. During WWI, medical staff applied 1.5 million splints, administered 1,088 million doses of drugs, fitted over 20,000 artificial eyes & used 7,250 tons of cotton wool while applying 108 million bandages to injured combatants.
(3/16) More than 6,000 medical staff would die, & over 17,000 would be wounded in the British Army alone. No matter how extensive healthcare provisions were or how hard doctors and nurses worked, medical care was consistently overwhelmed the sheer number of wounded men.
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We'll be tweeting during tonight's #FestivalofRemembrance at @RoyalAlbertHall from 9.10pm. If you'd like some company whilst you watch on @BBCOne, just follow the hashtag. Image
This year's socially distanced #FestivalofRemembrance was pre-recorded at the end of October due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Who will you be remembering while watching our #FestivalofRemembrance tonight?
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Youssif Ali, son of Mahammad Cassie Ali and Babe Ali, a Bengali born in Sylhet (now Bangladesh) came to England in the early 1920s. He was the last soldier buried at the Muslim Burial Ground (Brookwood Cemetery) on 12 May 1947...
As a young man, Youssif Ali regularly travelled between India and London aboard merchant ships. After meeting and marrying Ethel Emma Wallace in London during the late 1920s, he no longer travelled. Instead he became a Court interpreter for Indian seaman apprehended for various..
misdemeanours. He also worked as a doorman, dressed in full colonial style regalia with an elaborate turban at the Veeraswamy Restaurant in Piccadilly, London. A job from which he was later sacked when a photograph in a newspaper identified him amongst a crowd surrounding...
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"it is a nation which carries injustice in its womb wh. will find its nemesis in conflict.
That injustice may be in relation to other nations...
But there is also a reckoning...for those nations which allow any internal injustice to persist for too long...
"Injustice that requires many of their citizens to live in austere circumstances or in an unfriendly environment.
Or a society which is deeply divided & frankly sectarian but where parties of power see advantage in division & reinforce it.

"Or a society which can see the continued anguish of people like those who suffered in this [Enniskillen] town 32 years ago but who have not the compassionate will to face up to the practical remedies for that suffering...

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So this whole #DonCherry poppy debacle puts my Saturday in perspective. Our decision to get out of the city yesterday for a little drive and some leaf peeping went sideways when we encountered White Canada in Schomberg, Ontario. *thread*
Now, Schomberg is a quaint little place about an hour outside Toronto. There’s a cute pub (@TheSchombergPub) with great pretzels. But just before we’d finished lunch, the conversation next to us between some older white men turned pretty randomly ugly.
One of them launched into a tirade about how #ArmisticeDay is not a provincial holiday in Ontario, and how the immigrants don’t respect how real Canadians died for the freedom and way of life they enjoy here, and how they unfairly get time off work to go into the corner and pray.
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For #RemembranceSunday, a pictorial thread about the Sheehan brothers, three young men from Fermoy, #Cork who lost their lives in separate bombing missions while serving with @RCAF_ARC who were remembered yesterday @CWGC's Heverlee War Cemetery, Belgium by @irishineurope. 1/18 Image
The brother's parents, James Joseph Sheehan & Mary Ellen Hearne, had married in #Carlow around 1905, but made their home in Fermoy, where James was a baker and confectioner on Queen Square (now Pearse Square), seen here. Image: NLI. 2/18 Image
The couple had eight children in Fermoy–seven boys and a girl–including Harry, Frank and Edward. All the children were baptised in St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in the town. Image: John Armagh. 3/18 Image
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My twitter presence is much bigger than it was a year ago (thank you everyone) and inevitable this means I face more online 'critique' than previously.

Today the focus has been my 'politicising' of #RemembranceSunday

I have just a few things to say: 1/7
As the granddaughter and daughter of army and navy veterans I know personally about the costs of war & would suggest that my views are as valid as anyone's.

As a sociologist, and a critical thinker, I argue that ALL life is political and what more than war & peace, war ... 2/7
... related death (suicide included) and justice for veterans & their families.

As a @UKLabour member I applaud our party's plans for service personal & veterans, especially with SO many veterans experiencing homelessness and/or PTSD (issues cruelly ignored by the current...3/7
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On the anniversary of D-Day I posted a thread about my maternal grandfather's service in the RAF. He survived but many of his friends did not. For #RemembranceSunday I am posting... 1/3
... this heartbreaking letter he received telling him that two of his closed friends had died. Fred had been on leave visiting his new baby and on his return found that a weather crew had been lost without trace.

"yes I am afraid what you have heard is only too horribly true..."
Nobody comes through war unscathed. By definition, we only get to meet the survivors, but every small act of remembrance makes a difference.

My grandparents all served in WW2 and none had a good word to say about war. Another reason to remember, in case we are tempted again 3/3
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#LestWeForget that today is not all about male sacrifice & achievement. A thread of some Scottish women who did their bit. 👇Dr Flora Murray ran military hospitals in Paris, London & Boulogne. She wrote about the challenge of being taken seriously as a female dr. Say what? /1 Black and white photo of Flora Murray
Give up a little of your #RemembranceSunday thoughts to the 24,000 women who volunteered in the Scottish Women's Hospitals which recruited widely & operated in France and in Serbia. These women were legends. The HQ was on St Andrews Square in Edinburgh where Tiles Bar is now. /2 Newspaper cutting about the Scottish Women's hospitals
#WeWillRememberThem This achievement is the greater cos when Dr Elsie Inglis went to Edinburgh Castle to volunteer to organise hospitals, she was told 'Dear Lady go home and sit still' Luckily Elsie didn't. She died in 1917 having inspired all around her & saved 1000s of lives./3 Elsie Inglis in uniform
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100 years ago today, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the First World War in Europe ended
World War I ultimately led to:

- 15 million+ deaths
- the collapse of four empires
- the rise of communism and fascism
The conflict began with Austria-Hungary's declaration of war against Serbia. The events that followed profoundly altered the course of the 20th century #RemembranceSunday
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Good morning all on this 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time and #RemembranceDay2018 , the 100th anniversary of the Great War's Armistice.
(Mass for Allied soldiers in a gully on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Sep 1915)
As today (11 Nov 18) is #RemembranceDay #ArmisticeDay100

Please buy a red poppy & help ADF veterans & families…
Australia's Great War (1914-1919)
- 5m population
- 416,809 men enlisted
- more than 60,000 killed in action
- 156,000 wounded, gassed, or taken prisoner
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