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Continuation of my previous thread:

60 sec = 1 min, 60 min = 1 hour, 24 hours = 1 day, 7 days = 1 week, 30 days (on avg) = 1 month, 12 months = 1 year. Like this
4,32,000 years is Kali Yug
4,32,000X2 = 8,64,000 years is Dwapara Yug
4,32,000X3 = 12,96,000 years is Treta Yug
4,32,000X4 = 17,28,000 Years is Sat Yug
All together 4 yugas is 1 Chatur Yug i.e, 4,32,000 X (4+3+2+1) = 43,20,000 years is 1 Chatur Yug
Like this 1000 Chatur Yug is Brahma's half day. (day time) another 1000 Chatur Yug is Brahma's 2nd half day (night time)
2000 Chatur Yugas is Brahma's 1 whole day.
like this 365 days for Brahma is 1 year. Brahma's age is 100 years. after his tenure,
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#Thread #DidYouKnow
Calculation of #space & #Time according to Srimad Bhagawatham and Narayaneeyam.
Space: India is a part of South Asia; Asia is one of the continent in the world;
This Earth is known as Bhooh. Here we have 7 Dweepams known as Jambu, Plaksha, Shalmali, Kusha, Kraunca, Shaka, Pushkara Dweepams respectively.
Above Bhooh there are 7 layers or lok named as Bhuvah, Suvah, Mahah, Janah, Tapah, Satyam
Similarly, Below Earth there are another 7 layers or Lok called as Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Rasathala, ThalaaThala, Mahathala, Pathala.
7 loks above and 7 Loks below Earth respectively. So we call (Eer Yelu Lokam in Tamil) means 7X2=14 Lokas
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#Thread #DidYouKnow
A Formal Debate of #Shringeri #Jagadguru Versus a #Missionary!
Following is an interesting debate that took place between the Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Shringeri Sharada piitam, Shrii Shrii Abhinava Vidyathiirtha Mahaswamigal (1931–1989) and a Christian
Missionary, sometime in the year 1973.
The missionary had come to Shringeri to debate with the Acharya and establish the "superemacy" of Christianity over the #Hindu #dharma. After exchanging a few words of formality,
Jagadguru: What is the purpose of your visit ?
Missionary: Swamiji, I intend to open a Christian church and an ashram just near you mutt.
Jagadguru: What's the objective or motivation for doing so?
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Why do we keep food for crows?
Once a devotee asked Kanchi #Paramacharya #Mahaswamigal why do we keep food for crows during mahalayam? Are our #Ancestors taking forms of crows? Why do they come as this low bird? Why not a high standard bird?
With a gentle smile Mahaswamigal answered, we call crow kaka in Tamil. Do we address any other creature by its sound? Do we call cat meow? Because a parrot says kiki, do we call it kiki? The crow is called by its sound that makes it special.
Ka means kaapathu or protect me in Tamil. so when you keep food for a crow and say "kaa kaa", you are asking your ancestors to protect you!
You say a crow is lowly because it is freely available and it eats anything! But let me tell you a crow is beautiful. Why?
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#DidYouKnow that we once had a client who was stuck as an agunah, though her husband had died, because she could not perform halitza with her brother-in-law since his foot had been amputated due to diabetes complications?
Learn more about this story and other cases of halitza in this episode of @cwjisrael’s Hebrew podcast!
יבום וחליצה 2020 במדינת ישראל - זה קורה גם היום
*Correction: she was not a client of ours, rather a case in a psak din that one of our to'anot had encountered
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Travelling through #India you can't miss such boulder heaps...

Think of Hampi's ruins (below) or Sravanabelagola (Karnataka), or Mt Abu (Rajasthan)?

#DidYouKnow, such isolated hill/ridge features that jut out from the surrounding plains are called #inselbergs?

#Geo thread/ Geology: inselberg formation at Hampi, Karnataka, India
Derived from German words meaning 'island mountain', #inselbergs are residual features that form across climatic zones.

Yet are most abundant in tropical regions with granite-gneiss outcrops, like those on the cratons across India, as also in the zones marked BCG, CGC, and SGT. Map in the publication, The Indian Peninsula: Geomorphic Lan
Debates rage on how #inselbergs formed, yet most concede they are the result of weathering (breaking down of rocks at site) and erosion (transport of weathered material).

In #India, insolation (heat from sun's rays), rainwater, and rivers have shaped landscapes for millennia. Hampi's boulder inselbergs with the river Tungabhadra snakin
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Jews contribute 50% of all donations to the Democrat party…

Jews started the NAACP….

The ADL was founded by Jews to free a Jewish pedophile who murdered a young girl…
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The former Minister is also alleged to have had money paid into his personal account for the same deal.
The allegations are contained in a report by the Commission of Enquiry into the Sale of Urban State Land. #DidYouKnow #OpenCouncilHre
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NCDC do not build, own or run #Covid19 Testing Labs. Apart from their National Reference Lab in Abuja, all other Labs are owned/run independently by Federal & State Tertiary Hospitals, & private sector

NCDC role is Accreditation + technical support to qualified Labs
NCDC is not the agency responsible for the collection of samples from patients, or the transportation of confirmed cases to Isolation/Treatment Centers.

NCDC also does not build or operate Isolation/Treatment Centers.

ALL OF THESE are the responsibilities of State Governments.
NCDC also does not make the results of Covid-19 tests available to patients. When a result emerges at any of the Labs, it is made available to NCDC and the State Epidemiologist. The task of informing a patient is the responsibility of the State Epidemiologist/Health Ministry.
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Will you be taking the ‘Mark of the Beast’ chip when it arrives… God says if you take it you’ll be condemned for eternity and go to hell — use discernment… 👀

#poll #opinion #NWO #markofthebeast #question #QuestionOfTheDay #Q #DidYouKnow
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Took my 1st AsianAm Studies course in 1993 w/Yuko Kurashashi (now @KentState). We watched @rtajima’s WHO KILLED VINCENT CHIN. Changed my life. Thrilled 2 B part of #AsianAmsPBS series debuting tonight! Thx Renee @sleochiang + team 4 dreamy opportunity to talk AsianAm history!
Fueled up the fam w/homemade scallion pancakes, precious hot and sour soup from frozen lunar new year stash, beautiful salad greens from local Peoples Market CSA, dumplings gifted from @CaraCaddoo. Ready for #AsianAmPBS!
Here we go! #AsianAmPBS
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🔍You may have noticed The Queen’s ATS cap on her desk during Her Majesty’s VE Day address this evening.

#DidYouKnow The Queen is the only living Head of State to have served in the Second World War?
🔧 The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) in 1945 at the age of 18, and trained as a driver and mechanic.

The Queen is the first and only female member of the Royal Family to join the Armed Services as a full-time active member.
The Queen held the rank of Second Subaltern on joining the ATS.

Five months later, she was later promoted to Junior Commander, the equivalent of Captain.

📷 These images shows Princess Elizabeth at the No. 1 Mechanical Training Centre of the ATS, in Camberley, Surrey.
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#DidYouKnow there’s a @NigeriaGov Helpline for Farmers and Agric workers in this Pandemic facing challenges with the movement of Food/Agric produce, livestock and workers?

The National #COVID19 Agriculture Emergency Support Service is an initiative of @FmardNg’s Joint Technical Task Team on Emergency Response to COVID-19, set up to facilitate free & unhindered movement of food, livestock, agricultural inputs and farmers’ movement across Nigeria.
Contact the National #Covid19 Agriculture Emergency Support Service Helpline here:

0813 984 1566

Do not call if you have no business calling. Do not make prank calls. Do not give in to the temptation for foolishness. Leave the line for those who genuinely need it.

Thank you.
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My biggest challenge is to ensure that affected people are treated with compassion, and not stigmatized. - Health Minister @drharshvardhan

Let us take special care in ensuring that we empathize with and provide support to people and families infected with #COVID19.

1/n 🧵
We need to reach out to those people who are afraid to come forward & seek #COVID19 treatment because of the stigma we have attached. Delayed treatment due to the stigma & fear is costing us precious lives.
- Director, #AIIMS
#SayNoToStigma #SaveLives
How to defeat #Stigma in the #FightAgainstCoronavirus?

1. They are people, not victims/cases

2. Don't disclose info about affected people

3. Rely on authentic sources (@MoHFW_INDIA /@WHO etc)

4. Share positive stories

5. Respect #CoronaWarriors

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Ok, I finished putting in all the English monastery values from the Valor Ecclesiasticus into Excel, and can reveal the top 30 foundations/all valued as worth over £1000 gross general income in 1535

Now to do church statuses for all the other ones! All 510 of them!
this is mostly going to be very depressing, isn't it?

Caldwell Priory, Augustinian (originally Canons of the Holy Sepulchre), valued at £148, dissolved 1536. Subsequently ironworks and currently having the dullest flats imaginable built on top of it
dayum, abingdon

you know, finding plans of the really robbed-trench sites of even the biggest buildings like this and Warden (the biggest Cistercian Abbey in southern England) is REALLY HARD
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By its very nature, @Europeanaeu supports #eResearch by offering a wealth of resources coming from 3,700+ data providers. In the past few years, these resources have been increasingly complemented by sophisticated #tools for their reuse and enrichment. 1/15 #DHgoesVIRAL
As you may have heard, @Europeanaeu grows, in terms of new collections and tools, mainly thanks to @EU_Commission's funding for @DSMeu. You can get a clearer idea from the ongoing call for proposals under #CEF Telecom Programme:
2/15 #DHgoesVIRAL
#DidYouKnow that a new website was launched on 23 March, offering faster, more discoverable and more accessible experience?
3/15 #DHgoesViral
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Look who's trending number #1… interesting times 👀

#trending #truthbomb #TheGreatAwakening #DidYouKnow #QAnon
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The More You know - especially after seeing this interview involving Steve Bannon (video 1)…

SGTReport & Robert David Steele discuss the topic and take away points are given… (video 2 & 3)

Retweet video mentions psy-op involving Bannon 🚩

#DidYouKnow #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
Former C_A officer Robert David Steele…
Take away points 2…
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Before people can see the TRUTH, you have to show them PROOF of the LIE‼️

… so here ya go - take the #redpill and see who's REALLY been behind NASA‼️ 👀

It's 'Californication'… 👇🏼🗣

#Biblical #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #History #FYI #DidYouKnow
Where's that moon data⁉️ 🤔

#Biblical #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #History #Redpill #FYI #DidYouKnow
Truth is, it's a stationary earth realm with a firmament dome… just the way God (capital G) intended it it be! 🙌🏻🙏🏻

#Biblical #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #History #Redpill #FYI #DidYouKnow
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Let's set all BULLSHIT aside… and #WakeUpAmerica 🙏🏻

… ready to see the symbolism of the Statue of Liberty⁉️ 🗽

Buckle Up… I hope you can SEE the TRUTH‼️

#Biblical #GoodVsEvil #MotherGoddess #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #Redpill #FYI #DidYouKnow
2) Hendecagram = an eleven pointed star

#Biblical #StatueOfLiberty #MotherGoddess #QueenOfExiles #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #History #Redpill #FYI #DidYouKnow
3) Qliphoth = 'peels, shells or husks' the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces

#Biblical #StatueOfLiberty #MotherGoddess #QueenOfExiles #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #History #Redpill #FYI #DidYouKnow
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The #EconomicSurvey2020 was released on Jan 31, 2020. The theme - "Wealth Creation". This thread provides a brief summary of each chapter in Volume I.


@FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @nsitharamanoffc @SubramanianKri
@FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @nsitharamanoffc @SubramanianKri #EconomicSurvey2020 bats for allowing the "invisible hand" to do its job. Market should only be supported and not attempted to be controlled by the government. #Budget2020 #BudgetWithCDL
#Entrepreneurship is key to wealth creation and India's journey towards a #5TrillionEconomy. #EconomicSurvey2020 argues for continued and expanded support for entrepreneurs. #Budget2020 #BudgetWithCDL
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Jonathan Kleck in a previous thread called the #CoronaVirus a Bio-Weapon… and now we have Dave from X22 Report saying the exact same thing… 💯

Obama knows his time is short and he's getting really desperate, can you tell⁉️

#Biblical #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon
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