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I'm a little late, but with Remembrance Day having passed two days ago, I always remember Remembrance Day 2015 really stuck with me because of what I observed at the ceremony.
During the playing of the Last Post, a veteran (who had to be in his 90s) who was wheelchair bound, got on his feet to salute and during the playing of the Last Post and the Reveille, you could see he was crying. I have no idea what he was thinking about, but it broke my heart.
That always stuck with me, because it was clear the day was emotional for him and I have no doubt he had to endure some awful shit during the war.

That's why I wear a poppy - to remember people like that man who took up the call, but also came back with painful emotional scars.
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YOU PEOPLE - a thread

You people come here and
Take our jobs
Create our jobs
Steal our taxes
Pay our taxes
Take our food
Cook our food
Serve our food
Grow our food
Wear our clothes
Make our clothes
Make us feel unsafe
Keep us safe

#Canada #Immigrants #RemembranceDay2019
You people come here and
Run our hospitals
Fix our hearts
Fix our kidneys
Fix our lungs
Fix our eyes
Fix our ears
Fix our bones
Fix our heads

You people come here and
Drive our cabs
Make our cabs
Drive our trains
Make our trains
Fly our planes
Make our planes

You people come here and
Clean our homes
Build our homes
Buy our homes
Sell our homes
Own our homes

You people come here and
Watch our TV
Make our TV
Run our TV

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(1/13) A THREAD for #RemembranceSunday2019👇In preparation for my book on the history of plastic surgery, I’m immersing myself in diaries, letters, & literature from WWI to get a sense of what it was like to live and die in the blood-soaked trenches on the Western Front.
(2/13) The various ways these soldiers could be injured or killed was astonishing. Probably some of the most horrific stories involve men who died after sinking into the copious amounts of mud that filled the trenches and foxholes.
(3/13) In October 1917, Sergeant T. Berry watched a man slowly drown: “He kept begging us to shoot him. But we couldn’t shoot him. Who could shoot him? We stayed with him, watching him go down in the mud. And he died.”
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So this whole #DonCherry poppy debacle puts my Saturday in perspective. Our decision to get out of the city yesterday for a little drive and some leaf peeping went sideways when we encountered White Canada in Schomberg, Ontario. *thread*
Now, Schomberg is a quaint little place about an hour outside Toronto. There’s a cute pub (@TheSchombergPub) with great pretzels. But just before we’d finished lunch, the conversation next to us between some older white men turned pretty randomly ugly.
One of them launched into a tirade about how #ArmisticeDay is not a provincial holiday in Ontario, and how the immigrants don’t respect how real Canadians died for the freedom and way of life they enjoy here, and how they unfairly get time off work to go into the corner and pray.
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#LestWeForget that today is not all about male sacrifice & achievement. A thread of some Scottish women who did their bit. 👇Dr Flora Murray ran military hospitals in Paris, London & Boulogne. She wrote about the challenge of being taken seriously as a female dr. Say what? /1 Black and white photo of Flora Murray
Give up a little of your #RemembranceSunday thoughts to the 24,000 women who volunteered in the Scottish Women's Hospitals which recruited widely & operated in France and in Serbia. These women were legends. The HQ was on St Andrews Square in Edinburgh where Tiles Bar is now. /2 Newspaper cutting about the Scottish Women's hospitals
#WeWillRememberThem This achievement is the greater cos when Dr Elsie Inglis went to Edinburgh Castle to volunteer to organise hospitals, she was told 'Dear Lady go home and sit still' Luckily Elsie didn't. She died in 1917 having inspired all around her & saved 1000s of lives./3 Elsie Inglis in uniform
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They fought to fight for Canada.

They fought for the chance to give their lives for Canada.

They fought for your right to choose.

They are Us. 🇨🇦

#LestWeForget | #RemembranceDay
Canadian soldiers of South East Asia Command in WWII.

Canadian soldiers of No. 2 Construction Battalion in WWI.

Private Buckam Singh was born in India, came to Canada in 1907, and enlisted in the CEF in 1915. He was treated at LCol John McCrae's hospital.

"We thought that serving in the armed forces would be an opportunity for us to prove to the general public that we are loyal Canadians...that we have no hesitation to don the King's uniform and go overseas to fight for our country."

Sergeant Roy Mah is Us.🇨🇦
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Behind all great women are more great women.

On the eve of #RemembranceDay2019, meet one of those great women: Beatrice Nasmyth. #LestWeForget #cdnmedia
Her name was a footnote in a story I recently read about Roberta MacAdams, #AB’s 2nd female legislator elected in 1917.

Unfortunately, Nasmyth’s inspiring story has largely been lost to time even though the Stratford native was a trailblazer for equal rights in Canada.
When WW1 broke out in 1914, she rushed to the frontlines. Writing for the @theprovince, Nasmyth would often go to great lengths to have her stories describing the horrors of the Great War smuggled back to 🇨🇦, defying government censors.
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#Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

01 - #Tories admit and apologise for a doctored, misrepresentative video of Kier Starmer. Tory MPs like @JohnnyMercerUK leave it on their feed and actively continue to spread.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

02 - #Tories Boris #Johnson gets booed out of Addenbrooke Hospital by staff and patients alike, unmentioned by #BBC, who were right there.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

03 - #Tories MP Jacob Rees Mogg blames #Grenfell victims for their own deaths. It takes him four days before he's forced to retract and apologise.
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I have conflicted feelings about the #Canadian #DDAY commemorations that took place over the last few days, and I struggle during #RemembranceDay because of increasing glorification of war, militarization, and platitudes about honour, duty, and sacrifice. /1
My family has a long history of military service in both World Wars. My great-uncle joined the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, fought at Gallipolli, and died at Beaumont-Hamel. My great-grandfather also enlisted in the RNR and survived the Great War except for a missing finger. /2
My paternal grandfather was a member of the Canadian militia in the interwar years, was a Major during WW2 and remained in Canada throughout the war at Shilo, MB and other bases where he was involved in training enlisted men headed overseas. /3
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Outrage in support of Hodge when she abuses & slanders Corbyn
(It's okay for her to be abusive)
Outrage for Soubry when she is called a Nazi
(yes that's right)
Outrage when Corbyn wears an anorak
Outrage when Corbyn mouths some words
Outrage when Corbyn *dances* #RemembranceDay
(it was photoshopped)
Outrage that Corbyn speaks to Hamas Hezbollah IRA
(how do we heal without dialogue?)
Outrage that Corbyn is an anti-semite
(he's not. It's a smear)
Outrage that Corbyn will Tax those better off
(change is coming)
Outrage Corbyn stands on a Radical Manifesto for a better world
(change is coming)
Outrage that Labour would be wiped out in #GE2017
(they weren't)
Outrage that Corbyn has huge & growing support
(Change is coming)
Outrage that Corbyn is STILL leader of HMO
(change is coming)
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Thread: Now that #RemembranceDay is over let me tell you about my friend Joe who celebrated his 21st birthday on the Somme
He passed away in 1989 I think but during the 80s I used to take him to mass on Sundays and shopping on a Wednesday.
He worked with cart horses most of his life and was a gentle man and a gentleman. Always immaculate and dapper
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The end of #WW1 saw the beginning of proxy wars, occupation, millions of refugees, hundreds of thousands killed, revolts & the carving up of the Middle East (Sykes-Picot Agreement) by #Britain & #France that would plague, curse & bleed the region for a century (& continues today)
The destiny of millions of people, including my great-grandparents/grandparents/parents & myself included was shaped by a map printed by Colonel Sykes drawing a line from the ‘e’ in Acre to the last ‘k’ in Kirkuk, and thus dividing/re-defining the ‘Middle East’...
The French & the British sent in armies & agents into Syria, Lebanon, Iraq & Palestine to spike revolts, occupy, control & further the colonialist project over the region in the guise of a British/French ‘mandate’ backed by Arthur Balfour, Mark Sykes & Francois Georges-Picot...
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We don't often hear about animals that have served in war & throughout history there have been tales of bravery & valour. I came across this story today & thought I'd share it here. A thread about Bamse the St Bernard🐶#RemembranceDay #LestWeForget #TheyServedToo
Bamse means 'teddy bear' in Norwegian. He belonged to the captain of a ship (Thorod) that was requistioned by the navy as a coastal patrol vessel. After the occupation of Norway the ship escaped to the UK.
Bamse took his duties seriously standing guard at the forward gun turret even during heated battle. He was fitted with a special helmet for protection.
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Good morning all on this 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time and #RemembranceDay2018 , the 100th anniversary of the Great War's Armistice.
(Mass for Allied soldiers in a gully on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Sep 1915)
As today (11 Nov 18) is #RemembranceDay #ArmisticeDay100

Please buy a red poppy & help ADF veterans & families…
Australia's Great War (1914-1919)
- 5m population
- 416,809 men enlisted
- more than 60,000 killed in action
- 156,000 wounded, gassed, or taken prisoner
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