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Thread: As we commemorate #ArmisticeDay100 let’s look at two Irish war artists - Sir John Lavery & Sir William Orpen. Orpen travelled to the Front & observed the slaughter at close hand whereas Lavery depicted the Home Front #Armistice100
Both artists moved in high society in London. Lavery painted the royal family in 1913, indicating his success. He also painted singular portraits of the King & Queen. Orpen moved amongst the rich & titled too (Oscar Beit, 1913)
Orpen joined up in 1915 & painted Churchill in 1916. He became an official war artist in 1917. Self-Portrait (1917) & NCO Pilot (1915). Constant themes of his were wry self portraits displaying his general amusement at life.
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#MACRON: "#Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. #Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying our interests first, who cares about the others, we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what gives it grace. And what is essential— its moral values."
#TRUMP: "You know what I am? I’m a nationalist, okay? I’m a nationalist. Nationalist. Nothing wrong. Use that word. Use that word."…
Marcon v Trump at #Armistice100
Who understands the world a hundred years out from WWI and who is completely out of touch?
(Rhetorical--we all know.)
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100 years out, WW1 fades from collective memory. But we should never forget it as the stupidest war of all time, claiming millions of lives for no understandable casus belli, and its postwar map-drawing continues to cause war today. #Armistice100 #VeteransDay
my (and @BrianSteffen's) grandpa John Cussen Sr. cutting a rug circa 1955. He was a doughboy infantryman in WW1 France. He received a Purple Heart after being hospitalized for mustard gas exposure.
Grandpa's son, my uncle John Jr, also receive a Purple Heart in the South Pacific. He got his ticket home via a Japanese bullet that left his arm disabled. The same bullet killed a fellow Marine.
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And contrast Trump's besotted demeanor with Macron's stone-faced expression.
And again, the reaction of an infatuated schoolgirl whose crush acknowledged her existence.

Putin plays him masterfully.
In World War I remembrance, France’s @EmmanuelMacron denounces nationalism as a "betrayal of patriotism" and warns against “old demons coming back to wreak chaos and death” (h/t @StollmeyerEU) #Armistice100 #ArmisticeDay100…
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Bear with me for a short thread about my grandfather and his part in WW1.

He was the youngest of 4 brothers aged between 15 and 22. They were from a farming family in Cheshire.
Shortly after war was declared all 4 went to join up.

Obviously he was too young, but he was big for his age and his brothers (and other lads from the village who were there to join up) lied and put pressure on the recruiter, so he was accepted.
All 4 were in the same regiment (I can't remember which), did training together.

They were sent to France and all were in the trenches on the Somme.

Apart from occasional letters home, their parents didn't have any contact with them.

In the winter of 1918-19 the mother was in the kitchen when she heard a shout from my great-grandfather.

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For #ArmisticeDay100: After graduating from college, I found myself reading dozens of books about the First World War, and becoming completely engrossed with the topic. This reading journey began after reading Paul Fussell’s magisterial book “The Great War and Modern Memory.” 1/
In this astonishing book, Fussell painstakingly examines the literature that was written during, and came out of, the “Great War” and makes the claim that our modern sense of irony and cynicism dates… 2/
…from the experiences of soldiers who were expecting a traditional, romantic war--the kind they had read about in books and poetry--and instead were faced with a brutal, appalling, mechanized one. 3/
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My grandfather served in The Army in The Korean War.

My other Grandfather and his 2 Brothers my Great Uncles served in The Army, Navy, and Airforce.

They all served in WWII. 🇺🇸

They have all since passed
God rest their souls. 💖🙏
My Uncle served in The Army in Vietnam 🇺🇸

I'm forever grateful for their service and the service of all of our Great men and woman who protect our freedom and the freedom of future generations.

Happy Veteran's Day! God Bless you all and God Bless America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

#MAGA #Team45 #TeamTRDJ #TRDJ #WWG1WGA #QArmy
#VeteransDayWeekend #Veterans
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The signing of #Armistice100 - General Weygand, Admiral Wemyss and Marshall Foch after signing the armistice with Germany to mark the end of World War One. The ceremony was carried out in a railway car.

Photograph taken at 7.30am, 11 November 1918.
Also known as the Armistice of Compiègne from the place where it was signed, it came into force at 11 a.m. Paris time ("the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month") and marked a victory for the Allies and a complete defeat for Germany.
This photo was a challenge....
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Nov. 11 1918: The last Austro-Hungarian Emperor Charles I signs a proclamation in which he "relinquish(ed) every participation in the administration of the State" marking the end of the 600-year rule of the Habsburgs over #Austria. #TodayInHistory #ArmisticeDay100 #Armistice100
On 13 November, Charles IV issued a similar (Eckartsau) proclamation for #Hungary. In neither declaration did the emperor use the word 'abdication'. Indeed, he tried to reclaim the Hungarian throne twice in 1921. "I did not abdicate, and never will," he wrote to a confidant.
Altogether the losses of Austria-Hungary during #WW1 can be estimated at around 2 million (excluding direct civilian war deaths). #ArmisticeDay100 #ArmisticeDay
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Good morning all on this 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time and #RemembranceDay2018 , the 100th anniversary of the Great War's Armistice.
(Mass for Allied soldiers in a gully on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Sep 1915)
As today (11 Nov 18) is #RemembranceDay #ArmisticeDay100

Please buy a red poppy & help ADF veterans & families…
Australia's Great War (1914-1919)
- 5m population
- 416,809 men enlisted
- more than 60,000 killed in action
- 156,000 wounded, gassed, or taken prisoner
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Trump does not care. These are not heroes, they didnt make it, remember. All he cares about is himself, his needs, his whims. He calls the WH a "sacred" place and then berates reporters there. He believes he is America's only salvation. Trump is a narcissist of the highest order.
Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel unveil commemorative plaque at the spot where the Armistice ending World War One was signed 100 years ago. #armistice100

Trump didnt go bc of light rain (°53F) and is instead sitting in his hotel room tweeting.
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Macron's European army proposal 'very insulting', says Trump as he lands in France.

But calling our European allies a "national security threat" to justify steel and aluminum tariffs isn't insulting. Got it.
French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel unveil commemorative plaque at the spot where the Armistice ending World War I was signed 100 years ago #armistice100

American president* MIA – again.
There would be a "Stormy weather" joke in here, if the event wasn't so somber. #100yearsago #armistice100
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Trump’s having trouble remembering Russia’s talking points. He confused the Baltics with the Balkans today in Paris, blaming the leaders of Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania for the war on Yugoslavia. 🤦‍♀️

Putin picked a truly stupid puppet. (Which also works out great for the Kremlin.)
Correction: Trump confused Baltics/Balkans last April. LeMonde wrote of it today covering the embarrassing POTUS in Paris, who bagged an #Armistice100 ceremony honoring US troops at Belleau #AisneMarne cemetery—over rain. There’s still tomorrow. And Putin.…
Trump uses the military as a prop in his phony agitprop presidency. Today he sent Kelly to Belleau cemetery b/c it was too rainy for him to honor fallen US troops. He hired veterans-scammer Whitaker. Just y’day he lied about the military to attack Obama
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(1) Trump in Paris for #WWI100 commemorations #PhotoThread #1

(Links to other threads will appear at the end.)
(2) Not so many PDAs so far but, we'll see what happens.😉
(3) Hello my little friend, we meet again.
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En ce weekend de #Centenaire1418 nous vous disons tout sur les monuments aux morts avec ce #thread spécial. 20 tweets à partager sans modération ! #DPDN #1J1P #Armistice100
L'érection massive des monuments aux morts a commencé dans l'immédiate après-guerre, sous l'impulsion des communes et des associations d'anciens combattants, soucieuses d'honorer leurs morts et d'offrir aux familles un endroit symbolique pour se recueillir #DPDN
La "fièvre du granit" qui s'est emparée de la France dans les années 20 a vu toute une industrie mémorielle -fonderies, marbreries- prospérer. Ces établissements produisaient en série et proposaient aux communes des monuments sur catalogue #DPDN
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#MMTLens #Armistice100
A weekend of quiet reflection.…
Today’s blog comes just before the weekend commemorating 100 years since the end of the First World War, the ‘war to end war’.
When it started people thought it would be over in a matter of months
but it turned into a fight to the bitter end. It is regarded as the first “total war” in which military and industrial resources and people were mobilised on a scale never before thought possible. Trench warfare created an endless demand for men, munitions and supplies
with often no apparent gains or victories. But by the beginning of 1918 those resources had been drained too much.
Demoralised German workers, suffering from food and fuel shortages, threatened revolution at home.
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People don't fight for war; they fight for peace.
They tried peace between 1918-1939. It didn't hold. So 7 years after the end of WW2, they created the European Coal & Steel Community, ensuring economic cooperation, which eventually became the EU. #Armistice100 #ArmisticeDay
That's why I find those who use our war history as a reason FOR Brexit completely unacceptable. #Armistice100 #ArmisticeDay
I strongly suggest you listen to what RAF Veteran Stuart Thomson (@Vets4eu) has to say about Brexit: #Armistice100 #ArmisticeDay
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In honor of #Armistice100 : the first time the poppy is connected with a fallen soldier appears in a beautiful simile in Homer's Iliad Bk VIII.

Teucer's arrow pierces the chest of Priam's son, Gorgythion, then his helmeted head bows like a poppy weight down by its seeds & rain.
The above Homer's Iliad passage comes from Robert Fagles 1990 lyrical translation [1]
The poppy μήκων (mḗkōn) capsule [kodeia] was associated w/ the goddess of harvest/fertility Demeter because the poppy flowers at harvest time. It also alludes to the poppy's pain-relieving properties assuaging Demeter's intense grief in search of her lost daughter, Persephone.
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