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On this Day - 1939 - one of the most iconic photographs of #WW2 was taken in #Warsaw. It was taken by American photojournalist Julien Bryan, and it shows a 10-year-old girl, Kazimiera Mika, bending over the body of her sister, who had just been killed in a German air raid.
The sisters had been with a group of other woman, digging for potatoes near Powązki cemetery, when they were targeted in a strafing attack by Luftwaffe aircraft. Two of them were killed. Bryan arrived soon after and took out his camera. #Poland1939
According to Bryan, Mika cried: "What has happened?! What have they done to you?!" begging her sister to come to. "Please talk to me. Please..."
Bryan comforted her as best he could but, he wrote, "What could we, or anyone else, say to this child?" #Poland1939
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Robert Yates of @ChathamHouse and @LSHTM comes to us from a sunny London! We are so lucky to have him chat to us about how palliative care can get a "decent crack of the whip" on universal health reforms. #21OPCC
@ChathamHouse @LSHTM "This is an opportunity for radical change. We should be prepared and get organised." But what is Universal Health Coverage? Important to nail down the definition. #21OPCC Simple definition here 👇 Image
@ChathamHouse @LSHTM But the longer definition makes it clear that palliative care is part of the continuum. Wherever you see UHC, we must insist on palliative care not being crowded out by curative services. #21OPCC Image
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❶/4 History has been tampered with after World War II. Don't get it wrong, it's not that fascists came first and communism emerged.
❷/4 Roughly speaking, revolutionaries already existed during the French Revolution, and in the 20th century they undertook an anti-royal red revolution each country.
❸/4 Fascism has emerged in opposition to this communist. And importantly, these two sides are not dialectics. The liberals colluded with the Communists to become the Allies and annihilated the fascist forces.
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The Taiwanese and the Mainland Chinese cannot have experienced #WW2 more differently. When Japan was ransacking China, Taiwan was part of the Japanese Empire, with some people actually enlisting in the Imperial Army on a voluntary basis.
If the modern Taiwanese are well-informed about the Japanese atrocities that took place in mainland China, it's only because the Nationalist regime that fled from the mainland after they lost the civil war to the Communists tried to drill those memories into our heads.
To the Taiwanese, however, the 228 incident, during which the incoming Nationalist regime massacred the locals, simply feels closer to home than the Nanjing Massacre, something that happened in a time when Taiwan was still part of the Japanese Empire.
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#OTD 1956 – Bertolt Brecht, Aged 58, German poet, playwright, director. (b. 1898)

He moved to US to escape Nazis, wrote one Hollywood screenplay (Fritz Lang, Hangmen Also Die 1943), came under investigation by HUAC, testified, then left for East Germany, before being deported.
#OTD 1956 – Bertolt Brecht, 58, German poet, playwright. (b. 1898)

Life of Galileo * Mother Courage + Her Children * Good Person of Szechwan * Caucasian Chalk Circle * Mr Puntila + his Man Matti * Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

(1929 based John Gay's Beggar's [Threepenny] Opera)
"Brecht’s testimony is legendary. Asked did he write “Forward We’ve Not Forgotten” (from his play Decision), read in English translation, he responds, “No, I wrote a German poem, but that is very different from this thing,” provoking laughter in audience."
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So for #TyphoonTuesday today, I'm going to expand on the 'kick in the balls' analogy I used in Saturday's Mortain thread.

Because accuracy and effectiveness are variables as Close Air Support and Interdiction do slightly different things. #WW2 #History #avgeeks #thread /1
So let's look at Close Air Support (CAS).

The Army have a love/hate relationship with this as there is a high chance of friendly fire and finding a target from the air is rather tricky. So, let's think of the battlefield as the school playground.

The bully is the Germans. /2
The bully is making a nuisance of himself. So you look to your mates and find a fast one with more bravery than sense, they are your Air Support.

They race up and get a good shot into the Bully's 'vulnerable areas'. They may get two, but the Bully is staggered. /3
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Today is an important and misunderstood #OTD for the Hawker Typhoon.

The 7th August 1944 saw the launch of von Kluge's Operation Lüttich to try and cut off the Cobra advance. The 7th of August became immortalised as The Day of the Typhoon. Why? #Thread #WW2 #Normandy #History /1 Image
If you want to get into the weeds of Operation Lüttich, I cannot recommend @WW2TV's two-part examination of the battle highly enough. It is vital viewing to understand an important battle in the breakout. /2

Part 1:
Part 2:
A cursory glance, even reading John Golley's semi-autobiographical novel, will give you the impression that the Typhoon single-handedly saved the 30th "Old Hickory" Infantry Division from being overrun.

Well, no. But they played a vital part in an artillery dominated battle. /3
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Every year, on August 1, exactly at 5 pm, alarm sirens sound throughout #Warsaw🇵🇱.

The city freezes. People stop and stand in silence for a minute. They step out of their cars. Some salute. Some cry.

Read our 🧶 to find out why we do it⤵️

#WarsawUprising #Rising44
On August 1, 1944, at 5 pm, as ordered by the Home Army commander-in-chief, Gen. Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski, the #WarsawUprising began.

For 63 days, the insurgents, old and young, men and women, fought heroically, and alone, to liberate Warsaw from German occupation.

"The end. Everything over. Two hundred thousand people lying under the ruins. Along with #Warsaw."

- Miron #Białoszewski, poet 🪶

After 63 days of fierce fighting, the #WarsawUprising collapsed. It left the city in ruins and took between 160.000 and 200.000 lives 🕯️

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#OTD in 1944

Hour by Hour: Showdown in Normandy
After 5 DAYS of intense action as Second Army attempted to envelop Panzergruppe West... tanks stop rolling, lines are refortified & both sides lick their wounds.

Battle of manoeuvre by attrition rolls on. /1
#WW2 #SWW #History
Our story will focus on the kink of the line at the BOTTOM, by Èvrecy.

This spur was hard won during Operation Greenline, as 15th Scottish & 53rd Welsh Divisions attempted to through through the blasted market town & reach the Orne.

II SS-Panzerkorps put paid to that plan. /2
The minuscule crossroads of Le Bon Repos sat near the bottom of Hill 113, allowing British FOOs to peer over the flank of Hill 112 & direct observation accordingly into II SS-Panzerkorps rear areas.

It MUST be removed. /3
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Turns out IWM's 3 minute vid on Jagdpanther by Delaney was JUST an EDIT of an 11 MINUTE monstrosity!

#WW2 #SWW #History
First off, all my comments/facts in this thread stand.

That is important to remember.

So a huge amount is fundamentally misunderstood & confused. /2

He "that great combination of firepower... and the proven Panther tank chassis that is reliable and very well defended... the tank destroyer the German Army of the Second World War."


Armoured triangle, but top trumps NONSENSE analysis. /3
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#OTD in 1944

Second Army's massive offensive to destroy Panzergruppe West further expands to two Corps (XII and XXX) w. 4 Divisions involved in 3 Operations; Greenline, Pomegranate, & Cormorant.

5 miles of explodes into action.

Goodwood comes 2 days later./1
#WW2 #SWW #History
Troubling reports reach Army Group B's Headquarters that some form of breakout looms.

Luftflotte III readies every available fighter and pilot, cancelling all rest and maintenance, to throw in a mega counter-strike. /2
One snapshot sees a massive armoured engagement swirling between the villages of Gavrus & Bougy as 153 'Essex' RAC's Churchills duke it out with 9th SS-Panzer's Panthers and StuGs at close range...

Will Panzergruppe West... and by extension Army Group B, survive? /thread
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Special Interrogation Report
Generalleutnant Edgar Feuchtinger commander of 21st Panzer Division in Normandy
What does he have to say???
🤔🤔🤔 /1

From WO205/1012
#WW2 #SWW #History
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is important

Extracts of a series of trials during Exercise Spartan
WO199/230 /1
#WW2 #SWW #History
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A brief thread on Sir Tasker Watkins' VC action in 1944.

It's undeniable that Sir Tasker is one of the greatest Welshmen of the 20th Century, but there remains no biography & description of his VC action is just lazy copypasta of the original citation. /1
#WW2 #SWW #History ImageImageImageImage
So first off, there are two slightly variant citations kicking about - with one different phrasing on display at Ashcroft's gallery at IWM.

The original eye witness statements have been lost by MOD, are currently not at Kew & god-knows where.

Here is one of the variants. /2 Image
In addition several other crucial files relating to Welsh soldiers were lost by MOD.

This is a bit of a theme.

Anyway, it meant the sources were limited.

So every bugger relies on the citation. /3
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By 1944 a standard German infantry division had about 4.000 horses. Yes, you read that correctly: 4.000
#WW2 #SWW #History Image
The number of horses for the artillery as show here is actually too low because it included some batteries with just 3 guns, instead of the actual 4 Image
For Normandy such 'standard' divisions included the 271ID, 272ID, 275ID, 276ID, 277ID, 331ID, 352ID, 353ID, 363ID. Of course these were not identical in strength for various reasons
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Rough sketch about the use of the atomic bomb. #WW2
❶/10 The origin of the atomic bomb development (Tube Alloys, Manhattan Project) is in the UK. The US inherited the British plan. #WW2
❷/10 However, in the first place, this plan was led by the trans-national entity (such as the international jewish syndicate and the "33" secret society you call), and didn't involve any general British or American citizens.
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The Administrative History of the Operations of 21 Army Group on the Continent of Europe: 6 June 1944 to 8 May 1945

This covers Phase II, inc... a little Op you may have heard of... #MarketGarden

Please #RT, share & DL! /1
#WW2 #SWW #History
Our shared heritage is best shared! /2
If you particularly enjoy this feel free to sling me a coffee! /3
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#OTD in 1944

Panzergruppe West launches a major counter-attack against Op Epsom, aiming to break VIII Corps, eliminate the Scottish Corridor & drive the British back. /1
#WW2 #SWW #History
This ultimately dooms Army Group B to a grinding battle of attrition & dashes any hopes of a major counter-strike to the sea.

German ops don't go well... to the extent that Lt-Gen Miles Dempsey doesn't actually believe this is the main counter-strike.

It's too crap. /2
Staggered, uncoordinated, messy & piecemeal commitment of units doesn't help.

I & II SS-Panzerkorps completely bugger it.

A more assertive attempt on 1 July runs into more messy problems, e.g. Rauray.

This is arguably *the* decisive campaign battle for both sides. /thread
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The amendment to the Polish Code of Administrative Procedure: an explanatory thread. With some historical background and – this time – in English. #WW2 #Restitution #Holocaust ⬇️

Imagine a house in Warsaw. Burnt out and abandoned in 1945. Before the German occupation six families had lived in this place. One of them was Jewish. Some tenants perished, some were deported to concentration camps, some others fled the persecution.

Shortly after the war the house was nationalised by communists. Two new families moved in. Then three more. Some of them had lost their own property in eastern Poland, now part of the Soviet Union. And never received compensation.

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The Administrative History of the Operations of 21 Army Group on the Continent of Europe: 6 June 1944 to 8 May 1945.

This covers Part I through Phase I.

Properly meaty stuff.

Please #RT, share & DL!

Our shared heritage is best shared!
#WW2 #SWW #History /1
If you particularly enjoy this feel free to sling me a coffee! /2
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Do you like tanks and A F V s???

AFV Recognition Part II: July 1943, Enemy turreted AFVs

Essential reading for anyone interested in how British and Canadian soldiers IDed the enemy.

Please #RT, share and DL!

Our shared heritage is best shared! /1
#WW2 #SWW #History ImageImageImageImage
If you particularly enjoy this, feel free to sling me a coffee. /2 ImageImageImageImage
/3 ImageImageImageImage
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1/24 #OTD - 1941 - Hitler unleashed Operation #Barbarossa #WW2 - the invasion of Soviet Russia - 80th anniversary.
Not much press or books on show. Excuse for a memory cruise, posting threads/comments and other thoughts.
@JanTattenberg @Olivernmoody
2/ 24 German soldiers’ were ordered to ignore the Geneva Convention. A barbaric conflict ensued without rules or honour. Thbarbaricers were enthusiastic at participating in a glorious campaign expected to last 6 weeks. Some took movie cameras to record the adventure. @James1940
3/24 Hitler’s puppets: the happy generals - corrupt, bribed and fat on medals, envisaged more rewards and estates in the east. @DrPaulFroehlich anyone we Know?
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The Fake of "Nanking Massacre"
The Nanjing Massacre is a Deadly Information War

#Nanjing #WW2
There are still plenty of people who are accusing Japan against its war crime even after 80 years from the Battle of Nanking. China claims that the Japanese army massacred 300,000 people during the Battle of Nanking.
According to a Chinese living in Japan, the People's Liberation Army newspaper writes a false story like "the Nanking Massacre was directed by the Emperor of Japan”.
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❶/6 During WW2, teachers taught children that they had to fight America and Britain to protect Japan. After the defeat, the (((occupiers))) ordered the teachers to instruct the children to paint the Japanese textbook in black.
❷/6 The Japanese children painted in all the stories of Japanese heroes and patriots in their textbooks. And children lost trust in their teachers. What a symbolic and cruel act! This is one of the reasons I hate jews clearly. That is, they did against us. #WW2
❸/6 Also, for example, the books of nationalistic counter-Jew theorists like WAKAMIYA Unosuke had banned👇. However, I don't think Japan was strict compared to the sanctions that Germany received.
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