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Today is the start of #SHW2020! Each day this week, I'll be tweeting about Britain's long, tempestuous and ever-so-slightly bonkers love–hate relationship with its #sexualhealth.

Darlings, brace yourselves. 💋 #SHW20 Image
We begin with the Victorians, who, contrary to popular belief, were obsessed with sex. In the C19, the only known #STIs were syphilis and gonorrhoea. Diagnosis depended on observable symptoms (no blood tests/smears). Effective treatments were non-existent. Image: @ExploreWellcome Image
In 1864 the British government introduced the Contagious Diseases Acts, intended to protect the armed forces through 'regulation' of 'common prostitutes'. The Acts gave police almost-unlimited discretionary powers to arrest any woman they thought might be soliciting. Image: HCPP Image
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「1/2 歴史を正し、アメリカを名誉ある道に導くことができたはずの男パットン、この偉大な男、アメリカの英雄でありすべての栄誉を受けることができたはずの男は、それらの栄光を生きたまま受けることはなかったのだった。」 #WW2truth #CommunismKills #ユダヤとは
「2/2 パットンは、ヒトラーの後継でドイツの国家元首となったカール・デーニッツ提督が、第三帝国の降伏の前に言った言葉を理解していた。彼は、イギリスとアメリカが自国民の利益のために戦うのではなく、ボリシェヴィズムの普及のために戦うことを理解していたのである。」
Karl Doenitz (1976) "The Memory of Justice" #WW2
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With a battleship as his backdrop, @POTUS, in #NorthCarolina on the 75th anniversary of the Japanese surrender in #WW2, says "our country is greater than ever before." Image
The USS North Carolina was decommissioned in 1947.…
#NorthCarolina "has been very very nice...every time we've asked for something," says @POTUS.
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The 10 videos from the Wonder Women workshop are now live! Click this playlist to begin! 🥳… via @YouTube

We're so looking forward to your comments, thoughts and questions (register at for the live Q&A on Friday!)
First up is our keynote address by the wonderful @EmmaButcher_, Lecturer in Literature and Cultural Heritage @edgehill. In this paper, she argues that young girl writers, soldiers and witnesses to war are due more consideration in military history:
@EmmaButcher_ @edgehill Let's head over to the first of our three panels - 'Gender and Sexuality'. What is a ‘military’ body, or way of dressing or acting or cutting your hair? If 'warriors' are usually stereotypically masculine, how do warrior women, queer women or gender non-conforming women fit in?
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18 August 1944. Probably the only footage of someone earning a Victoria Cross. Canadian Major David Currie secured Saint-Lambert-sur-Dive and withstood heavy counterattacks for 36 hours. His small force killed or wounded 800 German soldiers and captured 2,100 more. #WW2 #HISTORY
More from the same action. Major Currie is, I believe, in some scenes.
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❶/4 Do you know that Japan cannot yet enter into a peace treaty with its neighboring ex Soviet Union (now Russia)?
❷/4 Just before Japan lost the War, The Red Army unilaterally destroyed the neutral treaty and attacked the Japanese folk, and more illegally attacked the Japanese territory after officially ending of the WW2. They are still occupying it.
❸/4 That is, "the problem of belonging of the southern Kuril Islands (проблема принадлежности южных Курильских островов)." These have been installed by the crypto-jews as one of the 'restraining equipments' against the Axis Japan.
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Today is #WorldPhotographyDay, and in honor, I wrote an article today about some of the #photos and #photojournalist of #WWII.

Some of the most iconic photos in the world to this day, are photos taken during World War II. Here are some of the photos that I chose to highlight.
Robert Capa’s “Magnificent Eleven” from D-Day. He was on Omaha Beach during the invasion, and only eleven photos survived. For his work, Robert Capa was awarded the Medal of Freedom in 1947 by U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower.
#ww2 #WorldPhotographyDay
Margaret Bourke-white is the first woman war photographer and first Westerner allowed to photograph in the Soviet Union. Her photos of the liberation of the camps of the Holocaust are some of the most iconic images of the twentieth century. #ww2 #WorldPhotographyDay
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1/4 I'm sorry, but have fatigue of talking to left-winged person.🤕
I can see that you are strongly influenced by the jewish leftist media.
2/4 To put it simply, Japan has two main faces after the #WW2 defeat. One as a base for the US military and another as a semi-colonial for permanent economic intermediary.
3/4 The left wings treats the former largely because of the influence of the tentacles of the CCP. Since I'm a non-left-wing, I give more weight to the latter and tweet on #CryptoKoreans rule that is invisible to foreigners.
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75 years ago today the #WW2 officially came to end with the surrender of Imperial Japan. Amidst the celebrations and relief for millions at home and abroad, there was one group for whom the ordeal was still not over. Here’s the story of one such man – Ernest 'Ernie' Beech Image
Born to a working-class family in Hertfordshire in 1905, Ernie had lived through both the Great War and the Spanish Flu by the time he was a teenager. On his fourteenth birthday he joined the local Territorial Army artillery unit and began his career as a part time soldier. ImageImageImageImage
Between the wars Ernie was married and had three children. He rose through the ranks in the TA, eventually becoming Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant to the 135th (Hertfordshire Yeomanry) Regiment, RA. It was here he found himself in September 1939 when war was declared. Image
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❶/3 The Japanese Empire, an Axis nation that had been fighting for 3 months on its own for three months after the Third Reich surrendered in May, lost today 75 years ago.
❷/3 We have been educated after WW2 that "we had a foolish war because of Japanese militarists. The Japanese are very evil and must apologize forever." But this is WRONG.
❸/3 Even if Japan was a pacifist, the 1941 "started war" could not be avoided. And, as the jews envisioned, the proud Japanese Empire was destroyed.
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1/3 August 9, 1945 00:00 (JST) Suddenly The Japan-Soviet Neutrality Pact was abandoned, and the Soviet Army of the Far East launched an offensive operation against Japan. #WW2 #AtomicBoming #HellStorm
2/3 The Zabaikar army from the west, the 1st Far East army from the east, and the 2nd Far East army from the Tohoku each break through the Manchurian border and advance towards Shinkyo (Xingjing).
3/3 Catastrophically, the Japanese govt had been requesting the Soviet Union for peace initiative mediated by the Soviet until this time!
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Just a false. This is jewish syndicate supremacy including A-bombings against the Japanese folk. RIP Hiroshima, RIP Nagasaki.
(AI colorized pics / left: Hiroshima's mushroom clouds right: Nagasaki's mushroom clouds) #WW2 #WeRemember #RealHolocaust
By the way... I dislike people who talk about the atomic bombs and 'Auschwitz' on the same stage. Whether no matter those are left or right or non-political. This is NOT because I'm a citizen of the country where the a-bombs were dropped.
Needless to say, the Japanese have no privilege to be dropped the a-bombs. Despite of 'Auschwitz' is including enormous falsehood, there are countries in the world that are punished for even discussing doubts about it. And 'Auschwitz' gave jews eternal privilege.
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原爆投下とドイツに対する加虐的な占領方針「モーゲンソー計画」がなぜ関係がある? 日本人は視野を大東亜戦争に集約させすぎてWW2を全体像でつかむのが苦手。でも、戦争を起こした者たちは欧州と太平洋はセットだった。

1944年9月に開催された軍事に関する英米の首脳会談。原爆(コードネーム”Tube Alloys”)を「日本人」に対し使用することが決められ、その使用には英・米両国の首脳の承認が必要だった。つまりチャーチルはトルーマンと同罪。#WW2… Image
チューブ・アロイズ(Tube Alloys)
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#OTD in 1944

A new crisis enveloped Army Group B in Normandy after 59th Staffordshire launched an audacious assault crossing of the Orne near Grimbosq. /1

#WW2 #SWW #History
Rommel's letter back on 15 July had warned of the increasing likelihood of calamity enveloping Army Group B as they were increasingly run ragged.

Von Kluge inherited command of an Army Group perilously close to collapse and the withdrawal to the Orne... /2
had been intended to reduce pressure on his crumbling front line manned by increasingly exhausted, and dwindling, infantry.

Numbers of operational AFVs were also critically plummeting.

The prospect of standing and dying was increasingly likely. /3
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Have you ever wondered what's wrong with 'Nazi'?
Though there should be freedom of thought under the democratic system, don't you automatically consider 'Nazis' are evil?
Such a state is called 'mind control', a soft form of brainwashing. That is, this 'false democracy' after-WW2 is accompanied by brainwashing. Please notice it. #WW2truth
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A thread.

Henry N. Cobb - colour slides of a New York photographer, taken during his stay in the summer of 1947 in Warsaw. Dramatic snaps in colour show the centre of the city, including Sródmiescie, Old Town and meaningful empty space after the Jewish Ghetto.
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@slowtotruth Its #1stAmendment right 2wear what they want in #America, b #Ready 4reply2 #Public speech #WildWest #HighNoon style. Guy streaming Is Wrong u can b an #American & wear #Naziflag c During #WW2 #Bund=#Nazi symps ala #Trumps Daddy=#Klan @NYPD & #MAGA Traitors…
@slowtotruth @NYPD 2/5 #1stAmendment #PublicSqare Speech #WildWest #HighNoon style. See #Trumps Daddy=#Klan 1000 beatup of 100 mainly irish @NYPD & stopped Catholic AlSmith from being @Potus 1927 .This #NightRiding is why #AntiFa arose c #Receipts c… &…
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@PaleoGroyp 1/3 Hi fren. I know that many White nationalists (not shills) correctly understand #WW2 and Japanese unique position. They are good friends for me.
@PaleoGroyp 2/3 But, the Japanese have been attacking by "anti-Japanese propaganda" for 366 days based on the history of WW2 victors aka the Tokyo Trial perspective. Mainly from Koreans and CCP agents.
@PaleoGroyp 3/3 That is the reason why Japanese conservatives tend to be guided to anti-Whites. Very troublesome phenomenon.
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Seen a lot of people commenting on the F6F thing on Fbook - that's probably just a typo, so no worries, happens to the best!
For those who are interested, the date is exact. The event, as related by John Lundstrom in vol.2 of the First Team, published by @USNIBooks
#WW2 #History Image
Pilot Harold Mathew O'Leary was indeed rescued from the water & stayed in the Navy after the war. He had enlisted in 1939, was Aviation Pilot 1st Class by 1942, & went on to become LCDR. He died in an air crash in 1955, on approach to Hickham AFB. He was 34.
May he Rest in Peace. Image
With its 66 victims, the crash remains to this day the deadliest plane catastrophe in the history of both Hawaii & US Naval Aviation. More details about this sad event can be found here 🙏🇺🇸………
#inmemoriam #USN Image
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Most of the ordinary people in Japan is calm. Even when the media and govt were made a fool in the (((#CoronaTheatre🕎))), people are unlikely to fall into chaos. Perhaps if the Japanese are chaotic, the whole world will be in chaos too.
I don't think that this national character of the Japanese was due to the 'democratization' of losing the #WW2.
(a painting that symbolizes Japan that sovietized in the early days of the GHQ control system, that is, immediately after the lost war)
There are a certain number of madman in every country at any time. But the 'crazy nation of JAPS' at WW2 is the anti-Japanese propaganda that is not based on facts. #WW2
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AI-degital Colorized photo. Children of Hiroshima in 1939. The Industrial Promotion Hall, which would later become the Atomic Bomb Dome, appears in the background.
The Atomic Bomb Dome was designed by a Czech architect Jan Letzel (1880 - 1925) in a building called the Industrial Promotion Hall. This is a very very rare photo from back of the Hall, and it can be seen that the Japanese-style private houses were dense. #WW2
Immediately after the defeat WW2, shooting from almost the same place. #WW2
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No one has proven that gas chambers in Auschwitz existed. That is, the slaughter by gas chambers is a fiction. How long will you keep cursing Germans about a non-existent facility?
The curse brainwash freezes your ability to recognize facts. Those who can't help but demonized Hitler are followers of the Holocaust Cult by (((Bolsheviks))). The true Victor of WW2 was NOT the US and the UK, it was Communism. #WW2
*Correction: 'homicidal gas chambers' not 'gas chambers'
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About 75 yrs ago, unnecessary carpet bombings continued against Jpn. Internationalists are working on a project to colorize the black and white photos of those days. Photos of the dead are used by internationalists as a brainwashing tool to no-borders. I've a complicated feeling.
On July 10th, Allies 123 B-29's were dropped M47 oil-burning incendiary bombs, E46 (M69 oil-burning bomblet 38 pieces), M50 (M17 thermite magnesium bomblet 110 pieces) into Sendai City. (cont)

Originally M17 bombs was intended for air raids against Germany, using the high temperature of the thermite reaction to destroy bricks. (cont)
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