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Mark Zuckerberg memo: #Meta is cutting 11,000 jobs today | Nov 9
- reported its Q3 earnings last month, with revenues down $4 billon year over year to $27.7B and almost no growth in #user numbers across its Apps, namely Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.…
#HeavenlyJerusalem #Zelensky: '#AtomicBomb'
The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by Ukraine a week before. 
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this:
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Le tecniche ed il fine della #propaganda sono sempre gli stessi per definizione, indipendentemente da chi se ne serve.

John Huston, mentre era al servizio della "US Army Signal Corps" durante la #SecondaGuerraMondiale, diresse un documentario dal titolo...


... Let There Be Light (1946) dove mostrava i disturbi post traumatici da stress dei #soldati ed i loro trattamenti.

Questo #documentario fu fortemente censurato dagli #USA e venne mostrato soltanto molti anni dopo nel 1980.

Ciò che cambia tra la propaganda #nazista e quella #statunitense non sono il metodo ed il fine ma soltanto il fatto che in quel periodo storico gli #USA combattevano, così come l'#URSS e la #GranBretagna, contro delle dittature sanguinarie.

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#OTD #WW2 - Operation Torch starts Nov. 8, 1942. Anglo-American Force hits Vichy North Africa in Morocco and Algeria. Hitler reacts quickly invading Vichy from Occupied France. Nov. 10: French fleet scuttled at Toulon. Nov. 16: Torch ends. @Sylvia70485099 ImageImageImageImage
@Sylvia70485099 2/ #OTD #WW2 #History - Operation Torch starts Nov. 8, 1942. On Nov. 9, Oran and Algiers surrender.
BR: © IWM NA 90: French coastal gun near Algiers.
BL: © IWM NA 89: British soldiers in Algiers. ImageImageImageImage
3/ #OTD #WW2 #History - November 27, 1942: French fleet scuttled at Toulon in southern France as Panzers arrive at port. 77 vessels scuttled including three battleships, seven cruisers, 15 destroyers and 12 submarines. ImageImageImageImage
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#avgeek #aviation #ColdWar #USAF #WW2 - Birmingham, Alabama's Southern Museum of Flight has DC-3, F-14, Beechcraft Starship, F-4N Phantom II, A-4F, T-33, F-86D/F-86L, D-21, Mi-28, Tuskegee trainers, model ships, and much more! Please follow me! 1/ ImageImageImageImage
2/ There are exterior displays right next to the museum's main building and also a bunch at a field a couple of blocks away. Here are Bell-UH-1H Huey, A-7E Corsair II, F-4N Phantom II, A-4F Blue-Angel, T-33 and an F-86D/F-86L Sabre.
3/ The first remote lot is two blocks from the museum and behind a chain-link fence. Still, it's impressive and includes a A-12, F-84F, F-101, F-102A, F-104, F-105, F-111A, CH-54B, T-28, MiG-21U, T-2C, etc.
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#1939 #polisharmy #secondwar #WW2

When comparing the statistical data on food in the army as well as in the countryside and in cities, it should be emphasized that the Polish army cared very much for the level of soliders’ food. 1/
The diet of an average Polish citizen of the 1930s, which was a poor country, was based mainly on flour and potato dishes. The diet did not contain enough foods high in protein, fat and sugar. The average annual consumption of meat by in city was approx. 45 kg, and in the 2/
countryside only 8.5-9 kg per person.

At the same time, in the armed forces, during the year of service, a soldier ate 90-110 kg of meat, which is more than twice as much as a city dweller and eleven times more than a farmer. The consumption of other important food products, 3/
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The devil with it's 85 well paid assistants is here, destroying the #HappiestCountry as fast they can, to pave the way for the archipelago of #NATO #nuclearmissiles, planned since decades.
The weakened nations cannot resist when the shit hits their fans.
- #Patent Shows That #DARPA Built #Covid With The Help Of #EuropeanCommission & #BillGates & #WHO
#Covid19 Was Planned To Usher In The #NewWorldOrder
#Leyen: #VaccinationDays
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#USNavy #shipspotting #WW2 #OTD CV-8 USS Hornet sunk. Oct. 20, 1941: commissioned. Apr. 18, 1942: Doolittle Raid. Jun. 4-6, 1942: Battle of Midway. Aug.–Oct. 1942: Solomon Islands. Oct. 26, 1942: Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Mortally wounded. Oct. 27, 1942: 01:35: sinks. 1/ ImageImageImageImage
@HornetMuseum @Rich_Ships @slottsstaden @DramaWarship @WorldofWarships @WarshipPorn @militaryhistori @BattleshipNJ @GavicWayne @USNavyCNO 2/ CV-8 Hornet was a Yorktown-class aircraft carrier. The class was CV-5 Yorktown↖️, CV-6 Enterprise↗️, and CV-8 Hornet↙️. CV-7 USS Wasp↘️was an 85' shorter version of the Yorktown-class. Sadly, all but Enterprise (which survived WW2) were sunk June to October 1942! ImageImageImageImage
@HornetMuseum @Rich_Ships @slottsstaden @DramaWarship @WorldofWarships @WarshipPorn @militaryhistori @BattleshipNJ @GavicWayne @USNavyCNO 3/ Surprisingly, Hornet displaced only 20,000 tons standard, 25,500 full load. Specs: 824’ 9” l x 114’ b x 28’ d; 120,000 shp; 32.5 knots; crew: 2,919; 72 aircraft; 3 elevators; 3 catapults; armor: 4” deck; 2.5”-4” belt. Most carriers had little armor; Hornet was no exception. ImageImageImageImage
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So, in your opinion, which is the most iconic WW2 fighter plane and by which criteria? Here are four for starters. You can suggest others too... #avgeek #aviation #airplanes #WW2 ImageImageImageImage
2/ Here are a few others to join the Mitsubishi Zero, Me-262, Spitfire and P-51 I showed above. Thus voila the Dewoitine 520, FW-190, Yakovlev Yak-3, Hawker Hurricane. ImageImageImageImage
3/ So many great choices... ImageImageImageImage
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The Saxon Palace was one of the most distinctive buildings in prewar #Warsaw. It was destroyed by Germans in #WWII.
A 🧵:

#PolishHistory #Poland #ReparationsForPoland #BeLikePoland #unredeemed #ReparationsNow #PałacSaski

The Palace, erected as a result of the expansion of the 17th-century palace of Jan Andrzej Morsztyn (a leading poet of the Polish Baroque), was rebuilt many times in the following centuries. During the Second Polish Republic, it was the seat of the General Staff of the 🇵🇱 Army.
After the destruction of the Palace by 🇩🇪, the only trace of it that remained was a fragment of the 3 central arcades with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier–a symbolic grave commemorating the nameless soldiers who died in the defense of 🇵🇱”
#PolishHistory #WW2 #ReparationsForPoland
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The adoption of the Act of 23 Sept 1922 on the construction of Gdynia port by 🇵🇱 Parliament is considered the formal beginning of the port of Gdynia. The works on its establishment, however, commenced much earlier... 🧵

#PolishHistory #History #WW2 #Poland #OTD Image
The favourable int'l situation, the signing of the Treaty of Versailles & the restoration of 🇵🇱 access to the sea constituted an incentive for the 🇵🇱 gov to take action. The needs of the 🇵🇱 trade were to be secured by the Free City of Gdańsk, located within the customs area of 🇵🇱 Image
In 1920 there was a conflict regarding the blocking of shipment of arms to 🇵🇱 during war w/🇷🇺, calling 🇵🇱 warships at port. The need to build the own sea port became apparent. In 1920, Kazimierz Porębski appointed Mr Wenda, the engineer to choose the place to build a future port. Image
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64% of #Polish people say #Germany should pay reparations for the damage it caused to #Poland during #WWII according to a new Social Changes opinion poll (source: @wPolityce_pl, Sept 4)

#WarLossesReport #RaportStratWojennych #ReparacjedlaPolski #ReparationsForPoland #Statistics Image
The death toll in #WWII was enormous with millions of lives lost.
There was 1️⃣ country that suffered disproportionately, it was #Poland 🇵🇱

Chart: WW2 casualties as % of each country's population

#unREDEEMed #ReparationsNow #ReparationsForPoland #ReparacjedlaPolski #Infographic Image
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Since many people asking why #Russia is still running a #SMO (Special military operation) and does not transform it into formal war and mobilises, I want to deliver some answers. #Ukraine is a small piece in the big geopolitical game, to end the Western hegemony over the world
#Russia has dared to openly challenge the Western system (empire/colonization of most countries of the world, called globalization) and to show to the world, that it can withstand everything, the West can throw against it. This is not enough, Russia even want's to show, to its
#BRICS partners, with which it wants to redefine the world order, that it can handle the Western retaliation measures (economical and militarily in #Ukraine) with ease. Why? To brag? No! To show, that every nation, that wants to join the future free world, can be safe
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#OTD in 1939 🇩🇪 Germans shot 43 civilians on the market square in Rawa Mazowiecka, #Poland.

#PolishHistory #unREDEEMed #WW2 #history #ReparationsNow #ReparacjedlaPolski #twitteristorians #WW2photography
During the first days of WWII, Rawa was heavily bombed, and its population was severely affected. The Germans entered the town on Sept. 8, 1939, at which time males were gathered in the market square, where the Germans indulged in a sadistic game.
Among other things, many of the dignitaries, mostly aged, were made to run several kilometres in the direction of Tomaszów. In a nearby wood the Germans threatened to kill them.
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- Hitler’s Nephew in the US Navy 🧵 -

William Patrick Hitler was born and raised in the Toxteth area of Liverpool to Adolf's half-brother Alois Hitler Jr. and his Irish wife Bridget Dowling (1/8) #svagaiature #WWII #WW2 #History #Historia #Trivia Image
In 1933, William returned to what had become Nazi Germany in an attempt to benefit from his half-uncle's growing power. Adolf, who was now chancellor, found him a job at the Reichskreditbank in Berlin, a job that he held for most of the 1930s (2/8)
In 1938, Adolf asked William to relinquish his British citizenship in exchange for a high-ranking job. Suspecting a trap, William fled Nazi Germany and tried to blackmail his uncle with threats (3/8)
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🧵English translation of an extremely important and interesting article written by Gen. #Zaluzhny (Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine) and Lt. Gen. Zabrodskyi "Prospects for securing the military campaign of 2023: the Ukrainian view":…
HOW LONG CAN THIS WAR LAST & HOW CAN WE WIN IT: Today the absolute majority of military experts & analysts agree that
the full-scale war unleashed by the russian federation against Ukraine on 02-24-2022,
has long exceeded the concept of a local conflict of medium intensity. ⬇️ Image
This applies to the spatial indicators, the number of involved military forces, and the impressive list of weapons and other
high-tech equipment whose usage is characteristic of this military confrontation.⬇️
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South Carolina, Civil War and Gamecock trend. Charleston, SC is home to USS CLAMAGORE (SS-343). She’s a WW2 Balao-class / Cold War GUPPY II then GUPPY III submarine now being scrapped. Let me show you her today and take you on board… 1/ #WW2 #Submarines #Coldwar #CivilWar
2/ #USNavy #ships #shipping #shipspotting - #VirtualTour of USS CLAMAGORE (SS-343), a WW2 Balao-class / Cold War GUPPY II then GUPPY III submarine being scrapped. @USN_Submariner @CovertShores @submarines4ever @RLitwiller
@USN_Submariner @CovertShores @submarines4ever @RLitwiller 3/ I only toured Clamagore once. It's by the #WW2 / #ColdWar aircraft carrier CV-10 Yorktown. As we approach, note the smaller sail of USS Drum (top), which Clamagore would have resembled as first built in 1945 and the GUPPY III conversion sail (bottom).
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1/ #ships #USNavy #models #WW2: Fletcher-class; 175 built 1942 to 1944. 2,500-tons full load. 376.5’ l x 39.5' w x 17.5' d, 60,000 shp, 2 × depth charge racks, 10 × 21” torpedo tubes; 6 × K-gun depth charge throwers. One rudder. ImageImageImageImage
2/ The Fletcher-class had (from slowest rate of fire and longest range to fastest rate of fire and shortest range) 5 × 5”/38, 5 × 40 mm, 7 × 20 mm. These provided three ranges of defense vs enemy aircraft. The 5” guns were dual-purpose to fire at shore targets, ships, etc. ImageImageImageImage
3/ First the 5"/38. These had 5" bores and were 38-calibers long (L/38). So total length was 5”x38=190”=15’ 10”! Range: 18,000-yards; 15 rpm (under ideal circumstances). These 4 show an unturreted 5"/38 and a twin 5"/38 on battleship Alabama. ImageImageImageImage
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#CLRJames' deceptively benign question: “what do they know of cricket, who only cricket know?”, was a challenge to the public to re-consider the game in England’s elitist orthodoxy.
Given James failed in this task, what is the story of #cricket from a people’s perspective? 1/14
Although no #history is ever ‘definitive’, cricket has always been particular about whose voices are heard.
Like James, the game has had other maverick historians of course. But the likes of Bowen, Birley and #Marqusee all suffered at the hands of the game’s establishment. 2/14
Given Birley recognised “cricket lovers do not like to be told new things”, #cricket in England is still defined by 'gentlemanly amateurism'.
But rather than a handful of gentlemen associated with the #MCC, the game’s growth owes everything to the efforts of ordinary people. 3/14
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Ah it's that year again where Russia peddles its shitty & false history often underplaying its role in the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Eastern & Central Europeans.
A #thread
#History #WW2
This video is all about random facts that minimise the role of the Soviet Union in the break out of WW2. They had to do it! Here you see Poland as the focal point in why they had to do what they had to do Image
Russophobes we are all Russophobes! Image
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#OTD in 1944, 21 year old nurse, Ewa Stefanowska ps."Ewa" was killed during the attack on Gdańsk Railway Station during the #WarsawUprising.

#History #WW2 #NeverForget #Thread Image
Her older sister Halina was a student at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Warsaw and she was killed during the invasion of Poland on 25 September 1939 at the Infant Jesus Hospital during the heavy bombing of Warsaw. She was a nurse at the hospital. Image
Ewa's father, Antoni Stefanowski was a colonel & a doctor in the Polish Army. He fought in the FWW in the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the 2nd Brigade of the Polish Legions. During the SWW he was mobilized & ended up in Soviet captivity. In April 1940 he was murdered by Soviets Image
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- Kid soldier of WWII 🧵 -

Sergey Aleshkov, was the youngest participant in the Battle of Stalingrad and one of the youngest soldiers of the World War II (1/12) #svagaiature #Russia #WWII #History #Historia #WW2
Documents on the birth of Sergey Aleshkov were not preserved, but his estimated year of birth is 1934 or 1936 in the forest village of Gryn in the Kaluga region (2/12)
The 10-year-old older brother of Sergey, named Petya, was hanged, and his mother was shot while trying to protect her son from the nazi occupiers. Thanks to a neighbor, Sergey escaped through a window and ran into the forest (3/12)
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The 1941 NKVD Prison Massacres in Western Ukraine.
During the German invasion of the USSR,NKVD brutally murdered between 10k & 40k political prisoners in Wstrn Ukraine over the course of 8 days,which sparked waves of ethnic violence following the German occupation of the region/1
Stalin ordered the NKVD to “remove” the prison population in the USSR’s occupied territories rather than allow them to fall into German hands. This was largely accomplished through the mass murder of prisoners at various locations in Western Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia,&Lithuania/2
The ethnic breakdown of casualties in Western Ukraine roughly corresponded to population demographics: 70 percent of the victims were Ukrainian, 20 percent Polish, and the remainder consisted of Jews and other nationalities./3
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With this thread I want to re-explain in short, why #Russia is making little gains these days in #Ukraine. Especially amidst the steady reporting of the Western #MSM and various Western "intelligence" (propaganda) reports, that Russia's offensive is stalling.
Of course I explained it in detail in my previous threads, which you can read as well.
See here.
The reason, why I decided to re-write it, is a conversation, that I had recently with some smart Western business and academic partners.
They are actually smart people, but when it comes down to #Ukraine, they reiterate 1:1 the #MSM content. #Russia is done, Russia will collapse, Russia lost a million men, Russia doesn't gain any ground anymore, etc. etc. etc.
So feel free to share my thread with such people :)
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