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1001Panduan Turis
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#TodayinHistory in 1889, José #Rizal published the 1st part of a series of 4 essays featured in the Propaganda Movement newspaper La Solidaridad, entitled "Filipinas dentro de cien años" (Philippines a Century Hence) where he predicted what would happen to #PH in 100 yrs. THREAD.
It is one of Rizal's finest political essays. In it, he laid out the predicament of #PH as a Spanish colony, where Filipinos were never heard, never had proper representation in gov, & where corruption ran rampant, pushing the people to the edge.
Rizal argued on the importance of a free press, in such a distant Spanish colony as the Philippines. He believed that a press that is truly free tells the real conditions of the country whether it hurts the political establishment or not.
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#TodayinHistory in 1896, Melchora Aquino de Ramos (known as "Tandang Sora") at age 84, was arrested by the Spanish authorities at Pasong Putik, Novaliches for aiding the #PH Revolution vs. Spain. She went thru intense interrogation until her exile to Guam. (THREAD) #history Image
Hailing from Banlat, Balintawak (now in Quezon City) from a well-to-do family of farmers, she was married to Fulgencio Ramos, a cabeza de barangay, and had 6 children. The death of her husband devastated her, but she single-handedly thrived managing the business her husband left.
It was on her backyard that the Cry of #PH Revolution happened. Her son Juan Ramos was a member of the #Katipunan. She generously gave 100 bags of rice, 10 carabaos, & other supplies to the movement, believing in the cause of the Revolution.
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#TodayinHistory in 1890, 130 years ago, Guillermo Tolentino, National Artist for Sculpture, is born in Malolos, Bulacan #PH. As one of the pioneering Filipino artists of his gen, he was instrumental in the iconography of many of #PH historical figures thru his works. (THREAD) Image
Context: Born in the decade of the #PH Revolution vs. Spain, in Malolos, the capital of the 1st #PH Republic, Tolentino was inspired, his imagination animated, by the ideas and the leaders of his era, manifesting thru his artistry.
His popularity began when his uncle submitted his art to Severino Reyes, Liwayway editor, who published the art in the Tagalog weekly mag in 1911. It was entitled "Grupo de Filipinos Ilustres"—the 1st artistic attempt to create a pantheon of 🇵🇭 heroes. Image
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While I deeply admire Angel Locsin, to ask her to run for public office is a lazy shortcut. It implies that a political career is the only legit means to have impact when it isn't. Don't take the shortcut. Her voice, from where she is, is powerful. We NEED her where she is.
The same path has been taken by Pacquiao. Look where he is now? He could have been influential in sports. He could have impacted LIVES by means of teaching discipline in training, in boxing. He could have been bigger, but look at the comfortable political box he put himself in.
A political career is one path to make an impact, but there are many others. People are not cut out to be everything. Be that one-thing—fully devoted to this task. Don't ever belittle your own voice. From where you are, you have eyes to see, and tools at your reach.
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#TodayinHistory in 1890, José #Rizal's essay, "Sobre la indolencia de los filipinos" (On the laziness of Filipinos) comes out in La Solidaridad as a scathing rebuttal to Spanish racist accusation of the alleged inherent idleness among Filipinos. (THREAD) Image
Context: Some of the privileged Filipinos who were able to study in Europe in late 19th century, called the "Ilustrados," used their voices to campaign for Filipino representation in the Spanish cortes (legislature), and amplify the voice of #PH, then Spain's farthest colony. Image
They have organized themselves as an editorial body to publish the newspaper, La Solidaridad (The Solidarity), to accomplish their goal, and have the plights of Filipinos be known among the Spanish reading populace. This was supported in Spanish Liberal circles. Image
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#TodayinHistory in 1860 & 1869, 2 Píos of #PH Revolution are born respectively— Pío del Pilar & Pío Valenzuela. Both were #Katipunan leaders. Both have the same name bec it was common practice to name newborns w/ the saint's name whose feast day falls on the birth date. THREAD ImageImage
Context: Pío del Pilar, prior to joining the #Katipunan, was appointed as teniente del barrio of Culi-Culi (in present-day Makati) and was a distributor of Rizal's novels. In May 1896, he joined the Katipunan and rose to the ranks until the outbreak of #PH Revolution in 1896.
He was present at the Tejeros Convention, & initially supported Bonifacio and the Naik Agreement, declaring the Convention null & void, and giving to Pío del Pilar command of all troops. But Del Pilar would eventually switch to Aguinaldo.
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Those yes votes in Congress:
" long as we see our countrymen feel privately ashamed, hearing the growl of their rebelling and protesting conscience, while in public they keep silent and even join the oppressor in mocking the oppressed... why give them independence?"

" long as we see them wrapping themselves up in their selfishness & praising w/ forced smiles the most despicable acts, begging with their eyes for the share of the booty, why give them independence?" #Rizal
"...What is the use of independence if the slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow? And no doubt they will, because whoever submits to tyranny, loves it!" #Rizal
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#TodayinHistory in 1892, José #Rizal, after writing articles, the novels Noli Me Tangere, & El filibusterismo—all criticizing gov, arrives in #Manila, #PH from Hong Kong. He is met w/ the full force of the Spanish colonial government at the port. #history #kasaysayan (THREAD) Image
Context: Aside from defending the cause of Filipinos via his articles in La Solidaridad, he sought equal representation for Filipinos in the Spanish cortes (legislature) for their concerns amidst abuses to be heard.
Rizal published his novels written in Spanish—Noli Me Tangere (1887), & El filibusterismo (1891). It depicted the corruption of Spanish friars & gov officials in control of a town, and a protagonist who sought vengeance against them.
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#TodayinHistory in 1861, José Rizal, Filipino polymath, thinker, nationalist, & writer, is born in Calamba, Laguna #PH. He would be executed by firing squad in 1896. His writings united the Filipinos to revolt vs. the Spanish colonial rule. (A LONG THREAD) 🇵🇭 #Rizal #Kasaysayan Image
The unjust execution of the 3 Filipino priests, Mariano Gomes, José Burgos, & Jacinto Zamora (GOMBURZA) triggered public resentment among Filipinos under Spain. Burgos was housemate to Paciano Rizal, Jose's eldest brother.
José Rizal was 7th of 11 children of Francisco Mercado & Teodora Alonso, and the youngest of the 2 boys among the siblings. Paciano was the eldest. As the eldest, Paciano took charge of the management of land, while José was sent to Europe to study.
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#TodayinHistory in 1896, physician Pio Valenzuela, Katipunan fiscal, leaves in the morning on board steamship Venus bound for Dapitan, to consult w/ the exiled Jose #Rizal on an armed revolution vs. 🇪🇸. Valenzuela was w/ Raymundo Mata, a blind patient whom he used as cover. #PH Image
Context: Upon arriving back in #PH in June 1892 from Hong Kong, Jose Rizal was put under surveillance by the Spanish colonial gov for writing critical writings vs the government. He met w/ Spanish gov-gen Eulogio Despujol afterwards as a sign of good faith.
On 3 July 1892, Rizal founded the La Liga Filipina, a socio-civic organization for Filipinos that "aims to unite the whole archipelago into one vigorous and homogenous community."
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One issue that Rizal & other Filipino church members faced was being blocked from entering #Jesuit & other #CatholicOrders. This blocked access to many careers in church & gov. The Orders administered civil gov via #Peninusulares born in Spain. Rizal rejected the Mestizo label.
Labeling #Rizal #Mestizo identified him with the #Peninsulares & elite descendants of Spanish patrones. #JoseRisal identified himself as a native- actually numerous cultures. He studied pre-European languages & cultures to reach heart of those early people- Malayo-Island culture
#JoseRizal excelled in European languages, scientific, literary & other pursuits. The idea of a #NativeFilipino excelling in the Spanish academic world was inconceivable to his persecutors unless #Rizal was #Mestizo. He stood before a firing squad refusing a blindfold.
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Yesterday commemorated Jose Rizal’s vision for #PhilippineSovereignty. I am asking all our followers to RT these messages. Rizal was a Patriot executed by Spain for speaking out for Filipino freedom. He was a European educated writer, thinker & leader of the Revolution.
#Rizal identified with the people & sought for the identity of the original Philippine people. His vision helped forge a nation. But U.N., U.S. & NGOs still treat Philippines like a colony.
It is like the #OpiumWars in China. British & other Europeans forced China to grow Opium & allow its people to consume it. Addiction & corruption destroy national character. Chinese rose up; killed for resisting enslavement to opiates. Now Western agencies doing it again!
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The Road to Martial Law (A Blog Series/THREAD)

A series about the yrs & months leading to the declaration of Martial Law on 23 September 1972—a blow-by-blow account of what happened based on primary sources laid out in an easily readable singular narrative. #NeverAgain
Part 1: It Takes a Village to Raise a Dictator: The Philippines before Martial Law

#Rizal said, "He who submits to tyranny, loves it."…
Part 2: Marcos Beginnings

On the night of 20 Sept. 1935, after his victory party, Julio Nalundasan was mysteriously shot dead in the head at his home by an unknown sharpshooter. The immediate suspect were Ferdinand Marcos.…
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