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1/ Indent with intent: Fundamentals of Roam.

In this video @rjnestor discusses crucial concepts that every @RoamResearch user should know: INDENTATION. This is one of the best videos I have seen in a long time.
#roamcult @RoamResearch

2/ I am very thankful he put this together. Indentation is a key facet & concept from the art of outlining, not to be confused with “outlining” as a summary of something, rather outlining as in a document with structure, resembling a tree: (Parent/child/siblings relationships).
3/ This is not new & there is a fine legacy of Outliners (software for tree structure type documents.) Example: @davewiner 1979 and VisiText. Learn more about outlining at… Roam goes step further as it is a graph db (trees connecting to trees endlessly)
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Just finished up @RoamResearch notes on "Working in Public" by @nayafia and corresponding Anki deck. Here's a thread of my favourite insights as well as links to my notes / Anki deck 👇 #roamcult
[[Nadia Eghbal]] examines how [[Open Source] works today, how it has evolved over time, and where it may be headed. Although it's specifically about open source on the surface, much of it applies to all [[online content creation]] and [[online creators]]. Big themes include...
1. Creator attention as a [[common pool resource]] that must be protected through [[curation]] and filtering, rather than blindly encouraging more open participation.
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Working on a super thread of 100 Roam Tips for #roamcult that I'll start posting incrementally soon.

In the meantime, I'm going to start adding to a thread where I share daily adjustments or learnings in @RoamResearch as an exercise in building in public. 📜
1/ How to improve my writing hub? This is the factory where ideas = raw inputs, then are processed into future content.

Right now, it's an ungainly list of topics and ideation. Will probably look totally different in 30+ days.

tags+queries by intent be important
Potential intent ideas:

- project name
- channel (twitter, blog, newsletter, youtube)
- status (in progress, future, etc.)
- done/not-dones

Would be cool to translate into a kanban and editorial calendar. I'm not sure how robust these functions are in Roam tbh
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Is Peloton a religion? Is Lululemon a cult?


By misusing religious terminology, we may overlook the new, spiritual organizations that *are* being born.

Bitcoin and Tesla bear the markings of genuine denominations.


What defines a religion?

There are plenty of frameworks, but I like Émile Durkheim's. He said all religions have three characteristics:

1. Unified belief system
2. A moral community
3. Sacred objects Image

Sacred "objects" can be icons, gods, or ideas. Most religions have many.

- Christianity: God, Jesus, Virgin Mary
- Buddhism: Siddhartha, Four Noble Truths
- Judaism: God, Menorahs, Mezzuzah

These embody the values and rituals of the religion.
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Our brains can only focus on a few things at once

Displaying only active projects (should be 5-10 MAX) in your productivity system is key

Scrolling your entire project list is just gonna make you procrastinate more (overwhelm)

Here's how to do it in @RoamResearch #roamcult
My project management system in Roam is mostly based on @Anonym_s3's free youtube course

for the barebones context, each project has metadata with the Project tags in it. Then there's the Project Todos tag with every todo underneath. That allows me to display project lists.

I always use the project todos page, so that's where we go next
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How it started

How its going
And all the while #roamcult be like
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It's days like these that @vivaldibrowser is a life saver. 😂 Split-screens for the win. Image
cc @RoamResearch - the perfect match for Vivaldi browser. I keep it open in two places: a pinned tab for more focused work/thinking, and a Web Panel (like above) so I can pop open the sidebar for quick note-taking during meetings, videos, etc. #roamcult…
Worth mentioning Re: Roam, Chrome extensions work in Vivaldi too of course. Roam Highlighter by @wirtzdan is working a dream 🙏…
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3 days ago, I published the first @RoamResearch book ever (

Once you try this format, you won't come back.

Here are 5 of its features (thread, 1/6)
2/ The first feature of Roam books, or rBooks for short, is that they allow for non-linear exploration.

Their pages are like Wikipedia pages – they contain links for optional deeper exploration.

Moreover, at the bottom of each page, there is an automatic list of references.
3/ Roam books are still books – they still have a table of content that guides you through your journey of discovery.

However, you can stray off the path or take shortcuts as you please.
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I. Why is Roam so hard to explain? (The key)
II. Using computing power to aid biological thinking
III. Roam features as components of software-assisted thinking
- Atomizing
- Relating
- Retrieving
- Focusing
IV. Examples of using Roam
I. Isn't it intriguing how hard it is to explain Roam to your friends and family? What makes it hard? When is software easy to explain, and when is it hard?

Who do you see in #roamcult? I see academics, people of The Book, productivity nerds, inner-work people & mushroom folk.
What do we have in common? We have all have made the journey with the mind, and we have sought tools to aid in this journey: Zettelkasten, BASB, journaling, memex, SRS, mind palaces, psilocybin. Roam made sense to us because we knew the problem and cared enough to seek solutions.
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Sharing cool papers with others use to require multiple steps of searching and exporting. Now I can share APA-like cite + URL in one copy-paste w/o leaving @RoamResearch, thanks to custom Zotero export (h/t @cortexfutura for initial script)! #roamcult It's the little things.. :) Image
Just add these lines to your custom CSL for exporting from @zotero!… ImageImage
Signal-boosting a correction (since it got buried in the reply structure): this is not a custom CSL, it's an export translator. Important for navigating documentation and help!

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1/ Adding my voice to urge Maggie to finish this blog post on Xanadu.

Reminds me of the statement: "All Of This Has Happened Before And Will Happen Again"-BG

The truth is there are many "new" technologies that were already well understood decades ago.

#roamcult @RoamResearch
2/ Example one: Project Xanadu (Structuring data, bidirectional links) first hypertext project in 1960 by @TheTedNelson
+ nonsequential writing (writing with block refs, no folders)
+ zippered lists (Roam Multiplayer)
+ tumblers: any part of a file to be referenced (Block UID)
3/ Example two: (1960's, 70's) Graph databases (Roam under the hood)
+ Nodes (Blocks)
+ Edges (Bidirectional links/block refs)
+ Properties (Creation/edit dates, user, block characteristics: open, closed, heading)…
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Calling all early career lawyers and law students in #roamcult

Just dawned on me that there is quite possibly a HUGE business to be had in training other lawyers in more advanced features of @RoamResearch

Considering what lawyers bill, could charge 📈 & provide ROI same week
I'd suspect the standard @teachable style course is probably a loss leader here -- better is making a youtube video showing how you setup local graph - import files from discovery - or bunch of relevant case law --

Build your reputation - work towards $1000/hr for 1:1 training.
If anyone is serious about doing this - I can intro you to users who had craziest testimonials about how much time and $ they saved by using Roam for civil cases.

Get couple good testimonials - a pretty mediocre course targeting specific use case would still be huge leg up
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1/ @Conaw thank you for giving Roam42 a try, its a work in progress.

I want to turn this around on you though & say we are really thankful to @RoamResearch for supporting community, giving us tools, encouragement & freedom to mod Roam. #roamcult

2/ I became a believer the day you announced roam/js. For those not in development, it probably wasn't clear what signal this sent. I have used many tools, but never seen a company so genuinely engage with public & make such an early commitment to devs (that wasn't lip service).
3/ I don't know everyone in the Roam Research team, but have enjoyed all my interactions so far with the few I have met: @thepericulum, @MamanLunettes, @filipematossilv. Always helpful & supportive, never judging. A testimony of good things to come.
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Four months ago, I didn't know Roam, I didn't know what smart notes where and I was a happy "reader" of things on the Internet. #roamcult
Then I got an itch to go back to school, to pursue a Master in Social Entrepreneurship--> I am an entrepreneur that always has been passionate about social causes, and I believe in the power of businesses to create positive change.
One of the things I will be required to tell when I submit my application to the applications committee will be how is my academic writing. Well that is non-existent, because, my bachelor studies didn't required me to do a bachelor thesis...
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[[1/19]] BACK TO THE [[BASICS]]

This is a tweetstorm mostly for new users of Roam, but something I take to heart as an experienced Roam user (Experience in Roam? Not sure what that means, we are all Roam babies).

So new or old - Go BACK TO THE [[BASICS]]

#roamcut @roamresearch
[[2/19]] Roam is a very powerful tool. Roam is feature rich & has MANY MANY hidden gems. Because of a lack of documentation & onboarding many users barely scratch the surface of Roam's potential. This will improve. Team RR has this on their radar.
[[3/19]] Roam requires time, practice & experience to master. There is a tendency at the start for the perfect system, to understand it all in depth before we really engage in using it. But this is not the right approach. With Roam, JUST START & use it as much as possible.
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Congrats @equartey and @paystack team!

Big win for #roamcult in West Africa.

Brilliant move from @patrickc @collision and @stripe
3am call with @equartey many months back remains easily one of my favorite user calls of all time.

The guy is a genius, level of integrity and compassion and work ethic was just radiating off him.

So great to hear that @Paystack had a huge payday. So well deserved.
Also, never heard someone speak so highly of @fortelabs #BASB course.

Tiago if you can, try to get a testimonial from @equartey

Might be one of your biggest success stories of all time.

Definitely changed my understanding of how impactful your work can be.
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biggest improvements in my ability to think: writing [4yo], typing 90wpm+ [11yo], thinking in graphs [26yo] #roamcult

(I tried to screenshot of the more interesting pages that demonstrates how I usually use it as an example, but this is just one of hundreds of pages)
it's hard to see why thinking in graphs is so powerful until you do it, just as I imagine it's hard to see why writing is useful if you don't know how to do it
Maybe a taste: when I do amphetamine neuro research (recent hobby) I see a link to self-affection. I do believe they're related, bc affection is an attention tool, but I'd never make that connection when deep in neuro papers. Imagine this but for hundreds of concepts at once
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Fully inspired by @hardy_lisa_a, I went a bit mad and created a Roaman city to structure my daily interactions in Roam.

Calling it Mappa Roama 🗺️

My home base is the "Atrium".

Here I keep all my "core" pages that I need to visit at the start of the day, to keep me centered and start the day off right.

This includes my Daily Routine items, Inboxes (tasks, reading, writing, thinking) to check (queried).
My "Bibliotheca" includes everything that I *want* or *plan* to read (Inbox), and what I *have* read (includes all Book Notes, Podcast Notes and my Resonance Calendar)
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Hackers in #roamcult that want to build a full RoamDepot app...

Can't imagine a better non-technical cofounder than @visakanv

This is the guy who taught me how to twitter.

Just let me write the first check.
First version of @RoamResearch was extremely modded Omnigraffle I hacked into a system to organize my research and attention

Then built system in nValt, the org-mode, them TiddlyWiki

This is how great products are born

Through Pain and Desperation

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🆕 in Readwise: Roam Customization v2! You can now customize:

* Page title
* Metadata format of author/title/url/image
* The highlight header
* The notification of newly synced content

And see how your formatting works with a live preview!

cc #roamcult…
Now you can tune exactly how content shows up in your @RoamResearch exactly to your liking >:)

We've also revamped our docs to show both the default templates we use, as well as some advanced examples 👇…
Common use cases:

* Link to the daily note when new highlights come into Roam (or don't!)
* Use different namespaces for books vs articles vs tweets
* Create a TODO for new pages

But we're just scratching the surface — let us know of your templates & we'll add them to the docs!
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1. Huzzah and Hurrah! attn @RoamResearch fans and #roamcult

@dvargas92495 has written jScript that restores value to
"attribute tables" - a partially developed feature that seemed promising - but had a flaw, rendering it hard-to-use.

That flaw seems to have been fixed -->
2. You can now use "Attribute Tables" to bring up auto-populating, SORTABLE tables, based on lines of metadata - equally-indented series of "attributes" (defined by syntax "foo double-colon", like this - "foo::").

What can you do with this?

Start with a simple habit-tracker.
3. Under any given daily note, affix the things you are tracking: (e.g.),

(NOTE: at the SAME level of indent, 1 below page title)


and jot whatever you want into any of the fields following the "::".

Type: {{attr-table::[[exercise]]}} , and VOILA Image
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As a @RoamResearch [[true believer]] (philosophically since March, financially for a month), I obviously admire the work and the approach of @Conaw and his team. I get amazing personal value from Roam. But it's the Roam community that blows me away even more. 1/
The community around Roam is welcoming and non-toxic. Roamans agree with passion and disagree with grace—the opposite (or worse) is often the case in other corners of the web. While the name #roamcult is understandably offputting to some, the nature of Roamans is wholesome. 2/
If "ye shall know them by their fruits" is true (and I think it is), the @RoamResearch community demonstrates the deep worth of Roam itself. 3/
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Wait... WTF?! @garyvee follows me now?!

"Jab Jab Hook" is probably the single most important marketing concept I ever learned.

Mental model that got me writing threads on here long before we had a product ready for launch.

How we got our 1st 100 users

Thanks for follow @garyvee, and for the idea.

Even before I got on Twitter, probably was reason our company didn't die.

When @RoamResearch was 👶 I would teach researchers a pen and paper based productivity system for free.

It helped them, and got us the funding to stay afloat
Related: some jabs become hooks

in last year... many interviews with users with story like this

Google "Zettelkasten" -> land on the article that researcher wrote -> try it -> #RoamCult

Even though he prefers the analog index card system I taught him!…
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And the first [[Path to Power User]] query workshop is done! Some thoughts: 👇️🧵️

Also, #roamcult, if you're interested in staying in the loop for future workshops, sign up here:…
You need to understand how pages are connected together in order to understand what the results of a query or linked reference filter will be. This seemed to be the most powerful thing people learned: how Roam recognizes connections. Look at the results of this query:
Seriously, none of the popular material I've seen online for Roam explicitly addresses how indentation within a block hierarchy works to say "[[page 1]] is related to [[page 2]]." Some rules of thumb:

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