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CA Warriors, in case you're not sure how #SB276 impacts you, what it all means, etc. I have information for you. (Thread)

New medical exemptions in California are effectively dead as of January 1, 2021. If you already have an ME, DO NOT give your medical exemption to the government database that is being created. The database is for future ME forms that the CDPH will issue next year.
2/ MEs written before 2020 are grandfathered and should NOT be submitted to the government database. MEs written in the year 2020 are also not submitted to the government database, but ARE NOT grandfathered. New MEs written after 2020 will be extremely rare because
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Six women arrested in California capitol while protesting SB276…
Hundreds of protesters in hallways and in front of Govenor Newsom’s office, protesting SB276.
Vote on SB276 is expected to happen at 1 p.m.

Protesters are organized throughout the California state capitol.
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The Oathkeepers join the CA antivaxxers occupying the hallway outside @GavinNewsom’s office now.
I would prefer to see #SB276 passed as is, but this checkpoint compromise ensures that quacks like Ken Stoller and Bob Sears will at least lose their medical exemption grift.
Governor @GavinNewsom needs to end this circus.
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@JNTHN_LCKWD Yes liability. Yes accountability.

The NCVIA was created as a means to give people who have rare serious reactions from vaccines a quicker, easier & cheaper way to get compensated rather than be forced into expensive, lengthy & impossible to win civil trials.
@JNTHN_LCKWD Of course anyone can still file a lawsuit if they would like.
@JNTHN_LCKWD Interesting to note that while compensated cases show true serious reactions to vaccines are one in a million, 50% of those compensated since 2017 weren't even for vaccine injuries but from shoulder injuries due to improper placement of the syringe.…
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The amendments to SB 276 (since the last time the MBC met) make the bill much worse. SB 276 downgrades all medical doctors in CA from an unrestricted license to a restricted license -- where state bureaucrats make all final decisions regarding vaccinations. @DavidWarmoth #SB276
This is an unprecedented government intrusion into the practice of medicine. The MBC should vote NO on SB 276.
One of the amendments to SB 276 makes reference to a "relevant standard of care." This will NOT allow the latest research to be taken into consideration.
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2 separate reports of #CAleg staffers assaulting people in the CA capital on Thurs. 1 was a 15 yr old who was called “retarded” and coughed on by Asm Rubio’s staffer. Another staffer yelled “move” and shoved a mother out of her way in the hall. @GavinNewsom What say you?
Assault!? Slurs? This is thanks to ignorant rumors around the capital of the dirty unvaccinated kids that are going to kill everyone. This wouldn’t be tolerated behavior directed at anyone who actually has an illness.
It wouldn’t be tolerated if illegal immigrants were treated this way. Or members of the LGBTQ community. Or any other minority... yet somehow, the Democratic Party is allowing this treatment of THIS minority.
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1/ CA's Vaccine Bill is on the table, so let's have a conversation. I'm a mom with a son on the Autism spectrum. He was a completely typical kid until the milestone where 4 vaccines are pumped into their little bodies. In many ways, I lost my son that day. #vaccines @JessicaBiel
2/ Autism effects the entire family. It becomes a way of life. So please, unless you're a parent with a child on the spectrum, or at least a parent, please stfu and stfd. You don't have skin in the game. This is about our children and their very uncertain future once diagnosed.
3/ Every single Autism parent I know has more than done their homework versus all of you pseudo-scientist politicos with your talking points and agendas. How many of you have done the research? How many of you have lived the pre and post vaccine reality? Right...thought so.
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