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A thread from @WrongDoc

Yes, India's position in the Global Hunger Index is truly appalling, but let's school Mr. @ShashiTharoor a little bit. Thread. @ShashiTharoor Position on a list with 119 countries is a variable that's affected by how other countries behaved too. Not …

  #MicDrop #GHI

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A thread from @MattFnWallace

Seriously, though, can we finally talk about how Lord of the Rings is one epic PR story covering up Middle Earth's secret drug wars? It was all about the pipe weed, people. IT WAS ALL ALWAYS ABOUT THE PIPE WEED. And do you know who's at the center? T…

  #micdrop #BreakingHobbits

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A thread from @BriceLight

Bon ben, allez : c'est parti pour un thread sur la pire sortie scolaire de ma carrière. @Petit_Prof m'a inspiré. Donc tout commence il y a quelques années : sortie d'une classe de 5e avec la prof d'anglais et celle de français à Notre-Dame. Arrive su…

  #swagg #loose #micdrop

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