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“Jews scam, n-----s rape, and I mag dump.”

Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira, a hero of the far-right, can be seen in this video shooting a gun and spewing vile racism and antisemitism. 🤮
“Ask yourself who is the real enemy”? Image
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Liebe Leute ❤️ Breaking ⚠️ BVerfG Beschluss mit Beurteilung ⚠️Blog ➡️Spektrum: extreme Enttäuschung, nüchterne Relativierung, begründeter Stolz auf Erreichtes, Perspektiven für zukünftige Schritte 🍀»Schutzverweigerungs-Notstand« 🚩…
Nach erfolgreicher inhaltlicher und formaler Vorprüfung durch die Präsidialräte beider Senate und die durchaus nicht selbstverständliche, da sehr voraussetzungsreiche Aufnahme in das Verfahrensregister, erging seitens des BVerfG der Beschluss einer unbegründeten Nichtannahme.
Eine Beurteilung des Beschlusses erfordert eine differenzierte, komplexe Auseinandersetzung, da die Verfassungsbeschwerde mit der zugehörigen Problemlage auf verschiedenen Ebenen und aus verschiedenen Perspektiven betrachtet werden kann und sollte. ➡️Bitte Blog lesen⚠️ Auszüge:
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Two years ago today Republicans orchestrated a volent insurrection on our nation’s Capitol.

The same people who supported the January 6th attack are now holding our House of Representatives hostage and rendering it non-functional by refusing to elect of Speaker of the House.
Their intent on Jan 6th was to murder members of congress and/or the Vice President in hopes this would allow for the declaration of Martial Law, move the process outside the boundaries of constitutional precedent and Trump could establish himself as America’s first dictator.
Today the Republican Party’s intent to forcefully transition our country away from operating as a representative democracy is still ongoing. The Republican ideal that a white minority rule should be accepted as the norm is on full display in the House
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Related: "the storming of the US Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 was an attempted coup d’état: an organized, illegal attempt to intervene in the presidential transition by displacing the power of the Congress to certify the election."…
"In terms of the type of coup attempt, the complex nature of this event leads it to be categorized as both an attempted auto-coup and as an attempted dissident coup, reflecting the distinctive activities of different actors involved in the event."
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NEW: The U.S. budget deficit was sliced in half for fiscal 2022, the biggest drop in history.

This is HUGE.
Dems should push this statistic over and over again and don't let MAGA Republicans talk about President Biden "uncontrolled spending"
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BREAKING: Lauren Boebert just revealed MAGA Republican plan to install Jim Jordan as the Speaker of the House if they take over congress.

If Donald Trump decides to ditch Kevin McCarty and supports Jim Jordan for Speaker, all he needs is 10-20 MAGA members of Congress to block McCarthy from becoming speaker. It's definitely a real possibility.
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Imagine being born in a secular #democracy & agitating, organizing, & pursuing establishment of a #theocracy — claiming ‘persecution’ bc a majority want to keep Church & State separate. #USA #religiousliberty #Christian #Christianist #DefendDemocracy @americansunited @RNS
Clearly we don’t all agree on who the ‘us’ is in #USA, who belongs, who matters, who should vote, what I means to be, ‘an American.’…
#FirstAmendment to the #Constitution mandates that the #USA shall have no official religion.

Despite this, about 20% say the federal government should stop enforcing the separation of church and state a that the Constitution was inspired by God. #DefendDemocracy
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According to a new book by Politico’s R. Bade, Mitch McConnel was seriously considering voting to convict Trump in the impeachment trial. However, after watching the amount of support Trump still had from GOP senators, he changed his mind. What a coward! He told Liz Cheney:
"We just disagree on the tactics." Let’s just ignore him”

His vote will go down in history as one of the most consequential votes in recent history. Because of Mitch's cowardice, not only did Trump not fade away, he's just emboldened Trump & his total grip on the GOP. For shame!
Liz Cheney was right!!!

While here, check out our #DefendDemocracy merch:…
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BREAKING: Liz Cheney SLAMS Trump for threatening violence if indicted, saying, "It is hard to see this as anything but a direct threat to our Constitution, to our republic, and a credible one at that. One can only wonder, is this where the Republican Party will go next?"
"The prosecution is inappropriate because MAGA will violently oppose it. All of us have an obligation to acknowledge what is happening. Those activities that I have just listed for you, those are the erosion of the rule of law and they are the undermining of our constitutional"
“Our constitutional system has been defended and handed down to us by every generation since 1789. It comes to us with a duty of inheritance. It doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to our children and our grandchildren. And we must not be the generation that allows it to unravel."
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Marco Rubio is the Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Intelligence. Unlike many other MAGA Republicans, he knows very well that what Trump did with the classified documents is inexcusable & a grave danger to our national security, yet he continues to defend TFG

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YES or NO?

Should Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade be fired for airing a doctored photo of the judge who approved the FBI raid at Maralago with Ghislaine Maxwell?
Actually, I hope the judge will sue him.

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1/7 To paraphrase Clausewitz, GOP views politics as war by other means. Hell, they view it as an opportunity for violent oppression. We need to be on offense and whining over how money making DC Dem consultants suck at messaging ain't gonna get it done.
2/7 Simply put DNC's @harrisonjaime and national DC Dems like @SenSchumer are not having any epiphanies in 2022. So we're gonna have to organize and go offense for them within our own communities. From the ground up we MUST frame this as a fight between good and evil.
3/7 We represent America's decent patriotic MAJORITY that believes in freedom AND responsibility for ALL and from EVERYONE. We do NOT shoot or rape innocent children. We do NOT support child marriage that makes rape of girls permissible. We do NOT value wealth over humanity.
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The 5 most important races in the country right now. A thread:

1. Liz Cheney, Wyoming, the Vice-Chair of the 1/6 committee is running in the GOP primary against a Trump-backed candidate who seeks to punish Cheney for standing up to Trump.

Vote Liz Cheney in the GOP primary!
2. Evan McMullin, former "Never Trump" independent presidential candidate, is running for Senate in Utah against the Trump-sycophant-incumbent Mike Lee.
The Democratic party of UT endorsed McMullin.

In November, regardless of your political affiliation, Vote @EvanMcMullin Image
3. Adam Frisch, is a centrist Democrat running in #CO03 to unseat the worst member of Congress- Lauren Boebert.

In November the choice couldn't be clearer: Vote for @AdamForColorado over a deranged, anti-democracy Lauren Boebert.
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The whole coup plot was based on a lie, Trump did it anyway. The lie hasn't gone away, people who believe it (or pretend to believe it) are seeking (or have already won) offices of power. #DefendDemocracy
I forgot about how powerful that press conference was. Dec 1, 2020. Cheney asks for us all to focus on the evidence, not the politics.
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Opinion: Tired of prayers and moments of silence

Violence in America is nothing new... in the last decade or so it’s risen to a level rarely witnessed since Jim Crow and the Klan.…
Milton wrote in Paradise Lost:

“First Moloch, horrid king besmear’d with blood

Of human sacrifice, and parents teares,

Though, for the noise of drums & timbrells loud

Thir childrens cries unheard, that past through fire

To his grim Idol.”
"The violent horrors visited upon America, upon mothers and children, tears unseen, cries unheard, cannot simply be blamed on isolated “unhinged” people."
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“Ukraine is fighting not only for its future, it is fighting for a new world order, when violence and the seizure of territories can no longer be the language of international relations. It's a historical moment, no one can turn faces." -Tamara Tachynska. 1/6
"Indifference, ignorance, and silence are powerful accomplices of crime. And when you personally can do nothing with the criminal, there is always the opportunity to destroy at least these accomplices." 2/6

#StandWithUkraine #DefendDemocracy
“Ukraine and its 10 centuries of history are the object of envy, manipulation and lies by the Russian quasi-empire. Learn about the real history of the nations of Eastern Europe from its very beginning." 3/6

#StandWithUkraine #DefendDemocracy
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@POTUS is a stalwart defender of democracy at home and abroad. Shamefully, nearly all Republicans and a couple turncoat Dems are at least one of these:
➡️Autocracy Appeasers
➡️White Supremacist Apologists
➡️Depraved Conflict Addicts
➡️Kleptocracy Agents
This is not the America I want. Is it the America you want? Are you going to passively sit back and allow a depraved cabal of white supremacists, misogynists and gun fetishists backed by corrupt oligarchs overpower America? Get involved and #DefendDemocracy.
Action is empowering. And we will NEVER passively accept Fascism in the United States of America
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Lol @StateDept’s factsheet exposing #Russia’s propaganda tactics was so good, the Kremlin responds w/ silly finger quotes and whataboutism🙄

But saying US did it too doesn’t refute & kinda confirms Fact 4: Russia is using disinformation to create a pretext for war in #Ukraine.
#Russia doesn’t even try refuting Fact 1: Russia invaded #Ukraine in 2014, occupied Crimea. Instead it’s the same old propaganda denying Ukraine CHOSE #democracy: US/NATO backed a fascist coup & forced poor Russia to invade. That’s the Kremlin MO: Lie, Blame, You made me do it.🙄
Does #Russia even know what debunking means?? Apparently, just putting “Fact” in quotes is good enough for the Kremlin.

Even if it were true (it’s not) that sending weapons to #Ukraine fuels war in Donbas, how does that debunk Fact 3—that 100,000 Russian troops threaten Ukraine?
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I'm running for Secretary of State in Georgia because I took an oath as a U.S. Marine to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Any calls to overthrow our democracy should be taken seriously by all.

👇🏾This is a threat. RT if you agree.
If you want to help stop Bannon and his call for sedition, join me at
Georgia is ground zero for this attack and our campaign will need your help to reach as many voters as possible.
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Powerful event in Bend for #DeadlineForDemocracy! Thank you, @RonWyden & @JeffMerkley! Keep fighting to pass the #ForThePeopleAct! This critically important legislation will make our democracy stronger and more equitable. @CoinOregon @IndivisibleTeam

How can you help? Thread 👇
If you're in Central Oregon, DM us and we'll get you a snazzy #DeadlineforDemocracy car sign to display until the #ForThePeopleAct gets a vote!
Write a letter to the editor of your local paper in support of the #ForThePeopleAct. Safe, secure elections and equitable access to the vote should be 100% nonpartisan. Vote by Mail in Oregon rocks, and it was implemented with completely bipartisan support!
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They are anti-vaxxers . Anti-vaxxers are not harmless; they threaten and engage in violence while promoting lies that endanger lives. Just like white supremacists, which whom they now ally. We must reject both. #StopAntiVaxViolence…
Anti-vaxxers brought white supremacists to the CA State Capitol to oppose my vaccination oversight bill #SB276 in 2019. #StopAntiVaxViolence #Ivax2protect #FakeMEsHurtKids @VaccinateCal
Anti-vaxxers mailed bricks to CA legislators and posted violent memes & threats to oppose #SB276 in 2019. #StopAntiVaxViolence #Ivax2protect #FakeMEsHurtKids @VaccinateCal @ImmunizeCa
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This is an IMPORTANT podcast episode too!!
Esp concerning financial loopholes undermining our elections, enabling foreign interference by malign forces!!😱😭#RussiaReport #Disinformation #DefendDemocracy
Cynical of timing!? Many have been exposing these serious threats for YEARS Eg @carolecadwalla but demeaned by @BBCPolitics eg @Afneil & #Marr!🙄
Govt ignored recommendations of @CommonsForeign report on 'Moscow's Gold' & @CommonsDCMS on Disinformation! 😬
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We witnessed this last year in California when white anti-vaxxers were allowed to repeatedly disrupt hearings and sessions of the California legislature with few consequences. #SB276 #DefendDemocracy Image
No surprise that the same anti-vaxxers standing on the chairs were also in Washington when our Capitol was attacked. #DefendDemocracy…
Here is the correct link from @latimes :…
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Democrats in 2000: “Bush stole Florida and the election! Keep fighting this in court Gore!”

Democrats in 2016: “Trump colluded with Russia and stole the election! Impeach him!”

Democrats in 2020: “there’s absolutely no evidence of widespread voter fraud.
I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Moral of the story: Democrats have not conceded an election honorably since Bush Sr. They are sore losers, hypocrites, and they don’t stop complaining until they get what they want.👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
President Trump should take Hillary Clinton’s advice and not concede. Keep pushing forward🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #2020PresidentialElection #POTUS #DefendDemocracy #DemocratsAreCorrupt #LatinosForTrump #StopTheCheat @realDonaldTrump
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