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This makes me so 🤢

The idea that women are automatically “safe” is exactly what creates this “opportunity” for some women to exploit children & monetize their “optics” of “trustworthy” on behalf of predators.

Gender does not predict ethics, integrity, safety.
Why does #GhislaineMaxwellTrial matter to #womeninSTEM?
⬇️federal funding
➡️private donors (Epstein)

“Socialites” open doors to elite spaces, including #academia #science #STEM
Women=“optics” & “reputation management” for these wealthy predator men…
These same connected women, often daughters of powerful businessmen

are on boards of #WomeninSTEM “empowerment” organizations or on #MeToo (TimesUp scandal)

the very women who are predators of young women are given access to women’s “safe spaces”? (!!!)…
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I've joined colleagues petitioning the FDA to withdraw Biogen's license for aducanumab, a drug that hasn't demonstrated benefit to patients & poses major safety issues (brain bleeds/swelling). Besides being case of regulatory capture, Biogen's marketing has been deeply cynical...
After receiving startling approval last June (again, for a drug that doesn't appear to work & has already been linked to deaths), Biogen set the price at $56k annually, despite initial projections of $3k-$8k. This doesn't even factor in cost of PET scans, clinical infusion, etc.
They then unveiled a direct-to-consumer marketing plan, including a website w/ a memory loss screener. No matter how a user answers they get geo-linked via zip code to provider locations that also happen to be infusion sites for the drug (which is an anti-amyloid antibody).
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🚨 Our sexual harassment at work conference is starting now🚨

🗣️Be part of the conversation by using the hashtag #metooconference and tagging us.

💜We’ll be posting throughout the day and would love to hear from you! conference poster with the title, date and place of the conf
📢"As women we are brought up to accept through our whole lives that we are not safe from sexual violence anywhere."

Powerful words from our first speaker @_HelenMott_ on the importance of being alive to the psychology of bias in sexual harassment cases. #metooconference
.@_HelenMott_ on 🚩himpathy🚩: the inappropriate & disproportionate sympathy for perpetrators, including a reluctance to believe women who report and reluctance to punish perpetrators of sexual harassment.

🛑This creates barriers to women's access to justice. #metooconference
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Hello! Have you ever wanted to tip or subscribe to my patreon but don't have the budget?

I have an easy way to help me get compensation for my work!

Watch & share the short videos linked below, please? 🥺
Using feminist political theory to explain how social media companies don't need to be profitable… Instagram Reels screenshot "why social media companies
Social media algorithms are changing our relationship to labor and lowering expectations for compensation…
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This letter is deeply concerning for manifold reasons.
It is a response to this article in the BBC -…

In which a group of women who are same-sex attracted - lesbians - revealed that they had been subjected to sexual coercion/rape by male people who described themselves as transwomen.

The lesbians also revealed that rather than being supported by their communities when they reported this abuse, they were vilified, shamed, and threatened with exposure as “transphobes” to their peers and employers.
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Everyone calling the #BBC article disgusting, it seems that there are two simple questions you need to ask yourself:

(1) Do you believe that the women interviewed were lying about their experiences?

(2) If not, do you think their experiences are not worthy of being reported on?
If the answer to both those questions are No, then think about your feelings of discomfort and consider where they are coming from.

The “issues” with the “survey” are a red herring. The reporter followed up and personally interviewed women who spoke to her about actual experiences they had.

You either believe that they told her the truth and she reported them accurately or you don’t.
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Stunned and horrified by parade of blue tick celebs, journos, politicos & charity bigwigs lining up to denounce the BBC (it's "propaganda"!) for exposing the vilification, shaming and coercive rape of lesbians.

Jimmy Savile, Catholic church, Rotherham, #MeToo all over again.
Here is the BBC article, in which a number of lesbians relate horrifying stories of abuse, vilification, threats of exposure as "terfs" to their friends and employers, and coercive rape:…
Feminists have been aware of this phenomenon for years.
It is not just a few bad apples or 'males impersonating transwomen' who are shaming and coercing lesbians to have sex with male-bodied people or face excommunication from their communities + potential loss of livelihood.
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When I was 25, I once brought home a guy after a night of clubbing for a friend’s birthday; they worked together. I told him in the bar that I just wanted to kiss and cuddle. I repeated it. He said he was totally happy just to do that.

He was not totally happy just to do that. 1
I wasn’t raped. But after playing defense for like an hour (moving his hands, shaking my head, saying no (not aggressively of course), I pretended to fall asleep. He felt me up, and I pretended to be asleep. He fingered me, and I pretended to be asleep. He left it at that. 2/
I am a physically strong, smart, outspoken woman. He was not physically overpowering to me. I probably could have given him a good fight. I never asked him to leave; he never refused. So why? Why didn’t I just kick him out when he kept trying to go past where I was comfortable?3/
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Let’s talk about Gavin Wilkinson and @MerrittPaulson, shall we? (1/?) #rctid #baonpdx
This? This here? I have absolutely NO trouble believing this is exactly how it went down.
You know how I know that’s the truth? Because the aggressive, defensive, and categorical denial they give is TEXTBOOK abuser shit.
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But hold up, I thought we had to trust scientists & believe they are always right? Wasn't fat freezing or cryolipolysis treatment invented by scientists & approved by the FDA? I wonder what the long-term effects of these vaccines will be.…
Or why is there little reporting on breakthrough infections or anaphylaxis allergic reactions 2vaccines. We hv people being forced 2make life and death decisions just to earn a living and its all based on a group think that decides what we do w/our bodies.…
Meanwhile those same people exempt abortion from any such rhetoric, although vaccine mandates & abortion prohibition rely on the same principle: eliminating choice from what people do with their bodies. Oh, but vaccines are different b/c it affects everyone else? Bullshit.
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It’s going to take a while to get this out, so bear with me.


Malala Yousafzai has become an international symbol for feminism and female education equality. The political left holds her as a hero.
Malala is the daughter of educational activist, who were determined to see that their daughter get a proper education in a part of the world where women and girls were banned from attending school.
On October 9, 2012, after attending school and taking an exam, Malala and two other girls were shot. Malala herself was shot in the head and nearly died.
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I wrote this article for my own catharsis. I never expected it to be peer reviewed. When @NEJM accepted it, I experienced my first panic attack. 1/
@WomenInMedicine @WomeninOnc @AMWADoctors @womeninmedchat @WomeninAcademi1
My sudden physiologic reaction took me by surprise and was really embarrassing – I was super tachycardic, diaphoretic, and vasovagal. Then had an intense parasympathetic reaction with acute-onset diarrhea. TMI, sorry. 2/
When I managed to recoup, I realized - how dare this system, this culture, make me feel so panicked about being vulnerable, truthful, and righteously angry? 3/
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Each week I receive several DMs from female service members who have been the victims of sexual harassment/assault. Invariably the victims were too scared to speak up or they spoke up & faced consequences. I've never been in the military but I believe these women.
Last week I saw a post from an army public affairs officer w/ a history of degrading women. When a leader publicly tweets something like that from a verified account, it perpetuates the notion that SH/SA victims will not be heard and/or treated fairly when reporting abuse.
I quote tweeted his tweet & it received a fair amount of traction. @ArmyTimes later ran a story that the officer has been suspended pending an investigation. If I held the power to influence @USArmy w/ my tweets a lot of things in my life would be very different than they are.
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In light of the Boston police Union leader child abuse, this is very plausible, even probable. I have 2x, on behalf of someone else, reported, via Title IX - the woman or gay man was not feeling safe enuf to report. Yes, there is blowback when one reports. But we can’t be silent.
I am a mandated reporter as a #pediatrician. I *must* report for my patients or face legal consequences. Am same for staff, students, trainees. But in #EmergencyMedicine who do I call if a child may be unsafe at home? Sometimes, cops. Are cops safe?…
I have seen #mentalhealth and entire life paths destroyed by abusers preying on children like: This happened to too many people I know. I have seen institutions intimidate, mislabel, bury stories of the victims. (Some predators wait until 18th birthday.)…
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I thought this preview was bad. Then I listened to the entire interview. This might be the worst single interview from any of the Grievance Hoaxers, and I have put myself through a mortifying amount of content from these people. Let me set out the highlights briefly [1/n]
Here's Peter claiming all teaching programs in the US "participate in some variant of CRT or the Woke ideology..." in ways that lead K-12 teachers not to form beliefs based on evidence, to be unwilling to revise beliefs, to have no semblance of rationality. I have no words. [2/n]
Mask all the way off, he praises the Strongman Fascist Dictator model of addressing the problem of Wokeness, namedropping Viktor Orbán and saying his method is the only way because things like peer review and reason aren't used in Studies departments. (This is just false.) [3/n]
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Thread: We need to address the myths surrounding women in the family law court. The myth that women Make Up abuse to obtain “strategic advantage” in court & that kids tell health care workers they were abused bc their mother is “coaching them” firstly- @MattsJane @AbigailBoydMLC
2/ We cannot tell women they need to leave their violent homes but then accuse them of lying the moment they try. We understand women cannot leave without the family law court. You cannot simply pick up & leave without court orders @Drhutch2011 @BethanyinCBR @kjoh7876
3/ So when we have rates of child abuse & family violence as high as we do- we have to EXPECT that the court is full of family violence...which it is.
@NTVorg @melwojtas @angelo_virgona @ANROWSCEO @MSMWatchdog2013 @RonniSalt @LouiseKNewman @ManjulaOConnor @AustralianLobby @dvnsw
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The man on the left is David Armanasco. He has been doing free public relations for @MCoSheriff Steve Bernal. 🤔

He is best buds with Leon Panetta.

The @mcweekly met with Armanasco as Steve Bernal was poised to enter office (from deputy to sheriff) and agreed to go easy.

And they have. six years later the sherif stories have a soft touch. They round off the edges

The rigging of American politics is happening in plain sight. We need to pay attention or we will be right back at another Trump.

Armanasco is in the above photo with the sommelier

from the Sardine Factory. One of his "paying clients".

So is Steve Bernal's public relations really free? @CA_FPPC.

No. It isn't. Steve Bernal's PR is paid for by the same well connected and questionable business men that steered a deputy into the corrupt sheriff slot.
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More than 200 of Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits picture of joe biden
1. Keeps trying over and over and over and over to cut Social Security and Medicare, raise the retirement age, and gut welfare, all while lying about it and absurdly claiming the video evidence of this is “doctored.”

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I just want to say that those of us who have been working in gun violence prevention are not at all surprised by what happened this week. We have targeted, harassed & threatened by these kinds people for years. 1/@MomsDemand @Everytown @bradybuzz @GabbyGiffords @sandyhook
Many of us have reached out to @Twitter @Facebook @Google and law enforcement because they have threatened us with rape, home invasion, murdering our kids and pets and extended family members. @shannonrwatts has been especially targeted 2/
For those who are survivors of gun violence like @kharyp and @lucymcbath and the families of Sandy Hook, the harassment is particularly grotesque. Claiming loved ones never existed, blaming them for their own deaths.
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Jimmy Dore is Zenkus' new hero. You'd think as a self-proclaimed domestic abuse "expert" Zenkus would know the link between verbal and emotional abuse by men towards women and men who are generally abusers.

Instead it looks like Dore and Zenkus are two bodies, one hideous soul. Image
What happened to #BelieveWomen Zenkus? This woman was verbally and emotionally harassed online by Jimmy Dore. Why are you still defending him? Image
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This is #Salinas' new mayor @kimbleycraig. Craig was endorsed by the so-called "left" @mcweekly in #MontereyCounty. Craig's biggest backers are Trump supporters or non-voters who still give $1,000s.

Craig received 95% of fmr. Salinas Mayor Joe Gunter and @SalinasPD's


.@SalinasPolice's money.

Ricky Cabrera not only endorsed Craig but he gave her 💰.

Ricky Cabrera's brother, Victor Cabrera, murdered a single mom for insurance money to fund a stolen car ring in Monterey & San Benito County, Mexico. #BelieveWomen

Ricky's other bro


is a doctor, gives money to Salinas Police and was a named Executive Director of #MontereyDowns - a failed @PotterForMayor pushed horse park, betting and residential real estate project.

County Supervisor @PhillipsForSup (John Phillips) has a special interest in Craig.

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Six weeks ago @ProjectSouth and @GovAcctProj filed a #Whistleblower complaint alleging horrific medical abuses at #ShutDownIrwin

We’ve asked nearly every day:
How many surgeries did ICE pay doctor Amin to perform?

They won’t tell you. Why?

17 Amin patients remain at Irwin
Since the @ProjectSouth report came out, movement orgs like @SoGA_Support @GLAHR_ @GaDetWatch, immigration lawyers coordinated by @AILANational members @ leaders, systemic change & mass rep experts at @ThinkLawLab, & health professionals at @Doc4CampClosure PHR, CVR assembled.
The record these advocates and professionals built assisted @RepJayapal with building a coalition to introduce, debate, and pass #HRes1153. @HispanicCaucus went to #ShutDownIrwin & heard directly from women. @JacksonLeeTX18 intervened to protect and free an Amin surgery survivor.
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Does it concern me, that an Asst. Warden for Soledad State Prison is giving $2,000 to a local county supervisor race?

Yes it does.

How much is the State paying Asst. Warden’s these days, @GavinNewsom?

This started with Gov. Davis. It’s a bad look.

@CNN Image

More shocking is the $1,500 that @SupervisorAlejo (Maria Alejo $150) gave to @stevemcshane - within a three week window of $2,000 from the Prison Industrial Complex Asst. Warden.

I question Louie Alejo’s politics.

But at this point it’s rhetorical. Image

Our local media was SO excited when John D’Arrigo gave $10,000 to a reach out PR campaign, wearing a mask.

D’Arrigo Bros. has already laid out $4,375 to Steve McShane in his race for County supe.

D’Arrigo is Republican. Steve McShane is a Democrat. 🤔

Panetta bipartisan? Image
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8 Days.

Still no answer.

It's a straightforward question: How many women at Irwin underwent surgical procedures performed or ordered by Dr. Amin or his business entities since 2017?

The fact that they won't tell you IS the story.

They're still deporting victims/witnesses.
Quick Catch-up
1. 9/15 - @ProjectSouth @GovAcctProj #WBer allegations of forced hysterectomies en masse spark international outrage.

2. 9/17 Multiple women come forward, on the record, with the medical documentation available to them, saying doc performed unwanted procedures.
3. Spox for Dr., ICE, hospital say only two women "referred for" hysterectomies.


What, exactly, is the reason they can't do that, after all that's happened?
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