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I need to talk about #endometriosis care in #Alberta

If you don’t want to hear period talk, scroll.

I may mention transgender health, if you don’t like it, unfollow me.

This may or may not get political, if that bugs you... scroll.

#abpoli #AbLeg #AlbertaHealthCare
We need better gynaecological health care in Alberta. For both women AND men.

Here’s why.

I went 25 years undiagnosed and being told “it’s in my head.” In fact, I’ve been hospitalized for that, through so much psychotherapy and even been on drugs for that.
It didn’t help. I mean I learned to shut up about my symptoms. But they were still there. And I thought I was hysterical or something.

Meanwhile. It’s been affecting every facet of my life. Relationships, jobs, marriages. I’ve been homeless from this.
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Any questions? It goes beyond the fact that his mom is Monterey County Superior Court Judge, Lydia Villarreal.

It goes beyond names and political connections.

But this ‘protect accused sexual predators at all political costs’ goes so far beyond Trump - we must #BelieveWomen
#BelieveWomen unless the suspect’s mother is a MoCo Superior Court Judge and has deep political connections to Anna Caballero. Right, @GavinNewsom, @AGBecerra ?

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Just a heads-up: The “demon sperm” doctor being promoted by Breitbart & Trumpworld is likely going to be used as a ploy to suggest that leftists are racist for attacking a Black doctor. That’s classic Breitbart style.

You can already see the narrative taking shape...
Whenever Breitbart is involved in anything, the first thing you should do is identify the cultural/ideological flashpoints, and then assume that Breitbart is going to weaponize them in an effort to make the left look hypocritical and to cause infighting within movements like BLM.
Breitbart has done the same thing with #MeToo/#BelieveWomen, feminism, anti-Semitism, immigration, climate change, & more. It’s what they do. And given their ties to Steve Bannon & the Mercers, I wouldn’t rule out the involvement of other bad actors (think Cambridge Analytica).
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As a writer who left the industry b/c I experienced so much sexual harassment & assault in meetings/etc by execs/producers/directors and had 0 support from my representation... I can't tell you how privileged I find leaving an agency over #JKRowling to be. 1
If I could articulate it, perhaps I would be a better writer... My experiences were in Hollywood, not the literary world. But I know I'm not the only female writer, writing about the female experience, who experienced misogyny & worse on a near constant basis. 2
#MeToo didn't even really change anything. #misogyny is still everywhere. #BelieveWomen is seemingly only acceptable if we're "taking down" straight men, which is absurd. We can't even be believed in our own experience. 3
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Evan Rachel Wood describing the abuse she suffered when she was in a relationship with Marilyn Manson
Esmé Bianco who you might recognise from Game Of Thrones is another ex girlfriend of Marilyn Manson and also a victim of domestic abuse. She gave her testimony for the Phoenix Act on the same day as Evan did. It's pretty clear these two women are victims of the same attacker.
This is an Instagram post from Esmé about the abuse she suffered. You can see in her second picture she's wearing the same outfit and hairstyle on her birthday as she is in the picture with Manson. ImageImageImageImage
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Thread re Amy Cooper & white women falsely accusing black men. She said, "I am going to tell [the police] that there is an African American man threatening my life." A lie. Amy herself was breaking the rules by having her dog off leash.
The man's crime? Asking Amy to follow the rules by leashing her dog. Amy did call the cops and make the false accusations, her tone increasingly hysterical, while she nearly strangled her dog.
The man recorded her, so her lie is plain. But what if he hadn't? What if he had stayed when the police arrived and tried to explain? Who would the police have likely believed?
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A lot’s been written about the double standard in how the media/liberals have responded to the Biden/Kavanaugh allegations. But here's a thread laying out just how pervasive that double standard really is.

Here’s a list of the 50 biggest hypocrites:

“I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. My heart broke watching her testify. She’s a hero – brave, compelling, credible”…

“The vice president’s answers were credible and convincing.”…

“I believe her. Many, many, many Americans believe her."…

“Sen. Schumer believes that Joe Biden’s answer has been sufficient and will work as hard as he can to make sure Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump...”…
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@TomForUtah You realize that the scrutiny and skepticism (& threats/character assassination) faced by accusers is & has long been so bad that we didn’t even report the names of many accusers until recently? It’s always going to happen, which is why good reporters do it before bad actors can.
@TomForUtah The #MeToo Movement, like the #BelieveWomen movement, never asked people to believe women without looking at the facts. We are asking that you look at the facts without assuming from the start that women are lying — to evaluate accusations in the same way you’d evaluate anything.
@TomForUtah So re. your comment: The point is that any woman who wants to tell her story *is* going to face that level of scrutiny, especially when it involves a prominent person. Reporters should know this, & have a duty to make sure they have an airtight story before rushing to publish.
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Incredible work from @CathyYoung63, gosh so many bullseyes. I'll first note that Reade's lawyers "media people like you are why victims don't come forward" comment is near verbatim what Jack Burkman told me about patently BS allegation a/g Dr. Fauci…
Re: Dems and others for whom #BelieveWomen is lock-solid finding themselves "hamstrung by slogans that depict half of the human population as inveterate truth-tellers incapable of dishonesty": ya think?
Here, for instance, is audio of Jack Burkman explaining to me that any prevarication I suspected on the part of his client "Diana Rodriguez"'s allegations stemmed from journalistic callousness, if not misogyny
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Good lord. This lede paragraph. This is self reported. This is a judgment call.…
Also, few things are more aggravating than the torture effort to force us all to start calling the basics of life “unpaid labor.”
Also, #BelieveWomen is back. It has political utility again.
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Also, "lol someone should rape her to shut her up"
The difference between how men calling out the alt-reich (or any misogynist, fascism-tinged internet movement, including the dirtbags) are mocked and the way women doing the same thing are treated has really started jumping out at me during this dirtbag shitfest in my replies.
There are plenty of women and nonbinary folks doing antifascist work, but very few of us put our name to it.

People tend to view anonymous accounts as shady and less trustworthy, which means men take up most of the space and get most of the glory.
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I've worked as a prosecutor.

Multiple women I love has been sexually assaulted. I've seen the damage, + the structural disbelief. I've cried with them.

My starting point is to #BelieveWomen.

But it's not my endpoint. Some women aren't believable.

Tara Reade isn't believable.
Which pisses me off, because women NEED to be believed, and women who lie about such things (whether maliciously or from some troubling emotional need) hurt all women.

But there ARE Rachel Dolezals + Tara Reades. Treat them as broken, w/ compassion. But don't be fooled by them.
*have*. Aargh.
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Things I am over - hypocrisy and inconsistency

1) If peaceful #protest on the steps of government buildings is a right, than it also is on a football field #TakeAKnee, in a park, etc

#Thread #equity #rant (1/8)
2) If we ban #guns from some buildings in the interest of security, that means for all people - not just those that aren't white

3) If #BlueLivesMatter, do not risk our brave protectors’ health by protesting near them without #masks

#MichiganProtest (2/8)
4) If you are not wearing #facemasks given your personal #liberty, than why do women not get extended the same for #Reproductiverights

5) If all life is sacred, than why would we sacrifice 2-3% of our population by #ReopenAmerica too quickly?

#COVID__19 #pandemic (3/8)
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1. Okay cool let’s talk about the “25 women” that have accused @realDonaldTrump because out of the gate @businessinsider is lying despite article being updated 6 hours ago. This thread will be updated case by case. #FactsMatter…
2. You can immedately cross #AlvaJohnson off your list🤣 Her case was thrown out months ago when video surfaced and proved she was lying (weird @andersoncooper never had her back) here’s the “assault” #BelieveWomen
3. Here’s what @businessinsider currently has for #AlvaJohnson
making it FALSE and @SarahHuckabee statement TRUE. Report that bitches.…
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@morningmika @JoeBiden So there’s a lot to unpack here.


First of all, if #BelieveWomen isn’t tempered with basic common sense, then it’s simply blind dogma, and thus quite dangerous and subject to horrible abuses, as I’ve said long before I ever heard the name Tara Reade.

Let’s compare the
@morningmika @JoeBiden cases of Biden and Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh: despite being an only marginally well known public figure prior to his nomination, he had not one but multiple accusers. His known, documented behavior, not to mention his judicial actions, all point to a distinct lack of respect for
@morningmika @JoeBiden women in general. Every chance he’s given to rule on women’s rights and their fundamental freedoms and right to bodily autonomy, he’s proven that he believes they deserve none of those.

We must also consider the consistency of the narrative around his behavior. Very different
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Thank you for pointing this out. The legacy media’s lack of, delay in, and then ultimately biased reporting on Tara Reade, is precisely why she, a progressive Democrat, who, as she told me, is “diametrically opposed” to Trump’s policies, is covered more by Fox and The Daily...
Caller then by CNN and MSNBC. The huge irony is that it’s the New York Times and Washington Post, allegedly objective outlets, have been the ones stealth editing their stories, openly taking editorial feedback from the Biden campaign as @nytimes executive editor Dean Baquet...
admitted to you, Ben, in your excellent q & a with him. You asked him why they had edited the sentence “The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable...…
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"The Christianity of my youth didn't prepare me to love well."

(A long & rambling steam-of-consciousness thread reflecting on love and Christianity...)
The Christianity of my youth didn't prepare me to love well.

It SPOKE of love a lot - in several beautifully compelling ways.

But intermixed I heard hints that self-love is selfish & real love MUST hurt & cost me. I needed to nail myself to a cross for my love to be real.
You've heard it said "There's no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends."

That may be true, but hear me out.

Sometimes, love requires you to lay down your "right" to lay down your life for someone who never asked you to be their savior in the 1st place.
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If I post about sexual assault allegations against Biden and concerns about his overall inappropriate behavior with women and young girls, and your first response is, “Well, it’s less than Trump’s!” or, “But the Supreme Court, vote blue no matter who...”
..then that tells me that’s all you have to offer for a reason, you could’ve considered that during the primary, but chose to support what you thought was a safe bet. If Biden was a safe bet, you wouldn’t need us.
Do you know how far validating the messed up nature of his behavior would go with Democrats like me? What promising to hold future candidates to a higher standard could do? But that’s not what we see. We’re chastised like naughty children.
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Up next: #metoohypocrisy. Establishment Democrats vigorously opposed the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on account of a 40 YEAR OLD HIGH SCHOOL sexual assault allegation by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.
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However, establishment Dems have completely ignored 27 YEAR OLD ADULT sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden by his former staffer Tara Reade. It should also be noted that whenever Biden has commented about #metoo, he always utters these words: "BELIEVE WOMEN."
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According to Biden's logic, he must believe his accuser & resign his candidacy. Now to be clear, I'm no fan of #metoo as it was a movement started by a black woman to highlight the sexual abuse of poor inner city black girls, but was hijacked by casting couch white women
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I leave you all alone for less than 24 hours and my replies are a Bernie vs. Biden-a-thon.


Loathe as I am to do this, some thoughts:
1) Electoral campaigns can serve a lot of functions, well beyond getting a candidate elected.

One function is injecting ideas into the popular political imagination in a meaningful way.

Regardless of how you feel about Bernie as a candidate, he's been really good at this.
2) we can debate longshot scenarios, but real talk: Bernie isn't likely to win the nom unless something drastic and unexpected happens.

That means the continued campaign isn't super practical from a get-him-elected perspective.
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Hi Emily. Just seeing this. Was this your only attempt to contact me? Did you email me? Did you send any follow up replies? Did you write a standalone tweet asking to speak to me for your story about my interview with Tara Reade? Did you reach out to Ms. Reade? In any way?
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1/22 Thread. A few of the reasons why I'll never vote for @JoeBiden. Let's just say he's been doing evil my entire life. That's over five decades of evil! #NeverTrump #NeverBiden #JoeBiden #NoMoreRapistPresidents
2/22 When I was 1, cheating @JoeBiden plagiarized in law school. Even as a cheat, he still graduated bottom of the barrel.… | #NeverTrump #NeverBiden #JoeBiden #NoMoreRapistPresidents
3/22 When I was 3, draft dodger @JoeBiden had already received the same number of deferments as Dick Cheney.… #NeverTrump #NeverBiden #JoeBiden #NoMoreRapistPresidents
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I believed Anita Hill. I believed Christine Blasey Ford. I believe Tara Reade. The #MeToo "feminists" who don't believe her can't say so overtly, so they're deleting their tweets, remaining silent or shooting the messenger… #IbelieveTaraReade #IbelieveTara
These are the same pseudo feminists who ignore, refuse to believe or smear Juanita Broaddrick. I believe Juanita. I don't share her politics. But that doesn't make her a liar. In fact, it was the refusal to listen to Broaddrick that pushed her into the...…
arms of the only person who would listen to her: Donald Trump. Trump, the misogynist who has bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, was the first person to give her the chance to tell her since the 90s when she first told it, reluctantly. What we're watching in real time...
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The Power of Preying: Why Men Target Women In The Work Place
Exploring the link between power and predatory behavior.
Few powerful men are entirely alone in their mistreatment of women.
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