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This is an incredibly difficult thing to write and put out there publicly. But I am fucking DONE protecting violent men (TW sexual assault) so here goes:
I'm upset that Johnny Issaluk has been chosen to receive an award from the Governor General of Canada, as well as an Indspire Award. I have written to both organizations asking them to retract their awards for him.
A decade ago, I cast him in one of my short films called Inuit High Kick. It’s a beautiful short film that I was very proud of, and he was magnificent in it. It played at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and shown in many places over the world.
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I was a 22 yr old waitress working a party for painter Carl Andre. Andre got angry over his service. Shoving me against a wall, his hands around my neck pulling me up til my feet left the floor. 3 men got him off me. Years later Andre’s wife died “falling” out of a window...
There were signs of a violent fight, a woman screaming No! No! No!
Andre was charged with second degree murder. He was acquitted of all charges. #BelieveWomen
Thank you for all the rats ❤️❤️❤️
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#Believewomen unless they’re juanita Broaddrick or any women who accuse Bill Clinton of rape or sexual assault. Weaponize #meToo mantra & apply it to a rational political actor with a documented history of “misrepresenting” (heritage, law practice) & bad political instincts 1/?
accuse the man who wanted Warren to run, asked her to, only entered because she wouldn’t and who his critics call stubborn, stuck in his ways, never-changing, “has been saying the same thing for decades” (including that a woman will be President since the 80’s, of saying (2/?)
That a woman can’t win, then lying about it. Also same guy campaigned his ass off for HRC and has been making the point that HRC won the popular vote! And also tulsi Gabbard has said she talked about her run and he was supportive. Then smear tulsi of being “hysterical,” (3/?)
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Some things I’ve learned in recent days:

✅ All men who criticize/oppose feminism have micro penises
✅ All men who criticize/oppose feminism are incels (including the married ones)
✅ All men who criticize/oppose feminism are...
... misogynists (including fathers with wives and daughters they would literally die to protect)
✅ all women are basically perfect & above improvement; any disagreement makes you evil, toxic, and in need of extensive reeducation
✅all women who want to learn from men have...
... (IPS) Internalized Patriarchy Syndrome®
✅there is nothing positive, fun, and interesting to learn from the opposite sex; any dissidents must be sent to the feminist gulag
✅it is generally ok for feminists to threaten mass violence on the internet with zero consequences
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White women's tears are magical. One drop of them has been known to send black legs dangling from tall oaks as strange fruit. One drop of a white woman's tears has caused entire black towns to burn to the ground.
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One drop of a white woman's tears has sent a black boy's charred body racing to a riverbed anchored by a barbed wired necklace lassoed to a cotton gin. We call this racial bling.
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White women's tears were the original #believewomen battlecry for black male death. To make a white woman cry in America was tantamount to a death sentence to which no black person was immune.
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(THREAD) I want to take a step away from the politics of our government for a moment and talk about the politics of our Twitterverse. More specifically, I want to talk about some politics of our Re$i$tance. I had a huge wake up call over the last week that even in our movement(1)
there wolves in sheeps’ clothing. Not that I’m surprised by that as there are predators everywhere, but I am shocked by the fact that there are those among US who are enabling it. People who scream, “Believe Women!”, then turn around and question victims of predation because (2)
“he’s never done that to me.” Are the rules on Twitter different than the rules IRL? Would we say that to a victim IRL? I’m just beside myself over this. There are people asking for proof from women who were so embarrassed and ashamed at having received graphic pics or video(3)
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#URGENT #911 Over the course of the next few weeks, I need twitter to show out for me. My children and I, WE NEED A MIRACLE. We are in a crisis of incredible proportions because of an abusive man and the systems that protect men liIke him.

Please keep reading this #THREAD
I CANNOT fight back alone. I desperately need the help of Twitter. And I dont have much time.

A hearing date has been set for OCTOBER 25th.

This is it. The day it will be decided how much longer my 10 & 12 yrold will suffer abuse, how much longer we'll know that man's torment.
What that means is that I have WEEKS left to get anything, everything I can think of that may help and protect us to the lawyer.

I have been working around the clock for months, fighting desperately to protect my children. I've given everything I have and more of what I don't.
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1/4 #MonicaByrne embraced the "#believewomen" piece of #MeToo as invitation to report any time she felt rejected or uncomfortable; one of her victims was #BoraZivkovic a #ScientificAmerican editor. Ya girl wanted a job & Bora, who is on the autism spectrum, met w/ her but she
2/4decided he harrassed her when he mentioned something personal about his marriage. Mo contacted #ScientificAmerican as u do when u have a hammer & everything is a nail. Basically, Mo screwed up this man's career & family financial stability; even his children's college plans
3/4 impacted. The aftermath of Mo interpreting #MeToo in this manner? @amyalkon wrote about Bora in July 2015:… Meanwhile, Mo carries on fleecing her @Patreon "patrons" as tho she is #Michelangelo, travelling & breathlessly revealing @HarperVoyagerUS is
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2 separate reports of #CAleg staffers assaulting people in the CA capital on Thurs. 1 was a 15 yr old who was called “retarded” and coughed on by Asm Rubio’s staffer. Another staffer yelled “move” and shoved a mother out of her way in the hall. @GavinNewsom What say you?
Assault!? Slurs? This is thanks to ignorant rumors around the capital of the dirty unvaccinated kids that are going to kill everyone. This wouldn’t be tolerated behavior directed at anyone who actually has an illness.
It wouldn’t be tolerated if illegal immigrants were treated this way. Or members of the LGBTQ community. Or any other minority... yet somehow, the Democratic Party is allowing this treatment of THIS minority.
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Is there a rapist in the White House?…
Carroll, 75, wrote that she had never come forward with her allegations against Trump until now, for fear of "receiving death threats, being driven from my home, being dismissed, being dragged through the mud, and joining the 15 women claiming he sexually assaulted them.
“This is what I was wearing 23 years ago when Donald Trump attacked me in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman”…
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There is so much to unpack about gender and #chronicillness, I barely know where to begin. But let's give it a go. Data THREAD first, personal experiences second. (1/9) #millionsmissingspeakout #pwME @MEActNet
Up until very recently, the majority of medical research has been performed on men. It used to be against the law to include most women in clinical trials. Even after that law was overturned, a second had to be enacted requiring we be included. #pwME (2/9)
The difference in the way women present symptoms and the ignorance around this kills.
When women have heart attacks, for example, the typical symptoms veer sharply from what med students learned from their textbooks. (3/9) #millionsmissingspeakout #pwME…
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I've been watching this burn across the internet today and now that I've had time to think about it I'd like to share my thoughts on the #AllWomanSpacewalk with you as a feminist and a space nerd. (1/14)
First I'm completely bummed out. This would have been a cool moment, it would have been something I could put up on the screen of my classroom and the optics of history being made during Women's History Month were so cool. (2/14)
But let's talk about optics for a hot second. You know who else thinks about optics? @NASA does. You find a lot of smart people at #NASA and not just the engineers and the scientists and the astronauts. Their army of public affairs people are pretty quick too. (3/14)
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Was the famous #AlfredEisenstaedt photo of the sailor kissing a woman who appeared to be a nurse, in #TimesSquare, on #VJDay, a #sexualassault? Contrary to accepted wisdom of the #MeToo crowd (whose goals I support, but whose excesses I deplore), probably not. Here's why: /1
First, it’s not clear who is in the photo. Is it #GretaZimmer or #EdithShain? #GeorgeMendonsa or #CarlMuscarello? Or one of the many other men who claimed to be kisser or women who claimed to be the kissee? It matters, because, absent a victim, there is no sexual assault. /2
Absent testimony, the law does not assume a man touching a woman on a photo is touching her sexually without her consent simply based on body language. It is one thing to #BelieveWomen women's stories, but quite another to PRESUME no consent. Luckily, that is not the law. /3
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Real talk: The moment ONE victim comes forward with a credible allegation that they have been sexually assaulted, an investigation must be opened into what happened. #FairfaxResign #BelieveSurvivors #MeToo
Appropriate measures must taken regarding the alleged perpetrator's behavior, including but not limited to suspension from job duties while the investigation is occurring. #FairfaxResign #BelieveSurvivors
Suspension is not a punitive measure. It is done to protect the public & ensure that the internal investigation doesn't get derailed by the accused who would still have access to files, computers, company cell phone, etc. that could hold evidence. #FairfaxResign #BelieveSurvivors
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The Media's Obsession With @MichaelAvenatti Has Gone Far Enough…
It is time for the media to have a serious reckoning about Michael Avenatti. The “Creepy Porn Lawyer” was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony domestic battery in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the news isn’t a huge surprise given his public track record.
Since becoming a household name in March, he has lied about potential evidence, manipulated his client’s statement, been accused of outright fraud, failed to pay millions in taxes, and was ordered to pay a $10 million judgement to a former associate.
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Mueller accuses opponents of offering women money to make 'false claims' about him
Special counsel Robert Mueller has referred to the FBI allegations that women were "offered money" to make "false claims" about him, a spokesman said Tuesday.
"When we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the Special Counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation." spokesman Peter Carr says.
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Minn. Dem. Chairman @KenMartin73: ‘I Don’t Believe’ Credible @KeithEllison Accuser…
We conducted an outside, independent investigation, and that investigation showed we could not substantiate her claim of domestic abuse. And so I do not believe her — I believe our investigation.”
So, Dems can decide not to #BelieveWomen after an investigation shows the claims can’t be substantiated. Where are all the liberal feminist #BelieveSurvivors Kavanaugh mobs?
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There's a lot to respond to in this Meghan Daum essay on "toxic femininity" but this passage brings up something that's been bugging me ever since the Kavanaugh hearings.…
Essentially, this frames it as though Kavanaugh is entitled to the SC seat as long as there's a failure to prove beyond doubt that he assaulted Christine Blasey Ford. This is totally backwards. For that job, he should be able to prove beyond a doubt that he DIDN'T assault anyone.
Of course we cannot settle the ultimate truth of what happened, but a credible accusation of assault which Daum calls it, which Jeff Flake calls it, should be more than enough to disqualify someone from the freaking Supreme Court.
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Not going to watch the self righteous mainstream media pistol whip @HillaryClinton AGAIN.

I refuse.

First of all, I absolutely agree in principle with almost everything she said.

And this abuse of power debate given the ridiculous excesses of men like Bush 2.0 who continue to walk around unchecked for far more actually consequential abuses of power is laughable to me.

Do I think what Bill reached a legally definable level of such a charge?


Do I think he used his stature to get a blowjob from, yes, sorry people, an actual adult woman who actually wanted to give him one already anyway?


Do I think he tried to push things in a direction that would save him from having to admit that to anyone?


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They work in groups and concentrate on a particular idea or person and follow resist accounts, like and rt resist tweets, and basically try to look like allies. After a short time they pick a victim and try to undermine resist trending topics like #BelieveWomen and #MeToo.

They hunt down movement allies or participants like myself and accuse them of rape. And say it must be true because they are women (almost certainly not) and we have to believe them.

They did this to me.

They want to anger us to the point that we will say something that will appear hypocritical that they will then screenshot out to the world as evidence of the left's hypocrisy.

They hope to anger some to the point that threats will be made or certain lines will be crossed.

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@JackPosobiec @Cernovich gentlemen, Mike Bloomberg is gearing up for a presidential run as a Democrat. Problem is, Mikey doesn’t #BelieveSurvivors.
Oh, my. Bloomberg once testified that he wouldn’t believe a rape accusation unless there was “proof... An unimpeachable third party witness.” He said his own “morals” would “require corroborating evidence.” What would Alyssa Milano say? #BelieveSurvivors…
And Mike was a womanizer too. Oh, dear. Another NY Dem a la Spitzer, Weiner and Schneiderman? #MeToo…
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People ask what #patriarchy is. Think “Jim Crow” and apply it to women—all women. It’s a web of systems, structures, practices and believes that enforce gender hierarchy and silence women. 1/
#This is what #patriarchy looks like in the US right now. 2/
And #patriarchy looks like #this. Yesterday, .@OrrinHatch refused to listen to women and their concerns. 3/…
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Conservative Women Will Make Dems Pay For Kavanaugh In November…
Democrats assumed Republican women would play into their identity politics instead of seeking truth, and that assumption is blowing up in their faces.
Many conservative women see an eminently qualified Supreme Court nominee standing his ground, while duly elected members of the Senate attempt to destroy his life and prevent him from serving on the nation’s highest court.
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1/ Reading this piece was a total waste of time, except that it prompted me to try to check out something I've been curious about: are there, in fact, a substantial number of progressives who say that we should believe ALL women?
2/ My normal operating assumption is that there is not view so stupid that you can't find SOMEONE who holds it, so I assume that there are people who believe this one. But *lots* of them?
3/ I checked out the hashtag #BelieveAllWomen . It's almost entirely people on the right, being sarcastic. Random example:

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