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I know you are very busy… but this is half an hour of the most important information about COVID-19 on the planet.

It’s NOT ok to allow COVID-19 to circulate freely.

It is not OK to infect kids.


cc @DanielAndrewsMP @Dom_Perrottet

Cut down transmission.
Stop an airborne pathogen that produces neurotoxins and symptoms of neuro degenerative disease.

STOP infecting kids!

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Okay you all need to hear this, but the host is as much or more of a determinant of pathogenicity as the virus. So we can’t make conclusions about virulence based on a handful of cases.

However, the fact that we’re not seeing tons of sick vaccinated cases is encouraging.
Virulence is the virus’ own innate capacity to cause disease in a given host.

Pathogenicity is the likelihood of disease when a virus infects a given host. Takes two to tango.

We don’t yet know what the omicron dance with a human host looks like.
So far we’ve seen cases and not a lot of disease. That’s encouraging…BUT. It’s also very preliminary and we can’t say for sure we wouldn’t see more disease at population level.
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For all who are asking about the newly-named “nu” variant, here’s the takeaway:
🦠it has all the characteristics of something bad
🦠 it seems to be spreading ridiculously quickly in South Africa (only ~25% vaxxed)
🦠but it’s still small numbers
It’s clearly time for attention, but not panic.

(In particular, closing the borders is not what will fix this. It has already been found in Hong Kong. (We tried border closures in 2020, remember how well that worked?!)…
Instead, we need to speed up vaccinations across the globe. Although this variant looks more transmissible, it seems unlikely to make the vaccines useless. #vaccineswork
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🆕 Interim statement on #COVID19 vaccination for children & adolescents
Countries should consider the individual & population benefits of immunising children and adolescents in their specific epidemiological and social context when developing their #COVID19 immunisation policies and programs
As children & adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults, unless they are in a group at higher risk of severe #COVID19, it is less urgent to vaccinate them than older people, those with chronic health conditions & health workers
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Cela ne vous rappelle rien ce genre de scène ?
Mais je doute qu'on la voit à la télé même si c'est dans un pays très prisé de nos VIP🏖️
Seulement la population de #Maurice est aussi plus vaccinée que la plupart des pays européens et donc il y a quelque chose qui ne colle pas🧐
Et les vaccins sont les mêmes qu'ici : #Pfizer surtout + un peu de Moderna/Astrazeneca.
Et le gouvernement a arrêté de publier les chiffres de décès depuis 2 semaines…
#Mauritius #VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesWork
Rectification : les vaccins d'abord utilisés étaient Covaxin, Oxford/AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Sputnik V, Janssen.
Des livraisons de BNT/Pfizer sont intervenues plus récemment notamment pour les boosters.…
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NOV 24: #COVID19 in #Ontario
591 cases, 7* deaths, 664 resolved,
30092 tests/day, 15681 pending, 2.5% pos
137 in ICU (84 on ventilator)🏥

+12,706 vaccinations💉
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario Image
#Covid_19 Ontario: A closer look from June 1 Image
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You may have heard about the viral abstract from the @AHAScience saying cardiac risks increase after Covid vax. Note- not everything the AHA produces is a well reviewed clinical practice guideline or meta-analysis. Lets think this through.
If you do a test looking for inflammation after a procedure designed to produce an immune response… you will find… inflammation. The results in the abstract do not mean what you think they do.
The author is a cardiac surgeon turned holistic health practitioner. He had a cohort of patients who had PULS blood tests pre vaccination done at baseline (probably in his clinic based upon the abstract). He got some patients vaccinated, and then he repeated the PULS afterwards.
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Deux pays #africains ont un taux de vaccination supérieur à celui de la plupart des pays européens, #Seychelle et #Maurice.
Etats insulaires, ils n'accueillent que des visiteurs vaccinés…
Résultat spectaculaire🧐
#VaccinesWork Image
L'échelle logarithmique permet d'étaler les pays mais oublie ceux qui ont été les moins touchés (<1 dc/M).
Le graphe ci-dessous complète donc le précédent.
On y trouve les pays qui rechignent à suivre aveuglément l'OMS…
@WHO #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives Image
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The story of my little guy’s #COVID19 vaccination:

Pedi visit last Wednesday- no vaccines yet.
No appts at local pharmacy.
Mass vaxx site opened next day - but I was going on a week-long trip & wanted to be here in case he felt achy after.

But today!! We got it. #grateful
He is more than a little afraid of needles. But he said to me “I know I can do this.” And he did. Two deep breaths and it was done.

Other good tips below from @drtaranarula for kids (or adults!) with normal vaccine anxiety.
Right now, 6 hours later, he feels like a peach. He’s spent the afternoon helping to rake leaves … maybe it even gave him super-powers? 🦸‍♂️
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Any harm the covid vaccine could do—even in your wildest imagination—the disease will do worse.

It’s the same spike protein that gets made! The only difference is so much more badness comes on board with the virus.

A helpful visual, then 🧵 :… Image
One of the trends I’m seeing when it comes to covid vaccines in kids is the idea that there’s some nebulous, long term harm we will see with the vaccines that we won’t see with the virus. But this really makes no sense.
I’ve detailed in past posts here and on IG why there’s no biological or historical reason to believe this. The idea that long term scary things happen from vaccines is a figment of anti vaccine propaganda.
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@DrTedros "Almost 2 million cases of #COVID19 were reported in Europe last week, the most in a single week in that region since the pandemic started.

Almost 27,000 deaths were reported from Europe, more than half of all COVID-19 deaths globally last week"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "#COVID19 is surging in countries with lower vaccination rates in Eastern Europe, but also in countries with some of the world’s highest vaccination rates in Western Europe"-@DrTedros

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While reported #measles cases have fallen compared to previous years, progress toward measles elimination continues to decline and the risk of outbreaks is mounting, according to a 🆕 report from @CDCgov & WHO.

👉 Image
During 2020, more than 2⃣2⃣ million infants missed their first dose of #measles vaccine - 3⃣ million more than in 2019– creating dangerous conditions for outbreaks of this highly infectious disease to occur.

👉 Image
Compared with 2019, reported #measles cases decreased by more than 8⃣0⃣% in 2020.

However, measles surveillance also deteriorated, with the lowest number of specimens sent for laboratory testing in over a decade.

👉 Image
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I think this paper should be retracted:…
“Although there is considerable evidence that a subset of infants has an increased risk of sudden death after receiving vaccines, health authorities eliminated "prophylactic vaccination" as an official cause of death...”

“ medical examiners are compelled to misclassify and conceal vaccine-related fatalities under alternate cause-of-death classifications.”

I am going to contact the journal.

Anyone else?
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Ive had a fair few questions about the coverage on Thursday and Friday of the new study in @TheLancetInfDis on household transmission of #Covid19 despite people being double vaccinated.
Unsurprisingly, the claims and commentary from all sides of opinion - many of them who haven’t bothered to carefully read the actual paper or look at it in context - are flying. So let’s look at the facts. #vaccinesstillwork is the headline here by the way
A sub headline might be can we all please remember Vaccines are not an anti viral cloak of invincibility ? They reduce transmission. They don’t necessarily stop it
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What do we know about pregnancy, #COVID19 and vaccination? A thread.

@HSEImm @RCPI_news @RCPI_ObsGyn
Most pregnant women who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes COVID – have mild or no symptoms and don’t experience serious complications.

However, there is increasing evidence that #COVID19 can affect your pregnancy.
For example, pregnant women with COVID-19 are at higher risk of preterm birth, high blood pressure, postpartum haemorrhage and stillbirth than those who are not infected with #COVID19.
In addition, some pregnant women with COVID-19 will become severely unwell.
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OCT 25: #COVID19 in #Ontario
326 cases, 0 deaths🙏🏻, 369 resolved,
18397 tests/day, 7079 pending, 1.6% pos
138 in ICU (94 on ventilator)🏥

+9,697 vaccinations💉
87.9% of age 12+ ≥1 dose💉
(83.9% = 2 doses)
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario
Daily new cases vs. test % positivity in #Ontario
Line = 7 day moving average. #COVIDー19 #onhealth
#Covid_19 Ontario: A closer look from June 1
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It's #WorldPolioDay! Protect yourself and your loved ones from #polio. Polio vaccines, given multiple times, can protect a child for life.

Proper hygiene and sanitation (use a toilet, wash hands) also help limit the disease’s spread.

#VaccinesWork Protect yourself and your loved ones from polio. Ensure your
Remember, there is NO cure for #polio, but it can be prevented through vaccination. Polio vaccines are safe and effective. #VaccinesWork Polio vaccines are safe and effective. Polio vaccines have b
To #EndPolio, it is crucial that everyone – especially children who have missed their vaccine doses during the pandemic – are fully vaccinated and protected against #polio.
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After 10 days of follow-up, the Quilty Household Human Challenge/Daily Contact Testing Study has concluded.

Headline result: we didn't get Covid 🥳

Tentative conclusions: despite a small N, this study adds to a growing body of evidence that #VaccinesWork
Other findings:

Daily nasal lateral flow testing was deemed acceptable by study participants.

Positive test sequences were continuous and viral load could be inferred from the time-to-appearance and intensity of test line.

Flowflex LFTs were unable to detect virus in saliva.
Covid symptoms first manifested in Housemate #1 as a runny nose, a non-Covid specific symptom which would be unlikely to warrant a PCR test. "Core" symptoms manifested several days later.
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1/5 The latest #COVIDmeasures analysis report compares #COVID19 incidence, hospitalizations, and vaccinations across age groups in 🇨🇱 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 (weeks 15-35, 2021).


Overview of results in thread 👇

@rki_de @BMG_Bund @CBcheraoui
2/5 Across all countries (🇨🇱 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇺🇸) #COVID19 incidence was highest 📈 in the youngest age groups and lowest 📉 in the oldest.

At the same time, the oldest age groups had the highest #VaccinationCoverage - especially in 🇨🇱🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇩🇪 🇪🇸 at 80% or above 🛡️
3/5 A key finding reinforced by this report is #VaccinesWork: as full #vaccination coverage in the oldest age groups increased in 🇩🇪 and 🇪🇸, hospital occupancy and admissions steadied or decreased.
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OCT 18: #COVID19 in #Ontario
373 cases, 2* deaths, 423 resolved,
20432 tests/day, 7862 pending, 1.8% pos
168 in ICU (97 on ventilator)🏥

+12,399 vaccinations💉
87.5% of age 12+ ≥1 dose💉
(83.2% = 2 doses)
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario Image
#Covid_19 Ontario: A closer look from June 1 Image
Daily new cases vs. test % positivity in #Ontario
Line = 7 day moving average. #COVIDー19 #onhealth Image
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Got a booking? 👉Move it forward
No booking? 👉Find a walk-up
Our dated to reach 70% and 80% fully vaccinated, at this rate of uptake, are two months away! We can't open up until we get there.
And at the moment, that date is getting *further* away, not closer.
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OCT 15: #COVID19 in #Ontario
496 cases, 2* deaths, 542 resolved,
35905 tests/day, 14870 pending, 1.4% pos
163 in ICU (102 on ventilator)🏥

+29,762 vaccinations💉
87.3% of age 12+ ≥1 dose💉
(82.8% = 2 doses)
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario Image
Daily new cases vs. test % positivity in #Ontario
Line = 7 day moving average. #COVIDー19 #onhealth Image
#Covid_19 Ontario: A closer look from June 1 Image
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Long overdue 🧵 on a COVID study we preprinted last year, now out in JID. Co-led by @nialljlennon @gabriel_stacey @eric_lander, enabled by @BroadGenomics & @MassDPH

Key finding: shed viral load is independent of symptoms at time of testing (pre-vax)…

Back in Apr 2020, COVID overwhelmed our hospital in MA (I was on service & will never forget).

It also swept thru nursing homes, so @MassDPH tested ALL residents+staff of SNFs for COVID (back when tests were rare: big job w help from MA Nat'l Guard).
B/c of @broadinstitute's remarkable early scale-up of testing, >70% of these (>30,000 over 2+ mo) were run @BroadGenomics. @nialljlennon & @gabriel_stacey recognized an opportunity to study viral loads on their standardized platform; @MassDPH had queried symptoms (yes/no).
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OCT 8: #COVID19 in #Ontario
573 cases, 10* deaths, 621 resolved,
37118 tests/day, 13993 pending, 1.8% pos
154 in ICU (97 on ventilator)🏥

+30,575 vaccinations💉
86.8% of age 12+ ≥1 dose💉
(82.0% = 2 doses)
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario
OCT 8: Cases/Hosp/ICU by vaccination status *PER MILLION*

Cases: RR 4.5x unvaccinated to vaccinated

Of those currently hospitalized (non-ICU) due to COVID19, 7.2x more likely to be unvaccinated.

Of those currently in ICU due to COVID19, 14.2x more likely to be unvaccinated.
🦠Cases (new):
Unvaccinated: 300
Partial vax: 33
Full vax: 192
Unknown: 48

🏥Hospitalizations (non-ICU total):
Unvaccinated: 107
Partial vax: 13
Full vax: 43

🚨ICU (total):
Unvaccinated: 73
Partial vax: 11
Full vax: 15

(Unknown status excluded.)
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