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Woah. This is one of the more damning reports I’ve ever read on Facebook. Yes, that says something. It’s a deeply reported must-read on how Facebook’s political and PR interests affect public safety. A sick, sick company.…
It certainly appears there is a Joel Kaplan and Andy Stone for every market to team up and influence product decisions to keep local governments happy. I don’t even understand how this person remains employed at Facebook would a straight face. ImageImageImage
Think about how Facebook can use its own leverage in any country to assist its preferred governance. There is clear evidence of this in this report. We’ve seen it in other nations, too, even covering up harms and working alongside politicians to help them. Image
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THREAD: How leading climate science denial group "The Global Warming Policy Forum" is using Facebook adverts to minimise the impact of man made climate change. Videos, screenshots, background, solutions below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
(2/14) Here's one advert, in full, run by the "thinktank" in July.

👉🏼 #climatechange paired with alarm / hysteria / exaggeration / cult / irrationality
👉🏼 Of course can't resist a dig at @GretaThunberg
👉🏼 Implying, without directly saying, that #fossilfuels are a net good
(3/14) Before we look at another, I just want to note that Facebook calls this group a "science website" on their front page. This will show up when people hover over the logo or click to learn more, so the videos will be construed by many as #science.
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July is ending, but the #StopHateForProfit campaign continues because Facebook has taken no significant action on hate and disinformation.

The findings in this report by @accountabletech shows that it’s not just us, but CONSUMERS who are demanding change.
Among other findings:
66% of consumers want FB to stop recommending and amplifying hateful content.

63% want FB to change their policies to help stop radicalization & hate.

60% want FB to create automatic flagging of hateful content for human review.
Not only that, but consumers LOVE brands participating in the #StopHateForProfit campaign!

74% (!) support companies pulling ads from FB in order to stop funding hate.

34% even said they’d be more likely to buy those brands who have paused their ad dollars to FB!
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CONFIRMED: FUCKING FINALLY! David Duke, former GRAND FUCKING WIZARD of the FUCKING KKK was just suspended from Twitter.

We’ve only been asking about this for THREE AND A HALF FUCKING YEARS!

F-bombs aside, this is a clear sign that social media companies see the writing on the wall. Advertisers have no appetite to pay into platforms that amplify and promote white supremacy.

Except @Facebook.
Facebook doesn’t care.

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Hearing from @HouseJudiciary on Big Tech anti-trust starts NOW! Follow @TTP_updates for live tweets…
.@RepCicilline's opening address cites how big tech has helped push "dangerous so called miracle cures"

TTP's April report found that Google was paying creators of misleading coronavirus videos on YouTube…
.@RepCicilline: Google shows most profitable results - whether ads or their own sites

Sundar Pichai "A vast majority of queries in google we don't show ads at all... where the search is highly commercial"
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.@StopFundingHate is left wing pro-censorship group out of the UK. They are not targeting Hate, they are targeting views that don't agree with their left wing ideology. They are encouraging companies to stop advertising on any media company that has opposing views. CENSORSHIP.
The people over at Fahrenheit211 did some digging on them and produced a two part article. Learn more about the left wing group who want to stifle free press and enable censorship by targeting opposing views.…
Here is part two. The director of @StopFundingHate, @ColinBaines1, through Friends Provident Foundation has channeled money to left leaning groups from the George Soros Open Societies Foundation.…
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Long term, we need new rules of the road for these companies. Mark Zuckerberg has far too much power, more power than any individual should have, but especially an individual with no deep understanding or appreciation for civil rights…
We've been working for years to get @Facebook to address their civil rights failures. The release of this civil rights audit exposes Facebook as a company that facilitates hate speech, violence, disinformation and bias while shortchanging civil rights.
We've forced @Facebook to expand its appeals process, address censorship and adopt content moderation policies against white nationalists. And through the audit, we've seen marginal progress on policing unlawful ad targeting, but it hasn't gone nearly far enough.
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Today, @Facebook released their civil rights audit, a product of years of pressure from our team and a growing collective of civil society, researchers and advocates. After years of pushing Facebook to prioritize the safety of Black users, here is our own audit.
First, a little background. @Facebook agreed to publicly release its civil rights audit after a meeting we had with @sherylsandberg in 2018, after it was exposed that FB hired a PR firm to malign our work with anti-Semitic and anti-Black stereotypes.
This is because Color Of Change has been pressuring Facebook since 2015, when we successfully pushed them to protect Black activists who were being doxxed by white supremacist groups after their failure to act.
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Today @rashadrobinson @DerrickNAACP @JGreenblattADL and I will meet with Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg & other Facebook execs about the #StopHateForProfit campaign. Our demands are already on the table, they've been on the table, many long before this campaign ever came to be.
You can find them here:…. And this thread has details.
We're asking Facebook to: (1) Establish and empower permanent civil rights infrastructure including C-suite level executive with civil rights expertise to evaluate products and policies for discrimination, bias, and hate.
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As the leaders of the #StopHateForProfit coalition gear up to meet @Facebook leadership tomorrow, we want to hear what they will do to deal with this problem - not a repackaging of old talking points. But first, let’s take a minute to recap how we got here:
In 2018, as we were pressuring @Facebook about the rampant voter suppression, discrimination and disinformation on the platform, @Facebook hired a PR firm to launch a negative attack campaign against us that advanced anti-Black and anti-semitic narratives.…
Afterward, we had a meeting with Sheryl Sandberg where she apologized and committed to making their civil rights audit public. Over the years FB has made steps forward but refused to enforce them when powerful people (ex: Trump) violated their own rules…
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🤯 437 pages. Final report. CMA continues to be a leader globally in recognizing intersection of data and competition policy and the unique role of tracking, data minining by Facebook and Google as their source of market power. Extensively covered in report (focus p149-).
Great to see @CMAgovUK move this chart to front of report. it’s one of most critical to understand (misunderstood due to Facebook/Google lobbying). Unlike other services, a majority of Duopoly’s data collection happens when users aren’t even intending to interact with them. /2
The CMA report includes some interventions on Google and Facebook’s data power. The last one is where we see most promise as it aligns with consumer privacy interests, privacy laws and forces businesses to compete on their actual trust with the user. Advertisers/G/FB hate it. /3
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Good afternoon @DPDuk @asda Your adverts on the racist-platforming @EveningStandard are next to the resident troll's latest hate-filled post. Maybe a Facebook-style suspension of advertising can help @RecorderElle
persuade management to ban him and stop your brand being damaged.
The @EveningStandard management are letting their report about @BiancaaWills and the @metpoliceuk to be used as a platform for racists to post their hate. @SophiaSleigh, when are they going to stop this?
More racist-platforming from the sub-@standardnews
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Ecosia is joining the #StopHateForProfit campaign, pausing all advertising on Facebook’s network in July. We use Facebook and Instagram to spread the word about our work, so we can grow and plant more trees. But it’s time for Facebook to put people and planet before profit. 1/3
Facebook must join us to create safe spaces for communities around the world. Together we could plant the seeds of change for a greener, fairer and more equal future. A future that prioritizes people and planet over profit, leaving no one behind. 2/3
We believe in transparency and share our financial reports every month, so you can see exactly how much money we make from your searches, and what percentage of revenue goes towards trees and advertising. 3/3…
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(1) Inspired. Here's a thread of reports for anyone who's been conned into believing Facebook cares about the public or really anything except its advertising revenues and its profits. #StopHateForProfit
- named by UN as playing determining role in genocide in Myanmar
-exec wrote awful memo - connecting people > than terrorism
- built ceo special tool to delete his messages
- sold ads to Russian operatives in Rubles during 2016 election
- knew political operative scraped user data, did nothing
- disclosed private moments of users on web
- ran out WhatsApp and Instagram founders due to leadership sketchiness
- incited ethnic violence in Sri Lanka
- enabled Russian interference in 2016 election
- shared data with Chinese Huawei, flagged by US intel
- killed off Vine app access on CEO’s orders
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If you’re an advertiser or user following the #StopHateForProfit campaign to boycott Facebook properties in July and have seen Facebook’s lobbying to stop it. Three quick items then back to my Sunday with family. /1
Facebook should have zero trust. Only months ago the guy who plays point on these issues had this to say to global parliaments. Watch the exchange - they didn’t remove the hate speech - then decide whether you trust his boss Facebook’s Chief lobbyist on @ReliableSources. /2
Facebook’s big policy changes yesterday were twofold as I see them. First, they’ll no longer allow hate speech in political advertising. Are you kidding me? This means it was allowed until now and that is not a meaningful change and nowhere on par with Twitter’s moves. /3
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It’s relatively easy for big corps like @unileverusa and @CocaCola to join the #StopHateForProfit.

What should you do if you run a startup or SME that *isn’t* a household name and can’t afford *not* to advertise?

📝Here are some FB-free marketing strategies:
1. Strike up sponsorship deals with podcasts and newsletter creators.

You’ll reach:
•Strong niche communities w/ shared values
•Highly engaged + loyal audiences
2. Make direct media buys.

You will:
•Reach educated & plugged in audiences at a fraction of cost of programmatic
•Support *real* news & journalism

Set up a call w/ @TrustXads to learn more (no affiliation- I just like what they do)
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CONFIRMED: @Starbucks will pause all advertising on Facebook and all other social media platforms.

That large companies are rethinking not just Facebook, but ALL social platforms is an incredible step forward and one that needed to be done.

It should also be done with programmatic advertising, which allows corporations to monetize hate and disinfo without their knowledge.
The idea that advertisers should send their money through companies like @google and @facebook to outlets without any vetting or enforcement of rules is just as ridiculous as monetizing content on social media that comes from racists and shady disinfo peddlers.
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Zuck could prolly double-down on a platform optimized for fascism and shed big brands in favor of small-biz grifters and snake oil advertisers to meet analyst expectations for revenue and growth as long as Trumpist boomers keep exhibiting their propensities. #StopHateForProfit
Yes, Facebook is global and exports its optimized facism abroad but its revenue center is dumb Americans who get targeted for stupid shit and click on it. This also includes young Americans on Instagram falling for ads too (listening on the microphone they insist, not the algo!)
The ads aren’t the core source of disinformation. The posts (especially in private groups) spread the entropic poison unravelling our civilization. But the ads pay the bills. They grease the poison machine. #StopHateForProfit
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Unilever deja de anunciarse en Facebook y Twitter durante TODO 2020 en EEUU.

Esto es gordo: Unilever es una empresa enorme, propietaria de marcas tan importantes como Dove, Axe o Knorr. En tan solo 6 meses de 2020 había gastado ya casi 12 millones de dólares en Facebook.
Unilever se une a #StopHateForProfit, el boicot a Facebook del que hablé ayer y al que ya se habían unido marcas como North Face o Patagonia. El boicot busca que Facebook controle mejor el contenido que difunde odio y polarización en su plataforma.

Comentaba en el hilo que para que el boicot a Facebook tuviese éxito, debía alargarse más allá de un sólo mes y debía contar con grandes grupos multinacionales.

La decisión de Unilever cumple ambos requisitos: detiene la inversión durante todo el año y es un grupo enorme.
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North Face, Patagonia y Ben & Jerry’s se han sumado al boicot a Facebook. Estas marcas van a dejar de anunciarse en la red social durante un mes como señal de protesta ante su falta de control del contenido extremo y polarizante.

¿Servirá de algo este boicot?

La idea del boicot a Facebook nace de varias organizaciones de EEUU, que juntas han creado la plataforma #StopHateForProfit. Su objetivo es que Facebook comience a combatir de verdad el contenido que difunde odio y polarización en la plataforma.

Su razonamiento es sencillo: el 99% de los 70.000 millones de dólares que ingresó Facebook en 2019 provienen de la publicidad. Si los anunciantes dejan de financiar a la red social, ésta se verá obligada a llevar a cabo cambios importantes en su funcionamiento.

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HUGE!!! watch this in Germany. The court has now ruled Facebook has to stop collecting and using data *across* its apps (FB, Insta, WhatsApp) and broader web (millions of sites)...importantly due to its dominance/antitrust...while it awaits appeal of decision lost Feb 2019.
Here is a tweet from Feb 2019 on the original and important decision.
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Patagonia is proud to join the Stop Hate for Profit campaign. We will pull all ads on Facebook and Instagram, effective immediately, through at least the end of July, pending meaningful action from the social media giant.
For too long, Facebook has failed to take sufficient steps to stop the spread of hateful lies and dangerous propaganda on its platform.
From secure elections to a global pandemic to racial justice, the stakes are too high to sit back and let the company continue to be complicit in spreading disinformation and fomenting fear and hatred.
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Ops... Image
A proposito di brand safety, responsabilità sociale e investimenti pubblicitari su #Facebook...

"Put your money where your mouth is"…
L'azienda di abbigliamento North Face ha interrotto le pianificazioni pubblicitarie su #Facebook.…
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