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@CAgovernor is signing a series of bills to reduce gun violence in #California.

#caleg #gunviolence
.@ASM_Irwin’s signed bills will develop standards for gun violence restraining orders, extend their duration to five years, and require gun packaging to contain a warning on suicide prevention.

#EndGunViolence #caleg #CaliforniaLeadstheWay
#AB61 by @AsmPhilTing allows employers, employees or teachers request a gun violence restraining order.

“Gun violence restraining orders are a tool that have gotten major bipartisan support.” - Asm. Ting

#EndGunViolence #CaliforniaLeadstheWay
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A protester in the Senate gallery appears to have just thrown some red liquid substance onto the floor. It hit Sen. Hurtado and landed on some of the senators’ desks. The senators have left the floor.
Other reporters heard a protester shout something about the blood of dead babies as the red liquid was thrown onto the Senate floor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something this inappropriate in my nearly 9 years covering the #caleg.
Now the Senate sergeants are clearing everyone off the floor. The gallery has been emptied too.
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THREAD: CA organized labor has been circulating framework for how they might organize gig workers. Here's why this matters in larger context of #AB5 and #Dynamex (1)
Recap: #Dynamex ruling says more workers are employees. Gig firms like Uber/Lyft are desperate to get out from under this, because their business models rely on work-when-you-want independent contractors. Labor not budging on #AB5 to put ruling in law; Newsom said he'll sign. (2)
BUT: #AB5 not a guarantee of gig worker organizing. Feds have said these workers are not employees, breaking with SCOCA. Newsom has said this gives CA an opportunity to create a new category; labor also talking about a new California Employee category (3)
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The Raisin City School Board just voted to take disciplinary action against the superintendent who allowed a school employee to wear a mask and hold a fake gun while shaking classroom doors during an unannounced active shooter drill. #caleg…
After the drill when the school held an assembly where, according to witnesses, school staff who were involved in carrying out the drill were laughing and celebrating. Meanwhile, children were crying or asking to go home with stomachaches and headaches.
There’s no data showing active shooter drills are effective, but there is data showing they cause anxiety and depression in kids. Schools can opt to train adult staff, but let’s stop traumatizing our kids.

Most important, let’s keep guns away from dangerous people.
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2 separate reports of #CAleg staffers assaulting people in the CA capital on Thurs. 1 was a 15 yr old who was called “retarded” and coughed on by Asm Rubio’s staffer. Another staffer yelled “move” and shoved a mother out of her way in the hall. @GavinNewsom What say you?
Assault!? Slurs? This is thanks to ignorant rumors around the capital of the dirty unvaccinated kids that are going to kill everyone. This wouldn’t be tolerated behavior directed at anyone who actually has an illness.
It wouldn’t be tolerated if illegal immigrants were treated this way. Or members of the LGBTQ community. Or any other minority... yet somehow, the Democratic Party is allowing this treatment of THIS minority.
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This is literally the YIMBY-est year in the Legislature. Ho boy. I am reviewing all the bills that dropped today - join me. A thread. (1/x)
First up, AB 10 would increase the LIHTC by $500 million!!!…
AB 11 (also by @DavidChiu ) would bring back Redevelopment, requiring 30 percent of all taxes allocated by agencies to fund housing!
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@reporterliz 1. That's quite a crowd! I don't condone yelling, but this is what happens when people who live, work and pay taxes in a community feel blindsided and unheard. There have been other forums in the Valley where it was clear that only the #homelessindustry was given a voice
@reporterliz 2. Besides shouts of #RecallRyu, they're also calling for #CommonSense, which is sorely lacking in the entire non debate about what to do with the criminal vagrants that the #caleg keep releasing into our streets, and that @MayorOfLA and the entire City Council keep coddling.
@reporterliz @MayorOfLA 3. When an article like this --… -- which discusses the salient question, "who benefits from this?" is reported as hate speech, we are no longer having a conversation. People have compassion. That's why Angelenos voted for HHH and H.
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Today is the day #CALeg votes to pass the #AB375 bill - otherwise the California Consumer Privacy Act @caprivacyorg ballot initiation moves forward.

Either would mark a huge win for Californian's #privacy rights
The most ironic thing from yesterdays public comments hearing on #AB375/@caprivacyorg:

All the industry lobbyists complaining about this "take it or leave it" #privacy deal that would prevent them from forcing consumers to take the industry's "take it or leave it" #privacy deal
Although it *was* slightly concerning that practically every assemblyman and industry representative made sure to mention that "they're looking forward to the clean-up amendments" if #AB375 does pass -- almost verbatim as if they were orchestrated by Sinclair Media
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✨The CA State Asm Governance Committee is hearing AB 2165, to MAKE ELECTION DAY A HOLIDAY this Wednesday afternoon, Apr 4!✨

California residents may submit a letter of support by faxing the committee at 916-319-3979‼️
In 2014, California had historically low voter turnout — only 42% of registered voters participated in the general election, 25% in the primary. Different reasons are cited for not voting after elections, but one of the most consistent reasons: work or school conflicts.
According to Pew Research Center, work and school conflicts were the *most* common reason that eligible voters did not vote in 2014. In fact, 35 percent of respondents answered that scheduling conflicts with work or school prevented them from getting to the polls.
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This #RobPorter mess brings up MANY issues we in the #domesticabuse prevention space see routinely. As a #DV prosecutor on the early days post-OJ with CA's Nicole Brown laws new on the books there was a LOT of "you overreacted; he's a good guy at work." Sound familiar, #metoo? 1/
So many #domesticabuse victims and survivors have a similar story: good guy in public; horrible and controlling in private. So we EXPECT lots of "he was a good guy; she must be over-reacting; this is not the man we know" #RobPorter-type defenses. they have 2 faces. 2/
OF COURSE he will behave at work. That's his paycheck. That's his public face. But at home ... all the jealousies and toxins come out in his private face. Believe the people who see his private face. 3/
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