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Faszinierend: Thread über Künstliche Intelligenz und ihre Auswirkungen auf unser Verständnis des Universums!

Ich freue mich, diese spannenden Entwicklungen mit euch zu teilen. #AI #Universum

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🔭 KI-Forschung hat die Art und Weise revolutioniert, wie wir das Universum betrachten.

Durch fortschrittliche Algorithmen können wir jetzt riesige Datenmengen analysieren und komplexe Muster erkennen, die uns bisher verborgen waren. #KI #Astrophysik
💫 Eines der bekanntesten Beispiele für den Einfluss von KI auf die Astrophysik ist die Entdeckung von Exoplaneten.

AI-gestützte Analysemethoden haben es ermöglicht, Tausende von potenziell bewohnbaren Planeten in unserer Galaxie zu identifizieren. #Exoplaneten #KI
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#ufotwitter #ufohistory #sagan #SETI
Today in UFO History - Sagan Speech
November 15, 1962 - Am. Rocket Society Conference
1/Stanford astronomer Carl Sagan presents a paper at the American Rocket Society annual meeting in Los Angeles, California, that explores models for the ImageImageImageImage
2/distribution of technical civilizations in the galaxy. Using Frank D. Drake’s equation to suggest that 0.001% of stars in the sky have a planet on them on which an advanced civilization resides, Sagan suggests the nearest such advanced civilization is several hundred light Image
3/years away from earth. From there, he explores the feasibility of interstellar spaceflight as a means for traversing such distances. The paper ends in consideration of the possibility of extraterrestrial contact with Earth in the past, including the ancient Mesopotamian myth of
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#ufotwitter #ufohistory #seti #tesla #Space
Today In UFO/ET Histoy - Space Signals?
November 13, 1962 - Am. Rocket Society
1/Two IBM engineers, C. D. Jackson and Robert E. Hohmann, present a paper at the American Rocket Society annual meeting in Los Angeles, California, noting ImageImageImageImage
2/the alleged extraterrestrial signals detected by Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, and David Todd between 1899 and 1924. They speculate that the signal source was 11 light years away, perhaps the Epsilon Eridani system. [Eberhart] ImageImageImageImage
"Rocket Society Report on Space Signals", NICAP U.F.O. Investigator Jan./Feb. 1963 Vol.II, No.7, pg.4;

The actual paper was very difficult to find, it seems to have been wiped from most places on the internet. But I have provided it here. ImageImageImageImage
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Let's talk a bit about the pessimistic "Dark Forest" hypothesis. Because it's entirely logical but nevertheless not a credible explanation for the Fermi Paradox, i.e., that we haven't seen alien civilizations. 1/
The "Dark Forest" is one of the potential answers to the famous Fermi Paradox listed by David Brin in 1983, and more recently the name of a book by Chinese sci-fi author Liu Cixin.

In short: space-faring civilization would see other intelligent life as an inevitable threat. 2/
Therefore, goes the hypothesis, any nascent life should be destroyed before it actually becomes a threat.

To a lot of people, this makes total sense. Life seems so brutish and violent. Perhaps alien civilizations wipe out everyone they detect.

But actually it doesn't. 3/
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#ufotwitter #astrobiology #FrankDrake #SETI
Today in ET Life History - The Drake Equestion
November 1, 1961 - The Order of the Dolphin
1/At a small, informal conference on SETI at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s facility in Green Bank, West Virginia, astronomer
2/Frank Drake writes this equation on a chalkboard: N = R fp ne fl fi fc L. The equation, the Green Bank Formula, summarizes the main concepts that scientists must contemplate when considering the question of extraterrestrial life capable of communicating by radio across space.
3/ It is more properly thought of as an approximation rather than as a serious attempt to determine a precise number. Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, and John C. Lilly in 1991.
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Here's an interesting paper that tries to answer the Fermi Paradox: why haven't we seen aliens yet?

I have my own answer, though.

I don't believe species capable of crossing interstellar distances COULD be very expansionist. #SETI
A strongly expansionist civilization - one that basically takes over every possible nook and cranny in the parts of the universe it can reach - implies a civilization that hasn't solved the problem of limiting its powers. It doesn't live within its means.
But technologies that are needed for interstellar travel are extremely powerful.

A civilization that develops such technologies before learning to limit its powers is one civil war or industrial accident away from an existential catastrophe.
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Seguimos la quincena temática sobre el #ArteAntiguoEgipto para el #TwitterCultural.

¿Conocéis los Guerreros de terracota enterrados cerca del autoproclamado primer emperador de China de la Dinastía Qin, Qin Shi Huang? Pues en Egipto tenemos algo parecido: los #ushebtis.

Sigue👇🏽 Image
Los #Shabtis, #Shauabtis o #Ushebtis (el nombre cambia según la época pero su significado se mantiene: los que responden) son estatuillas funerarias, de aspecto momiforme, originadas en la segunda mitad del Reino Medio, en la Dinastía XII, entre el 1962 y el 1787 a.C.

Sigue👇🏽 Image
En la primera dinastía a los faraones del antiguo Egipto los enterraban junto a s esposa y sus sirvientes, es decir: sacrificaban sus vidas para acompañar al faraón en "la otra vida".
Esto evolucionó a elementos simbólicos y mágicos (pinturas, relieves...) y estatuillas.

Sigue👇🏽 Image
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I had questions about the plausibility of what I saw. Many others did as well…
Regardless, I think it captured a big limitation on human colonization of the solar system and beyond: our psyches. I get moderately depressed with lack of sunlight in winter. What would happen to me traveling 9 months in the total black of space? Add in the solitude, the
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CONGRESIONAL UPDATE: Contrary to earlier pessimistic assessments, it now appears that the long-stalled Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA), with its UAP-related cargo, will be enacted after all.
This is the bill to which the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) last June linked a call for an unclassified UAP report in 6 months. The IAA now has been incorporated into a massive end-of-session bill, containing coronavirus-relief provisions, funding for
federal agencies through Sept 2021, etc. This 5,593-page package is referred to as "the omni." Unless something goes badly awry, it should be signed into law within days.
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08/09 > Une enquête à grande échelle de la région de Vela ne révèle aucun signe d'intelligence extraterrestre via @ScienceNews #LaMethSci Image
[L’étude à découvrir] 07/09> Une enquête #SETI de la région de Vela à l'aide du MWA via @AstroSocAus #LaMethSci
11/09 > Comment la #NASA a envoyé une carte dans l'espace pour aider les extraterrestres à trouver la Terre via @NatGeoFrance #LaMethSci Image
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Interested in the origins of time, life, consciousness & free will? Or the AI singularity and transhumanism? Audio from the talks at FQXi's "Mind Matters" meeting in Tuscany is being added each day, along with slides:…. Videos will appear soon (promise).
@seanmcarroll @carlorovelli @quantummoxie @gmusser @FrancesVidotto @SimonDeDeo @okw Memory, Causality and Cats. Cosmologist @seanmcarroll
searches for a mathematical description of why causes precede effects & asks what makes our memories of the past special & different from calculations of what went before:… Audio of talk from #FQXi2019
@seanmcarroll @carlorovelli @quantummoxie @gmusser @FrancesVidotto @SimonDeDeo @okw We could run out of computational resources in 32 years, says astrophysicist Fred Adams. And how alien civilizations could mine stars to create solar-system-sized #BlackCloudComputers detectable from Earth. Audio of Adams' talk from #FQXi2019 #SETI…
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