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Leftism, Conversion, AntiHindu Mindset, AntiNationalistic tendencies etc often take shape in universities & dis has been going on fr a long time

In ds Thread I'll be talking abt how such events happened in Calcutta in d early1800s at Hindu College now Presidency College
The Hindu College, Calcutta, now Presidency University has many star studded founders including the likes of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Rani Rashmoni, Raja Radhakanta Deb, Rasamay Dutt, Baidyanath Mukhopadhyay among the Indians & David Hare, Sir Edward Hyde East among the brits
Pay special attention to Rasamay Dutt as I'll come back 2 him later on in dis thread

Moreover certain Wikipedia articles also mention people frm d influential Tagore family as founders too
while that may or may not he factually correct, I'll be mentioning them in this thread too
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Thread to know why #ISupportMaridhas is trending? & why #DMK is rattled?

@MaridhasAnswers is Rajni & Modi fan, sane nationalist voice, YouTuber from Madurai who exposes DMK-Dravidian establishment, Anti-Hindu forces, Separatists, Conversion mafia.

@SwarajyaMag wrote article with proper details regarding bullying of 1 man army #Maridhas by #DMK-Dravidian establishment of Tamilnadu which he exposes.

DMK filed case on Maridhas for this video.

READ this…


After reading above article, You've seen how #DMK (claims to be a rationalist party) curbs FoE & even killed others in past & the threats faced by #Maridhas can't be ignored.

In the sea of Regional politics, He is refreshing for his Nationalistic stand.


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📌#Thread about #Sabrimala and myths.
Real history of sabrimala.
Lord Shiva & Mohini had a child named Dharmashasta.
He ws born to fulfil the boon that Mahishi had acquired from Lord Brahma that only a son of both Shiva & Vishnu can kill her.
2. His name and the story of His birth is explained in detail in the Bhagavata Purana.
Dharmashasta manifested Himself in various forms - as Aiyyanar, as Ayyappan, and as Himself. Prince Manikantan of Pandalam (Sabarimala Ayyappan) was the specific avatar He took to kill Mahishi.
3. So while Dharmashasta finds a mention in the Puranas, it is unlikely that Ayyappa would also be mentioned as Ayyappa’s birth happened many years after the Puranas were composed.
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Why Sabarimala has nothing to do with Menstruation. A thread-
Lord Ayyapa is worshipped by Hindus all over the world. He's one of the most important deity in the southern part of the Indian Subcontinent. There are thousands of temples where Lord is worshipped in diff forms.
Located in the Periyar Tiger Reserve in the Indian state of Kerala is one such temple- Sabarimala. It is a temple where lord is worshipped in his celibate form. Millions of devotees visit this temple every year, but only after days of strictly abstaining from lifely pleasures.
Legend says that this is the place where lord took refuge in order to save his vow of celibacy. Lord liberated a girl from a curse who immediately fell in love with him. She insisted him to marry her which wasn't possible as lord was a celibate.
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#Hindu memories must’ve faded,
Christian aspiration to convert Hindus haven’t!
British supported Abdul Aziz Dahalvi, Ahmed Barelvi, his army of 80,000 wahabis in 1821 to get rid of Sikhs!

Supported Syed Ahmed Khan in creating the jihadi Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh in 1875!
For your information #Hindus
Feb 1540, Papal Bull/ Government of Church Militant,promulgated by Pope Paul III established official institution of ‘Society of Jesus’
with mission of evangelisation/
SPIRITUAL CONQUEST & haven’t deterred from their path ever since!
#WakeUpHindus , do you know what the Sikhs did to the wahabi who was supported by evangelists to get rid of them?
The Sikhs beheaded Barelvi in the Battle of Balakot in 1831!
#SaveSabarimalaTradition #SaveSabarimala #Sabarimala
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శబరిమల ఆచార నియమాలు

1. నల్ల బట్టలు మాత్రమే ధరించాలి. ఇది శని దేవుని ప్రకోపాన్ని తగ్గించుతుంది.
కొన్ని ఏండ్ల దీక్ష తరవాత నీలము లేక కాషాయ వస్త్రాలు వేసుకోవాచు. పాద రక్షలు నిషేదం. ఇంట్లో ప్రవేశ సమయము కాళ్ళు కడిగి తీరాలి.
2. ప్రతీ దినము ప్రొదున్న సాయంకాలము చల్ల నీళ్ల తో తల స్నానము చెయ్యాలి. సుగంధిత ద్రవ్యాలు నిషేధము.

3. శాకాహార భోజనము మాత్రమే తినాలి. సొంత వంట ఉత్తమము, వేరే పాత్రములల్లో వండుకోవాలి.

4. కచ్చితంగా నేల మీదనే నిద్రపోవాలి. మంచాలు నిషేధము. దుప్పట్లు లాంటివి వాడవచ్చు.
5. ఈ వ్రత కాలము పూర్తిగా బ్రహ్మచర్యము పాటించాలి.

6. ప్రతీ ప్రొదున్న అయ్యప్ప శరణు ఘోష ఇంక శరణ విలి మంత్రాలు జపించాలి.

7. వివాదాలు, చెడ్డ మాటలు, సినిమాలు అన్ని నిషేధము. వీటికి లొంగకూడదు. భక్తి పాటలు వింటూ పాడుతూ సమయము గడిపితే మన ధ్యాస, నిష్ఠా దృఢముగా నిలుస్తుంది.
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Travancore Devaswom Board has gone complete rogue .... they are hell bent removing Thantri Kantararu Rajeevararu. Current actions of TDB clearly shows how much they want to help the communists / Marxists agenda..... none in favor of the temples or devotees
Though everybody blamed the police for lack of facilities like rooms, toilets & drinking water on Nov 5th & 6th .... i clearly see TDB folks collude with some police officials & marxists in this plan .... At Sannidhanam nothing can move if TDB puts its foot down
Which means the devotees were harassed as per a plan / instructions from Trivandrum, and TDB cleverly / covertly helped the marxists execute their plans ..... the SC verdict has exposed the politicians & vested interests nexus in Hindu temple affairs ( properties)
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Meet P G Sasivarma. The president of Pandalam Palace managing committee. Who is he? He retired from Kerala secretariat and was the secretary of @cpimspeak led Kerala Secretariat employees association. #pandalamstory #SaveSabarimala
Sasivarma was Allapuzha district Vice President of Kerala Students Federation which later became #SFI . Yes! you are reading it right! Now, Was Sasivarma for women entry into Sabarimala? NO! Sasi Varma's quote attached.
Every neo SFI leader should know this #pandalamstory
Who was the previous president of Pandalam Palace before P G Sasivarma? P Ramavarma. He was general secretary of #CPI led All Kerala private polytechnic association. Prior to that, he was the principal of the NSS pandalam polytechnic institute. #pandalamstory #SaveSabarimala
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(1) Sabarimala was burnt down in the 50s (2) The cross planting at Nilakkal happened in the 80s (3) The planned airport at Aranmula in the 200s (4) Now women entry. It’s apparent ‘they’ want the land that belongs to Sabarimala at any cost, however long it takes #SaveSabarimala
Sabarimala Temple Arson Case (1950)… | Don’t bother the report has been removed from the link. However I have a copy of the report
To put things in perspective, 40% of the Western Ghats (WG) are in Kerala. The area surrounding Sabarimala is the last remaining pristine forests in Kerala’s WG. They have immense ecological value. At the same time they have immense economic value as well 1/n
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More than 15000 devotees gathered to #SaveSabarimala and participated in a procession despite of heavy rai s at Pandalam which was organized by the Pandalam royals & devotees and inaugurated by our president @shilpamdas
A procession which started around 4 pm to #SAVESABARIMALA at Pandalam witnessed the participation of more than 1 lakh devotees by the time it reached its end. We will be uploading the videos of the procession soon.
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