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A scientist with the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was on Tuesday found murdered in his apartment in #Hyderabad.…
In response to India’s anti-satellite #ASAT missile codename #MissionShakti the US has launched what is dubbed as Operation Olympic Defender, as part of American #SpaceWar plans in collaboration with the #FiveEyes.…
#FiveEyes is an intelligence umbrella based on the foundations laid by the spies of East India Company. Much of the sharing of information is performed via the ultra-sensitive #STONEGHOST network, which contains “the western world’s most closely guarded secrets.”
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A brief thread. It is now 2.5 months after the Indian #ASAT test. How much of the #spacedebris generated is still in orbit, how much is gone?
92 larger debris pieces from the test have been catalogued so far. Half of those are still orbiting today.
According to the Indian Government forecast at the time of the test, the last debris pieces should have reentered 45 days after the test, i.e. a month ago. The reality is different. 45 days after the test, barely 30% of the tracked larger debris had reentered.
As mentioned, currently (June 15) some 50% of the larger, tracked debris pieces is still on orbit. This ~50% is in line with the forecast in my analysis here:…
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In this thread, a summary of my OSINT analysis of a DRDO video of the Mar 27 Indian #ASAT test. I will show that the kill vehicle hit #Microsat-r in an upwards direction, not "head on" as the DRDO claims.
@ssc_nl @nktpnd @brianweeden @wslafoy @planet4589 @Genevaexpat
The Indian DRDO released a video documentary on #MissionShakti. Part of this video is imagery from an earth-based IR camera, that shows the missile hit and destroy Microsat-r:
The video gives us an accurate time of the intercept (5:42:15.5 UT), and from that a position, but interestingly enough the frames also contain missile telemetry (range, azimuth and elevation)! They cover the final 2.7 seconds of the missile trajectory.
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I'm very very Disappointed in #IndianMedia ..
I Thought I educated them enough on #Satellites
Anyway #BreakingNews: Large Chunk of #MicrosatR ( main payload ) is revolving in this orbit ..
As Does #ASAT debri ( Termed as #MicrosatRDebri)
You want the Orbits #MicrosatR & #ASAT Debri ??
Here it is
Date of #MircosatR's orbital calculation :
5th April 2019 ..
One can safely say ..
Well after that Dastardly #ASAT-test ..
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In case anyone doubts that low altitude #ASAT tests are a threat to higher orbiting satellites: here is a Gabbard Diagram I created for 173 larger debris fragments from Operation Burnt Frost, the US ASAT demo on USA 193 in 2008.
@SSC_NL @nktpnd @cosmos4u @brianweeden
The USA 193 intercept was at 247 km (compare 283 km for the Indian ASAT), yet a lot of the larger fragments ended up in eccentric orbits with apogee at much higher altitudes, well into the operational satellite range. 64% of the depicted sample had apogee above the ISS orbit.
Because they all have a rather low perigee, lifetimes on orbit of these fragments are limited, but some held on for several months, and occasionally up to almost two years:
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#MissionShakti - India's anti-satellite missile test - where we identify the satellite used during the test as well as address the multi-national meeting going on in Geneva on Militarization of Space & India's pre-emptive test to thwart any possible bans.…
Was #MissionShakti a defiant preemptive strike to thwart any attempts to ban testing of space-conflict weaponry that may result from ongoing 25 nations meet in Geneva on Militarisation of Space to be concluded today in the backdrop of India's #ASAT test?…
In the case of #MissionShakti, because of the low altitude of less than 300 km of the target satellite #MICROSATR, the debris threat will be limited. While space debris has become a bone of contention at the Geneva meet, we present here the actual figires.…
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/1 Long thread with what we know so far about today's Indian #ASAT test, the #spacedebris #spacepolicy and #spacelaw implications, and the possible role of commercial space in enforcing norms
/2 India govt says the test took place at 300 km altitude and was against a live Indian satellite:…
/3 According to analysis by @TSKelso @DutchSpace and @Marco_Langbroek the target was likely Microsat-r (SATNO 43947, 2019-006A)
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Those who are saying WHY #PMMODI IS TAKING THE CREDIT? Let me give a point by point rebuttal. #MissionShakti #ASAT #DRDO #ISRO

1. ISRO never got attention by UPA Govt. But the Modi Government granted 50% more budget in ISRO Budget just in first 2 months…
2. It never stopped at that phase. Modi Government kept increasing the budget every year.

Currently the Budget of ISRO = 11,538.26 crores INR for the financial year 2019-20
3. During UPA time ISRO's budget hardly increased. From around 4000 Cr in 2009 to 5500 Cr in 2014.

2012-13, a sum of Rs. 5,615 crore had been allocated…
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The ASAT test was long required and overdue. The technology was in place for quite some time. Needed political clearance which has now happened. Well done! 👍
The significance of the ASAT test can be gauged by the operation name, Mission Shakti. Same as our 1998 nuclear tests which was named Operation Shakti
Anyone asked for proof yet? #justasking.
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