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Two Years Ago On This Day

Devotion Cannot Be Subjected To Gender Discrimination, SC Allows Women Entry In Sabarimala By 4:1 Majority; Lone Woman In The Bench Dissents [Read Judgment]…
Rationality Has No Place in Matters Of Faith : Justice Indu Malhotra Opposes Women Entry In #Sabarimala [Read Judgment]…
Sabarimala Custom Must Yield To Fundamental Right Of Women To Worship : Justice Nariman [Read Judgment]…

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1. It's been two years since I finished writing 'The #Sabarimala Confusion- #Menstruation Across Cultures: A Historical Perspective'. It has been one of the most satisfying projects to me personally. #BookBoost Image
2. What started as a series of articles under the title 'Hindu views on Menstruation' in 2016 grew into a full-fledged book by 2018 having 350+ pages with references alone forming 50+ pages. The book published by @Vitastapublish is currently in 2nd reprint. #BookBoost
3. The book examines the notions and practices associated with #menstruation in cultures and religions across the world. Two themes of special focus in the book are: Impurity and Sacrality. #Women #Sabarimala #BookBoost
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A Webinar organized by GNLU, Gandhinagar and CAN Foundation on "Dissents that made a difference: India & Abroad" to begin shortly.

Supreme Court Judge, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul to deliver the Keynote Address

Senior Advocate Dhruv Mehta will be a co-panelist. Image
The session will be moderated by Supreme Court Advocates Anupama Dhruve and Kanu Agrawal.

@CANFoundation19 #Dissent
Session begins.

Prasanth VG from J Sagar and Associates introduces the panelists and Moderators.

@CANFoundation19 #Dissent
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LIVE THREAD {Supreme Court verdict in the Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple Treasure Case }

A two bench of SC headed by J. UU Lalit will decide whether the Vault B of the ancient temple could be opened despite tales of "danger" surrounding it?

Justices UU Lalit and Indu Malhotra will decide if there is a need to set up an autonomous devaswom board, like the one for #Sabarimala temple, which manages temples and has nominees from community as well state government impacting the rights of the royal family too.
J Lalit reads out the verdict:

We allow the appeal of the royal family of Travancore. Death does not effect Shebaitship of the Travancore Family. The bench gives a nod for constituting a committee headed by the district judge of Trivandrum.

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Shiv Mandir at Muthala Kadavu/ Crocodile Ghat on the bank of River Periyar, Kalady where Did #AdiShankaracharya ‘s father worshipped is under #ChurchMafia attack!
Note in video,pillars raised around the Temple. Watch this Church structure Christians dared to erect on the face of the Temple claiming it to be temporary for some shooting, where as its a clear case of grabbing Temple Land! Reported by
@BinilSomasunda1 of Hindu Helpline Kerala

#AdiShankaracharya ‘s mother Aryamba dreamt that Shiva Himself will be be born to her as her child. She he lost her husband when Shankra was 7, she taught him Veds & and Upanishads but his inclination towards becoming a monk scared her.
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Supreme Court Judge, Justice Deepak Gupta begins delivering his lecture on "Democracy and Dissent" in an event organised by the Supreme Cour Bar Association.

Justice Gupta says, "I will also add Dissent in Judiciary... To have a strong democracy, a fearless judiciary is important"

Justice Gupta: Just because you hold a contrarian view, does not mean you are anti-national or disrespect the country. You may disagree with the government, may not go against the country. There is a difference between the country and its government

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Justice AP Shah to deliver Fourth LC Jain Memorial Lecture on the Topic "Fighting For Freedom: Supreme Court in the 21st Century
Romila Thapar- had Jain been around, he would have been approving of the protests, especially the involvement of women. Underlines the ethics of what is happening today
Justice AP Shah is speaking now
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#Sabarimala: Supreme Court upholds reference of larger legal questions to larger bench in exercise of its review jurisdiction.
Court also frames seven questions to be considered by the 9-judge bench.
Hearing will begin on February 17 and will be continuous.

One lawyer from each side will make leading arguments who will get one full day to argue.

Court will also give two hours each to lawyers to make supplementary arguments.
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#Sabarimala: Hearing before 9-judge bench of SC commences on the issue of whether a review bench has powers to frame legal questions and refer it to a larger bench.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta making submissions. @htTweets
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta says that the powers of Supreme Court to refer a matter to larger bench is unfettered even if its a review petition or curative petition.
#Sabarimala: SG Tushar Mehta referring to an earlier judgment of SC in which a larger bench had observed that even though reference to it was not proper, since the matter was before it, the larger bench will hear the matter.
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Today in SC : The 9-judge bench of the Supreme Court constituted to answer the questions mentioned in the Sabarimala review order will consider the preliminary issue whether a reference is possible in a review petition.
"Whether Supreme Court can refer questions of law to a larger bench in a review petition?" - this issue will be considered by the bench Today
In the hearing held on Monday, Senior Advocate F S Nariman had raised a preliminary objection to the proceedings by stating that the #Sabarimala review bench could not have made the reference.…
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A nine-Judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court will begin hearing today arguments on the issue of whether questions of law can be referred by the Court to a larger Bench in a review petition.

This Constitution Bench was set up to decide questions pertaining to women's rights under Article 14 vis-a-vis Religious rights under Articles 25 and 26 that were referred to a larger Bench by in #Sabarimala review judgment.

The first issue, however, to be considered by this Nine-Judge Bench will be the scope of review jurisdiction vis-a-vis reference.

The question of scope of review jurisdiction was raised by Senior Counsel Fali Nariman and will now be taken up as the first issue to be considered.
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SC 9-judge bench to consider questions of essential religious practices and fundamental rights has assembled.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta making submissions.
He’s stating that the issues can be framed in the chambers.
Fali S Nariman : The questions should be decided on the basis of facts The scope of the review is extremely limited. Is the answer to the question correct or not correct ? It’s a limited jurisdiction.
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64 petitions, 3 religions, 9 judges.

Supreme Court set to frame legal issues today in the cases concerning Sabarimala temple entry for women, female gential mutilation, entry of muslim women into mosques, and bar on parsi women - married to non parsi men - in Aghyari. @htTweets
#Sabarimala: Bench assembles, hearing commences.

"We could not agree to the issues framed by everyone. Judges can consider framing the issues in chamber. No need to do it in open court", says Solicitor General Tushar Mehta.
#Sabarimala: Sr. Adv. Fali Nariman questioning the 5-judge bench's decision to refer questions to a larger bench in review petitions.

Can such a thing be done in exercise of review jurisdiction, asks Fali Nariman.
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1. With the newly constituted 9-Judges Bench of the Supreme Court taking up deliberation on #Sabarimala issue again, resharing my book '#Menstruation Across Cultures'… Image
2. The book was written over a period of 3 years from 2016-18 to address larger concerns that were raised regarding Hindu perceptions of #Menstruation in the context of #Sabarimala practice.
3. The study took me deep into not only the #menstruation practice of #Hinduism, but also of Buddhism, Jainism, & Sikhism; Abrahamic religions like Judaism, Christianity, & Islam, and ancient but long-extinct civilizations like Greece, Rome, Egypt, & Mesopotamians. #Sabarimala
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#Sabarimala hearing to commence today: First 9-judge bench in Supreme Court after more than 2 years. Last one was on Right to Privacy if I am not wrong.
#Sabarimala: 9-judge bench of SC assembles.

We are not hearing review petitions, we are only hearing the seven questions referred to larger bench by the 5 judge bench in Sabarimala case, CJI SA Bobde makes it clear.
#Sabarimala: Lawyer for one of the petitioners in sabarimala says he has not been supplied copies of the petitions in cases raising similar issues on rights of Muslim and Parsi women.
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In Nov 2019, a narrow 3:2 majority of the #SupremeCourt decided to keep the #Sabarimala review petitions pending.

It held that overarching questions pertaining to #ReligiousFreedom & #GenderEquality must first be decided by a larger 9-judge Bench.
The 9-judge Bench of the #SupremeCourt will begin hearing arguments on the overarching questions next week, on 13 January.

#Sabarimala #SabarimalaReview #SabarimalaTemple
There are several key cases that will be effected by the outcome of this 9-judge Bench matter:

A) Yasmeen Zuber v. UOI - Do practices prohibiting the entry of women into mosques violate the right to #equality?

CC: @VakashaS @apurva_hv
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1. The three Judge Bench headed by the Hon’ble CJI Shri S A Bobde clarified that in view of the questions raised in the Review Verdict in the #Sabarimala case, the balance of convenience lies in favour of the practice of the Temple which has existed for over a 1000 years.
2. The CJI observed that while it could be argued that there is no stay of the 2018 verdict, the Court is exercising its discretion to not pass orders allowing entry until questions raised in the Review Verdict are finally decided by a larger Bench.
3. The CJI also observed that the majority view in the Review Verdict deemed it fit to entertain the Review Petitions as well as refer to a larger Bench since the 2018 verdict merits reconsideration.
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#Sabarimala: Kerala govt says I am not allowed into the temple, Colin Gonsalves tells SC on behalf of Rehna Fathima.

The practice has been going on for 1000s of years. Balance of convenience requires that such an order should not be passed in your favour today, CJ SA Bobde.
#Sabarimala: If matter is decided in your favour, then we will certainly pass an order, remarks CJI SA Bobde.
#Sabarimala: "We are all opposed to violence. We domt engender violence", responds Sr Counsel India Jaising to the remarks of the bench that there is possibility of violence.
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25th Justice Sunanda Bhandare Memorial Lecture to be delivered by Dr. Upendra Baxi on

"How to Engender the Basic Structure Doctrine? The Elusive Future of Women's Rights as Human Rights"

Attorney General for India, KK Venugopal to preside. @htTweets Image
#JusticeSunandaBhandareLecture: I used to be a progressive feminist. I don't use 'ladies and gentlemen'.

I say gentle persons, says Dr. Upendra Baxi.
#JusticeSunandaBhandareLecture: Justice Sunanda Bhandare was one of the earliest feminist voices both at the Bar and the Bench, says Upendra Baxi.
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Bindu Ammini of #Sabarimala fame attacked in Kochi. In the full video, you can see BJP's candidate for last Kochi bypoll, CG Rajagopal aka Muthu, seemingly leading the pack of goons. Attacking women with pepper spray is BJP's way of "peaceful protest"? Will BJP fire these goons?
One can understand the BJP politician's frustration. After sidelined in the BJP for years, he ended up with a mere 13k votes out of the total 1.5L in Kochi bypoll. But why should women bear his village idiocy? Stand up and fight back, Kerala.
This is CG Rajagopal aka Muthu, the politician whom you can see at the end of the video. The one who is attacking Bindu, going by local news reports, is an associate of Pratheesh Vishwanath, a former VHP leader who has sided with AHP now, and a known right-wing troublemaker. Image
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The majority judgment in #Sabarimala review petitions today has posed many questions. What are its implications? Where to now? #Thread…
The Court at the outset noted that the issue relating to restriction on entry of women in places of worship is not limited to the #Sabarimala case.
#sabarimala: Similar practices have been called into question in three other cases – one on entry of Muslim women in a Durgah/Mosque, second in relation to Parsi women married to a non-Parsi into the holy fireplace of an Agyari, third female genital mutilation among Dawoodi Bohra
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#Sabarimala: Majority judgment is 9 pages long. Dissenting judgment runs into 68 pages.
The dissenting judgment of Justices Chandrachud and Nariman states that every central Minister including Prime Minister and Chief Minister bound to act in furtherance of Supreme Court orders. Image
While berating the tendency of political parties running after votes in defiance of SC orders, dissenting judgment in #Sabarimala states that it is incumbent upon the Executive, MPs and MLAs to faithfully aid in carrying out decrees and orders passed by the Supreme Court Image
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#Sabarimala judgment published. Sabarimala review petitions and writ petitions will be kept pending. They have not been referred to larger Bench.

Larger questions on Articles 25, 26, Essential Religious Practices Test etc will be considered by larger Bench. @barandbench
@barandbench The Court has however given liberty to larger Bench to consider the question whether the Kerala Hindu Places of Public Worship (Authorisation of Entry) Rules, 1965 govern the temple in question at all. @barandbench
@barandbench #Sabarimala judgment published. Sabarimala review petitions and writ petitions will be kept pending. They have not been referred to larger Bench.

Larger questions on Articles 14, 25, 26, Essential Religious Practices Test etc will be considered by larger Bench. Image
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1. As we wait for SC verdict on #Sabarimala review petitions, resharing my work on #menstruation which basically started as a response to media narrative on Sabarimala and as a defense of Ayappa Swami.
2. Two articles on #Sabarimala issue:
a. Why Sabarimala controversy is religious issue, not women’s rights…

b. Sabarimala Debate: How Equality discourse is being used to undermine Adhyatmic practices-… #SabarimalaVerdict
3. Six-part series on Hindu views on #Menstruation-… #Sabarimala
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