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THREAD on AI, ChatGPT, and the Scientific Method. 1/ We've undergone the Scientific Revolution in a (problematic) attempt to understand the world and nature, including human nature, and then to dominate it through science and technology.
2/ The ultimate (again, problematic) goal of this endeavour was to gain control over these elements, to dominate them and bend them to our will. One of the fundamental aspects of the scientific method is the experiment, as it allows for replicability. #ScientificMethod
3/ Once you identify a principle, you can repeat the experiment with the same results and then apply those results on a large scale in the real world. What puzzles me about the current movement towards AI is that we want to create increasingly independent systems
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Scientific Method is a systematic way to find answers to a question or problem.
It is rare to see scientific approach in governance to solve a problem.
Let's have a look at what scientific approach is & how leaders should adopt the #ScientificApproach via case study!
Step 1 of the scientific approach is to identify and acknowledge the problem.
Do watch this and see how this step is implemented! (2/8)

#ScientificApproach #ScientificMethod
Step 2: Support & Adopt the Research.
Do watch this and see how to adopt and acknowledge the research. (3/8)
#ScientificApproach #ScientificMethod #Research
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Is there more questions on a voting ballot than there are questions on the SAT? How the can they do it in a somewhat timely manner but our government can't grasp the concept of how to do it...still, today?


Stop asking stupid questions or you'll continue to get stupid answers.

Feed us the data that matters so we can figure this out the right way.

#ProblemSolving101 using the #ScientificMethod.
If facts tend to change on their way to finding the truth...then give us the facts and lets figure this out for ourselves once and for all.

Stop censoring the truths and facts that are available.
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#WeThePeople are in big, horrible and #YUGE trouble because of #BadPlanning. I want to tell you a story - a modern day #parable.

Two cattle rustlers working on an #InsideJob to steal veal, decided to test their newfound Sharps Buffalo Rifle.
The young rustlers' Sharps 1874 Buffalo Rifle test worked just fine - dropping one of the wealthy land-owning rancher's grazing steer dead with a single bullet of such tremendous caliber - "it blowed a hole in him you that could throw a cat through."
However, the folly of the rife-testing young and impatient American cattle rustlers became immediately apparent when a hair-raising #helicopter versus #car chase exciting ensued.
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Third #ResearchMisconduct presentation by Bernhard Rupp: The action is in the re(tr)action @FEBSnews #FEBS2018
Rupp breaks with convention and walks away from the podium #WanderingSpeaker
Rupp: valid concerns exist about incorrect and irreproducible research, but is there a "reproducibility crisis"? #ResearchMisconduct
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