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Media Sensation on Rectal Cancers vanishing with Immuno drug Dostarlimab without Surgery/Radiatn/Chemo
Its a signal getting brighter but 1 among many wins of #CancerResearch that needs unlimited Public support & resources/ facilitation from Govt/Charities ImageImageImage
It's neither the 1st nor will it be the last spectacular win of cancer research against one of the several hundred forms or subtypes of human cancers

100+ y ago, early-stage Breast/ Thyroid/ Kidney/ Oral/ Stomach & other cancers then considered fatal were cured by surgery alone
80+ y ago, skin cancers, early-stage cervix, oral and larynx cancers were magically cured by Radiotherapy/Radium alone

50+ y ago, cure rates for childhood cancers, Leukemia, Lymphoma skyrocketed with chemotherapy

40+ y ago, incurable germ cell tumors cured by platinum chemo
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The story of how Steve and Billy got the Wagner patches:

During night combat over a particularly stubborn #Russian detachment holed up in a small settlement in #Kherson region, the two decided to go on a combat recon around the village to see if there's a better vector for
assault. As they were moving through the steppe, suddenly Steve heard a faint, yet irregularly repeating sound coming from about 200 meters to their right. They waited until the sound passed them, and followed.

Turns out that the enemy had the same idea as our boys and sent out
its own recon team to get a better look at our lines. They stopped at some point, scanning the darkness ahead, and that's when Steve said he realized what was making that strange clanging noise he was hearing - one of the #Russians didn't refill his canteen, it was half empty,
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Oh, this? 👀

Jus' a pure CSS image zoom using CSS primitives 🔥

– :has()
– object-view-box
– Houdini @ property

Code 👇

img {
object-view-box: inset(var(--top) ...);

:root:has(#car:checked) {
--top: 61%;

Amazing 🥲

👉… via @CodePen
Let's break down what's going on here 😎

I will not call this a thread...

The first property "object-view-box" allows us to apply an SVG like viewBox to an element such as an <img>. In this demo, I map the different "viewBox" to the different "Zoom" spots. img {   object-view-box: inset(     				var(--inset-top)
Next up, how do we change the zoom by hitting the radio buttons without JavaScript?

Well, let's introduce :has() (The parent selector) 🚀

If we detect a certain radio button is :checked under :root, we can update the custom properties in :root 🔥 /* If default is :checked then set    no zoom */ :root:has(#
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While this is a significant arrest, the real test in #CARII is whether @KarimKhanQC has the courage to prosecute Hassan Bouba. The message that needs to be 'sent' in CAR now is that no one, including people in the current government, is above the law. That is the top priority now
For background on Bouba and his release, see here…… Bouba was arrested by the Special Criminal Court but freed illegally by the government. There is a case file, ready to be prosecuted. The #ICC should step in and prosecute
Khan often talks of complementarity. This would be complementarity in all its glory. An 'unwilling' government shielding one of its own from 'genuine justice, a willing state court transfers case file to the #ICC, and UN peacekeepers arrest a sitting government official
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A few months ago, #markets expected U.S. #inflation to peak by mid-2022 at around 7% to 8% at the headline level and then anticipated that generalized #price gains would decline into year end, closing the year around 4%.
However, the tragic war now unfolding with Russia’s attack upon Ukraine has not only sent #energy prices skyrocketing but it has led to much greater uncertainty over #economic growth and #MonetaryPolicy reaction functions, in Europe and indeed around the world.
Core #CPI (excluding volatile #food and #energy components) came in at 0.5% month-over-month and 6.4% year-over-year. Meanwhile, headline CPI data printed at 0.8% month-over-month and came in at 7.9% year-over-year, the greatest increase over a 12-month period since January 1982.
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Back from a quick hiatus.

A a bit more commentary on the @SHL0MS #CAR auction.

If you’re new to this, artist “Shl0ms” has purchased a Ferrari Hurricane (USD$300k) and BLOWN IT UP. And is now AUCTIONING off 888 (of 999) of the most exquisite shards.
The auction was ORIGINALLY 24 hours in duration.

BUT. According to the rules*, if there was continued price action AT THE TOP, the auction would be extended in TEN MINUTE INCRIMENTS.

It was supposed to end two and a half hours ago.

Right as the auction was ending, I spun up a quick thread on some observations I was seeing (below).

But I’m starting this new thread here to track things throughout the night.


I’m a small dollar bidder here - no whale - but the game theory here is awesome.

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1. Volgens Russische media is een artilleriegranaat vanuit #Oekraïne op Russisch grondgebied neergekomen in de regio #Rostov op 1 kilometer van de grens en op 300 meter van een bewoond gebouw in het dorp Mityakinskaya.
2. De Volksrepublieken #Donetsk & #Luhansk gaan over tot algemene mobilisatie van alle strijdbare mannen.
Een Oekraïense soldaat is gesneuveld door artillerievuur van de pro-Russische milities.
3. Volgens de Donetsk Volksrepubliek gaat #Oekraïne de komende dagen volgens dit plan de #Donbass binnenvallen en zullen er etnische zuiveringen plaatsvinden. 31.000 burgers zouden volgens @sputnik_fr al geëvacueerd zijn uit #Lugansk en #Donetsk naar #Rusland. Image
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"Larger circuits can be constructed out of smaller circuits in three ways.
•..‘in parallel’[:] inputs and outputs are..placed side-by-side
•[‘inseries’][:] outputs of one circuit can be fed into the inputs of the next circuit[:] the resulting circuit
>has the inputs of the first circuit and the outputs of the second
•[‘#feedback’]: some of the outputs of a circuit can be fed back as its own input.

Using these three forms of #composition, circuits of billions of elementary components can be created using a very small number>
>of basic gates; circuits that control our #computers, mobile #phones, or #car[-]engines.
And yet ,surprisingly, the semantics of such circuits is not perfectly understood, in a sense which will be made clear immediately.

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1- What a month ⚽️!

As the curtains close on #AFCON2021, here’s a look back at how #refugees in #Cameroon partook in celebrations around the continent’s top #football tournament hosted by their country of asylum.
2- Young #refugees in #Yaoundé and #Douala met the #AFCON2021 mascot #Mola during the Trophy 🏆 tour before the opening game.
3- On the #AFCON2021 Opening Day, 100 refugees supported by @CAF_Online attending the opening game pitting hosts #Cameroon 🇨🇲against Burkina Faso 🇧🇫.
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US renews alarm over potential deal to bring #Russia's #Wagner mercenaries to #Mali

"The reported deal -costing $10 million per month- diverts money that could be used to support the Malian Armed Forces & public services" per @StateDept
MORE: "Countries that experience #Wagner group deployments within their borders soon find themselves poorer, weaker, & less secure" per @StateDept re #Mali

"The cases of #Libya, #CAR, #Ukraine, & #Syria are examples of the detrimental impact of Wagner Group deployments..."
"We urge the transitional government in #Mali not to divert scarce budgetary resources away from the Malian Armed Forces’ fight against terrorism" per @StateDept
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Le #cellule #Car-T “peptide-centriche” contro i #tumori solidi: in questo caso ha come #target i #frammenti proteici nelle cellule di #neuroblastoma. Studio di #Nature riassunto in questo thread un po' lungo ma spero interessante. 1/13
Le basi/1. Le terapie CAR-T si basano sull’ingegnerizzazione delle #cellule T (o #linfociti T) del sistema #immunitario del #paziente, che vengono “potenziate” per combattere il #tumore. 2/13
Le basi/2. Per farlo gli scienziati usano un #vettore #virale inattivato contenente un #gene in grado di far esprimere sulla superficie delle cellule T un #recettore chimerico (il recettore dell’antigene chimerico, #CAR, a cui la terapia deve il suo nome). 3/13
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Since it's been so long I have attended a #wedding, I'll be #Livetweet my #reactions follow pleej
Is it normal to avoid 'wyd for a living?' by not asking others the same thing?
Alright I am fibbing my #resume here. I am telling me them I am freelance journo. Sue me.
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This is an ongoing thread about the global energy crisis. As the crisis unfolds, we will update here.
Today, a Financial Times @FT article reports on China's electricity crisis further disrupting the global supply chain h/t @JKempEnergy…
And Switzerland warns "big" firms they may need to cut their electricity usage @chigrl…
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#Rwanda-A thread: I’ve praised HE @PaulKagame 4 his strategic & speedy interventions in #Mozambique & #CAR. Considering the lethargy in Africa he’s a breath of fresh air. Well trained; disciplined & mobile & agile #Rwanda Defence Forces are good 4 Africa‘s Defence & Security
As a Defence & Security analyst, I don’t focus on the internal politics of #Rwanda. That’s for Rwandans to decide but Pres. @PaulKagame has done well. I was in Kigali in the 90s soon after the #RwandaGenocide. Kagame has restored the pride; ”agaciro ka’banyarwanda & Nat. Security
#Rwanda has recovered through tenacity & focused leadership. @CityofKigali is cleanest & safest City in Africa now. #Gacaca courts a homegrown solution has fostered reconciliation. Extremists & activists may not like Pres @PaulKagame bt #Rwandans like him. I like him too!
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Does Russia want @UN_CAR (MINUSCA) & France out of the Central African Republic (#CAR)? Wherever Russia goes disinformation follows & CAR is no different with well-practiced Prigozhin style techniques on show for all to see. See below thread 👇 Anti-UN cartoon shared by suspect accounts
@Graphika_NYC highlighted a French vs Prigozhin Facebook troll battle to control the CAR narrative. Those networks were dismantled but it would appear that Prigozhin's appetite remains undiminished.…
In May 2021 big budget film Tourist premiered in Bangui. The film glorifies Wagner mercenaries operating in CAR. Listed in it's credits is Paritet Media, assoc to Prigozhin's wife. See @sebshukla article:…
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France has donated equipment to the Gendarmerie of #Cameroon, including a DJI Phantom drone, JG Airsoft AK-rifles (training), body armour, and other materials. #AnglophoneCrisis
Additional images. You can read more about it here:…
Before anyone gets too excited about the rifles, they are literally replica 'airsoft' rifles that fire plastic pellets. Probably made by Jing Gong or an equivalent Chinese factory. You can buy them for $100-$140.
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I've been noodling about this problem for a while because everyone I know has dealt with #insurance companies who are incentivized to promise everything when selling their products but deny everything when actually fulfilling the claims process. 1/x
In many cases insurance companies no longer advertise to the end consumers. They advertise to employers who are incentivized very differently. Employers care about simple contractual agreement and bottom line cost. They don't care if their employees' claims get denied a lot. 2/x
So how do we fix this? Some jurisdictions have made certain types of insurance public jurisdiction. For example, car insurance in Quebec is the lowest in Canada because the Quebec government is effectively the insurance company. 3/x
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1/. QUESTION: What’s the worst day of the year for dictators, despots & populist autocrats?

ANSWER: April 7

Tomorrow, @amnesty release our annual 2020/21 report covering the state of #HumanRights in 149 countries

JOURNALISTS: For a copy or to an interview👉
“How's life in your country?"
"We can't complain"

This cartoon was about #Turkey but it also applies to:
#Somalia etc.
“I don’t care if they respect me, so long as they fear me.” (Caligula)

At @amnesty we don’t respect dictators, autocrats & human rights abusers

We don’t fear them either

As we publish Annual Report, here’s a guide for dictators human on ‘how to respond’…
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#CentralAfricanRepublic (THREAD)

1) 200 to 300 rebels attacked the capital #Bangui today (PK9, PK11, PK12 & Bimbo areas).

Govt, #Russian & #Rwandan troops repelled them. But the rebels remain in the hills & areas surroundings the capital.

Read @CrisisGroup statement 👇
2) The rebels were generally equipped or light weapons (including #AK47 & grenades), several #RPG & probably mortars.

No report of the casualties yet.
3) It's unlikely that they really wanted to size the capital, if not they would have come in bigger number.

They seem to be trying to isolate the capital from the rest of the country that they already control largely & install an attrition warfare just at the capital doors.
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1) CAR elections : preliminary lessons learned.

Thread (first part today, second part tomorrow)
2) #Touadera could be the biggest winner of the elections. Firstly, he will likely be reelected. Secondly, the recent events have weakened the opposition coalition #COD2020. Their failure to denounce #Bozize, when it became clear he was preparing a coup, eroded their reputation
3) #Russia, #Rwanda, #Portugal & #MINUSCA are among international winners.

# In only 3 weeks #MINUSCA & #Russia, whose reputations among the citizen were not always positive, have reversed those perceptions, at least for now.

# France on the contrary has it's back to the wall
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Top U.S stocks making #investors very #rich
Despite #Bitcoin having touched a new milestone on #Christmas day by hitting a new all-time high of $24,600 with yearly gains of about 236%, it still lags behind a handful of listed #American stocks in terms of yearly returns
The leader of the pack remains #Chinese car company, #Nio, often tagged the Chinese #Tesla. Nio has outperformed by 11-fold gain this year alone, pushing the #car company’s market value past car giants like American based #GeneralMotors
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🇨🇫🇷🇺 This is how they have finished one of the BRDM-2 donated by #Rusia to the #CentralAfricanRepublic. A truck was also destroyed by the "Coalition of Patriots for Change"
#WagnerGroup #PMSC
An-124 unloading 2 military transport helicopters Mi-8 at the airport in #Bangui, #CAR. Probably PMSC personal in the picture.
#WagnerGroup Image
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As Joe Biden's inauguration nears, U.S.-Russia tensions are rising.

#Russia is also expanding its military presence in the Central African Republic and carrying out provocative military drills with #China.

Read about this and more in today's roundup!
1) Sergei Lavrov described US sanctions today as "hostile" and vowed to retaliate.

Visa restrictions appear to be #Russia's retaliation of choice.

But rhetoric is getting caustic, as a Russian central bank official warned of US sanctions causing the collapse of the US dollar.
2) Donald Trump accused #Egypt of taking US aid to purchase arms from #Russia.

Now that S-400 sanctions have been imposed on #Turkey, Egypt's military links with Russia could gain more scrutiny in the US.

This could force Egypt to rely more on #France for arms.
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Jen here, I am currently waiting for my car 2 warm up 2 be able 2 drive 2 a home in #Martindale to pick up & drive a mom & young son to the Children’s Hospital.

She needed a ride & did not have enough money to pay for a cab.

So the #volunteer on call called me for #help. #YYC
So soon I will be heading to the Children’s Hospital 🏥 & hoping that this young mans eardrum did not burst, as his mom said that this will be his 4th or 5th ear infection just this year. Mom is alone here in #YYC as she just moved here from #GrandPrairie in January of this year.
Now the #car is #warm & I’m off! I will #update everyone after I am back home! #HelpingOthers #DoAGoodDeed #community #Support #YYCCares #AlbertaCares #CalgaryCares #CanadaCares
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