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Children cannot consent to sexual contact. Any sexual contact with a child is illegal, immoral & obscene. No amount of media or public relations advertising or challenges to these facts will change the fact that children are innocent & cannot consent.

@POTUS @TheJusticeDept @FBI
#ChildPornography even when shown on #Netflix is illegal to produce & since it travels across state lines is subject to #InterstateCommerce legislation. Children cannot consent to sexual contact & that includes consenting to sharing photos of them in sexual enticement positions.
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#MedicalKidnap of Children in Foster Care

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Researchers/NIH History in Experimenting on Foster Children & Using Aborted Fetal Tissue to Develop an HIV Vaccine

Now Being Continued with Coronavirus Vaccine

Foster children are being used in clinical trials for HIV vaccines, forced to take pharmaceuticals, if they refuse they are taken to surgery & have a tube forced into their abdomen & the drugs are administered through the tube. Many children have died...…
from toxicity and other reactions. Allergy & other medications are being tested in secret on foster children.

Foster children are used for these experiments (which are mandated for research & “legal” by the government are in fact #CrimesAgainstChildren ) #MedicalKidnap
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Trump should not be on the ballot. He should be on trial at the International Criminal Court for #CrimesAgainstChildren. #TrumpChaos Image
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#CrimesAgainstChildren #ObamaGate #HumanTrafficking
Are you ready for a roller coaster ride that will likely make you dizzy?
How does
a) Trump speech Ohio
b) FBI raid Cleveland
c) Kolomoisky & Boholiubov, Ukraine
d) Hunter & Joe Biden
e) Pharma
---connect with:...
f) Epstein & Maxwell
g) Les Wexner
h) Modeling Agencies
i) World-wide human trafficking
j) Mexican drug cartels
Let us dive into a complicated, convoluted rabbit hole!
Illustrate the enormity of a tangled web so complicated that it would take a minimum of 2 large volumes of books to list & present just the most crucial details of each part and how they connect.
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New Photos Of Ghislaine And Jean-Luc Brunel Uncovered - Brunel Sporting An 'Israel Army' Cap.

#EpsteinIsland #GhislaineMaxwell #CrimesAgainstChildren Image
New Photos Of Ghislaine And Jean-Luc Brunel Uncovered - Brunel Sporting An 'Israel Army' Cap.

#EpsteinIsland #GhislaineMaxwell #CrimesAgainstChildren Image
#GhislaineMaxwell is seen cavorting with fugitive rape suspect Jean-Luc Brunel - who 'gave #JeffreyEpstein three 12-year-old sisters to abuse as a birthday present' - in newly uncovered photos taken on 'pedophile island'.

#EpsteinIsland #GhislaineMaxwell #CrimesAgainstChildren Image
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#redshoeclub #pedogate #childtrafficking #SaveTheChildrenWorldWide #CrimesAgainstHumanity #CrimesAgainstChildren #MarcDutroux

(Disclaimer: I found the following story on Facebook and will post credit and the end of the thread)

Take a deep breath before reading this.
The story I'm about to tell you is true.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this story is that every single person reading this post - every single one of you - was alive when this story became news in 2004.
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you call ME a 'conspiracy theorist'?

when does it become mathematically impossible?

@POTUS tweets video with #linkinpark soundtrack...
#linkinpark logo...
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Mess with the best, die like the rest.
[2] highly classified clown ops exposed.
[44] remaining.
Wizards & Warlocks.
Save the best for last.
Q Image
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What's happening to Don Lemon?? I ask this question because first I have to say............I HATE CNN! But I couldn't help but comment when he was brought up in a tweet I ran across. They're saying he looks "different" these days so I decided to do some digging.
I came across this pic which showed a VERY young looking Don Lemon and at first glance, I thought it was from just a month or so ago.
Well a little digging and I found out it's from a video from 2016 when he got into a rather heated exchange with Sheriff David Clarke...........stick with me here........

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I'm starting to realize this is how it's gonna go down!
Who can awaken the Black Community other than a well-known, famous, respected in their communities, and a God-fearing Black man?
From February 2020. Still happening!…
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Ghislaine Maxwell's Nephew Worked Under Hillary Clinton's State Department…
How Did Everyone Miss This Obvious Hillary-Epstein Connection?
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At some point it will not be safe for [them] to walk down the street...
[1] - Sex_Resort (mansion_resort_only) for trafficked & drugged underage girls.
[2] - Occult_Temple DUNGEONS_HOSTEL_
🙏 Pray for the victims. 😭
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The breaking news of Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest points to a number of #QPosts which may connect.
Let's take a look in this thread.
#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide…
#QPost #3716 points to the "first indictment", which will trigger a mass awakening.

Is Ghislaine the first arrest which will "verify action and confirm future direction."?
#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide
Note "Marker [9]."
Today is 02/07/20.
2 + 7 = 9.
Is today 'Marker [9]' ?

Q has mentioned Ghislaine a number of times. Here's #3431 from 1 year 12 days ago -
"Think LdR.
Think Gloria V.
Think Epstein."

#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide
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Crimes against children. These people are sick! @blakelively is brave and a truth teller. Thank you for her truth. #CrimesAgainstChildren
Crime against children.
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ICYMI: “5/2019 #Snapchat is a +billion company with 157 private investors. They don't care about #ChildSexualPredators It’s Money over Morals”

@POTUS #CrimesAgainstChildren
“1) Who Owns Snapchat?
2) Where the Walled Gardens Are - So Far - As They Open Up to Third Party Measurement
3) Snapchat Agrees to Settle @FCC Charges That It Deceived Users”………

“DISCORD Gaming App Used to Groom Juvenile Victims”…
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FTR: IMO, Mike Smith’s narration of #OutOfShadows documentary is what made the film successful. It’s his film.

I became aware of these #CrimesAgainstChildren through the #TraffickStop project started by @GirlInterptd early 2018 & learned verification of facts..

& research is what brought credibility to the project. There were stories & information brought to our attention that turned out to be false. Because we were true to our motto: “We would rather be right with the facts than first with the story” many people became aware of...
these tragic & harmful actions perpetrated on children (even infants & toddlers) & trusted our reporting of them.

There can be no doubt that anyone familiar with current state of affairs in #ChildTrafficking #CPS #FamilyCourt #FosterCare system would have similar information.
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The link to the FB account Human Farm Project appears to be dark satire if you read the comments, BUT I think this is a wakeup call & a warmup, if you will, for what the world is about to learn!
• Q drop 3125: The PILL must be easy to swallow.

What intrigues me is how long this FB account, Human Farming Project, has been online posting this material.
• Look at the comments, 4yrs ago?
• 4 yrs ago = 2016, Obama Administration
Which makes you think?
• Real dark satire account/page with some debunked photos
• Appear to be satire & post photos WHICH are REAL & the truth is hidden in plain sight all along?
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Q brought our attention to the Gateway Project 2 years ago yesterday. Geography is the key here.

Gateway bridge funding approved by Trump in Feb 2020 (it’s in the news now, which confirms Q’s intent for posting about the bridge in April 2018).

Notice the proximity of the Gateway Bridge Project
to Pier 90, (USNS Comfort) positioned to receive/treat "NON-COVID19" patients.

“Watch the water"
USNS Comfort deployed on March 18, 2020.

#GatewayBridgeProject #COVID19 #Pier90
Now follow the child/sex trafficking connections between Lynn De Rothschild, the Bronfman family, Jeffrey Epstein, and this particular area of Manhattan.

#EpsteinDidntKillHimself #Bronfman #Rothschilds
#CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
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FBI Most Wanted Twitter account posted this yesterday, 04/02/20.
• IG Report on page 294 stated "CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN," referencing Hillary Clinton & Foundation.
• Anthony Wiener's laptop.
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