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#Economics, #CivilRights, #AI, #DukeMBA, #Author, "Full Dashclosure, Awakening from the human exploitation of DoorDash Singularity"
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☠️This is cost of doing business, with #EasyPayments. Nobody will go hungry or homeless. Nobody admits guilt. #OrganizedCrime is organized; and profitable.

“CVS and Walgreens agree to pay $10 billion to settle lawsuits linked to opioid sales” @ayanaarchie… Gig work flourished and took root during the pandemic; particularly in 2021. Now, in 2022's chaotic economy; merchants, customers and laborers are festering as a direct result of the clearly-exploitative #contractor classification, which codifies #LaborLaundering and #appslavery.
Jan 12 5 tweets 4 min read
Did she make a better world?

“Scott — a novelist and the third wealthiest woman in the US — was married to Bezos for nearly 25 years and has four children with him. She reportedly parted ways with Bezos with a jaw-dropping $38.3 billion in Amazon stock.”… This is our hellscape; useless contracted support for all constituencies; from companies that operational don’t even exist.

💸DoorDash supplies a gigapp-served technology to skim money from their game world market simulation. 100% of DoorDash’s operational contact is outsourced. ImageImage
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DoorDash has all the appslaves it needs to minimize pay. Few Dashers (heaven help YOUR "friends") complete 270 deliveries within 60 days (~15 hours per week, at 2 deliveries per hour).

📉DoorDash reports, "In 2021, 90% of Dashers worked less than 10 hrs per week on delivery." Image You’ve heard, “if it’s free, you're the product." Here’s a new version for DoorDash Singularity. In the DoorDash game #Dashers ARE NOT PEOPLE WITH JOBS, they’re expenses judged by their all-in cost; the sum of their recruitment costs and delivery payments.…
May 4, 2020 27 tweets 9 min read
1) Your points are manically suppressed by panicked cult victims. DEMS aren't winning & Biden represents nothing outside the status quo of our failed state. Neither logic nor facts support the DNC cult delusions - just craven lies that one evil man is to blame for EVERYTHING. 2) Scapegoating an evil clownish POTUS is great for cult culture, but it's not truth & it won't depose him. What's the END GAME of blaming a single septuagenarian that neither writes, nor READS policy for DECADES of war, kleptocracy & predatory capitalism?
Apr 26, 2020 21 tweets 21 min read
#WeThePeople are in big, horrible and #YUGE trouble because of #BadPlanning. I want to tell you a story - a modern day #parable.

Two cattle rustlers working on an #InsideJob to steal veal, decided to test their newfound Sharps Buffalo Rifle.
#RanchoDeluxe The young rustlers' Sharps 1874 Buffalo Rifle test worked just fine - dropping one of the wealthy land-owning rancher's grazing steer dead with a single bullet of such tremendous caliber - "it blowed a hole in him you that could throw a cat through."
Apr 22, 2020 14 tweets 10 min read
#RevoutionaryThinking #THREAD

I just showered and shaved after a shitty night's sleep. My hair's an unprecedented #jewfro - the most personally-fascinating element of this apocalypse so far. I had some thoughts in the shower, as showers often have - about the #CorporateWorld. Image The corporate world's about the #rich getting #richer - that's not news. However, the corporate worker pays a price for their "living wages" & "benefits." Stress-levels and corporate cultures can be soul-crushing, depressing and desperate - but people stay and serve their time.
Apr 16, 2020 8 tweets 7 min read

What if American MDs decide that working in a system of #kleptocrats and #lawyers who neither respect their medicine, nor humanity, isn't worth the risk? What if doctors quit practicing because of profound compromises demanded of their integrity and lives? Image This @ZDoggMD interview with @nishamehtamd about the lives and businesses of Medical Doctors is a #MustWatch, because our healthcare system is on the razor's-edge of catastrophic failure.

MDs have years of education and training that make them irreplaceable - and they're fed up! Image
Apr 11, 2020 16 tweets 11 min read
This is the type of info consume - rational talk from doctors, scientists & healthcare professionals. We don't have to be cultists. Rather, we can continue to think and revise our preferences and recommendations.

"A #COVID19 Reality Check," with @ZDoggMD
America's rationed healthcare system is the culprit behind our #COVID19 crash - and both DEMS and the GOP chose it for us. I love @ZDoggMD, because he tells the truth - without notes, from his heart.

"Stay away from healthcare if you want to live a long and healthy life." ~ZDogg
Apr 9, 2020 12 tweets 9 min read
The #Coronavirus crisis first and foremost demonstrates fundamental #failures of world #markets and #governments.

We the people now must take #opportunity from #crisis. It’s our chance to both survive and build a better world - free of the tyranny of oligarchs and corporations. Beyond any doubt, highly-negative impacts upon health, economics, society, families and careers are being most tragically experienced and - to our horror, evilly weaponized by #GenocidalGovernments, further deteriorating living conditions & lives of #POC, poor and the houseless.
Apr 5, 2020 17 tweets 13 min read
If you tune into @NBCNews on @YouTube you get campaign messaging from #MadKing Trump's regime. America has never been more #socialist, so this must be a great pole poll for poling proletariat patsies.

"Official #socialism approval poll." I approve. What do I win? Both #Nazi parties of the two-party system have been working furiously to redefine & destroy the concept of #socialism - because in reality, it’s a mandate for #HumanSurvival.

#ReadThisBook by #ManningMarable - “How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America.” I studied it in jail.
Apr 4, 2020 8 tweets 3 min read
“In the suburban communities outside of New York, approximately 10 percent of the swabs submitted are positive. So, the virus is everywhere. And in New York, we know that we are in the #exponential growth phase of the epidemic.”… “We suspect that in the U.S. this will rapidly sweep from the coastal regions and it will hit middle America. It is already there, but we will see exponential growth very, very soon.”
Apr 1, 2020 10 tweets 9 min read
#MoralQuestion #ISeeDeadPeople

What would your #USGovernment do in a pandemic for #NationalSecurity?

Take out a building?
Take out prison?
Take out a hospital?
Take out a shelter?
Take out a city?
Take out a state?

What would the oligarchs & kleptocrats do to out-#survive US? On 9/11, scrambled jets were given orders to shoot down full passenger jets as necessary - don't think these discussions aren't taking place in earnest. #StephenMiller & #JaredKushner are in on the talks, so you know they're about #homicide and #genocide. They're real life Nazis.
Apr 1, 2020 11 tweets 8 min read
March 31, 2020


Coronavirus Cases:




Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance Out of 858,916 #CoronavirusCases, 220,258 have #ClosedCases - so 636,658 still have #MortalityRisk

178,100 Recovered/858,916 Total #CoronavirusCases = 20.7% #RecoveredRate so far

42,158 Deaths/858,916 = 4.9% #DeathRate

We see a 19.1% #DeathRate of 220,258 (25.6%) #ClosedCases Image
Mar 30, 2020 8 tweets 5 min read
The #CIA knew our fate when our federal, state & local "leaders" & politicians chose to #underdevelop the #MedicalResources required to sustain the lives of your family, community, state & nation. It's too late to cry about it. NOW WE MUST CHOOSE SURVIVAL.… I'll bet you thought the following countries were LESS DEVELOPED than "America 2.9/1000 (2013)."💀

You were sold a load of steaming shit-covered lies.

Belarus: 11 beds/1,000 (2013)
China: 4.2 beds (2012)
Cuba: 5.2 beds (2014)
North Korea: 13.2 beds (2012)
Mar 30, 2020 10 tweets 9 min read
"At least six of Spain's 17 regions were at their limit of intensive care unit beds, and three more were close to it, authorities said. Crews of workers were frantically building more field hospitals."… "Smaller U.S. cities are about to witness the rapid acceleration in coronavirus cases that New York is seeing."

"Nearly 15% (almost 13K) of all those infected in Spain are health care workers, hurting hospitals' efforts to help the tsunami of people gasping for breath."
Mar 27, 2020 10 tweets 5 min read
"Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2020"


"Can it really be true that most people in jail are being held before trial? And how much of mass incarceration is a result of the war on drugs?"… "How many people are locked up in the United States?"
Feb 16, 2020 6 tweets 3 min read
As a native Oregonian - this is MESSED UP! Dismantling the Mount Hood rescue teams to allegedly grasp more control under the @ClackCoSheriff? Utter madness.

"Sheriff plans to dismantle Mount Hood search-and-rescue tradition"… "'That requires years of culture and working together under difficult conditions.' Last year, he said his unit held 72 field and classroom trainings on topics including avalanche safety, crevasse rescues, high-altitude snow travel, patient care and technical rope and rigging."
Oct 13, 2019 9 tweets 10 min read
People with courage exist.

We allow children to be kept in concentration camps.

America disgusts me. I can't wait to go on trial for over 3 years of my life against #TheState!

The #CityOfPortland wants me in jail and I will demonstrate that my peaceful #FreeSpeech was both entirely truthful and correct. #Portland's City Council colluded with @G4S to sign a $10 million contract.
Feb 1, 2019 12 tweets 10 min read
Portland Mayor/Police Commissioner @tedwheeler & @ChiefDOutlaw want to imprison Eli F Richey (@HightowerPDX), an innocent man of color, simply for exercising his first amendment rights - all on publicly available video for sane humans to view at will. Dirty Multnomah County D.A. Rod Underhill’s alleged lethal-weapon-packing victim is none other than paranoid shut-in agoraphobic Portland Police Bureau Chief Danielle Outlaw.

Placing black men in jail is an American tradition - alive and well in Portland, Oregon.
Jan 1, 2019 7 tweets 3 min read
1) Donald, you are a knuckle-dragging stone-age fuck-nut, with less logical thought than a senile squirrel on crack. We have oceans and shorelines. Big boats and little boats. Airports too - with planes. Remember Canada? It's up there! Check out a map! Mexico? A sovereign state! 2) Your wall is not only impossible to build on the border, it's the singularly worst idea for a national project since the Republicans decided to pretend George W. Bush could function in a presidential capacity if he had proper supervision from Halliburton's board of directors.
Jun 19, 2018 8 tweets 8 min read
Void all contracts with ICE, @Microsoft!

Don't be @Trump's Volkswagen.

Don't support the fascist @Trump Regime. All businesses with any supporting contracts or association with #ICE, should void the contracts and stop all work immediately.