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🤖👨‍💻 The results are in! Github's survey of 500 U.S.-based developers at enterprise companies reveals the impact of AI on the developer experience. 92% of developers are already using AI coding tools both in and outside of work. #GithubSurvey #AI #DeveloperExperience Image
🛠️ Despite industry-wide investments in DevOps, waiting on builds and tests is still a problem. The most important thing for developers is the developer experience, which determines how efficiently and productively they can exceed standards and drive impact. #DevOps
💻 Developers want more collaboration and believe AI will help with this. 70% of developers believe that AI coding tools will offer them an advantage at work, with better code quality, completion time, and resolving incidents as some of the top anticipated benefits. #AI Image
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Roadmap to Learn Linux 🐧

A Thread 👇 Image
1/10: Getting Started

Start by understanding the basics of operating systems and their components. Familiarize yourself with Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, or Debian. Choose one that suits your needs and install it on a virtual machine or a spare computer.
2/10: Command Line Basics

Linux relies heavily on the command line interface (CLI). Learn essential commands like ls, cd, mkdir, rm, and mv. Understand how to navigate the file system, create files and directories, and manage permissions.
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Best practices for Kubernetes Pods 🧵

#Kubernetes #devops
1/11: 🎯 Single Responsibility Principle 🎯

Assign each Pod a single responsibility, focusing on a specific process or task. By keeping pods lean and focused, you enhance maintainability and avoid unnecessary complexity. #Modularity #ContainerOrchestration
2/11: ⚙️ Resource Allocation ⚙️

Allocate CPU and memory resources to each Pod based on its workload. Keep in mind the QoS Levels:
- Guaranteed (requests == limit)
- Burstable (requests < limit)
- BestEffort (no limit specified)
#ResourceOptimization #Efficiency
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1/14 🚀 We've put together an in-depth series on APIs, covering everything from fundamentals to AI APIs. Join us on this journey! #APIs #WebDevelopment #Coding
2/14 📚 Starting with API fundamentals, we dive into the basics that every developer should know. Get the solid foundation you need!… #APIFundamentals #BackToBasics #LearnToCode
3/14 🌐 HTTP and RESTful APIs are key to modern web services. Learn how these technologies power the web.… #RESTfulAPIs #HTTP #WebServices
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What is it for DevOps in 2023 ❓

In 2023 (And it will probably remain significant shortly) that DevOps will continue to be a critical focus for organizations.
Here are some areas of importance in the DevOps landscape ⬇️

#DevOps #CloudNative #Security #AI Image
Cloud-native DevOps ☁️

As cloud adoption continues to grow, organizations are increasingly adopting cloud-native technologies and practices. DevOps will likely emphasize integrating cloud services, infrastructure automation, and containerization into the deployment processes.
Security in DevOps 🔒

With the rising number of cyber threats, security will remain a top concern in DevOps. Organizations will focus on implementing security measures and adopting DevSecOps practices to ensure the continuous delivery of secure software.
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🧵 Topological what?
@Conste11ation $DAG is a giant microservices architecture for storing topological data because it is designed...
#OpenSource #bigdata #crypto #Programming #cybersecurity #devops #IoT #DataScience #WebDevelopment #AI #web3
as a decentralized and scalable network that can handle complex data streams and process them efficiently. It does this by leveraging several key concepts and technologies, such as Hylochain consensus, dynamic partitioning, and map-reduce functions.
In a microservices architecture, applications are broken down into smaller, modular components (called microservices) that can be developed, deployed, and scaled independently of each other.
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From a technical standpoint, @Conste11ation offers developers unique benefits not found in other networks:
👨‍💻Java Scala
💱Generative Economics
#OpenSource #bigdata #Programming #devops #IoT #DataScience Image
Scalability: @Conste11ation's DAG-based architecture provides unlimited horizontal scalability, with no congestion or high fees, allowing projects to grow without limitations.
Metagraphs: Advanced Layer-0 state channels enable complex data structures and logic, without the constraints of traditional smart contracts. Metagraphs can act as off-chain data oracles and are compatible with external systems and programming languages.
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Open Policy Agent (OPA), is an open source, general purpose policy engine. OPA decouples policy decisions from other responsibilities of an app, like those commonly referred to as business logic.

#Kubernetes #DevOps #CloudNative #CloudNative
OPA works equally well making decisions for Kubernetes, Microservices, functional app authorization and more, thanks to its single unified policy language.
In a a nutshell, the OPA policy engine evaluates requests to determine whether they conform to configured policies.

OPA can integrate with Kubernetes easily: it expects a JSON input, is easy to containerize & supports dynamic configuration,
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A recent devBetter . com discussion:

"How can we automate moving stories from current to next sprint in Azure DevOps?"

You're trying to automate away pain that is a symptom of a problem with your process.

#AzureDevOps #DevOps #scrum
The underlying problem is that you're trying to stuff too much into a sprint. If you're close to accurate, then you should be over half the time and under half the time, and only by a little bit, so there shouldn't be enough work to require automation.
If you have enough work that you need to automate it, then probably you're over more than half the time and by more than a story or two.

If that's the case, the solution isn't automation, it's putting fewer things in your sprint.
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Kubernetes Hacks and Tricks — #1 Immutable ConfigMaps & Secrets

#Kubernetes ConfigMap & Secret resources have a field called immutable which, if set to true, ensures that the data of ConfigMap/Secret cannot be updated after resource is created.

👀… #DevOps
#Kubernetes Hacks and Tricks — #2 Optional ConfigMaps & Secrets in Pods

In some apps, app configs are set by default in the codebase (hard-coded) and if you want to override them, you can provide your override values via environment variables

👀… #DevOps
Kubernetes Hacks and Tricks — #3 List all downloaded images on worker nodes

👀… #Kubernetes #DevOps
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Are you tired of being stuck in the same old IT routine? Do you crave the excitement of constantly learning and adapting to new technologies? Are you ready to become a #DevOps superhero, saving the day with your coding skills and infrastructure expertise?

🧵 What is #DevOps Dev?
🌻A #DevOps developer's job is to bridge the gap between development and operations teams. They work to automate and streamline the software delivery process, ensuring that applications are deployed quickly, reliably, and securely.
🌻 So, what is #DevOps?

It is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle while delivering features, fixes, and updates frequently in close alignment with business objectives.
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AWS Graviton Weekly # 26 was out yesterday…

Let's see what happened in the last week related to AWS Graviton and @awscloud Silicon in general

#AWS #Serverless #cloud #awsgraviton #awsgravitonweekly
​🗞️ @AWS EC2 C7g instances are now available in additional regions…

#AWS #cloud #awsgraviton #awsgravitonweekly
🗞️ ​Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) adds support for MongoDB 5.0 wire protocol and client-side field-level encryption…

#AWS #cloud #awsgraviton #awsgravitonweekly
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What are the 50 Kubernetes concepts that you should know?

Well, I like to break them down into three sections:
- Day Zero
- Day One
- Day Two

A thread 🧵
Day Zero is all about the planning and architecture phase. How will your environment look?
Day One is all about the deployment phase. Deploy your clusters and ensure that the process is repeatable.
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1/9 DevOps is not platform engineering, and platform engineering is not DevOps

I see a lot of confusion on this topic and so want to break it all down. What actually is #platformengineering?

And why do I think it's going to change everything?

A thread👇
2/9 First, what actually is DevOps?🤔

Simply, DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, & tools that increases an orgs ability to deliver apps & services at high velocity

It’s not some next level dev, or super engineer. It’s a set of practices and tools
3/9 “You build it, you run it”🛠

Anyone who suffered through the “throw it over the wall" to operations model of development knows how big a game changer DevOps was

The idea was revolutionary
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Ten new age technologies built on #opensource

AI or Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Security Methods
Cloud Computing
Big Data and analytics
Blockchain Technology
Full Stack Development

#Python #Web3 #AR #VR #devops #Iot #FullStack #AI #neuralnetworks #IT
AI is like having a really smart robot friend that can help us do things faster and better! 🤖👍 #AI #RobotFriend
AR and VR are like magical glasses that let you see and interact with things that aren't really there! 🤓👓✨ #AR #VR #MagicalGlasses
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Artificial Intelligence is the hottest technology in 2023. Most tech companies are making new investments in AI which has created new career opportunities not just in machine learning but in MLOps as well. This thread is on career opportunities in #MLOps. RT to spread the word.👇
What is MLOps?

As companies generate and collect vast amounts of customer data, managing these large datasets and the numerous machine-learning models they create will get increasingly complex. MLOps is sometimes referred to as #AIOps as well.
MLOps is the systematic approach to managing the entire lifecycle of ML models and their deployment in a production environment. It combines principles and practices of software engineering and #DevOps to ensure efficient, reliable, and scalable management of ML models.
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🇵🇱 Postawmy sprawę jasno...

Każdy twórca / builder chciałby zrobić swój własny #chatgpt podobny a nawet lepszy od @OpenAI

Co jest do tego potrzebne? #ELI5

Dostęp do superkomputera z ~10 000 GPU i ~285 000 rdzeni CPU. Jeśli nie możesz go kupić, możesz zrobić tak, jak @OpenAI zrobił z @Microsoft, wydając 1 miliard dolarów (USD), aby go wynająć.…

Zatrudnij najmądrzejszych naukowców zajmujących się danymi na świecie.
@OpenAI płaciło swojemu CSO Ilya Sutskeverowi 1,9 mln rocznie (USD) w 2016 roku, a mają zespół 120 osób. Być może budżet >200 milionów dolarów na zatrudnienie w pierwszym roku.…
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1/9 So wtf actually is “Platform Engineering” you ask, and why do I think it's such a big deal?

Enter the definitive thread on platform engineering👇

#PlatformEngineering #DevOps
2/9 🚀 So first, let’s do the what - basically, platform engineering (PE) is the discipline of designing and building toolchains and workflows that enable self-service capabilities for engineering organizations in the cloud-native era 🌩️
3/9 Platform engineers build an integrated product, often referred to as an “Internal Developer Platform” (IDP), covering the operational necessities of the entire lifecycle of an application💻
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cool was my job 10 years ago.
#nosql? we used the largest transactional database on planet: @objectivitydb CAP: #ACID or #BASE ? BOTH!
#Java? #Microservices, SaaS, PaaS, for German and European EDIfact, FTAM, ATLAS,#NCTS, #AES,... Toll/ Duane before #RodJohnson, #GavinKing...
... invented @springframework and #ORM and #EricEvans #DDD ... new names for the same Things?
No! #DevOps are more than just #SysAdmins who develop with a script language hopefully #python and
... and #PlatformEngineers are more than magic PowerPoint2Java Compiler or SoftwareDevs who are Application Managers for a handfull hours per week or the 2nd Level Firepissung Support Unit.
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Learning #kubernetes is a pain in the ass, here's x resources that will help stop the bleeding

#ckad #cka #devops #100daysofcode

/1 Notes for passing cka exam…
/2 Learn Kubernetes fast…
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7 Flutter Open Source Projects to Become a Better Flutter Developer

Reading a lot of code is one of the best ways to improve your development skills. The open-source project is the best place to learn about best practices, coding styles, and a lot of other topics.
1. libretrack

If you want to create a parcel tracking app then this is a good resource for you. This app helps to track postal items directly on your device using the accounts of postal services.…
2. food-delivery

Food ordering and delivery apps are one of the most demandable apps. If you want to create one then this is a good resource for you.…
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Kubernetes Tutorials For Beginners📚

1️⃣What Is Kubernetes Architecture?…

2️⃣Kubernetes Basic Concepts & Examples…

#devops #kubernetes #k8s #linux #docker #sysadmin #Azure #infrastructureascode #serverless #terraform #ansible
3️⃣ How to Manage Secrets in Kubernetes – A Complete Guide…

4️⃣ Kubernetes Security: 5 Best Practices for 4C Security Model…
5️⃣ Kubernetes Ingress with NGINX Ingress Controller Example…

6️⃣ 15 Kubernetes Best Practices Every Developer Should Know…
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In the spirit of getting 1% better each day, let's look at some common patterns, starting with the circuit breaker pattern!

#dotnet #devops #programming
The circuit breaker pattern is a design pattern used to improve the resilience and stability of distributed systems. It helps prevent cascading failures by breaking the connection between a client and a service when it becomes unresponsive or fails.
In a circuit breaker pattern, the client sends requests to a circuit breaker, which monitors the response from the service. If the service becomes unresponsive or fails, the circuit breaker trips and returns an error to the client instead of forwarding the request to the service
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Happy new year, everyone! I hope you have a great year all around!
Here are three tips to help you succeed in the coming year:

#dotnet #devops #programming
1/ Kaizen, or continuous improvement. It's a common mistake to think you must improve by 10/15/20%. Aim to improve by 1% each day. Being consistent in 1% improvements rapidly compounds over time.
2/ Discipline equals freedom. Setting up your routines and sticking to them creates discipline that will help you achieve your goals, whether it's professional or personal. Without discipline, it's just organised chaos.
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