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#Covid19 Plusieurs études montrent que notre immunité des cellules T permet aux populations d'atteindre l'immunité de groupe avec seulement 10-20% des personnes sont infectées avec le SARS-CoV-2 #COVID19. Cela expliquerait pourquoi un virus hautement contagieux..(lire la suite)⏬
...Pourquoi un #virus si contagieux dans une population dense arrive à son pic à seulement 10-20% des personnes infectées, indépendamment d'un confinement ou de masques? Nous avons fait une hypothèse fausse sur notre immunité contre le #Covid_19...suite ⏬
On pensait erronément qu'on avait pas d'immunité contre le #COVID19, des épidémiologistes prévoyaient faussement qu'on aurait l'immunité de groupe qu'avec 60-70% de la population atteinte.
Ceci est faux. Plusieurs recherches le montrent, voir après... ⏬…
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#PredictiveProgrammming | Courtesy of Corrupt #Hollywood who works W/ #CDC & #WHO

Just coincidence? Think Again!

*novel #virus
*#bsl4 lab
*Smuggled vials in socks -- @velocirapture23
*manufactured food shortages

"When the Chips Are Down, These 'Civilized People' WIll Eat Eachother."



"I am Not A Monster, I am Just Ahead of the Curve"

#PredictiveProgramming #hollywoodisevil


FULL courtesy of @MasterAtWorkINC

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1. I often ask myself where the idea for the global #Lockdown actually came from, especially since the Chinese #COVID__19 response was reported negatively on back in January/February.
However, the evidence is condensing. Long thread
2. According to this very interesting @thetimes article, the #CCP launched a massive social media campaign in Italy back in early March to promote its measures to combat #COVID__19…
3. The world looked at Italy, which was the first country outside of China to fall victim to the #lockdown. An Italian marketing company found out that numerous accounts appeared on the platforms that praised China's help in Italy to great acclaim.
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Facciamo il punto sul #coronavirus
Si trasmette facilmente e al chiuso permane per più di mezz’ora nell’aria nelle minuscole goccioline che emettiamo anche solo parlando
Non colpisce solo i polmoni, ma tutto il corpo e gli organi perché si lega ovunque esista un tipo di recettore
Questo recettore a cui si lega il #SARSCoV2 con la sua proteina spike si chiama ACE2. Il #virus colpisce molte persone che restano #asintomatiche ma che sviluppano comunque lesioni, soprattutto a livello cardiocircolatorio.
Lascia lesioni e sintomi anche a lungo termine (cronici) di cui ancora non si conosce molto per evidente scarsità di dati.

Un dato positivo è che muta lentamente e quindi si presta al #vaccino.
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⚠ Achtung ⚠

Ich muss es euch jetzt berichten. Viel zu lange musste ich schweigen, doch es ist an der Zeit, dass alle die Wahrheit erfahren.
Es ist die Verschwörung hinter der Verschwörung, die jetzt gerade die Welt, und nicht nur Deutschland teilt. Es geht um #Covid_19.
Covid 19 ist kein #virus. Es ist eine Nano-Biomechanische-Lebensform mit Ausserirdischer Herkunft.
Es kam auf Oumuamua in unser Sonnensystem und würde von geheimen Sonden zur Erde gebracht. Es ist nicht der erste Besucher auf unserer Erde. Die Rothchild und die NWO sind geheime, die gesamte Welt regierende, Gesellschaften, die aus den Covids (die Rasse der Besucher) bestehen.
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Todos estamos a la espera de una vacuna contra #COVIDー19

Pero te has preguntado ¿cómo funciona el sistema inmune y las vacunas?

¡Aquí una breve explicación! 🧵
El sistema inmune protege al huésped de los patógenos invasores de 2 formas: 1) La inmunidad innata actúa en minutos para eliminar el patógeno. 2) La inmunidad adaptativa lleva días-semanas, pero es específica y de larga duración, y es la base de las #vacunas (2)
La inmunidad innata activa sensores que detectan moléculas, conocidas como reconocimiento de patrones. Una vez que estos sensores detectan patrones microbianos (#PRR), activan una alarma inmediata a través de la secreción de #citoquinas e #interferones (3)
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1/ This is a letter from a math teacher in my District to our School Board. Shared with permission.

Please read and retweet:
My name is Courtney and I am a high school #math #teacher.

In March, I contracted, battled and survived #COVIDー19.

2/ I am an active and healthy 26-year-old. The type of person people say “shouldn’t be stressed” about this virus, much like our students. COVID-19 is a sickness unlike any I have ever endured. The weakness my body felt was worse than any flu, cold or stomach virus I’ve ever had.
3/ My symptoms started slowly, a slight cough, that sent chills down my spine in fear that I had contracted the virus. I immediately quarantined. That evening I started having chest pains similar to heartburn, and the next morning I awoke with a #fever.
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Ein #Thread darüber, warum #Corona halt nicht einfach nur eine easy Grippe ist, die nach 2 Wochen wieder erledigt ist, sondern die Krankheit Einfluss aufs #Gehirn nimmt & warum mich das #Virus auch nach 5 Monaten immer noch voll im Griff hat und nur noch unangenehmer wird:

Anfang März hab ich mich mit #Covid angesteckt. Mein Verlauf war relativ leicht, kein Fieber, dafür ein paar Lungenprobleme, Husten, Schwäche. Außerdem vollständiger Geruchs- & Geschmacksverlust. Dieser ist mir (in abgeschwächter Form) bis heute geblieben.

Seit ca. 1 Woche schalten sich meine Synapsen für #Geruch & #Geschmack scheinbar wieder ein und malträtieren mein Gehirn. So gut wie alles riecht für mich derzeit extrem toxisch, stechend, pfefferig, unangenehm. Selbst mein Freund, meine Familie, ich selbst,

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Hola, estimado lector. Así que sigues por aquí, todavía. Mi intención es despedirme. #YoCoronavirus, sólo estoy aquí para hacerte saber algunos hechos más sobre mí que, sin duda, deberás conocer. Pero, no lo dudes, estaré presente en el planeta por un largo tiempo. 1/6 Image
Es importante que sepas, querido lector, que los #virus somos los entes biológicos más abundantes de nuestro planeta. Ustedes humanos y las demás especies, la vida celular, habitan y sucumben en un mar de virus, al que hoy se le conoce como la #virósfera. 2/6 Image
Me sorprendes por las cosas maravillosas y atroces que puedes hacer. Me parece extraordinario que a unos cuantos meses de mi surgimiento se están desarrollando más de 140 vacunas para combatirme. Por otro lado, me parece escalofriante tu irresponsabilidad e ignorancia. 3/6 Image
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📢🎉The work of #Bat1K is featured on the cover in the latest issue of @nature: “Six reference-quality #genomes reveal evolution of #bat adaptations” 🦇🧬 #bats Our thread 👇 on the… 📸: Olivier Farcy(1/n) Image
📢Have you ever wondered how 🦇 manage to do what they do? #bats have extraordinary adaptations, including powered #flight, laryngeal #echolocation, #vocal #learning and an exceptional #longevity with unique #immunity and resistance to #cancer! 📸: @DanielWhitby5 (2/n) Image
A #Bat1K team led by @Sonja_Vernes @EmmaTeeling1 @hillermich @TheGeneMyers has just published the raw genetic material that codes for these unique 🦇 adaptations and #superpowers in @nature! #bats #genomics #cool! (3/n) Image
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For a virus that presents "few to no symptoms" for the majority, "U.S. Orders Up to 600 Million Doses of #Pfizer, BioNTech Covid #Vaccine" (Bloomberg).…

So let's take a look at Pfizer.
"Pfizer is a publicly-traded global pharma corp.headquartered in NYC. Its revenues reached $52.5 billion in 2017. #Pfizer makes Advil, Xanax, #DepoProvera, Neosporin, #Lyrica & Dimetapp. Pfizer manufacturers more than 350 different pharmaceuticals & operates in 180 countries.
Pfizer's Lyrica, the new vallium, linked to depression, anxiety & suicide, now top pain medication on PBS. #Pregabalin #Addiction. Addicts of #hydromorphone (#Opioid) (Pfizer) have found a new addiction w/ #Lyrica. Capsules are opened, crushed & snorted.…
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Humanity has always struggled to fight #viruses , best exemplified by the ongoing #Covid_19 #pandemic ,so I thought of doing a thread on a #virus which frequently troubles #hematology patients

It's called #CMV or #HHV5
It wrecks havoc #posttransplant

#MedTwitter @BloodJournal
⚡DNA virus ,1 of the MC infections post SCT

⚡It has the largest genome of any known human virus [230kb /200 genes]

⚡Most humans harbour latent CMV, infection MC aquired in childhood.

⚡Site of latency in humans- Not Known
In murine models - hepatic sinusoidal cells
⚡The risk of reactivation depends on CMV sero status and is as follows:
D-/R+ > D+/R+ > D+/ R- > D- / R -

⚡The other risk factors are
1️⃣ T cell depletion
2️⃣ HaploSCT
4️⃣ GVHD requiring Rx

⚡ So why not give prophylaxis to these patients ??
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Cool paper detailing what body sites, cell types, symptoms #COVID-19 has been connected to thus far 👉 But one thing: everyone knows that most persistent #viral (and #bacterial) pathogens are capable of #infecting/driving an equally extensive # of #symptoms, right?
2/ For example, in this interview, Dharam Ablashi (who co-discovered the #virus HHV6) explains how HHV6 has been shown capable of contributing to #cancers, type 1 #diabetes, Hashimoto’s, #MS, HPA-axis dysregulation, ME/CFS, Alzheimer’s,…
3/ ..and that the HHV6 can survive in
#microglia, astrocytes, macrophage, neurons/nerves, #pancreatic islet cells, the lung, gut epithelial cells, the #liver etc etc etc!
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A THREAD: Everyone needs to hear this video!! On 8/15/16 HHS added to the Federal Register what is playing out right now. This was a United Nations MANDATE!! Share & R/T so everyone can see where this will go if the #People don’t #RiseUp to the #Tyranny. We must #Resist.👇🏼
Pay attention! Listen to this explanation of what’s really in the upcoming #COVID19 vaccine. Nano Technology injected in your body. This turns people into #ArtificialIntelligence Bots. #EndGame #Control. #WakeUpWorld! R/T & Share! This is what’s next, but keep reading...👇🏼
Here is the document in the federal register she’s referring to. #ManagedWaves of a #Virus? 🤯🤯 #ManagedWaves of #Tyranny? 🤯🤯 This was never about a #Virus. This was always about #Compliance and #Control. 🚨 WAKE UP PEOPLE! 🚨…
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Wie konnte es China schaffen, die öffentliche Meinung zum #Coronavirus und den #Lockdown Maßnahmen so stark zu beeinflussen?
Diesmal ein sehr langer (sorry🤷‍♂️) Thread, in dem ich ein paar Beispiele aufzeigen möchte. Einen angenehmen Tag noch 😌 ->
Es kursierten zahlreiche Amateuraufnahmen aus Wuhan im Internet, die zeigten, dass China gezielt Falschinformationen produziert und verbreitet. Viele dieser Videos sind verschollen. Dieses Video ist seltsamerweise noch da "Es ist alles Fake" ->
Ein weiteres, in einem Krankenhaus in Wuhan aufgenommenes Video stellte sich später als nicht ganz so Heimlich heraus. In Wirklichkeit war dies Teil der chinesischen Propaganda. Das Video und der Inhalt waren vllt echt, der Whistleblower aber nicht ->
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LO VIRAL de @jorgecarrion21 es lo que en música se denomina “capriccio”: una obra libre, virtuosa y de carácter animado. Las obsesiones del autor afloran en cada página: #libros, #series, #Amazon, #librerias, #ficcion, #Rosalia, #Baricco... y #virus >>hilo
@jorgecarrion21 El autor lo define como un diario-fake". A las pocas páginas descubrimos por qué: como en el último episodio de la 3º temporada de #LOST, el diario nos sorprende con un flashforward. Este será el primer y último spoiler de este hilo.
@jorgecarrion21 En LO VIRAL @jorgecarrion21 avanza una Teoría Ampliada de la Viralidad (TAV) a través de un volumen de bolsillo, compacto y caleidoscópico. Un típico Objeto Cultural Vagamente Identificado (OCVI). ¿Será un clásico o será viral? ¿Ambas cosas?
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There are two competing playbooks for managing US #covid #pandemic. First is the old one, which says herd immunity for a population occurs after about 60% are infected. That threshold is higher if a virus is highly transmissible. Using this playbook, worst case scenario
is that ~345,000 Americans will die before herd immunity reached. Hospitals will be overrun. #Vaccine is best/only hope. This is what government officials faced last March. They tried to encourage with promise of vaccine soon. Situation was bleak.
Since then covid has surprised us. In hard hit places, the #virus has been devastating, but has subsided long before the 60% threshold. In #Stockholm, it subsided after about 15% infected, and without lockdown. Very confusing. Except prominent US scientist @MLevitt_NP2013
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▪️#PrinceHarry and Megan leave the royal family.
(I would too if I found out my own family had my mother killed, and were satan worshipping, child traffickers)

▪️#PrinceAndrew is accused for pedophilia and was extremely close with #JeffreyEpstein.
▪️Research #EpsteinIsland, #Lolitaexpress
(if you have a strong stomach)

▪️Research #Pizzagate
(if you can handle it)

Keep reading to the end, it gets good.
▪️#Wikileaks exposed #HillaryClinton for being a child sex trafficker (along with #Obama, #Podesta and many other people in power) and she conveniently deletes over 300,000 emails, and destroys a laptop and mobile phone she used while in office and gets away with it?
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Oggi cercherò di fare chiarezza sul tristemente famoso ERRE CON ZERO, ovvero il tasso di riproduzione di base di una #malattia #infettiva.
Si scrive #R0 e indica quante persone contagia mediamente una persona infetta.
Cambia da virus a #virus e non indica la gravità, ma solo il modo in cui si diffonde
Per il #morbillo per esempio è molto alto. Per il #SarsCov2 è più basso.
Quando R0 = 1 ogni persona ne infetta un’altra.
Quando R0 < 1 ovvero minore di 1 l’epidemia va spegnendosi
Quando R0 > 1 ovvero maggiore di 1 va aumentando
Questo ovviamente non significa che ogni persona realmente ne infetta un’altra e basta. Significa che mediamente l’#epidemia si diffonde così, con una media fra chi sta in casa e non infetta nessuno e chi ha una ricca vita sociale
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There is no SARS-CoV-2.

Checked all papers.

They have never filtered, purified the sputum entirely for the virus to show it causes infectious disease in humans.

Partly due to the methodology used.

Neither have they shown asymptomatic carriers can infect the healthy. Image
Now in the summer they have switched from counting deaths when respiratory deaths are normally low to counting cases. They will switch back in the Autumn.

So how have they producing the data when there is no Virus? Image
They have done this by:

Diagnosing on symptoms, which are flu like. (There are many illness's which are flu like)

PCR tests (which doesn't test for #COVID19) it tests for a dogs breakfast of RNA material. Vast amounts of people have tested positive showing no symptoms.
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A new #controversy! Reduced cases in #Ahmedabad due to #herdimmunity or due to #AmdavadAMC ! The fact is everything contributes a bit but mostly it’s the huma-virus coexistence ! Virus is learning to co-habitate by becoming milder ! As if it kills everyone whom it infect , 1/
#virus soon will not have many potential hosts .. so it’s important for virus survival too to mutate and become milder & less lethal ! So my opinion definitely #Covid_19 soon shall become like seasonal flu ! It will come and go periodically with drastically reduced serious cases!
So , some will have strong inherent immunity & will not get infected , some will get infected & then develop immunity , virus will become milder so as not to create serious disease and there will be some who shall still succumb to even mildest virus !!
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Vi racconto la storia di un giorno in #pandemia. Perché anche un tweet può diventare #virale.
Una ragazzina che si dichiara contraria ai #vaccini. Sicura mi dice: “Si informi”. Nasce da lì la voglia di dirle: “Ma tu che hai evitato tutte le #malattie dell’infanzia, cosa sai?
Che ne sai dei bambini del passato, del #morbillo, della #pertosse, fino alla #poliomielite?
Li hai visti i bambini zoppicanti, in carrozzina, nei polmoni d’acciaio? O quelli butterati dal #vaiolo? Li hai mai visti i #lebbrosi? I volti deturpati, le mani che perdono pezzi?
Scrivo un tweet e lui fa lo #spillover e dai miei pensieri rimbalza in quelli di tanti altri. Ogni tweet è un potenziale #virus, ma a volte non trova popolazione infettabile. A volte avviene che pochi si infettino e muore lì, come #ebola in un villaggio nella giungla di internet
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/30/2020-2…

Shrinkflation: Why Everything From Tuna Cans To Toilet Paper Is Shrinking, But Prices Are Not | Endless Thread…

Reliance Looks To Conquer Farm-To-Fork Supply Chain Market With JioKrishi…

#SupplyChain #farmtofork
Twitter Thread by Eric Feigl-Ding: Worrisome Virus Mutation…

#virus #coronavirus #mutation
#dna #change #CRISPR
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Awesome study used mice + human brain organiod model to show #COVID-19 can infect the CNS/#brain, where it specifically infected radial #glia, neural stem cells + #neurons. The #virus altered the #metabolism of the neurons it infected + cld use neuron cell machinery to replicate
2/ It’s not surprising that #COVID-19 can infect neurons given the nasal cavity is connected to the #CNS via the cribriform plate, olfactory epithelium + #nerve. This led the team to state that “the brain should be considered a high-risk organ system upon #respiratory exposure”
3/ The team also showed that, at least in some #COVID-19 patients w/ #neurological symptoms, there is a robust antibody response to the #virus in the #cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). In fact, CSF-containing antiviral #antibodies blocked COVID-19 infection in brain organoids
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