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#Amsterdam - #museumplein 31--1-2021
The (indirectly) #CIA connected mayor Halsema again ordered the police to clear the square of the mostly peacefull protesters against #lockdown.
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Femke #Halsema travelled through the United States in 1996 as a fellow for the German 🕎Marshall Fund. This fund, nothing to do with Germany, is a front for the #CIA 😉😎……
Rotterdam, muslim(Salafist) socialist mayor #Aboutaleb (PvdA), German Marshall Fund of the USA (#halsema Green/Left mayor Amsterdam also Fellow of the #CIA funded #GMFUS).
Deep State Swamp in #Rotterdam en #Amsterdam?… 
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#Thread : The Bloody History of #Communism - Chapter 2: People’s Republic of #China (PRC) and #Cambodia

#MaoZedong, the founding father of the People’s Republic of China, ruled China as the chairman of the #CommunistPartyOfChina...


#CommunismKills #SocialismKills Image
...from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976.

Ideologically a #Marxist#Leninist, his theories, military strategies, & political policies are collectively known as #Maoism.

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Based on the Soviets' experience, #Mao considered violence to be necessary in order to achieve an ideal society that would be derived from #Marxism and as a result he planned & executed violence on a grand scale.

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In the nineteen thirties, everyone knew that #NationalSocialism was just one variety of #Socialism. After the war, socialists worked overtime attempting to distance themselves from fascism/national-socialism by propaganda and mis-information.
Marc Calon, toenmalig Aedes bobo (woningcoöperatiekoepel) nu LTO, speelt net zoals alle socialisten graag 'ondernemer'. Nooit met eigen geld, altijd publiek geld en dat gaat altijd HEEL FOUT!
Luister naar zijn stoere 'ondernemers'-woorden uit 2013 🤣
De koepelvereniging van woningcorporaties, Aedes, biedt excuses aan voor de talloze misstanden bij de diverse corporaties.
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What’s happening to oil has little to do with #coronavirus.

Russia and Saudi Arabia are trying to destroy each other, and hurting America in the process. And they are both happy with that.

Neither country is our ally or friend.
Another hedge on this oil price war would be Venezuela which has the world’s largest oil reserves. But they’ve stopped being a player years ago. #SocialismKills
The Saudi will produce up to 12 million barrels a day to drive the price down to ~$20. Unprofitable. But being state-run industry the Kingdom will offset losses with liquidity.

Russo has none. America does, but imagine the politics of a bailout.
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Socialists do not realize that capitalism’s privately owned means of production benefit everyone who buys the products of those means of production. Thus privately owned auto plants, steel mills, and iron mines benefit the buyers of automobiles. Likewise for all other products.
The socialists’ mentality is trapped in the Dark Ages, when production was not yet for the market but for the personal use of the producers, an arrangement that the socialists seem to think was superior, since it was “production for use” rather than “production for profit.”
Under capitalism, the private owners of means of production see profitable opportunities and on their own initiative use their means of production to produce things that others, often millions and tens of millions of others, want to buy.
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My guess is 100 percent of the people who do want a socialist have zero idea what socialism actually means.
Here’s some things young people should understand about socialism:

• 4 of the top 5 genocides since the 1900’s occurred due to socialism and communism
• Everytime it’s done on a mass scale your basic rights erode until all at once they’re gone
• If you think Venezuela can’t happen here then you don’t know just a few years ago Bernie Sanders said that Venezuela more embodied the American dream than America
• Political opposition becomes criminal or heavily persucuted
• The majority end up poor and hungry together
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