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1) Proof that the #Jesuit Vatican is colluding with China to establish Global #Marxism. And #PedoPriest McCarrick brokered the secret deal! Pope Francis works with #CCP in a plan called The #BGY (Blue Gold Yellow): Influence via Internet, Money, and Sex
2) Full report that accompanies the video above. 🔼 Excellent journalism.
3) We now have the dots of evidence that connect George Soros, Tony Podesta, and the radical, Antihumanist, Marxist faction of #Jesuits within the Vatican:
#CACG. "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good," a pro-abortion, pro-immigration group.…
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Given the recent silly controversies about the supposed #Marxism of #BLM, I wanted to write a very brief essay on how I understand it. Many people seem to have an extremely simplistic view of what Marxism means through the lens of the Cold War or right-wing propaganda, but 1/
Marxist analysis or politics does not necessarily mean that you think the government should own all the means of production (though it certainly might for some). Rather, it is a theory about the roots of social problems and the roots of successful social change. Therefore, 2/
when it comes to thinking about a #BLM as a movement to address a super complicated problem like police brutality and criminal justice reform, it just so happens that Marx and the legacy of Marx have something important to say, which 3/
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#Thread: The Bloody History of #Communism - Chapter 1: #USSR

Communism is a political system in which the state owns the economy & aims to treat everyone equally.

But the last 100 years have proved it to be a nightmare which brought only bloodshed, torture & fear.

From Marx to Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot, the materialist philosophy of #Communism transformed these humans into theorists of violence and masters of cruelty.

With the emergence of the USSR as the world's first communist state...

...,the slow poison of communism’s association with the #Soviet economic model and #Marxism#Leninism started to spread throughout the world.

The philosophical aspects of #Communism have always been used to defend it.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/20/2020…
The Challenge of Marxism - Quillette…

#marxism #challenge
Why efficiency is dangerous and slowing down makes life better | Psyche Ideas…

#life #optimization #efficiency
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1) In her own words, the Catholic Church confirms that she operates a powerful #Marxist faction as a "wolf in sheep's clothing" to destroy America's constitutional republic. See their own documentary via Arcadia Films
#Alinsky #Jesuits #RadicalDemocrats
2) "All of this would contribute to the undermining of America's constitutional republic and the people's rights that come from God."

#Jesuits #JesuitPlots #Marxism #BlackPope #Radicalism #Liberalism #Progressives #Alinsky

3) "One day America will be a #Socialist nation without knowing how it happened." (27 mm)

#Jesuits #JesuitPlots #Marxism #BlackPope #Radicalism #Liberalism #Progressives #Alinsky #Leftists #Antifa #RadicalDemocrats

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@not_wario @SonsonFreddie 1. So those 2 soundbites out of all those articles (could you say which & where or are you assuming they're in there) are all you picked up

Not all the left wing & socialist bits

That's what they call cognitive dissonance

#CulturalMarxists didn't just strip out nationalisation
@not_wario @SonsonFreddie 2. #CulturalMarxists didn't just strip out nationalisation

They stripped out ALL the Economics & ALL the Class War out of #Marxism because they saw they weren't going to work in overthrowing the old order & no one argues they're not Marxists or Socialists

#Hitler& #Mussolini
@not_wario @SonsonFreddie 3. #Hitler& #Mussolini only adapted #Internationalism & control of means of production to something that would work in real world

But what else is not Socialist

Marx (money is Sun to Fri religion of J3ws/are to blame for capitalism) & #Engels racist #Eugenicists

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@Transman74 @milburn_ted @bridges_walls @Stop_The_EU Yeah

You're one of the rose tinted tin foil hat brigade who think slipping "Socialist" into their name was all a conspiracy theory to trick socialists into joining the Nazi Party…
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1) I found the #KEYSTONE. One of the enduring and earliest rabbit trails of the #Qanon drops has been Q's persistent queries of:
... with the latter drop Q128 accompanied by letters that spell out: [P] [R] [A] [Y]
2) I have been researching the periods in American history called the First, Second, and Third GREAT AWAKENING (another favorite #Qanon trope). In 1848, a preacher named HENRY ISAAC ROPER published a track all about the #Jesuits. He warned us of their #KEYSTONE...+
3) Mind you, 1848 is the same year Karl Marx published his COMMUNIST MANIFESTO. The Jesuits guided #Marxism. On pages 19-20, Roper mentioned the Jesuit #KEYSTONE. When a Jesuit takes his vow, he relinquishes his free will, his volition, to the command of the Black Pope ...+
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I’ve been warning that there is much more than meets the eye as it pertains to everything going on. They said it’s about race and removed confederate #statues. They said it’s about discrimination and changed product lines. 1/5…
I warned it’s an attempt to take down the system in order destroy society and rebuild society based on #socialism. I warned it was only a matter of time before they go after Washington, Jefferson, & others, to eradicate our #history. 2/5

I was told that wouldn’t happen. That most democrats are against this. Well, several #Washington and #Jefferson statues have been destroyed & Democrat mayors/elected officials have stated they will not be replaced. 3/5

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1. News: Looters in Manhattan Pulled Up to Store in $300,000 Rolls Royce SUV to Clean Out Store ~ THREAD June 4, 2020
@realDonaldTrump #Riots #Terrorists #Antifa
2. News: Looters in California Use Forklift to Break Into Best Buy in Broad Daylight (VIDEO)… @realDonaldTrump #Riots #Terrorists #Antifa
3. News: FLORIDA: Mayor of Orange County Jerry Demings, the husband of potential Biden VP pick & Congresswoman Val Demings, “We Don’t Want Republican Convention”… @realDonaldTrump
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Why Wasn’t #Netanyahu Ever Indicted in the US?
Milchan-Netanyahu nuclear trigger smuggling caper impunity
In 2002 Richard Kelly was sentenced to a very mild prison sentence for selling Nuclear Triggers to Israel in the eighties.
BenjaminNetanyahu worked at Heli Trading and was active in this nuclear smuggle ring.

A former Pentagon analyst was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison on Friday for passing U.S. defense information to two pro-Israel lobbyists and for sharing classified information with an Israeli diplomat.…
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A thread about Scotland, solidarity against dictatorship, and the connection between Chilean fascism and the disaster of Brexit. 🧐✊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇻🇳🇨🇱#NaePasaran #StopFascism #Brexit #ToriesOut #solidarity #history
I recently saw the extraordinary film “Nae Pasaran”, a powerful, deeply moving story of Scottish workers standing up to the fascist dictatorship in Chile in the 1970s… 🤓✊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇻🇳🇨🇱 #NaePasaran #StopFascism #solidarity #Scotland #Chile @debasersfilms @naepasaran
One day in March 1974, an engineer at the Rolls Royce plant in East Kilbride, near Glasgow, noticed that there were Chilean aircraft engines in the production line, waiting to be refurbished. They were from Hawker Hunter jets owned by the Chilean Air Force. 😀✊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇻🇳 #Scotland
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“If Twitter is not going to be honorable [...] I’d think, just shut it down as far as I’m concerned...” 😎

@jack You were warned. -Q

#QAnon @realDonaldTrump…
More Twitter Games @jack?
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1981 NYT article about Pope Pius VII. Napoleon imprisoned him in France. Pius VI and VII opposed French democracy. Both supported the Jesuits. They were brewing Socialism. Napoleon saw #Vatican threat to liberty. But you'll never hear that from the NYT.… Image
32) Pope Leo XIII came close to approving the sovereignty of the USA. He was one of the few popes who spoke out against Socialism, but he also disapproved of laissez-faire capitalism. He was mistrusted in Baltimore as a perceived threat to public schools.… Image
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The Egyptian philosopher ʿAbd al-Rahman al-Badawi (1917-2002) is perhaps one of the most underrated thinkers of #ContemporaryArabThought - a major #Heideggerian_existentialist #Sufism and #IslamicPhilosophy specialist who studied at Fuad I (later #Cairo) University 1/
Many of us who study #IslamicThought know him for his editions of #ArabicAristotle #ArabicPlato #ArabicPlotinus as well as editions of the work of #Avicenna #IbnSabin #SiwanalHikma and others - without his efforts we would not have editions of the #PlotinianaArabica 2/
In the 1930s he studied in Cairo and obtained his PhD in 1944 supervised by #AlexandreKoyré (1892-1964) on the notion of 'existential time' that engages with #Heidegger - this like his other early works was published by #DaralNahdaalMisriya 3/
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#Marxism is probably the greatest propaganda success of all time
Karl Marx was a middle-class #Jew married with Jenny von Westphalen, an educated baroness of the Prussian ruling class.
They were controlled opposition for bankers and industrialists 🤔…
His father Hirschel began his masonic quest in 1813 after joining the The Hanseatic Star lodge in Osnabrück. Karl followed in his footsteps. His connections to ”elite” ashkenazi illuminists such as the Rothschilds, Jacob Schiff, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, etc
Karl Marx & his daddy
Heinrich "Herschel" Marx was ancestrally Jewish, and his paternal line had been rabbis in Trier since 1723. They lived a wealthy and middle-class existence, with Herschel's family owning a number of Moselle vineyards.…
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Thread: #XR isnt about climate

Stuart Basden Co-founder Extinction Rebellion says XR not about Climate (that's just a symptom of a toxic system that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life)"

XR is about #decolonialism…
XR about #decolonialism: Basden says "how European ‘civilisation’ spread around the globe thru cruelty & violence over the last 600 years of colonialism, where the roots of the infections go much further back"
Basden #XR: "#Europeans spread their toxicity around the world, they brought torture, genocide, carnage & suffering to the ends of the earth. Their cultural myths justified the horrors, idea that indigenous people were animals (not humans)"
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@_attlee #socialism #Marxism Presumably you and Ms. Attlee are college graduates and possibly even possess graduate degrees. Yet your and her question betrays a shocking lack of education, comparable to someone asking where's the error in Ptolemaic astronomy.
I will first quote Marx on what the labor theory of value is and then offer two sets of refutations of it. (BTW, I use value and price as equivalent terms.)
WHAT MARX SAID: “The value of one commodity is to the value of any other, as the labour-time necessary for the production of the one is to that necessary for the production of the other.” [Google this to confirm it.]
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Socialists do not realize that capitalism’s privately owned means of production benefit everyone who buys the products of those means of production. Thus privately owned auto plants, steel mills, and iron mines benefit the buyers of automobiles. Likewise for all other products.
The socialists’ mentality is trapped in the Dark Ages, when production was not yet for the market but for the personal use of the producers, an arrangement that the socialists seem to think was superior, since it was “production for use” rather than “production for profit.”
Under capitalism, the private owners of means of production see profitable opportunities and on their own initiative use their means of production to produce things that others, often millions and tens of millions of others, want to buy.
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Does the person believe that in the absence of minimum-wage and pro-union legislation, the greed of businessmen and capitalists would drive wages to or below the point of minimum subsistence?
Does the person believe that in the absence of maximum-hours laws, the greed of businessmen and capitalists would increase the length of the working day to an unendurable length, e.g., 18 hours?
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#Socialism #Marxism The asset-owning billionaires work for me and everyone else with any money whatever to spend and which the billionaires want to earn, because to earn that money, they have to produce products that ordinary people want to buy.
#Capitalism and its market economy are far more democratic than #democracy. Under the latter, countless distinct choices are scooped up and buried under just one choice, once every several years: Do you want candidate A or candidate B? (Under #socialism, it’s A or don’t vote.)
Under #capitalism every dollar spent for every distinct good or service is a vote for that good or service. To continue being supplied, it must receive enough votes to cover its costs and a competitive rate of profit. If it doesn’t, its production will be cut back.
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To mark the occasion of #LaborDay2019, I will transcribe an interesting, 91-year old #German text on #Marxism that has never entered the #internet before this post of mine. (I tried quite a lot to find the text, to no avail.) I will manually transcribe it, then translate it.
..I won't give the source, and also won't say WHY I don't give the source.

I repeat that it is a literal quote (from a 1928 publication), probably published during the #WeimarRepublic:

"#Marximus .. [ist] .. staats-, gesellschaft- und kulturzerstörend .. gegen jeden Staat,..
..jede Gesellschaft, jede Kultur ... ist #Marxismus ein #Aufruhr der #Eigensucht
gegen das #Gemeinwohl, also das Gegenteil jedes wahren #Sozialismus, denn Sozialismus muss stets das Wohl des Ganzen dem des Teiles voranstellen ... seine „Vorfurcht“ [sic; see dictionary entry
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@AOC's manager caught funneling money into private accounts.
Those at the top ALWAYS promote equality but enrich themselves.

200 years now
#Bolschevism, #Marxism, #Lennonism, #Communisim and #Socialism do NOT work.

#QAnon #Trump
@realDonaldTrump supporters get called NAZI's all the time but Nazism was just another form of Socialism.

National Socialists = NAZI is those who love their country and promote government control of everything.
Food for example so it call all be distributed even
@POTUS is a Nationalist that promotes the people control the government and have control of their own lives.

@BernieSanders promotes communism.
Yes Bernie they did have beautifull buildings. All built by SLAVE labour that cost millions of lives

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