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1/ Despite foreign doubts and #Hongkongers’ criticism, #NPC just passed #nationalsecuritylegislation. # China unilaterally imposes the law with its legislation entirely under a black box, with no legislative scrutiny and public consultation. Image
2/ Today’s decision is a direct assault on the will of #HKers. China is scrapping its promise of autonomy under the Joint Declaration, a legally binding international treaty, & burying 1Country2System when a #secretpolice agency can enforce #China’s laws within territory of HK.
3/ Up to now, #Beijing loyalists keep downplaying the adverse impacts on HK’s judicial independence & civil liberties. Under similar law in China, people seeking justice for #TiananmenMassacre, supporting HKProtest were sentenced to jail. It might kill HK’s democratic movements.
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As #Beijing prepares to impose a sweeping #NationalSecurityLaw formally invalidating core #1C2S protections, risks are mounting for #HongKongers & their future.

So I’m standing up a #HongKong #WatchFloor:

Stay tuned for updates!…
The clock is ticking toward an unclear, but clearly worrisome, future for #HongKong.

To shine a spotlight on these critical issues, I’m standing up this virtual #WatchFloor.

I’ll improve & update it to the best of my ability, & welcome suggestions via
As #Beijing prepares to impose a sweeping #NationalSecurityLaw that in effect invalidates core #OneCountryTwoSystems-promised protections, risks are mounting for #HongKongers.

Under assault: some of their most cherished values & freedoms.…

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#THREAD: #Beijing Steps Up the Pace of #Uyghur Forced Labor into Inner #China

Beijing ramps up transfers of Uyghurs into forced labor outside of their region, said an #Australian think tank

A #Nike manufacturer uses such forced labor

A must read👍…
Tens of thousands of unwilling Uyghur recruits, many straight from internment camps, are being herded as never before, onto trains. To fulfill a rising tide of punishing Government quotas, they are being shipped in increasing numbers to factories and sweat shops to
In “Uyghurs For Sale,” the original report, 83 global brands & labels were identified as having benefitted from Uyghur forced labor at some stage in their supply chain. Major tech, automotive & fashion int. firms, including from nine European countries, have all been implicated.
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Pro-democracy lawmakers & groups accuse the #CCP of ‘mutual destruction’ & there’s no more 2 systems in #1C2S 1 Country 2 Systems in #HongKong. Groups include the Alliance that organises annual June 4th vigil, @chrf_hk & Justice & Peace Commission for Catholic Diocese
Convenor of Civil Human Rights Front @chrf_hk Jimmy Sham alleged #CCP of conducting “terrorist attack” on stock markets with its announcement of plans to implement national security laws in #HongKong, as markets plunge after the news
Sham said during #coronavirus epidemic the pro-democracy camp has been very wary of people’s health, but he accused #FTU’s Stanley Ng of thinking about “ways to save the ‘country’ rather than lives”, & #DAB chair Starry Lee just think about “saving an anthem”
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1/ On the eve of HK's Tiananmen massacre vigil, Beijing is now scrapping its promise of #1country2systems by circumventing HK’s legislature and directly imposing the most controversial national security law #article23 upon Hong Kong.
2/ Although the law is highly contentious in #Hongkong, and widespread backlash broke out when #HKgov introduced the law in 2003, Beijing this time deliberately chooses to ram through this unpopular law by completely ignoring the will of #Hongkongers.
3/ This disputable legislation is promulgated without any legislative scrutiny, just by the direct promulgation by #Beijing authority. This new mechanism allows #Beijing to impose more China’s draconian laws without any legislature scrutiny.
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Big thunderstorm brewing in #Beijing right now. It’s 3.40 in the afternoon gone dark. #China
Big thunderstorm brewing in #Beijing right now. It’s 3.45 in the afternoon and gone dark. #China
Big thunderstorm brewing in #Beijing right now. It’s 3.47 in the afternoon and gone dark. #China
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THREAD - The U.S. is toughening its stance against China. The Senate voted to implement sanctions individuals involved in human rights abuses against the Uighurs in Xinjiang. The move comes at a time when the U.S. has far diminished credibility on human rights.@NarativLive
2. One U.S. company with ties to Xinjiang is Thermo Fisher, which sold genetic sequencing technology secretly used against the Uighurs. Donald Trump has publicly endorsed the Thermo Fisher and was a shareholder, which he claims he sold. @NarativLive
3. Meanwhile China has begun the PR effort to spin its possibly first-to-market vaccine. Xi claims the vaccine will be made available to the world. This follows similar PR moves to ship PPE to various countries of strategic importance to #Beijing.
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"Well done, China. You’ve bested us. You win. Or at the very least, the Justin Trudeau government has been bested." @TerryGlavin @OttawaCitizen

My stomach rolled over reading GLAVIN devastating critique. We MUST stop kowtowing to #China's bullying.…
"National Research Council, for reasons that were not made quite clear, entered into an agreement, the exact details of which Canadians are apparently not entitled to know, with a Chinese entity known as CanSino Biologics Inc." @TerryGlavin

☞ Any thoughtful guesses why?
"Only 14 per cent of us think it would be a good idea to allow Beijing’s 'national champion" telecom giant #Huawei to get in on Canada’s 5G (fifth-generation) internet connectivity infrastructure." @TerryGlavin
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/14/2020

Machine learning platform generates novel COVID-19 antibody sequences for experimental testing…
#MachineLearning #antibody
The Gaslighting Has Begun. Resist.
#power #scale #pandemic
Choices for the “New Normal” | Health Disparities | JAMA | JAMA Network…
#health #coronavirus
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Global Backlash Builds Against #China Over #coronavirus

As calls for inquiries and reparations spread, #Beijing has responded aggressively, mixing threats with aid and adding to a growing mistrust of #China.…
Australia has called for an inquiry into the origin of the virus. Germany & Britain are hesitating anew about inviting in the Chinese tech giant Huawei.
Trump has blamed China for the contagion & seeks to punish it. Some governments want to sue Beijing for damages & reparations.
Across the globe a backlash is building against China for its initial mishandling of the crisis that helped loose the coronavirus on the world, creating a deeply polarizing battle of narratives and setting back China’s ambition to fill the leadership vacuum left by the US.
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Secrecy by #Beijing has fanned a clamour in Five Eyes nations for Western governments to come down hard on Beijing when the pandemic eventually passes.@DailyMailUK

IF #TRUDEAU embraces #Huawei, Canada WILL BE THAT 'girl left out of the dance.'

Aftermath of #COVID19 will set the stage for strategic re-thinking of #China #CCP.

With deepening mistrust, #Beijing faces real and growing backlash over its cloaking of #COVID19.

'Woe is CANADA' if she finds herself excluded.……
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Latest for @dw_chinese - Following his death in January, former Czech Senate leader's wife accused #China of causing his death through threats during a TV interview. I talked to @JirousFilip about the political implication behind this tragic event.…
Filip points out that the striking part of this incident was the fact that the Czech president's office actually asked the Chinese Embassy to send the threatening letter to Kubera.
“The Czech president’s own chancellor, Vratislav Mynář, asked the Chinese embassy to write that threatening letter. Mynář belongs to a China lobby circle around a large Czech corporation called PPF, which has huge commercial interests in China and ...
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Update on #China's crackdown on online projects to preserve #COVID19 memories - Popular online project #nCoVMemory, which collects online content and news articles about #COVID19 in China, has set their site to private, calling it a necessary protective measure.
The news comes after three volunteers of another content-aggregating project in #Beijing were arrested and detained by the Chinese officials. The project that they are involved in also collects articles and online information about #COVID19.
The #nCoVMemory team said in order to "avoid existing risks, they can no longer set the online project as public." They apologize for the inconvenience but emphasized that all of their members were safe. They promised that if the situation improves again, they might set the ...
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1/ Three #hongkongers were slashed by a pro-#Beijing mob with a beef knife, with wounds on her left chest and chin, broken ribs, lungs collapsed with blood, suffering from post-traumatic stress, when handing out leaflets at #lennonwalls last night
2/ But #HK Judge offered sympathy to the assailant, without slamming his cruel move during sentencing yesterday. Instead, he violated his impartiality by spending one-third of the time criticizing #HKprotests & comparing victims that just delivered leaflets as "terrorist army”.
3/ He even praised the assailant as "an involuntary sacrifice and a bloodstained victim hanging by his last breath”, while the victims, the ones truly laying in blood, were slammed as "ruthlessly trampled on his right to work, live and survive.”
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@nytimes has published 2 really good articles about the #coronavirus #CONVID19 regarding the origins & timeline of the virus & the likelihood that it started earlier than most people thought.……
On Apr. 21, 2020 @nytimes published this article with a timeline of the #coronavirus #COVID19. The only problem is, like most reporting in the #US so far, it does not go back far enough. It starts with Dec 31st.…
Some reporters are starting to look farther back in Dec. for the #coronavirus timeline, but that may not be far enough back. @nytimes needs to coordinate their investigative journalism & broaden the research criteria to at least Nov. starting in-house...…
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[Demosisto's report on #LiaisonOffice's empire in #HK]

1.When #China's liaison office violates #1country2systems & claims to have "supervisory power" on HK issue, @demosisto today released a report & found that the office owns a property empire w. 757 properties, worth HK$3.4bn+
2. Since the Umbrella Movement, #liaisonoffice has scaled up its property portfolio, with over 130 properties purchased after 2014. Some of them were rented to pro-#Beijing groups which are active in elections and pro-govt rallies.
3. The expansion shows that #Beijing has accelerated its control over #Hongkong. Our founding chair Nathan @nathanlawkc stressed that #LiaisonOffice now literally interferes in local affairs and damage the city's autonomy with more communist party officials stationed in #HK.
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#German newspaper sends #China a £130 billion bill for '#coronavirus damages' – sparks fury in #Beijing 👍

The #UK has joined #US intelligence officials in investigating claims that the virus originated in a Wuhan virus lab and not a wet market.…
Outrage in China after Bild, a major newspaper put together a €149bn (£130b itemized invoice that Beijing "owes" Berlin following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
Bild Chief Editor Julian Reichelt rebutted the criticism, saying: "We asked in our newspaper Bild whether China should pay for the massive economic damage the coronavirus is causing

You were too proud & too nationalistic to tell the truth, which you felt was a national disgrace”
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Pure theory…
How does NWO control?

►NK nukes controlled China. Seems they are hostages too.

►Ukraine setting up to control Russia. Nice proximity.

►Iran, Israel ... Middle East.

Order is important.
Any other rogue nuclear states?

Yeah, Switzerland. BINGO!

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#China decimated US #intelligence apparatus years ago, posing steep challenge during #coronavirus…
2/ #Intelligence experts stress that the attempt to usurp the U.S. as the global superpower is at the heart of their BRUTAL dismantling of intelligence operations within the country.” #China
3/ “But American #intel has been working from a disadvantage ever since several operatives' covers were blown over the last decade, leading to a purge by #Beijing.” #China #coronavirus
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#China Limited the Mekong’s Flow. Other Countries Suffered a Drought

New research show that #Beijing’s engineers appear to have directly caused the record low levels of water in #Thailand, #Laos, #Cambodia & #Vietnam

#China, the ultimate predator state…
China's message? We feel your pain.

The foreign minister, Wang Yi, said China was also suffering from arid conditions that were sucking water from the Mekong.

But research from American climatologists shows that China was not experiencing the same hardship at all.
“The satellite data doesn’t lie & there was plenty of water in the Tibetan Plateau, even as countries like Cambodia & Thailand were under extreme duress.”

“There was just a huge volume of water that was being held back in China”.
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#Wuhan postcard: Kite-flying, #cat on leash smelling 🌸, city skyline along the #Yangtze, and #socialdistancing to the max 🐶🐯 #coronavirus #China ImageImageImageImage
More #Wuhan postcards: Entrance to Carrefour; makeshift takeout window through metal barrier; makeshift barrier, period - everything plus the kitchen sink; #Communist Party disaster relief tent (these are still everywhere) ImageImageImageImage
The #Yangtze River lit up at night; view from the Hankou side. A sealed path due to #coronavirus. And 2 signs letting everyone know there are no #COVID19 illnesses, fevers etc in this #epidemic-free compound for 30 consecutive days #Wuhan ImageImageImageImage
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Tem circulado em grupos uma mensagem segundo a qual o #coronavírus atingiu cidades da Europa e Américas muito distantes de #Wuhan, mas não afetou #Pequim ( #Beijing ) e #Xangai, capitais política e financeira da #China. 1/
A mensagem diz também que o #coronavírus é uma “arma biológica que a #China deixou para destruição no mundo”. A mensagem é cheia de falsidades, pura #teoriaconspiratória. 2/
É falso que #Beijing e #Xangai não tenham sido afetadas pela #covid19. Lá houve #isolamento (mais rigoroso do que o nosso) e só agora está voltando ao normal. A #DeutscheWelle, respeitada agência de notícias da Alemanha, explica isso aqui: 3/
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1/ It is my honor to share with @MarshaBlackburn the latest update in #HK on the call. #Beijing & #Hkgov prioritize crackdown of dissidence over health of #HKers. Director of #China’s office in #HK even called democracy movement as “political #coronavirus” & urged to suppress.
2/ HKGov use new #coronavirus restrictions to suppress protest. Police disproportionately target pro-democracy stores, being checked twice every 15 minutes. When police instruct to line up for body search, bystanders were framed as violating 4 person limit on public gatherings.
3/ Draconian laws strengthen authoritarian-inclined leaders’ grip on the city’s liberties. but it only makes more HKerds support democracy in HK. In our cause for democracy, we hope the world can continue to #standwithhk & confront Beijing crackdown.
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Q says [they] speak frm secret acnts, burner phones & games but how do [they] decipher msgs to each other?

I allowed logical key words guide me as [they] do?

I tied #Madonna’s #coronavirus #Quarantine #6 video to #Hillary #China #COVID19 #BillGates, close to #Adrenochrome
1️⃣Panicked typewritten msg: “it’s getting too close”
3️⃣ Jazz album to her left-‘Parker With Friends’ by #BillyParker

These took me 2 directions. Direction #1 first:

I looked up PARKER WITH FRIENDS & found💥children’s💥book “FRIENDS” by #TheronParker abt 2 boys..
...who meet in an ally, 1 deaf & they “WORK TOGETHER TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO COMMUNICATE”

What are the odds?

#Madonna #coronavirus
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