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NEW: Negative views of #China "remain at or near historic highs" in 19 countries surveyed by @pewresearch

Negative views of #Beijing highest in:

#Japan 87%
#Australia 86%
#SouthKorea 80%
#Sweden 83%
US 82%
#Netherlands 75%
#Germany 74%
#Canada 74%…
"Adults in #Greece, the #UnitedKingdom & the #UnitedStates have become significantly more critical of #China over the past year" per @pewresearch

"Unfavorable views of China have gone up by 21 percentage points in #Poland & Israel & 15 points in #Hungary..."
"#Belgium stands as the only country where fewer people hold an unfavorable view of #China this year than last year (61%, down from 67%)" per @pewresearch
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Happening now: @NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg news conference in #MadridNATO22

Says Madrid Summit reinforces an alliance and world view "based on norms & values instead of brute violence" Image
#Indo-pacific countries at #MadridNATO22 - "We appreciate very much the partnership with them" per @NATO's @jensstoltenberg, asked abt #China

China's coercive behavior "matters for every country concerned abt the freedom of navigation" & trade in the region
"It's #Russia that has walked away from this attempt to build more trust, more partnership" per @NATO's @jensstoltenberg

"Our relationship w/#Russia is at the lowest level since the #ColdWar but there is no doubt that the responsibility for that is Russia"
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"What Li and his fans didn't know at the time was that the sweet, creamy tank-like ice cream cake had triggered #Beijing's special censorship system tailored for the 1989 Tiananmen Square anniversary on June 4."…
"Now all of Li's fans are waiting to see if he re-emerges later tonight.

He is scheduled to appear in one of the three annual big e-commerce sales in China on June 18."
"Austin Li earned himself the nickname "the Lipstick King" after he broke live stream records by selling 15,000 lipsticks in five minutes."
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US view of developments in #Ukraine: "At the broadest levels, there's no doubt that thus far #Russia has failed to achieve it strategic objectives" @DOD_Policy Colin Kahl tells #CNAS2022

"Vladimir Putin went into this war seeking to gobble Ukraine up..."
#Russia "has had more progress in the south" of #Ukraine, per @DOD_Policy

Russian gains-"To some degree that is true although the gains on any given day really measured in blocks" he says "They are not large, sweeping breakthroughs of Ukrainian defenses"
"There are significant casualties, but that is true on both sides" per @DOD_Policy at #CNAS2022 on #Russia-#Ukraine fighting

"The Ukrainians are taking casualties, The Russians are taking a lot of casualties, as well, & the front lines are not moving very much"
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#China is building #PLA naval facility in northern portiion of #Cambodia’s #Ream #NavalBase on the #Gulf of #Thailand. #PLAN
Back in 2019, #China signed an agreement allowing its armed forces to use a #Cambodian #NavalBase to boost its ability to project military power around the globe.
The deal allows #China to use the base for 30 years, with automatic renewals every 10 years after that. #China would be able to post military personnel, store weapons & berth warships. A #Chinese company is also constructing a very large airport very close to the Naval facility.
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Revealing spotlight on #China's emerging #PLA #Naval facility in #Ream, #Cambodia!

Glad to support @nakashimae & @catecadell's exposé @WashPost.

This will be hot topic at #SLD22 where I'm honored to be a delegate. Let's see what officials say! @IISS_org…
Ships adding up—

"#China’s #navy is already the world’s largest by #s of vessels. The @USNavy has 297 battle-force ships..according to @CRS4Congress, while China has 355 & is projected to have 460 by 2030, according to last year’s @DeptofDefense report."…
But, said Andrew Erickson, research director of the @ChinaMaritime Studies Institute @NavalWarCollege, “as impressive as those numbers are, without a significant network of robust overseas facilities, their ability to use them falls off rapidly w distance from China.” #Ream #Base
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Digital control in #Beijing. Within only 1 second, smart temperature measurement & 8 verifications including ID card, #HealthCode, #vaccination status, #COVID test expiration date, etc, can be done. #CCP is so proud of it. 一秒鍾之內完成八種驗證,#中共國 引以自豪的數字管控。
This is a news piece produced by BRTV (Beijing Radio and Television).
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Today's the 33rd anniversary of the 1989 #TiananmenSquare 'incident'. I was a student in #Beijing as it unfolded. China and its politics have run deep in my bloodstream ever since. Below, a thread detailing the eye witness account of a Chinese friend (17) and my own observations. Image
Beijing witness (aged 17): “Saturday afternoon, 3 June. In the previous few days, the authorities have been arresting workers: morale is lowering. The government and PLA wait until people at Tian’anmen lessen, then move in the 27th Army in armoured vehicles.”
“The first lot of young soldiers sent in had joined forces with students in Beijing after students stopped them, and informed them of the actual situation: a peaceful demonstration for democracy. The tanks had turned back.”
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"Na China ninguém sabe do que houve na praça da paz celestial, gov apagou da história". Realidade:
Não só sabem como o @thinking_panda, que é chinês, fez um fio sobre isso e vou traduzir aqui:
Diplomata chileno em Beijing: "não houve massacre"
LiHong, estudante de Hong Kong que estava na praça: "não houve massacre"
HouDejian, cantor taiwanes e um dos líderes dos protestos: "eu estive na praça até 6:30 da manhã, não vi nada disso"
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Taiwanese centers for learning Mandarin are springing up in Germany, taking the place of Chinese facilities as universities grow wary of #Beijing's influence on their academic freedom.…
A new branch of the Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning (TCML) is preparing to launch in Berlin, local staff told Nikkei Asia -- Germany's third such site teaching the Chinese language to adults after Hamburg and Heidelberg.
In recent months, universities in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Ingolstadt and Trier have bowed out of or started to phase out cooperation with China's Confucius Institutes.
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Thread. Seeing the anniversary of one of Americas colour revolutions in China is coming up, I thought it was time to repost what was lost. There are many myths regarding the supposed #TiananmenSquareMassacre, knowing what we know now, how America fabricates information...
Take a look at that Iconic Image, the western media portrays #TankMan as a symbol of defiance, but what is the truth? Did you know he lived? Did you know he was actually stopping the tanks from leaving the square the morning after? Did you notice he has two bags? Lets see below Image
Here we have the full video, as you can see he goes on his merry way, his friends even give the soldiers a wave, that second bag, where did that go? A gift for the soldiers perhaps, but that is speculation. Facts are he stopped them leaving, and he lived
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By @SpeakerPelosi: “Zen’s arrest is one of the clearest signs yet of #Beijing’s worsening crackdown as #HongKong fights for its freedoms — and of Beijing’s growing desperation and fear that it is losing this fight.”…
“Zen and three of his colleagues have been released on bail, but the charges remain in force, with each facing the prospect of life in prison. We must all condemn their arrests, which are an affront to religious freedom, political freedoms and human rights.”
“As I have said before, if we do not speak out for human rights in China because of commercial interests, we lose all moral authority to speak out on human rights anywhere in the world.”
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"But pressure is mounting for a change to the zero-Covid strategy that has left #Shanghai at a standstill since March, kept hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens under lockdown nationwide and is now threatening to bring #Beijing to a halt."…
"Fearing any dissent during a politically important year for Mr. Xi, China’s censors have moved quickly to muffle calls for a change in course on Covid-19."
"The head of the World Health Organization, whose recommendations China once held up as a model, was silenced this week when he called on the country to rethink its strategy."
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A Senate candidate in Australia billing himself as a choice for social harmony has a long history of activity with #China's government's main arm of overseas influence, the United Front Work Department.…
Canberra-based Dr Li Fuxin — the founder and principal of a Chinese language school — announced his intent to run for Australia's upper house as an independent in late March.
While he declared he was running on a platform of multiculturalism, education and business, he was less forthcoming about the fact that, in recent years, he has cultivated important ties to #Beijing, mainly through senior positions within provincial arms of the United Front.
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Happening now: Senate Armed Services Committee Worldwide Threats hearing...

Testimony from @ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines & @DefenseIntel Dir Lt Gen Scott Berrier
SASC Chairman @SenJackReed on US intelligence sharing in #Russia-#Ukraine war:

"Intelligence officials are understandably cautious about revealing hard-won insights on adversaries, but this strategy has proven highly effective..."
"...This is a great example of competing effectively in the information domain, and I hope we will continue to make use of this kind of creative tradecraft" per @SenJackReed
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A severe tightening of Chinese firms is taking shape in the U.S: is #Washington planning to catch two birds 🐦 🐦 with one stone ❓
More than 80 U.S.-listed Chinese #stocks, including and #Pinduoduo, have been included in a new list of pre-delisting (i.e., forced exit from the exchange), with a total of 105 #Chinese stocks on the list.
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"While many of the city’s 25mn residents blame their enforced isolation on Xi and his zero-Covid policy, the future of Li and other top lieutenants hangs in the balance as pressure mounts on #Beijing to find a scapegoat for the chaos and embarrassment."…
"The question weighing on Xi is what to do with Li, a close ally for two decades after the pair worked together in Zhejiang in the early 2000s, and Shanghai mayor Gong Zheng.
The decision will ripple through the party and return an unwanted spotlight to secretive infighting as a clutch of rising cadres compete for coveted top government positions."
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John Lee, #HongKong's former chief secretary and security chief, has just become the city's next chief executive. Many described today's "election" as a process tightly controlled by #Beijing and expressed their concerns about his leadership. My latest:…
"He has very little experience with the policy issues other than police, security or by extension also national security," said Kenneth Chan, a political scientist at Hong Kong Baptist University.
"He has built a reputation as a tough guy and a law enforcer that would not like to listen to others' views, be accommodating, or be measured. Whatever tasks his superiors assign to him, he will get them done," Chan from Hong Kong Baptist University told DW.
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I’ve moved out of my #Beijing hutong home after three happy years – that’s not long compared to my neighbour, Mr Wen, who’s lived in the same courtyard since the 1970s. A short thread. (1/8)
This courtyard once belonged to a scholar, Fu Xihua (傅惜华), who filled it with his vast book collection. He died in 1970 after being struggled against. Over the years, more people moved into the yard until at one point it accommodated 7 families/around 35 people. (2/8)
Most hutong homes today are the ramshackle relics of traditional quadrangles (四合院) that have been endlessly extended and subdivided since the mid 20th century, interspersed with some intact or rebuilt courtyard homes. These were the views from our roof. (3/8)
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On Sunday, an election committee of around 1500 people, mostly pro-#Beijing, will be choosing the next leader for #HongKong. The sole candidate in the race is viewed as a tough enforcer of #China's ambition to further roll back #HK's autonomy. My latest:…
Hong Kong's former chief secretary John Lee is the only candidate on the ballot and critics warn the whole process is under the complete control of the Chinese government in Beijing.
The chief executive is elected for a term of five years by the members of the election committee, a body that's made up mostly of pro-Beijing figures, and the new leader is expected to take office on July 1.
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HOME IN THE #US FOR FIRST TIME IN 2.5 YEARS 🙌 Yes, I will return to #Beijing, but for now I’m gonna relish being in the land of the free, home of the brave 🇺🇸🤣 This thread will be occasional musings about re-entry into my own country which has changed dramatically in this time
First: Dunkin’ Donuts now serves #avocado toast. When did this happen??? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Aside: I flew thru #HongKong which was mostly all closed (except the Cathay lounge which was as usual amazing 💁🏻‍♀️). Dust on shop counters, socially distanced seating, etc
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @AHuitfeldt, @AnzeLog, @HonTonyAbbott, @SanjayVermalFS, @GERonAsia, and @MZZRS

Stay tuned for updates!

Watch the session LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
Peter Grk (@MZZRS): We are embarking on the unknown with the ongoing #foodcrisis, dysfunctional #multilateral organisations & the #pandemic.
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Late last night #Beijing officials announced that mass #Covid testing would spread beyond #Chaoyang to other parts of the city + that by 8pm Monday 3.69 million people had been tested, that 526,457 results were already in and that they were all negative. #China
Today #Beijing added another 33 official new #Covid infections but, if I’m correctly understanding the government’s language, all of them were already in isolation. Does this means the millions of tests yesterday have not yet identified extra cases in the community here? #China
I may be wrong but, at this stage, with the the trajectory as it is, it seems like #Beijing may NOT be about to have a city-wide lockdown. Instead it’s looking more like specific compounds or specific neighbourhoods may have lockdowns when needed. Of course, this could all change
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The #HongKong foreign press club scrapped its annual human rights awards on Monday citing fears it could be prosecuted for crossing "new red lines" as #Beijing stamps out dissent in the international business hub.…
The decision has triggered a row within the Foreign Correspondents' Club Hong Kong (FCCHK) and sparked resignations from within its press freedom committee, four people with knowledge of the decision told AFP.
"Over the last two years, journalists in Hong Kong have been operating under new 'red lines' on what is and is not permissible, but there remain significant areas of uncertainty and we do not wish unintentionally to violate the law," club president Keith Richburg said.
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