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Tiny #Palau in not-so-pacific middle of #US & #China

Pacific island nation has responded to #Beijing's perceived 'bullying' by inviting #US to establish strategic ports, bases & installations.

There is a “high-stakes rivalry going on” between China & US.…
2) Tiny Palau invited the US Pentagon to build ports, bases and airfields on its Pacific islands after Chinese President Xi Jinping bullied the Pacific island nation by destabilizing its fragile economy, according to defiant President Surangel Whipps.
3) “President Whipps’ frank assessment of Chinese pressure – and invitation to host US bases – are unusually blunt for a Pacific leader,” Australia Pacific Security College director Meg Keen said in an interview.
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Chilling warning from #China's State Media to BOMB #Australia with long-range missiles should Canberra support #US military action in #Taiwan

#Beijing has been ramping up efforts for Taiwan 'reunification' under 'One China'…
2) Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of The Global Times, which is seen as Beijing's mouthpiece on foreign policy to the world, said China should retaliate with 'long-range strikes' if Australia gets involved in a potential military conflict over Taiwan.
3) He warned Australia 'they must know what disasters they would cause to their country' if they were 'bold enough to coordinate with the US to militarily interfere in the Taiwan question'.
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Latest for @dwnews: On Thursday's "Arts and Culture" program, I talked about #China's recent attempt to extend its #Xinjiang propaganda effort to the realm of cinema, with the release of a musical and several documentaries by @CGTNOfficiale.…
The musical, called the Wings of Songs, featured three main characters from three different ethnic community, is a clear attempt by #Beijing to present its version of "ethnic unity" in a very forceful way.
I cited the prominent phrase used in Chinese official documents and state media, describing the ethnic unity as "the seeds of a pomegranate," to highlight #Beijing's insistence to claim that all ethnic groups in #China live harmoniously together.
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Just in: #China's Xinhua News agency reported that #Beijing announced that it will indefinitely suspend all activities under the #China - Australia strategic and economic dialogue.
More from @XinhuaBrisMUN: "Recently, some Australian Commonwealth Government officials launched a series of measures to disrupt the normal exchanges and coopertaion between China and Australia out of Cold War mindset and ideological discrimiation."…
"Based on the current attitude of the Australian Commonwealth Government toward China-Australia cooperation, the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China decides to indefinitely suspend ...
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Happening now: @CENTCOM Commander Gen Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie & @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen Stephen Townsend testify at SASC
.@CENTCOM's Gen McKenzie tells lawmakers he has all the tools he needs to complete the withdrawal from #Afghanistan
"We will lose the abilities we have now to see completely into #Afghanistan" per @CENTCOM's Gen McKenzie, asked by @SenJackReed about impact of withdrawal on intel collection vs #alQaida #ISIS
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#China’s soft power has ‘collapsed globally’ due to ‘anger and hysteria’

“The contrast between #Australian calmness and #Beijing hysteria is actually one of the reasons further coercion of #Australia is affecting China’s soft power globally.…
2) China’s reaction to the cancelling of the dangerous Belt and Road agreement in a “wolf warrior fashion” will end up being a large “own goal” for Beijing, according to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Michael Shoebridge.
3) The controversial Belt and Road Initiative agreement between Beijing and the Andrews government in Victoria was cancelled last night by the foreign affairs minister using the new foreign relations bill powers.
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Happening now: @CENTCOM Commander Gen Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie, @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen Stephen Townsend & @DeptofDefense Acting UnderSec Amanda Dory testify at the House Armed Services Committee
"In #Afghanistan, our mission has been preventing terrorist groups from using the country to threaten the interests & security of the UnitedStates, our allies & partners" acting Deputy UnderSec Dory tells lawmakers "After 2 decades...we have accomplished that mission"
"We are focused on working closely w/the Afghan gvt & our @NATO allies to responsibly conclude Operation resolute Support in #Afghanistan" per @CENTCOM Commander Gen McKenzie "This is my main effort, at present"
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1/3: This is a true story: a #FalunGong couple in #China took the train to #Beijing but were stopped & ordered to get off at the station just before Beijing. The railway police told them that this was done at the request this couple's local police, who found out that they had...
2/3...bought train tickets to Beijing.
They had no other choice and had to buy two return tickets. When they called their local police as ordered, the local police already knew that they had bought the return tickets, because everything is connected with...
3/3...the social credit score system.
I recently heard this story from the above-mentioned couple who finally managed to escape China. (I won't say how here. )
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BREAKING: @ODNIgov issues assessment on Worldwide Threats a day before intel chiefs testify before lawmakers

"#Beijing, #Moscow, #Tehran, & #Pyongyang have demonstrated the capability & intent to advance their interests at the expense of the UnitedStates...despite the pandemic"
"#China increasingly is a near-peer competitor, challenging the United States in multiple arenas...#Russia is pushing back against #Washington where it can globally, employing techniques up to and including the use of force" per Annual Threat Assessment…
"#Iran will remain a regional menace w/broader malign influence activities" per @ODNIgov report "#NorthKorea will be a disruptive player on the regional & world stages"
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"@NATO remains the strategic center of gravity" @US_EUCOM Commander Gen Tod Wolters tells Senate Armed Services Committee
"That will improve our capabilities in all domains" @US_EUCOM's Gen Wolters tells lawmakers when asked about the announcement 500 more troops are headed to #Germany
.@US_EUCOM commander making the case for the F-35 joint strike fighter jet

"The F-35 is very important" Gen Wolters tells @JimInhofe "We in the US need F-35s in #Europe ... to make sure we have the competitive advantage necessary" vs #Russia
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Pentagon on @POTUS' proposed $715 billion FY 2022 @DeptofDefense budget

It "will ensure the Department’s resources are matched w/our strategy & policy to defend the nation & take care of our people, while revitalizing the key alliances & partnerships" per @SecDef Lloyd Austin
$715 billion budget request prioritizes "the need to counter the pacing threat from #China" per @DeptofDefense, and "...deterring nation-state threats emanating from #Russia, #Iran, & #NorthKorea"
.@DeptofDefense says the $715 billion budget request also addresses "threats to readiness, including hate group activity within the military, and prioritizing strong protections against harassment and discrimination"
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Scoop from @BethanyAllenEbr and @shawnarchen: the @iocmedia gave a uniform contract for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 #Beijing Olympics to a textile company in #China that has a factory in #Xinjiang.…
The company also openly advertises its use of #Xinjiang cotton. The company told the IOC that the cotton used in the Olympic uniforms doesn't originate in Xinjiang.
HYX Group has a long-standing relationship with the Chinese Olympic Committee and was a sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In listings on Taobao and, the company advertises numerous products as containing Xinjiang cotton.
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The U.S. said on Tuesday that it is looking to discuss with allies how to proceed with participation in the 2022 #Beijing Olympics as calls for boycotting the game continue to grow globally over #China's human rights records.…
State Department Spokesperson @StateDeptSpox repeated Washington’s concerns over Beijing’s human rights violations, particularly its persecution of #Uyghur Muslims in the #Xinjiang region, which the United States deems a genocide.
Asked if the United States was discussing with allies whether or not to consider a potential joint boycott, Price said, “It is something that we certainly wish to discuss ...
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The thread below highlights the increasingly difficult nature that colleagues in #China have to face. It reflects the growing hostility against foreign correspondents and the fact that #Beijing has begun to weaponize access for reporting in the country against foreign reporters.
I think it's important that we all understand the tricky, risky and dangerous nature of reporting in #China these days. We will never know when the more hostile environment will be reversed and it will be impossible to make any sort of prediction, as it's the nature with ...
... many other things involving #China these days. One thing clear is that when access for foreign journalists becomes a "weapon" used by a government, all of us will sacrifice something ultimately. For journalists, it is the valuable opportunity to report and engage ...
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Latest for @dw_chinese (Eng version): #Beijing begins a new round of crackdown on human rights lawyers in the country, as @Renquanniu and Lu Si-Wei encountered further persecution after losing their licenses.…
In January, Chinese human rights lawyer Ren Quanniu and Lu Si-Wei had their licenses revoked after taking on several sensitive cases, including the case of the 12 Hong Kong youths.
Over the weekend, they experienced a new round of crackdown from Beijing. Ren said the law firm that he co-founded with other lawyers was informed that the government wanted them to disband on their own.
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Latest: Dozens of Kazakhs have been staging protests outside the Chinese consulate in Almaty since February 8, demanding #Beijing's answer about their missing family members in Xinjiang. I talked to several of them about their struggle and fight:…
"At a time when Beijing and some western countries are imposing sanctions on each other over the human rights violations in Xinjiang, dozens of Kazakhs have been staging a protest outside the Chinese consulate in Almaty since early February."
"They put up images of their missing family members in Xinjiang and chant slogans that demand Beijing to explain where their family members are."
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A disaster thanks to the #IranDeal architects: Delaying changes in Iran, allowed the regime to sign a Soviet-style "25 year cooperation agreement" with China: strategic, military, trade etc. Tehran is now much better protected. This disaster is on the shoulders of Obama-Biden..
They knew about the #Iran-#China 25 years "Soviet-Style" Cooperation Agreement. Our intelligence, foreign policy teams, military, businesses, knew, yet the #Biden Adm was still racing towards the #IranDeal while #Beijing & #Tehran were producing their deal!

How can that be? 🤨
The @nytimes is "warning" that the #ChinaIranDeal will weaken US influence in the Middle East."

No kidding! The #NewYorkTimes was a major promoter of #IranDeal which allowed the #IranRegime to sign a deal with China. US "mainstream" media is morally responsible for the new axis.
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After a tense meeting in Alaska that saw the US and #China reached little consensus in a two-day meeting, #Beijing said both sides will set up a joint working group on climate change, according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency.…
The Chinese delegation said after the meeting the two sides were “committed to enhancing communication and cooperation in the field of climate change,” Xinhua said on Saturday.
They would also hold talks to facilitate the activities of diplomats and consular missions, “as well as on issues related to media reporters in the spirit of reciprocity and mutual benefit,” the report said.
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China and the US concluded the first in-person talk since @JoeBiden took presidency in Alaska on Friday. Washington called it a “tough and direct” talk. Many view it as revealing the depth of the tensions between #Beijing and Washington.…
“The talks appeared to yield no diplomatic breakthroughs - as expected - but the bitter rivalry on display suggested the two countries had little common ground to reset relations that have sunk to the lowest level in decades.”
“We expected to have tough and direct talks on a wide range of issues, and that’s exactly what we had,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters moments after the Chinese delegation left the hotel meeting room.
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"All American share an obligation to stand up against hate in our communities" @DepSecDef Kathleen Hicks tells National War College about rising violence again Asian American community

Hicks says @DeptofDefense is committed to lead by example
#China - #Beijing has been displaying an "increased military confidence & a willingness to take risks" warns @DepSecDef Hicks
US, @DeptofDefense must be able "to demonstrate the will & capability to credibly deter PRC aggression" per @DepSecDef
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Conflict between #China & US increasingly likely and to deter that "a strong [US] military is the key" former US ambassador to #SouthKorea & former @INDOPACOM commander Harry Harris tells @CSIS

"It is essential"
#Beijing's buildup will have big consequences "unless we're there to head them off, not only us but our allies & partners in the region as well" per ret Amb Harry Harris
"We need to have the ability to have increased missile defense capabilities as well as an offensive missile, offensive capability" per Harris

"We need to build that out" he says, referring to threat from both #China & #NorthKorea
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As the trial for one of the two Canadians detained in #China begins on Friday, Michael Spavor's family and Michael Kovrig's boss #Beijing to release both men.…
Canada's foreign ministry said Beijing had not yet granted Canadian officials permission to attend their trials. "Despite several official requests to Chinese authorities, Canadian officials have not yet received permission to attend the trials," the department said.
Spavor's family said they felt it "necessary to speak out and call for his unconditional release," adding that he was innocent of the accusations against him.
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Happening now: @INDOPACOM Commander, Adm Phil Davidson testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee
.@INDOPACOM "laser focused" on @SecDef Lloyd Austin's top 5 priorities, starting w/#COVID19

"We also remain deeply focused on cultivating a safe environment for our DoD fulfill their oath to the Constitution" he says
"We must also work to eliminate sexual assault, sexual harassment, racism & extremism, which have no place within our ranks" per @INDOPACOM's Davidson "Such abhorrent behaviors are inconsistent w/our values & the principles we are sworn to defend"
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#Microsoft #Cyberattack

The hacker attack on @Microsoft's e-mail programs is spreading even further into #German federal authorities. According to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), six federal authorities are also affected by the cyber attack.
"There was a possible compromise in four cases," said a security warning. It is not yet clear which authorities are involved.
The hacker attack became known last week. @Microsoft announced that a cyber espionage group with ties to #China had hacked customer emails through previously unknown vulnerabilities.
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