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Martedì #JoeBiden ha definito #XiJinping un dittatore, solamente un giorno dopo che il segretario di stato #Blinken aveva visitato #Pechino per stabilizzare le relazioni bilaterali, che secondo la #Cina sono "al punto più basso".
#Biden ha anche affermato…
che #Xi è stato moltoimbarazzato quando un pallone spia cinese sospetto è stato lanciato fuori rotta nello spazio aereo #USA all'inizio di quest'anno, facendo un commento personale sul leader cinese quando Blinken ha detto lunedì che il "capitolo" dovrebbe essere chiuso.. Non è
chiaro il motivo per cui Biden abbia fatto i commenti su Xi, il leader più potente della Cina dai tempi di #MaoZedong, dopo essersi assicurato un terzo mandato rivoluzionario come presidente e capo del #PartitoComunista..
"Il motivo per cui Xi Jinping si è molto arrabbiato quando
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Elon's mother was #Canadian.
Did she, like #Justin's mother, get herself impregnated by a #Communist leader???
Official history makes out that #MaoZedong was some random peasant, but #British and #Jesuit schemers had been sowing wild oats in #China for generations previously. ImageImage
Of course, the #KGB may also have been sending Red Sparrows to #China in order to collect the #Genes of #MaoZedong, knowing that anyone created by #British or #Jesuit schemers would have been top level #Genius. No surprise that Mao has offspring in #Soviet lands.
And it could be even DEEPER.
Remember how Skull and Bones stole the bones of #Geronimo, the #Apache leader? Apache people spoke a language related to Navajo and Dene, thus were part of the 2nd wave to move from #Siberia into the Americas. And in the land of Astana (Satana)...
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1. A long, but still incomplete list of celebrities in the Chinese arts and culture circle who died recently. Celebrities' deaths are more difficult to hide, as their workplaces or families usually publish the news to show respect.
This may give us a rough idea of
2. the high death toll in #China now:
Zhang Mu 张目, head of the opera troupe of the China Opera and Dance Theater, who once played #MaoZedong;
Zhao Qing 赵青, famous dance
Yang Da 杨达, Cantonese comic master & CCP member
Lu Xiaoguang, 陆晓光 TV drama director, CCP member
3. Zheng Rong 郑榕, performing artist, CCP member
Sun Guisheng 孙贵生, famous musician (he played guqin, flute and xiao) , honorary director of the Guqin Professional Committee of the Chinese National Orchestral Society
Li Changle 李长乐, actress
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1. 🇨🇳|👉 #XiJingping el líder de la #ChinaContinental o #RepúblicaPopularChina es un gran desconocido para occidente. Con este hilo pretendo acercaros a la persona y también todo lo que rodea a la entronización del #DragónRojo 🐲🔴

#China2022 #ElPoderEnChina

Hilo 🇨🇳🇪🇸⬇️⬇️
2. 🇨🇳|👉 El #LíderSupremo es un término informal para el #LíderPolítico más prominente en la #RepúblicaPopularChina. En el pasado este pudo ejercer el poder sin tener ningún cargo significativo 🏛️🔴

#XiJingping #DragónRojo #China2022 #ElPoderEnChina

Hilo 🇨🇳🇪🇸⬆️⬇️
3. 🇨🇳|👉 #XiJinping es el #Líder indiscutible de #China desde 2013, acumulando más poder desde entonces. Postulándose en 2022 para un inaudito #TercerMandado y fortaleciendo así su #Poder 🪧🀄️🔴

#DragónRojo #China2022 #ElPoderEnChina

Hilo 🇨🇳🇪🇸⬆️⬇️
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#china proposes
1) #India China Civilizational dialogue .
2) #India #China trade & investment forum
3) India China film forum .
#Chinese want #NarendraModi to visit #Beijing for BRICS in 2022 alongwith a trilateral between #XiJinping #Putin & #ModiJi…
Imho while Civilizational dialogue, investment & film forums can proceed #narendramodiji should only share space with #XiJinping after Chinese pull back forces beyond finger 8 & return to status quo ante as in 2019.
That should be our minimum condition .
The Chinese foreign policy towards India has hitherto always been conceptualized ,finalised & implemented not by the Beijing MOFA but the PLA. We have a unique situation now with #XiJinping being the first president to directly command the PLA since #MaoZedong .
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A pesar de su clara orientación comunista, la revolución protagonizada por #MaoZedong tuvo un importante componente nacionalista.

Su objetivo más inmediato no era implantar el socialismo, sabían que no había las condiciones necesarias capitalistas para hacerlo, sino...
...sino recuperar la soberanía nacional y restablecer la fortaleza de China frente al extranjero.

El Partido Comunista Chino (PCCh) es la columna vertebral del gigante asiático. Sin PCCh no se puede comprender la historia moderna de China 🇨🇳
90 millones de militantes
Estructuras barriales, en edificios de hogares, en empresas. Todo/as organizados en asambleas locales hasta nacionales y comunicados por plataformas como #WeChat.

De su estructura, 3 órganos destacan por encima del resto, y que son clave para...
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En homenaje a los cien años del Partido Comunista Chino🇨🇳, en este hilo vamos a ver las principales masacres, muertes y torturas en la historia del comunismo y los muertos invisibles por gran parte de la Izquierda Internacional hasta el día de hoy.
Las verdaderas cifras del terror entre el Nazismo y el Comunismo hicieron que en el 2019 el Parlamento Europeo🇪🇺 igualara oficialmente los asesinatos en masa, genocidios y deportaciones de ambos regímenes durante el siglo XX especialmente Alemania, URSS y China.
Aunque fuera un tema tabú para muchos, no podía dejarse de lado que Stalin en #URSS haya causado más de 100.000.000 de muertos o Mao en China🇨🇳 con sus 70.000.000 (y otra particularidad: En Rusia el Stalinismo duró 30 años mientras que el PCC🇨🇳 sigue hoy sometiendo la libertad).
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1. Yesterday in Antrim county, Judge Elsenheimer largely overruled SoS Benson objections to discovery and ordered her and her office to produce large amounts of information regarding the 2020 elections.
2. Michigan's state-run media ignored this part of the hearing, but instead declared victory for Dana Nessel. Having now reached out to several reporters, I have learned that the document production issue was not deemed news-worthy (i.e. must be hidden from public view).
3. #totalitarianism "a form of gov't that prohibits and restricts opposition and exercises a high degree of control over public/private life. Political power is held by autocrats who employ all-encompassing campaigns in which propaganda is broadcast by state-controlled media."
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#Thread : The Bloody History of #Communism - Chapter 2: People’s Republic of #China (PRC) and #Cambodia

#MaoZedong, the founding father of the People’s Republic of China, ruled China as the chairman of the #CommunistPartyOfChina...


#CommunismKills #SocialismKills Image
...from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976.

Ideologically a #Marxist#Leninist, his theories, military strategies, & political policies are collectively known as #Maoism.

(2/17) Image
Based on the Soviets' experience, #Mao considered violence to be necessary in order to achieve an ideal society that would be derived from #Marxism and as a result he planned & executed violence on a grand scale.

(3/17) Image
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@Thaeyongho speaks at @Heritage 9:00am EST 8/12 & @CSIS 9:00am 8/13. A thread on the ex-#DPRK diplomat's take on NK ploys & #KimJongUn's 2018 post-provocation outreach plan etc from his fabulous memoir (in Korean). All ENG tr. my own. @BruceKlingner @SueMiTerry @VictorDCha
Page numbers in parentheses. Here we go.

I. #KimIlSung's "Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" racket

#MaoZedong told Kim at dinner 4/18/1975 not to "even dream of developing nuclear weapons," as it "will devastate the economy and people’s lives will suffer.” (44) 2/
Kim was disheartened. From mid-1975 on Kim vociferously called for the withdrawal of US nuclear warheads from SK; announced a “Korean Peninsula Nuclear-Free Zone” & started his covert nuclear program. In 1980 announced with Japan’s Socialist Party in a joint statement 3/
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The long #thread on How #China became global #antiobiotic supplier and it's effect on US. #penicillin #vitamins #generics #USFDA #chloramphenicol #WhiteHouse (1/22)
During the Civil War, #MaoZedong had seen his troops fell in large numbers by diseases like dysentery, which was fatal when penicillin was unavailable.…

North #China became the centerpiece of Chinese government’s larger, state-directed plan for self reliance on Chinese #antibiotics.

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The Roots of #Antifa:

The extremist anarchist-communist group was initially part of the #SovietUnion’s front operations to bring about #Communist dictatorship in #Germany, and it worked to label all rival parties as “fascist.” (Thread👇)…
#Antifa can be traced to the “united front” of the #SovietUnion’s Communist International (Comintern) during the Third World Congress in #Moscow in June and July 1921, according to the German booklet “80 Years of Anti-Fascist Action” by Bernd Langer, published by…
…the Association for the Promotion of Anti-Fascist Culture.

Langer is a former member of the Autonome Antifa, formerly one of #Germany’s largest #Antifa organizations, which disbanded in 2004.…
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