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The idea that French theory is revolutionary “68 thought” is a myth whose purpose is to promote anticommunist theory as radical while invisibilizing the actual theorists and actors of revolutionary politics.🧵1/9
My latest in @monthly_review:… Image
#Foucault didn't publicly support the 68 movement & for good reason: he had participated in the Gaullist academic counter-reform that triggered the student uprising. He was thus clearly on the opposite side of the barricades in #May68. 2/9 Image
#Bourdieu was absent from the streets in #1968. Following the tradition of his mentor, the anticommunist CIA asset Raymond Aron, he preferred so-called “empirical evidence” to what he dismissed as the “revolutionary posturing” of leftism. 3/9 Image
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From Mar-a-Lago, to Georgia, to New York, @DevinNunes breaks down what's going on in the @DNC…

Devin Nunes breaks the Democratic party into 3 groups.

Nunes: "One of the groups, the old Roosevelt Democrats, that group no longer exists anymore."

Devin Nunes describes the first group as the 'establishment #Marxist #communists'.

Nunes: "The Pelosi wing establishment who just want to use #Marxism to be elected and hold office."
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A thread on the hegemony of science and its impact on humanistic philosophy:
Psychology and psychiatry have appropriated concepts that used to belong to the purview of philosophy. 1/13
Love, alienation, anxiety, despair - all these and more have been transformed into psychological constructs, susceptible to pathologization and depoliticization. Here is an example from bell hooks' 'All About Love':...2/13
"When I talked of love with my generation, I found it made everyone nervous or scared, especially when I spoke about not feeling loved enough. On several occasions as I talked about love with friends, I was told I should consider seeing a therapist... 3/13
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My critique of #Zizek is an analysis of his--pro-imperialist/anticommunist--position in the social relations of intel production. It’s part of a book on theory industry’s war on #Marxism. Chapters on #FrankfurtSchool #Foucault #FrenchTheory & more. 🧵1/7…
This article on the #FrankfurtSchool explains how #Adorno & #Horkheimer were funded & supported by the capitalist ruling class & imperialist states, including the CIA, as global spokesmen for an anti-communist politics of capitalist accommodation. 2/7…
This deep dive into the anti-communism of the #FrankfurtSchool, which critically evaluates #Adorno #Horkheimer #Habermas #Honneth #Fraser, clearly outlines FS's opposition to #Marxism & esp actually existing #socialism. 3/7…
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My latest: #Zizek rose to fame promoting pomo radlib theory against Marxism, claiming #communism is “the worst catastrophe in the history of humanity." No wonder he’s the (capitalist) world’s most famous “Marxist”! 🧵 1/7
#Marxism #Marx…
Opposed to #socialism in #Yugoslavia, #Zizek wrote for a ‘dissident’ mag accused of being CIA. He founded the
*LibDem* Party & ran for Pres against the communists, advocating for privatizations: “more capitalism would mean more social security” (sic). 2/7
The Eastern liberal was for pro-West civil society & against the Yugo. state when the latter was socialist, whereas he was against civil society & for the state when the latter turned capitalist (& sought membership in capitalist & imperialist orgs like the EU & NATO). 3/7
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@JukkaDavidsson #Ohisalo myös.
- #Sisäministeri'stä tyynylomalle. Junaili #Torssonen syylliseksi #Auvila'n hylsy-VOK 'vasara-arapien' hyökkäykseen.
Torssosen #KRP sormenjäljet siirrettiin postipaketin teippiin.
- Torssonen vapaa, arapit himassa.
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1. A tweet thread on over-medicalisation and over-medication under capitalism, based on my blog post on @biopoliticalph:
1. I’m surprised that there’s controversy over the claim that people are over-diagnosed and over-medicated in a laissez-faire capitalist society.
2. The medical establishment is part of a capitalist order that classifies and commodifies everything for profit, including human emotions and behaviours. Capitalism also suppresses dissent and resistance in order to maximise profit at the expense of workers’ needs and interests.
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1. A thread on mainstream theories of incarceration - retribution, rehabilitation, deterrence, restoration, incapacitation - which are gaslighting narratives that provide a smokescreen for racial capitalism:
2. Many critics say the American carceral system is based on retribution but I disagree. It's based on racial capitalism. All of the above principles - not just retribution - are in fact utilised to enforce a system of racial capitalism...
3. If you look at actual court cases, sometimes judges sentence someone to punish them; other times, they sentence someone "for their own good," because they "can't take care of themselves"...
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It's time for Marxism 101! We explore how Marx and Engels believed our labor creates value, and how employers exploit that value to create profit.
Check our sources at the end, and like & follow to see the rest of the series.

Today: "What's the Labor Theory of Value?" Labor is an essential part ...
3/10 Labor is the common “social...
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ANNOUNCEMENT🧵 from Three Essays Collective!

We've re-released, in Kindle edition globally & print editions in major foreign markets (via Amazon):

On Communalism and Globalization: Offensives of the Far Right

By Aijaz Ahmad

🛒:… Image
On Communalism and Globalization: Offensives of the Far Right - Aijaz Ahmad

Available for just ₹150 for the Kindle edition in India.

Tags: #Ayodhya, Culture, #Globalization, #Marxism, #NeoImperialism, #Fascism, #SouthAsia, #AcademicChatter…
In 3 celebrated lectures, extensively re-worked since they were delivered first, Prof. Aijaz Ahmad discusses the progress of neo-imperialism & the increasing influence of fascism in the 3rd world societies & critically evaluates their resources – cultural, social & ideological. Image
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I am listening to #Starky, the #historian, who is trying his level best to defend slavery and #English #Buccaneer #William #Beckford.
William owned some 40,000 acres of #sugar plantation growing land and had thousands of enslaved #workers working on his property in #Jamaica.
No wonder the bad memories survived.
During the 1970s Manley introduced Democratic Socialism in Jamaica which was a reactionary political movement against the injustices committed by the colonialists against the Jamaican People.
Economic historians confuse that with capitalism.
Free Enterprise & Free Market Economy, with Free movement of factors of production across markets, the freedom of choice exercised in terms of either consumption or occupation, and other matters pertinent to production, prices, and distribution are value-fact dichotomy hypotheses
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The petty bourgeois “left” is infatuated with the shibboleths of bourgeois “democracy.” A “democracy” which fully serves as a de facto dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Corportist trade unions, (1/22)
the multi-millionaire candidates of the first or the second corporatist party and the arbitrary elections held every two to four years in the United States. The petty bourgeoisie, disoriented but prosperous under the capitalist system, (2/22)
tell us that these are the very pillars of our politics!
The petty bourgeois “activists” and “organizers” tell workers to support corportatist trade unions in their current form, (3/22)
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Honored to have this wide-ranging conversation w @eshaLegal on @historic_ly about my current research on #ClassStruggle in theory & the intellectual world war on the idea of #communism.🧵
#AntiCommunism #CIA #Marxism #socialism…
We discuss this article on the #FrankfurtSchool #Adorno #Horkheimer #CriticalTheory, which analyzes how it is ABS Theory (Anything But Socialism):…
Here is a deeper dive into the history of the #FrankfurtSchool and its brand of anti-communist #CulturalMarxism:…
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📺 Welcome to the 56th episode of the Circular Metabolism Podcast: Forget the Anthropocene, we live in the Capitalocene with Prof. Jason W. Moore (@oikeios ) 📺.

👇Links below Image
🏙️ On today’s episode we will discuss about some more fundamental questions that are looking how capitalism and rationalism has altered our relationship with Nature, which in turn is responsible for current environmental crises.
In other words we will look whether the duality of Nature and Society which we always use as a given to account for resource use and pollution emissions is actually one of the root causes for situation we’re in.
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Bishnu Dey although essentially an illustrious poet, was also a versatile litterateur who was equally well-known for his prose, translation, poetry-essays, cinema & art criticism. He was born #OTD in 1909 in Bengal Presidency.
Dey is a difficult poet for the reader. His poetry frequently refers to western classics (art & music) & attempts to marry eastern classical concepts with western, contrasting them at the same time. His sophisticated imageries were rejected by some of his successors as “elitist”
Many scholars have argued that Dey was far too ahead of his time. He was a great intellectual who was extremely well read & versatile. His knowledge of music & art, both modern & classical, western & eastern, was deep rooted.
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The #FrankfurtSchool rose to fame—backed by the ruling class, imperialist states & CIA—by promoting Eurocentric social chauvinism, anti-communism & “cultural” Marxism sans praxis. 🧵 1/16
@Philosoph_Salon @LAReviewofBooks
#Adorno #Horkheimer #CIA #Marxism…
Frankfurt School critical theory has been—w #FrenchTheory—one of the hottest commodities of the global theory industry. They are the political & ideological source for so many trend-setting academic discourses: #pomo #poco #DecolonialTheory #QueerTheory #Afropessimism etc. 2/16 Image
Adorno & Horkheimer directly contributed to the CIA’s imperial project of reinforcing the non-communist Left. Horkheimer participated in its junkets while Adorno published in CIA journals, corresponded w their operatives & liaised about expanding their activities in Germany. 3/16 Image
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These people are going to censor all speech? Will these people determine who the domestic terrorists' are? Image
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#Turku @AboAkademi #Lenin #Stalin #communism #China #marxism #antisemitism #demarit #kokoomus #vasemmisto @SaaraMalila
Turun viestintäjohtaja.
- Kunnioitetun juutalaisen, V. I. Lenin -patsaan peittäminen ja poistaminen halveksii kansalaissodan veteraaneja. ImageImage
@AboAkademi @SaaraMalila #Juutalaisen #Leninin patsaan raiskaamisen sijasta, kannattaa opetella #venäjää ennen toukokuuta 2022.
- Saat leipää kun puhut kieltä, kuten #Mykkänen.
In 1837 and the building was moved to the official residence of the #Tsar or #Russia.
@AboAkademi @SaaraMalila Miten sanotaan venäjäksi:
1. 'Anna vähän leipää.'
2. 'Onko teillä bensaa?'
3. 'Meillä ei ole sähköä.'
4. 'Asuntojamme ei lämmitetä.'
5. 'Katso, pihassamme on upea patsas.'
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$TWTTR #Twitter has become #1984 -- Get alook at the 5 new tweets for which @MilitarisCath was threated with suspension 5 times. This is on toop of the 6 threats of suspension from last night @TwitterSupport your platform is broken
Tweet 1
Tweet 1 itself
Tweet 2
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A select case of #Evolution and #Leftist Progression in the History of Economic Thought ->
From #Marxism to #Keynesian Economics to #MMT
Negative events will lead to negative outcomes :
#Bolshevik Revolution => #Intenational #Proletarianism & #Leninism
#Great #Depression -> #Keynesian Economics
#Chinese Cultural Revolution -> Gang of Four
#GFC -> Modern Monetary Theory #MMT
That is how to interpret history.
Anticipating #tippingpoint is the most essential thing a gifted leader has to his credit.
All non-linear events should be studied carefully by applying #physics in social sciences, such as #Chaos #Theory and Law of #Thermodynamics.
Yes, and #Murphy's #First Law might also help.
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4 Things Stalin Was RIGHT About

We selected some quotes from Stalin’s works, showing four problems of modern capitalist society and his point of view on them, which can be considered clearly Marxist and relevant today.

Click through our thread see more. (1/5) Four Things Stalin Was Right About
1. Liberty #1. Liberty
2. Capitalist Democracy #2. Capitalist Democracy
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We stand in #Solidarity with our Workers in the #Unions & this is the only way to have a say in our Working Environment by #WorkingTogether & doing a #Strike!
People like us, who've been arguing against the broken Gears & For-profit exploitation of #Capitalism, comes in to help.
We're in a #SocietalCollapse as the Full Stop & Endgame of #Capitalism's Growth has begun! We need Calls & Movements for a "Great Transition" from this broken #Dystopia where we have a #ClimateCrisis, #HousingCrisis, #Pandemic, #EvictionCrisis, #HealthcareCrisis,...
#BiodiversityCrisis, etc.
As the system focuses on #Economic Growth, #Corporate Interest & Businesses First while exploiting the #Labor who are treated like hell & not paid a #LivingWage nor anything while everything to basically live is practically an Expense under #Capitalism.
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Ol' Karl & Friedrich Engels got him beat by 73 years when they declared war on the world in 1848, with The Communist Manifesto.
20 years later the infamous 14th Amendment installed by force to create a totalitarian regime in 1868. Click below to learn more...
Fast any moment we will have The #ChineseCommunistParty vs. Totalitarian Party. The war with China won't be about #freedom just like all the wars by The United States since 1861.
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