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A different kind of šŸ§µ, reflections on the team, and why Iā€™m so fucking bullish as we build for the future of @DegenSweepers.
1/ First, it has been an absolute pleasure and an honor to work with these mfers, an international team of the most base hardworking degens a project manager could ever wish for, everyone on the team brings a new meaning to LFGGGGGG.
2/ @ryuk_dev and his team (@AcieDotEth and Flofi at @Ryuk_Labs ) are fucking masters of what they do, we brought Ryuk on to secure our discord, of which ofc he did, and from there it was an obvious choice to bring him on to the team ...
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Chubby Troops is a first ever #P2E Game with bidding
mechanics on #Solana.

Long thread, continue reading. (1/10)

#NFTCommunity #NFTProject #NFTdrop #SolanaNFT #SolanaSummer Image

There are 3 species Araenians, Human & Apes, they are on war with each other. They are fighting for their survival and Arkane.

Wanna know the story in depth, go ahead checkout our White paper : (2/10) Image

Mint from the collection of 100 Coliseums and become a Ringmaster. Host battles and get a share in every bid.
(3/10) Image
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[THREAD] What the fuck is going on with NFTs on Elrond?

Thoughts of a degen/noob/solana-rekt/elrond-nfts-og/fomoer/fudder/builder/motherfucker on the Elrond NFT Market.

Get the popcorn out and sit back, this will be pure FUD.

Let's go back in time.
Mid October I bought my first nfts on Elrond, @LightningNFT and @Gnogen emidas act 5, sold p2p on discord. Then, November the 2nd, first mint on Elrond : @ElrondPunks that I'm able to sell 10x mint price.
Man that felt good after getting rekt on Solana.
Now we fast forward to when @EGLDIsTheWay reveals his Metaverse ambitions with the Gnogencon and Gnogons collection.

Everyone is impressed and welcomes him as Elrond's conductor. Gnogen dao becomes a safe investment.
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Currently, there are numerous bridges, which are constructed to connect Solana to other blockchains. But do we truly understand what bridges are?
Let's take a look with @solana_daily to understand the mechanism of bridges

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn Image

Each blockchains can be considered as an independent nation, and cross-chain bridges serve as a tool for more convenience in trading goods between these nations.

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn

The more the crypto market evolves, the more prosperous the market becomes. With the help of bridges, blockchains can connect together to serve the mutual benefit of the market.

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn
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The TVL distribution on @solana has had some major changes since the last 7D.
Letā€™s be with @solana_daily to look at the changes in the TVL ecosystem.

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn Image

The Dex Sector has reduced its ratio, from 61% to 55% this week, whereas raito the TVL of Yield sector raised 50% last week, from 21.5% to 29%.

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn

This phenomenon is contributed by the comeback of @SunnyAggregator. Sunny alone took up $2.36B TVL of the Sector, raising the TVL of Yield to the total of $3B.

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn
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@0x_fxnction @SOLBigBrain

Feel free to add anything Iā€™m missing but with an increasing number of rugs popping up on solana, here are some of my observations on scams and rugs over the past few months and the best ways to avoid:

1. If you hear or read about a project less (1/7)
1(cont.) than an hour before the mint, you likely have not done enough research and should probably skip
2. Never let FOMO get in the way of proper due diligence. With how quick sol NFT are growing there will always be another project to ape into, and likely soon thereafter(2/7)
3. While has a great tool listing a lot of upcoming drops, this should not be your sole source of information. Always check a projects Twitter and discords prior to minting
4. When looking at Twitter and discord most people think followers, likes (3/7)
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Lately, @Saber_HQ and @Allbridge_io have together connected @solana to many other blockchains for the flow of the stable coin. Until now, numerous stable coin appeared on Solana, mostly through the pool on Saber

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn
@Saber_HQ @Allbridge_io @solana STABLECOIN MAP TO #SOLANA

The available stable coin on @solana are USDT, USDC, and PAI of @gopartyparrot.

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn
@Saber_HQ @Allbridge_io @solana @gopartyparrot STABLECOIN MAP TO #SOLANA

With @Allbridge_io, Solana is welcoming BUSD from BSC @BinanceChain , cUSD from CELO @CeloOrg, apUSDC, apUSDT & MAI from Polygon @0xPolygon

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn
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The TVL ratio in the formula is defined as Total Market Cap / TVL. In most cases, it helps determine whether a project is undervalued or overvalued.

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn

The top 5 TVL projects, their ratio and their mkt cap are
@Saber_HQ 0.02251 $69M
@RaydiumProtocol 0.49299 $756M
@SunnyAggregator 0.00916 $12M
@Solfarmio 0.03502 $25M
@ProjectSerum 0.67129 $417M

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn
@Saber_HQ @RaydiumProtocol @SunnyAggregator @Solfarmio @ProjectSerum TVL RATIO OF PROJECTS IN #SOLANA ECOSYSTEM

As can be seen from the data, both @RaydiumProtocol and @ProjectSerum are now achieving a relatively fair value. With both TVL ratios nearly 0.5, they still have room to grow but not so fast.

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn
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With the oversaturation of NFTs we're asking ourselves now more than ever what makes good project with strong community engagement

Gather round, it's time for a story about the little NFT project that could

It's time for a story about birds, who are thugs @thugbirdz šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ§µšŸ‘‡
Thugbirdz is a collection of 3,333 uniquely generated, tough and collectible birds, that are also thugs.

Each have unique traits like shades, face tattoo, head accessories, bling and the most importantly: favourite rapper (jay-z, tupac, biggie, outkast, wu-tang)
They were created by @0x_thug, a one man show inspired by @DegenApeAcademy & @SolanaMBS NFTs. He bootstrapped the entire project himself and designed the art. (Devs & community managers came later).

With such limited resources it was bound to be a rocky start...
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We've gone gold! 100 unique arts and metadata generated by AI are dropping 25th September with the first collection "World Cities"! Check the mint page here:
Unique traits generated by GPT-3.

GPT-3 was trained on the context of talking about cities and then proceeded to generate metadata (traits and description) for each one of the 100 cities available in this collection.
Unique art generated using high-end deep learning focused GPUs.

We have used cloud GPUs to run deep learning AI which received the name and description of each city and then generated a unique PNG for each of them. All images do not have any human interference.
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Lately, the USDC supply has achieved $2.5B and the number is $1.14B with USDT. The steady growth showed that the big money flow is ready to come into projects on Solana as well as the TVL.

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn Image

As can be seen from the table, we calculated the growth in terms of percentage between times to times each minting event of a stable coin. The statistics show a growth rate of 138% with USDT and 120% with USDC.

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn

With all that projection, we expected that with a steady growth rate currently, the USDT supply would be able to balance the USDC supply after a 5 minting event of both stable coins. Let the time answer this.

#SolanaSummer #Solanaszn
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Recently there has been an NFT explosion on Solana. As new entrants & capital flow in, low-effort cut & paste cash grabs have emerged.

So, how do you identify a good NFT project?

Some of my learnings below:šŸ§µ šŸ‘‡ #NFT #NFTs #SolanaSummer #Solana #SolanaNFTs
1/ Engagement: a great level of activity, replies and responses from mods & community members. Look at their twitter and discord to analyze # of followers and the team's responsiveness and how well they answer questions. @DegenApeAcademy & @SolanaMBS do this particularly well.
Projects with 10k+ members in their discord and ~5k+ in their twitter typically signal good traction.

Meanwhile projects that don't even have their own dedicated discord are ones to be wary of e.g. @solpunks @boldbadgersquad are owned by & sitting in @SolanartNFT's servers.
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Interested in launching your own NFT drop on @solana but not sure how?
A few people have been DM'ing us asking how to set up their own Candy Machine šŸ¬ NFT minting program on @metaplex. Here's a quick unofficial tutorial from reading the source code.
2/ First fork the @metaplex repoā€¦
then install all package dependencies (takes a sec)
cd js
3/ Now we'll want to create our NFT media itself. Take your beloved jpegs (actually the should be .png lol) and add them to a folder (e.g. in the root dir), naming them `0.png`, `1.png` etc. Image
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A quick primer on how generative models have evolved!
For most of the last few years, 'Generative Adversarial Networks' were the best. Very simply, they played two AI's off against each other, the generator tried to trick the discriminator into believing the images it made were real, while the discriminator tried to distinguish them
But it is terrifically difficult to balance their training. It is easy for the discriminator to become so good that the generator cannot trick it - which mean's the generator no longer has any positive examples to learn from.
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Launching from stealth mode, @ContrastiveNFT is a new NFT art collection focused on harnessing our imaginations through generative AI built on @Solana āœØ
Contrastive harnesses state of the art transformer models to distill our collective imagination. What prompt do you think led to this image?
We were inspired by the power of generative models to give life to scenes previously locked within our minds. This allows for a new era of personalised expression, and lays the foundations for truly immersive experiences as the technology matures. Holo deck v0.1!
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0/ Some fellow @BoredApeYC apes asked for a general guide to NFTs on @solana. As a new member of @BoredApeYC but early SOL user I wanted to help some of my fellow apes get set up.

šŸ§µšŸ§µšŸ§µ šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡ #apefollowape #apetogetherstrong #mayc #NFTs #SolanaSummer #Solana
1/ Firstly, get an @FTX_Official or @ftx_us account to buy $SOL and transfer it to your phantom wallet free of charge. Tx are completed in <5 secs and best of all cost ā—Ž0.00001($0.001)... say goodbye to painful ETH gas fees!
2/ Download & set up @phantom web-extension wallet.
- Connect & use a HARD wallet to store your main stack
- Use the @phantom-assigned SOFT wallet to participate in NFT mints. It ringfences your main stack in case you ever accidentally click a scam link:
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Blockchain Project Analysis Series

PROJECT #1 Solana @solana (The Next Ethereum)

What is Solana?
Solana is a third-generation blockchain that supports smart contracts and high growth dapps. It was founder by @aeyakovenko and @rajgokal in 2017 as an open-source project.
1/N Image
It is a fast, secure and censorship-resistant blockchain which provides an awesome infrastructure required for global adoption. It is the faster blockchain out there.

Solana Features:-
Transactions per second :- 65,000
Avg.fee per transaction :- 0.0015
Transaction latency :- 0.4 sec
Number of validators :- 979
(source @solanabeach_io)

The Solana network is designed to reach 710 000 transactions per second and 100 millisecond block times.
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1) The first round of @samoyedcoin #airdrops has been finished!!! We had amazing response and in just two days time we gave away around 1.6m $SAMO! 8.4m left to go!!! The @samoyedcoin community is absolutely amazing and we were so happy to see so many new join!
2) Many new people from the @solana community are now part of the #SAMOArmy! The last epoch's performance is below. This is the performance across all validators on the network. To everyone who staked tokens, thank you for staking with #GenesysGo!!!! Image
3) A couple of housekeeping items: Epoch 187 just wrapped up. Everyone who staked with us during Epoch 187 received 100 SAMO for every 1 $SOL they staked. *PLEASE NOTE: IF YOUR STAKE SAYS ACTIVATING THEN THAT MEANS YOU STAKED IN THE NEW CYCLE AND YOUR DROP IS COMING IN 3 DAYS*
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$GRAPE Powers Decentralized Communities.

by @solanagrape

We are about to introduce GRAPEā€™s dynamic balance-based membership tool.

It will allow community leaders to Create, Reward & Secure any online collective by harnessing the power of #Solana

Let's explain: (thread) Image
Link Social Accounts to #Solana wallets:

Connecting members' accounts to unique cryptographic keys is at the core of our solution.

Users gain permissions & access rights based on their wallet balances, providing direct proof of "Skin in the Game"

"Proof of Membership" Image
Multi-Coin Configurations. šŸŖ™ ā˜€ļø šŸ‡

The tools support all #Solana tokens.

Use your SPL token, token pairs (ie $SOL - $SRM), and even LP tokens to set your permissions. Adjust amounts based on the exclusivity you want for unique channel experiences. Image
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1) A quick primer on how to stake SOL tokens (with GenesysGo)!
Obviously, we all love @solana and especially our $SOL tokens. If you're a long term investor, planning to hold your SOL until it is $1k+ and beyond, then it's important you are getting the most out of your tokens.
2) By staking your Solana tokens you are directly helping to power the network! In return, you are paid an APR in SOL that compounds into more SOL. It's important to note, staking a Layer 1 token (like Solana) is different than staking a Layer 3 like Raydium.
3) APR for staked Solana tokens is calculated based on the performance of the validator node you stake with. Validator nodes are one of the engines that power Solana by voting on and building blocks. The better a validator performs, the more APR it generates for you!
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