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1. The largest lending and borrowing project on Solana now is @solendprotocol . However, as history taught us, nothing lasts forever (expect BTC). Shall @ApricotFinance be able to overthrow solend?

#Solanaszn #compare
@solendprotocol @ApricotFinance 2. In the overall section, the statistics of both projects showed the same/ relatively small differences between two projects, except for the TVL.
The TVL of solend outperforms the TVL of apricot up to 255%. What a differences.

#Solanaszn #compare
@solendprotocol @ApricotFinance 3. On the L&B characteristics, the total supply and total borrow of @ApricotFinance cannot compare with the Solend. This phenomenon may happen due to the time of incentive programs between two projects.

#Solanaszn #compare
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| #Avalanche GameFi sektörünün önde gelen blockchaini olacak. Son zamanlarda bunun üzerine eğiliyorlar ve devam edeceklerini düşünüyorum. @DefiKingdoms, @harmonyprotocol üzerindeki oldukça başarılı bir oyun, Avalanche'a geliyor.
Sadece bu kadar da değil.
| @PlayCrabada çok iyi bir çıkış yaparak gözleri #avalanche'a çekti. Şu an sadece idle oyunu var ama ileride PvP ve mobil modu da çıkacak.
| @heroesofnft kart oyunu üzerine ciddi emek sarfediyor, metaverseye dair de bazı ipuçları gördük.
| @Talecraftio bir diğer kart oyunu.
Sadece bunlar da değil. Blockchain tabanlı çoğu oyun network limitlerinden dolayı basit oluyor. Görsel veya teknik açıdan burayla ilgilenmeyen diğer oyuncuların ilgilerini çekmiyorlar. Bu tarz oyunları ETH ağında çıkartamazsınız mesela.
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1. The Dex sector of @solana is one of the strongest sectors in the market. Let’s take a look at the unique characteristics and the impact along with it.
@RaydiumProtocol @ProjectSerum @AtrixProtocol @Saber_HQ @orca_so

#Solanaszn #unique Image
@solana @RaydiumProtocol @ProjectSerum @AtrixProtocol @Saber_HQ @orca_so 2. Starting with @RaydiumProtocol - the largest DEX on Solana. Besides their ecosystem with staking, launchpad, and NFT, they also have many unique characteristics to stand out. Raydium is the project connected with @wormholecryptoto bring along the asset from Ethereum to Solana.
@solana @RaydiumProtocol @ProjectSerum @AtrixProtocol @Saber_HQ @orca_so 3. The number of transferred assets is enormous, such as: UNI, SHIB, AXS, DYDX, ..
Moreover, they integrated Serum with SRM as rewards for the fusion pool. With those characteristics, Raydium ranked 1st in the top TVL of Solana and in the top DEX of the market in trading volume.
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$COIN Coinbase To Acquire Cryptographic Security Company Unbound Security; Says Will Establish A Tech Center In Israel; Terms Not Disclosed
$RKT Morgan Stanley Maintains Equal-Weight on Rocket Companies, Lowers Price Target to $15
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What are $CHEST structured products?

#Solana #SolanaDefi #Defi
Structured products (chests) use combinations of options, futures and lending strategies to generate passive yield income for stakers. Chests abstract away the complex strategies to allow all DeFi users to earn boosted yields on their hodls.
The SOL Yield Booster chest (the first ever $CHEST) executes an automated options selling strategy that earns yield every week by collecting premiums on covered calls.

What are covered calls though? 👇
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1/ Prominent people in our country have recently claimed that #crypto tokens have no value - we think they just need education in this space.

Undeterred by the FUD and #cryptobandebate, DeFi India brings to you a thread on #Solana and it's token $SOL Image
2/ Solana $SOL is a decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable, user-friendly apps for the world.

Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and is capable of supporting over 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) while maintaining block times of 400 milliseconds.
3/ Comparing that to trad alternatives; Visa claims a max TPS of 24,000 and Mastercard 5,000

#Solana can already operate at 10x the speed of Mastercard and txns cost $0.00025

Visa/Mastercard charge anywhere between 0.1-2.5% of every txn. The more you spend the more the fees.
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If you missed ENS airdrops, get in here.

If you're fascinated about what the next blockchain goldmine of the next decade is, get in here.
This will be a long thread but as Agba cooker, it'll be worth your time.


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I can't be the only one who double checks addresses when I'm about to make a transfer on the blockchain because once assets is lost, it is lost forever.

I mean if you miss one character, that's all. GONE.
This is where Name Services comes in.
Let me explain like you're 7.
When you're born as a child, you do not have a name immediately; let's assume the hospital identifies you immediately with serial numbers.

Baby 101232
Baby 102344
Then these babies get unique names except you're from Yoruba land where every family.
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This week, we have checked out the comparison between Solana and one of the most-growing ecosystems - Fantom. Today, let’s dive more in the DEX sector of the ecosystem

#Solanaszn #DEX #comparison

We choose the largest DEX of the two ecosystems for comparison.
@RaydiumProtocol from Solana
@SpookySwap fromFantom

#Solanaszn #DEX #comparison

As can be seen from the table, all metrics that we put in comparison all showed dominance of Raydium to SpookySwap. Which partly showed the scale of DEX in Solana ecosystem to the DEX in Fantom ecosystem.

#Solanaszn #DEX #comparison
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💫What happened at @solana Breakpoint 2021?

✔️@alexisohanian invests in Web3 social
✔️@brave browser integrates #Solana
✔️@RenderToken is building Metaverse on Solana
✔️@neonlabsorg brings EVM compatibility to Solana

$SOL #solszn What happened at Solana Breakpoint 2021
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1/ An honest analysis on why you should care about @Boneworld_SOL, a thread:

The Art: It is undeniable at this point that there are hundreds of SOL PFP projects that are glorified MSPaint projects. BW is a collection of 10k high quality, unique 3D models, with a unique aesthetic
2/ The Community: With each project comes a discord + twitter community that is the heart of all projects. BW has an incredibly welcoming community to all levels of NFT owners, from beginners to the OG minters of Degens. Always friendly, always open, always honest
3/ The Devs: Behind the art are a team of dedicated individuals who go above and beyond to make this project special - this is best exemplified by the Spiders airdrop. Started with strict eligibility, but now every Skellie owner will be airdropped one for free
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1. Each sector of Solana has been filled up with money lately. And you guys want to have an overview of the next destination of money in Solana. Let’s check this thread.

#Solanaszn #money #next Image

2. In theory, the money flow would be described: $ -> Layer 1 -> DEX -> L&B -> Yield Farming/ Staking -> Infrastructure -> Oracle -> Other trend -> $

#Solanaszn #money #next

3. However, the practical is not the same as the theory.
After filling out our layer 1 - $SOL, the money flow continued to find a new destination.

#Solanaszn #money #next Image
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The NFT landscape is one of the most growing sectors of Solana in comparison to the crypto market. Let’s be with @solana_daily to see the potential growth of it.

#Solanaszn #NFT #potential Image

With nearly $1B market cap, and $34M trading volume per day, this sector contains a huge potential in the future. However, until now, collectibles on Solana only have several use case

#Solanaszn #NFT #potential

The collectibles are now mostly for personal owning or even being traded in the marketplace. Some projects expand on its use case. Such as Orca: The users are able to stake Orca collectibles for rewards.

#Solanaszn #NFT #potential
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1) Ok, gone through all of the #Solana hackathon projects now. A mixture of GameFi, NFTs/Marketplace, infrastructure/toolings, "AI" powered xyz, analytics, DeFi protocols, etc. Picking a few to dive in @solana
2) @DarleyGo_io The community choice award. It's the first mythical based NFT horse racing game utilizing NFTs on @solana The team is well experienced in the traditional horse racing industry.
3) @Releap_io Decentralize social and exchange platform for musical NFTs, with a mission to empower artists through a new way of interesting with their fan.
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1/ ICYMI: Yesterday there were some pretty amazing Solana developer threads to read through:

- Think Like an Attacker
- Anchor Crash Course
- Why you should build your app using Anchor
- Review of Metaplex Auction House Contract
- Down the rabbit hole on $RNDR


2/ Think Like an Attacker: Bringing Smart Contracts to Their Break(ing) Point

This has some great information on the common strategies attackers use to exploit smart contracts and the steps you can take to avoid them.

Hint: Use Anchor
3/ Anchor Crash Course by @armaniferrante

I can’t stress enough how great this video is. Even after building the Counter app myself from the docs online, there was so much great context from Armani on the benefits of Anchor & how it can 10x your development.
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Solana has seen a surge of #Chainlink-powered innovation this month.

See how developers and dApps across the #Solana ecosystem are integrating Chainlink to power #DeFi lending platforms, yield farms, #NFTs linked to real-world assets, and much more 👇
“Chainlink Price Feeds already have an extensive history of helping secure some of the DeFi industry’s most widely used and high-value applications, making them a clear choice to help accelerate the adoption of mSOL.” –Marco Broeken, BD at @MarinadeFinance
"Selecting Chainlink Price Feeds was an easy choice since they are consistently proven to provide accurate data to decentralized applications during all market and network conditions." -Sami, Lead Game Developer at @nextverse_nft
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Crypto <--> early computing analogy:

#Bitcoin is #IBM
#Ethereum is #Microsoft
#Solana is #Apple

All the other stuff will get pruned or absorbed by Ethereum.

IBM came to early computing with a fundamentally broken assumption: that personal computers wouldn't be needed.

Bitcoin comes to blockchain with a fundamentally broken assumption: that people just want to hodl and not interact with each other.

This goes badly
Ethereum is Microsoft (but also has shades of Linux).

Reasoning: almost everything in the Web3 world is advertising itself as EVM compatible. Ethereum has become the de-facto standard for smart contracts, and is the biggest and safest smart contract blockchain.
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@eigenrobot asks for crypto advice

If I was just getting into crypto right now I'd go heavier on #Ethereum than #Bitcoin

Maybe even ditch the Bitcoin entirely and get some stablecoins and put them to work in a yield farm.
As for a "wild card", I see a lot of really bad suggestions.

A decent "wild" choice at this stage is something like #Solana, #Polkadot or #Avalanche.
If you're going to buy something other than #Ethereum, make sure it's not in a long-term downtrend against Ethereum.

Lots of people suggest Monero but the longer-term chart of Monero vs Ethereum looks horrible. Image
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1/ @solana a grimpé dans le classement des cryptos pour figurer dans le top 5 des cryptos avec un market cap de 68 milliards.

#Solana a rapidement détrôné plusieurs anciennes blockchains.

Elle a crée un environnement favorable pour les développeurs et pour les utilisateurs.
2/ Présentation de Solana 1/3

#Solana est une blockchain de troisième génération utilisant le consensus Proof-of-History.

Solana peut atteindre 50 000 transactions par seconde.

Si davantage de validateurs participent, elle peut gérer une limite maximale de 710 000 TPS.
3/ Présentation de Solana 2/3

Les fees sont extrêmement basses : 0,000005 $sol.

#Solana est l'une des blockchains avec les fees les plus basse. On peut les comparer dans le tableau ci dessous :
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Solana Ventures announced a $100m fund to build decentralized social media protocols on #Solana in partnership with @alexisohanian's fund 776 Capital.

Alexis is the founder of @Reddit (r/wallstreetbets' home) & owner of cryptopunks & a @SolanaMBS.

This is groundbreaking...🧵👇
Before we begin the summary, this thread is part of a collab with @sinoglobalcap's @sallywang666 & @cryptoflowpost's summary of @solanaconf. They've covered the rest of Solana Conf highlights in great detail.

You can see the summary thread here:
Back to the thread.

Alexis also bought cryptopunk #2950 for wife tennis legend @serenawilliams, who I have to mention because I love her, the sport and her cryptopunk.

Already you can see Alexis is a champion of sorts for crypto adoption. WAGMI.
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I've spent the past week deep in the trenches with meme coins, and I think I just found the next Shiba Inu.

A thread on The Ultimate Guide to Meme Coins.
2/ Meme coins are just what they sound like, cryptocurrencies based on a meme.

You’ve likely heard of Dogecoin, the original meme coin, which was founded back in 2013 as a joke by IBM software engineer Billy Markus and Adobe software engineer Jackson Palmer.
3/ Fast forward to 2021, and Dogecoin reached a peak market cap of over 75 billion dollars.

Most recently Shiba Inu broke a market cap of 30 billion, where one lucky trader turned $8,000 into a 5.7 billion dollar fortune.
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NFTs! The craze! Pt 1

So what's an NFT? I mean, I just got one from doing a twitter task and I'm seeing under my comment....sent. I also joined a discord community but what the heck are these!?

Oh well, it's a craze and when you even hear Jpegs are being sold for millions of
dollars....wait ...what???

Yeah! a tweet, I mean the CEO of twitter @jack sold his first ever tweet for $2.9 million! Then there's a rush in your blood 😂

In Nigeria, we'd exclaim ...Omo! Because e choke!

And I told my mom I helped her win two NFT and she doesn't even know
how to pronounce the three letter words well... she's like NTF or what? 😂

So you might be wondering...

NFT are non fungible token. I know right...this definition is so vague.

Alright, it means something unique and that can't be replaced with something else.
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A few tips on keeping your #crypto wallet safe 🔒
1/ Have a #Metamask Hot Wallet with very little value in it. You will strictly use this wallet to interact with #web3
2/ Have a vault i.e. Hardware Wallet where you keep everything over 1eth. This vault is never to be connected to any hot wallet in any way. Do not buy anything using this wallet, it is only for receiving and sending. Do not connect it to any sites or dapps...
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1/22 Some perspective on #Solana TPS. On September 14, 2021 Solana said that it had encountered a denial-of-service disruption caused by a surge txn loads, reaching as high as 400k attempted txns per second, that overwhelmed its network and led to its longest downtime yet.
2/22 While initial tweets by the official Solana Support Twitter account suggested it was due to its mainnet-beta network “experiencing intermittent stability,” Solana Labs’ CEO Anatoly Yakovenko eventually attributed the network’s failure to the overwhelming transaction volume.
3/22 Transaction volume from bots during an initial decentralized exchange offering, or IDO, for the Grape Protocol project that was taking place on the Solana-based decentralized exchange Radium.
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1 of 25) This is a really long thread but I believe @SolariansNFT are the most undervalued NFTs in the entire #Solana ecosystem. Given how much has changed over the last month, I wanted to share an updated take on all the exciting stuff going on that people are sleeping on.
2 of 25) A week back, I picked up a Commander @SolariansNFT for 125 $SOL and some more Solarians, completing my full squad of all titles and hitting around 40 Solarians. Separately, I own a bunch of @DegenApeAcademy, @thugbirdz, and other NFTs on Solana.
3 of 25) To remind people, before @DegenApeAcademy, @SolanaMBS, and @thugbirdz, there were @SolariansNFT. You can’t get much more OG than that.
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