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Omicron is a deadly virus. Former UFC star 41 y.o. Chris "The Crippler" Leben from San Diego CA is recovering from COVID after being on life support. He declined to talk about his vaccination status. This was his second battle with COVID #TheySurvivedCovid…
“I was ready to tap out, and the reason I didn’t tap is because of my child … If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have had the fight to get through those days,” said Leben.
There is a disinformation campaign that young people are not affected by COVID-19 and that #Omicron is mild. These are both incorrect. Vaccination against COVID-19 protects against severe disease.
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Brothers 5 y.o. Andrew and 2 y.o. Conner Urey from Townville Pennsylvania were orphaned due to COVID-19. #KidsLivingWithCovid…
44 y.o. Tom Urey from Townville Pennsylvania died from COVID in December 2021. His wife, Mandy, 32, died 4 weeks later. #SoulsLostToCovid
“There are days I’d like to sit and cry and drown,” said grandma, “but I have two little boys to raise.... People should get vaccinated.... it could prevent you from getting it so bad that you wind up on a ventilator and possibly losing your life.”
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Welcome new followers. I'm an Emergency Room doctor that's treated 1000s of patients w/COVID. I started in New York City then moved West across the U.S. These 15 threads are dedicated to #SoulsLostToCovid & #TheySurvivedCovid [Click on photo]…
COVID-19 is a systemic disease, which means that it can affect any organ in the body. It may directly attack an organ or indirectly damage the organ via damage to the blood vessels.
Getting vaccinated and boosted is one of the most important steps to decrease your risk of having severe COVID.
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Ted Walinski, 75, from Georgetown Texas died from COVID in 2020, three weeks after getting a kidney transplant. This month the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter found out he donated $143,000 to the shelter #SoulsLostToCovid…
Ted's wife Janet, 67, died of breast cancer in 2015. During their lives they adopted three cats from the shelter and Janet Walinski also brought stray cats to the facility
The Walinskis saw the facility's previous director, Cheryl Schneider, increase the shelter's rate of saving animals lives to 90% and wanted to support that, she said.
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30 y.o. Missy Martinez, second-grade teacher in Albuquerque New Mexico died from COVID Feb 4, 2022. She led the Cougars to three consecutive state softball championships from 2007-09. Omicron is a deadly virus. #SoulsLostToCovid…
After high school, Martinez moved on to play at New Mexico Highlands, where she was chosen the national player of the week in her first week as a freshman after throwing a no-hitter in her college debut.
Martinez played two seasons at Highlands before leaving the sport to focus on attaining her degree in elementary education.
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The pandemic is not over. Deaths due to Omicron are increasing for the fifth week in a row. More than 500,000 #SoulsLostToCovid in the past 5 weeks @mvankerkhove
"This virus continues to be dangerous. This virus transmits very efficiently between people, but there is a lot that you can do... We need to drive transmission down" @mvankerkhove
The World Health Organization is analyzing the decline slope of epidemic curves as a signal of Omicron reinfection with BA.2. However, it's still too early to know if people can become reinfected. @mvankerkhove
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Wann gibt es endlich die jetzt schon viel zu späte allgemeine Impfempfehlung für U12 von der #STIKO? Vermutlich erst, wenn jemand Mertens und die anderen Anthrosophen da rausgemobbt hat. Die Sicherheitsdaten liegen rum und werden offenbar vorsätzlich ignoriert.

Danke für nichts.
Bei der STIKO steht immer noch, dass es keinen COVID-19 bedingten Todesfall in der Altersgruppe gegeben habe und der Einfluss der Impfung auf Übertragungen gering sei.

Das ist so 2020. Impfempfehlung der STIKO für Kinder im Alter von 5-11 Jahre
LongCovid und PIMS sind ebenso Fakt wie die im Gleichschritt ansteigenden Fallzahlen bei Kindern und ihren Eltern sowie die wegen der fehlenden Immunisierung steigenden Hospitalisierungen von Kindern.

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🇮🇹 An unvaccinated family of 6 from Enna Italy all died from COVID within a month beginning Christmas Eve. "My fellow citizens are terrified. I just can't understand. Most villagers are vaccinated," said the mayor #SoulsLostToCovid…
Italian-English Translation below
A family like many. People known by all and esteemed. Retired seniors. Vincenzo described as an honest worker, Concetta was a hairdresser and her sister Maria the housewife. The mayor knew them by sight.
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🕯️Moment of silence for 33 y.o. Dr. Li Wenliang, Ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital in China. On February 7, 2020 he died from COVID after warning the world of a mysterious pneumonia in late December 2019. #SoulsLostToCovid
Rest in peace Dr. Li Wenliang #SoulsLostToCovid
As coronavirus continues to kill thousands per day, it's important to humanize their deaths. These 15 threads are dedicated to the countless #SoulsLostToCovid and #TheySurvivedCovid worldwide. [Click on the photo]…
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🇮🇹 Biologist Franco Trinca, one of the coordinators of the “United for free choice” movement made up of various anti-vax associations died from Covid at a hospital in Città di Castello #Italy on Feb 4, 2022. #SoulsLostToCovid…
“Trinca has been a supporter of the use of vitamin C pills to treat COVID patients, according to Mediafax. On a TV show broadcast in September 2021, he stated that he did not get vaccinated because he "felt " that he had a good immune system”
“Franco Trinca had also been the protagonist of heated TV clashes with Selvaggia Lucarelli, expressing himself in favor of alternative therapies against covid, such as the use of hydroxychloroquine, vitamin C and flavonoids.”
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🇧🇷 1 y.o. baby Gael Aguiar da Silva Souza from Rio de Janeiro #Brazil died from multisystem inflammatory syndrome due to COVID. His mother brought him to the hospital FOUR TIMES! #SoulsLostToCovid…
'On Monday morning, the boy ended up failing to survive three cardiac arrests. On the death certificate, the causes include 'unspecified shock, multisystem inflammatory syndrome and pneumonia due to Covid-19'"
“No one came to us. Nobody explained anything. No one even offered solidarity. It's all painful,” says his aunt Tainara.
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32 y.o. Rory Batdorf-Dwyer from Keene #NewHampshire, vaccinated with the one-dose Johnson & Johnson shot but not boosted died suddenly from COVID on Christmas leaving 3 children. #SoulsLostToCovid…
Rory left behind her three sons — Jason Canavan-Dwyer, 16, Joel LeBrie, 11, and Julian Harris-Dwyer, 2 — along with her mother, her father, Michael Dwyer, and her brothers, Seamus and Shaun Batdorf-Dwyer.
She held various jobs over the years, but most recently held positions at Phoenix House New England — a behavioral health and substance-use disorder provider that closed recently in the area — and at Cheshire Medical Center in Keene.
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40-year-old Christian Cabrera texted his brother of his regret that he didn’t get vaccinated two days before he died from COVID. #SoulsLostToCovid…
His grieving brother is interviewed in the link above.
The night before Christian Cabrera died at Sherman Oaks Hospital, he wrote: "I can’t breathe. I really regret not getting the vaccine. If I could do it all over again I would do it in a heartbeat to save my life."
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Moment of silence for 47 y.o. Army veteran and longtime nurse Jeff Sales, fully vaccinated, who worked on the COVID unit in Florida. He died from COVID 12 hours after testing positive for the virus, leaving a wife and 4 children #SoulsLostToCovid…
"Although fully vaccinated he tested positive for Covid and went into heart failure," Christensen continued, going on to note that Sales had a heart condition.
Healthcare workers that die from COVID deserve line-of-duty benefits. Over 3,600 healthcare workers have died from COVID19. Source:@CTZebra
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🇧🇷 7 y.o. Gael Oliveira Clímaco from Goiânia #Brazil became ill from COVID, just before vaccines arrived in the state. He was born with cerebral palsy and at higher risk. He died from COVID on January 19, 2022. #SoulsLostToCovid…
Gael is the son and grandson of professors at the Federal University of Goiás (UFG). His father Humberto Assis Clímaco is a professor at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME).
Gael's grandparents are also professors at the institution: Arlene Carvalho de Assis Clímaco and José César Teatini de Souza Clímaco.
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27 y.o. Crystal Hernandez from Texas was 25 weeks pregnant when she became critically ill from COVID-19. Baby Koda survived and is in the NICU, but mom died leaving 6 children. She was not vaccinated. #SoulsLostToCovid…
“Me and my wife, we talked about it [vaccination],” Rico told the Houston TV station. “
“She was pregnant and so she had some concerns. It all happened so fast and it was being pushed on us very fast and she just didn’t want — she didn’t feel comfortable and so I wasn’t going to go against her wishes.”
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Please read and share this moving interview with a New Jersey psychologist, who describes the horrific conditions that presently exist in K-12 schools during the Omicron surge. A 🧵 with some of the key quotes 1/…
"We came back from break on Jan 3. During that week, two of my students contracted COVID-19 at school. They brought it to their separate homes and inadvertently infected their mom and grandma (who was the primary caregiver), both of whom died last week." 2/
"Before break, both kids told me that their mom and grandma had been staying home, not even going out for groceries, because mom was immunocompromised, and grandma was elderly. The kids were extremely careful and nervous about being in school." 3/
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Children infected with COVID-19 are at higher risk of developing diabetes.
This article published in June 2021 discussed two NIH-supported studies confirming SARS-CoV-2 can target and impair the body’s insulin-producing cells.
Type 1 diabetes occurs when beta cells in the pancreas don’t secrete enough insulin to allow the body to metabolize food optimally after a meal. As a result of this insulin insufficiency, blood glucose levels go up, the hallmark of diabetes.
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Dayton Children’s Hospital in Ohio is sounding the alarm as they’re experiencing the HIGHEST number of children hospitalized to date.…
There are currently 24 children hospitalized with COVID-19 at Dayton Children’s -- that’s 20 more than they saw in December 2021.
“We are experiencing a surge like we've ever had. All of our children's hospitals are experiencing this same problem, which is huge numbers of pediatric patients being admitted” said Dr. Adam Mezoff, chief medical officer at Dayton Children’s Hospital.
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💔 18-year old Sara Golembiewski from Westlake Ohio was the only vaccinated person in her family. Two weeks after Thanksgiving, Sara’s 59 y.o. aunt, 46 y.o. father and 57 y.o. mother all died from COVID. Sara also has a 15 y.o. brother. #SoulsLostToCovid…
“I was the only vaccinated one in my family,” she said. “I told them to go to the hospital and they didn’t listen to me. I knew something bad was going to happen.”
On Dec. 7, Golembiewski went to check on her aunt because she wasn’t answering her phone. She found her dead.

“My dad was on the floor literally bawling because he lost his sister,” she said.
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15 y.o. Kurt Ryan, a sophomore at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts known for his reddish-blonde afro, sense of humor, and love of video games, died from COVID on January 4, 2022. #SoulsLostToCovid…
"One of the things that made Kurt stand out was his huge afro, his family said. They estimated Kurt had not cut his hair in six years."
"The family said he was not your average 15-year-old. They described him as wholesome, good and morally kind with the best laugh. People were reaching out to talk about his a good sense of humor and how funny he was."
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🧵Nationally, COVID hospitalizations under insurance contracts on avg cost $29,000, or $156,000 for patients requiring ICU care. In the U.S. 29,000 children have been hospitalized for COVID. +1,000 died. COVID is not harmless in children. A few stories #TheySurvivedCovid 1/X
4 month old Grayson Perry is one of 279 children in Texas currently hospitalized for COVID #TheySurvivedCovid 2/X
4 month old, Hudson Hooten was coinfected with COVID and RSV and required intensive care for oxygen therapy at Children's Medical Center in Dallas Texas. #TheySurvivedCovid 3/…
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🇧🇷 Ana Luísa dos Santos Oliveira died from COVID on December 12, 2021 after a month in a hospital in Santos, São Paulo #Brazil. She was 8. #SoulsLostToCovid…
"She was afraid, she was very careful, the most careful in the house. She had a small bag with just the mask, alcohol gel, she washed her hands, came home from school and took a shower, sometimes I wanted to go for a walk, and she told me put the mask on."
"I love my daughter a lot. I just want God to comfort my heart more, because it's not easy to lose a daughter. I never imagined losing my daughter, especially to this disease."
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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has ordered a 30-day state of emergency, citing a 500% spike in hospitalizations over the last few weeks.…
1,000 members of the Maryland National Guard are activated to assist with testing, opening 20 test sites outside hospitals across the state.

He said the state of emergency allows the state to regulate hospital utilization and licensing requirements for health care providers.
He said that more than 80 percent of COVID-related hospitalizations are from unvaccinated or under-vaccinated people, saying they are “facts, not opinions.”
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