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Scheme Essentially Merges @USTreasury & Federal Reserve Into One Organization

USTreasury Regains Access to $$ Printing Press At Federal Reserve
More Interference in USA & World Affairs Including Running US Trademark & Patent Office by British Crown Agents
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#ID2020 & Partners Launch Program to Provide Digital ID With
FY 2018: 90,000 Family Units + 45,000 Unaccompanied Minors Entered US Illegally

800 Family Members Released Out ‘Front Door’ of AZ @ICEgov Facilities
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Re: Michael Caputo, this entire episode may seem bizarre to normal people. And indeed he may have simply succumbed to the stressors of his job.

But there’s another, much darker possible explanation for what we’re seeing here… (1/x)
… Mr. Caputo describes himself as being “under siege” says “they’ll have to kill him.”

Caputo worked w/ @OliverLNorth during the #Reagan admin, & later worked in #Russia & #Ukraine, inc. for #Manafort on stuff for #OlegDeripaska — an exceptionally sensitive subject for… (2/x)
… some Democrats, it‘d seem, as then #JonathanWiner might be scrutinized, & that might reveal other things, etc.

This would place Caputo clearly in the crosshairs of various counterintelligence authorities. Certainly the #FBI —both @FBI HQ NSB/CD & @FBIWFO NS/CI — might… (3/x)
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#BREAKING:Now we find out that despite #FISA court concluding that #FBI #surveillance under Section 702 results in WIDESPREAD VIOLATIONS of people's privacy, the court DID NOT HALT the practice. WTH??

#TheResistance #TuesdayThoughts #FBRParty…
SERIOUSLY folks, if WIDESPREAD VIOLATIONS of people's privacy is not reason enough to call a Section 702 time out, then WHAT IS?

#TheResistance #FBI #surveillance #TuesdayThoughts #FBRParty
Better question--We always hear from #MSM how people's privacy rights are being violated under Section 702. Are these people whose privacy has been violated ever notified? My guess is big fat NO!!

#TheResistance #FBI #surveillance #TuesdayThoughts #FBRParty
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The DOJ & FBI announced some additional #FISA reforms.

- They are creating the "FBI Office of Internal Auditing"

- They are adding additional reforms on top of what FBI Director Wray has implemented.
Here's the memo directing the creation of the FBI Office of Internal Auditing:… Image
More rules for compliance and oversight

Routine audits of FBI's national security activities

Routine audits of FBI's national security letters

Routine audits of FBI's #FISA compliance

Routine audits of steps taken to make sure FISA apps are complete and accurate
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#FISA From FBI Director Wray, “ Since the Inspector General’s Crossfire Hurricane report was issued last December, I have made clear that it describes conduct that was unacceptable and unrepresentative of the FBI as an organization” + “That’s why I
immediately ordered more than 40 corrective actions, including foundational FISA reforms, many of which went beyond those recommended by the Inspector General. The FBI has been working diligently to implement these corrective actions” separately reporters were told
The FBI is in the process of seeking an outside consultant to advise on improvements to the FISA audit process + recent IG reviews of FISA applications have proven that the information the FBI includes is overwhelmingly accurate. @CBSNews
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#FISA 2 memos from AG Barr in direct response to findings that FBI warrant applications to surveil @carterwpage were defective. Key section: Memo 2 applies to surveillance political campaigns + FBI personnel who “knowingly misrepresent facts” to FISA Court…
“The reforms also include oversight protocols to ensure that any use of FISA to surveil federal elected officials, candidates for federal elected office, or their advisors or staff is justified, non-partisan + based on full and complete information.  Finally, the memorandum...
requires the FBI to develop procedures to prevent US persons from becoming unwitting participants in malign influence operations by foreign powers + to review its disciplinary policies + procedures to ensure appropriate disciplinary action for those who knowingly misrepresent
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1. My suggestion on the recalcitrant folks like @SecPompeo is to compile a list of crimes that have committed that have no immunity. Gather the admissible evidence so the @TheJusticeDept free of Barr's K&E fascists can move to grand jury right after Jan 20. Goal should be to
2. have the @POTUS @realDonaldTrump cabinet members who obstructed Congress indicted by mid-February. The people to target would be the ones involved in Russian treason like @RichardGrenell @DHS_Wolf, Pompeo, Barr, DeJoy, @stevenmnuchin1 & DeVoss. Tee up McGahn & Eric Prince.
3. The charges against the Cabinet members should also include Trump political appointees who conspired in the departments. Threaten to add them to the indictments to flip them. If they balk, indict them. Begin amplifying the #BigFascistRoundUp on January 21, 2021. @FBIWFO @WHNSC
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#FISA Today marks the release of the Carter Page book. In response to @CBSNews questions, @carterwpage stated that he was a "known quantity" to the CIA + had a "very long term relationship" with the Agency on both the "operations + analysis" side. Page said his "dialogue" with
CIA began in the 90's + he was eventually "directed or tasked" to explore areas of interest to the Agency that went beyond Russia, to include the Middle East, China + Africa. CIA declined to comment to @CBSNews. Page’s relationship was first documented at length in IG Horowitz..
report where CIA is identified as “OGA” (think of it as Other Government Agency) WHY IT MATTERS: Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty to 1 count false statements for altering a CIA record in June 2017 about Page's CIA status for the final FISA. What we learned from
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#FISA #Durham These newly declassified 2015 records show FBI moved quickly to warn HRC’s team - through a “defensive briefing” - about a possible foreign effort to influence her campaign “through lobbying efforts + campaign contributions”…
Context: Adding tweet with declassified 2016 FBI records that show “defensive briefing” for candidate Trump, @GenFlynn @GovChristie was also used to gather intel about their line of questioning on Russia. Former FBI lawyer Clinesmith copied on these records.
Clinesmith recently pleaded guilty 1 count false statements 18 USC 1001 @LindseyGrahamSC @CBSNews
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#MIT Source Code & Jeffrey Epstein NSLookup & PING Tutorial

Video is a Must Watch to Understand the Dilemma Faced by #TargetedIndividuals & the Transcontinental Trading System Perpetrating #CrimesAgainstHumanity They Are Entangled in Against Their Will

Sample of Entities involved in VeriChip Cloning Testing Program #CrimesAgainstHumanity:

NATO International
Amnesty International
Archdiocese of Rome
Trudeau Fdn
Orbis Investments
Multiple Jeffrey Epstein Fdn Affiliates
Univ of Manitoba
Google ImageImageImageImage
Entities involved in VeriChip Cloning Testing Program Harvesting Data from humans & selling the information:

Scotia Wealth Management
Manitoba eHealth
Chromecast Gaming
Hurricane Electric Network InternetServices
Proton mail
The Great-West Life Assurance Co.
& Many More Image
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Because Adam Waldman, lawyer for #RussianOligarch Deripaska & Christopher Steele, was texting #Senator @MarkWarner as Warner was going into #SCIF to read @carterwpage #FISA application that #JamesWolfe then texted to his mistress #AliWatkins - a huge federal felony but got sweet
2/ deal as soon as Wolfe threatened to subpoena all #Senators on the Senate #IntelligenceCommittee to testify in his trial. Did @MarkWarner instruct that leak? Did other senators instruct the leak or know it was going to be leaked?
#JesseLiu deal
3/ The other side of the coin is all the corruption in the #Democrats in the #House covered up by #JesseLiu in the #AwanBrothers scandal. Millions $$$ and information stolen. Read
@lukerosiak book…
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#MillieWeaver #MillieWeaverDidNothingWrong #MillieWeaverDocumentary #MillennialMillie #ShadowGate Tore spoke about the "#Keystone" & brought up "Hurricane Electric". CIA used IIA in 2016 & forward to spy on @realDonaldTrump Q gave us crumbs to all this #LookingGlass ImageImageImageImage
Here is the link to the article…
@GenFlynn thank you for always keeping @realDonaldTrump ahead of all the traps CIA, IIA & foreign intelligence set up against him. You knew about these contracts, you knew what was happening with FISA. You saved America, we will never go back to sleep because of YOU #WWG1WGA Image
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If independent EU cloud providers aren’t ready for this opportunity now, they may never get it again… @NOYBeu advice on #GDPR post-#SchremsII: "Most US cloud providers fall under #FISA 702 and you will not be able to use them anymore.”…
Important: "FISA 702+EO 12333 have no territorial limitation. They also apply to servers in the EU that are operated by a US 'electronic communication service provider' or where certain operations are outsourced to a US provider. The location for hosting is therefore irrelevant."
"providers may have sufficiently limited the factual access ('possession, custody or control') from US entities, so that an EU/EEA server is factually beyond the reach of the US govt.” I wonder if such controls are possible without full separation 🤔
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Oh yeah, it’s about to get REAL up in this bitch. Did Q point to trust as in, they were necessary parts of a predictable plan but were never pro-Trump? Does that mean Sessions, Wray, Pompeo, Horowitz & Huber are all blockades? #ProjectLookingGlass!…
i.e. #TrustThePlan and the plan required these guys to do their part as #DeepState sleepers meant to be exposed one day and remove the blockades for D5. 😬 I think this is it!
I think the “ready to serve again” is none other than @GenFlynn. Wow, wouldn’t that be incredible. Q acknowledged #Flynn’s banner change to #GodBlessAmerica. This has to be it. #Wray>#Flynn BOOM!
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#FISA newly declassified records @LindseyGrahamSC show system was “blinking red” over Steele dossier in early 2017 but it was used twice more to renew surveillance warrant @carterwpage In his December report, IG Horowitz wrote the dossier’s source made statements “inconsistent...
w/multiple sections of the Steele reports, including some that were relied upon in the FISA applications” Then just before final FISA June 2017, FBI lawyer apparently blew through another stop sign when he “altered an email” to omit “Page’s prior relationship” w/US intel agency.
Revealing that relationship would have likely gone a long way to explain Page’s Russia contacts. IG Horowitz found dossier “played a central + essential role” in FBI decision to surveil Page. At what level + who made call to blow through these warnings? RE-READ Horowitz Xi+ Vi.
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NEW #Q 4583 #CDC 🤡

What would be the primary purpose of inflating C19 numbers?
Who benefits the most?
Pro-America v Anti-America.
All assets deployed.
Election not virus.
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