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#FISA Section 702 "has been vital to countering these threats" from terrorists, #cyberattacks, espionage, WMD, @StateDept's Assistant Secretary for @StateINR
Brett Holmgren tells @CSIS
But @StateINR's Holmgren adds #FISA Section 702 "doesn't just help defend & protect US interests. It is essential to advancing & promoting US interests in the world"
"It is hard to overstate the centrality of [FISA] 702 collection to providing the secretary of state & US diplomats w/objective, timely intelligence & analysis & information, from assessments on #Russia, #China, #Iran & #NorthKorea to foreign influence" per @StateINR's Holmgren
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For 2nd day in a row, GOP lawmakers hit Garland for proposing only 4 new DEA agents as Fentanyl deaths surge. But AG says real no. is 131, counting agents OK'd this year but not yet hired. Garland: 'The budget math and the actual math doesn’t always add up.'
Democrats are pointing out that across-the-board cuts GOP would impose government-wide as part of debt limit extension would actually slash spending by about 22%. Garland says: 'It would be devastating for our efforts to combat drug trafficking. Totally devastating.'
Garland says that would lead to 11,000 jobs at FBI being eliminated.
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Happening now: US Senate's Annual Worldwide Threats with:

@ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines
@CIA Dir William Burns
@DefenseIntel Dir LtGen Scott Berrier
@CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen Paul Nakasone
@FBI Dir Christopher Wray…
"We are increasingly seeing rising competition in the technology space with authoritarian regimes that are challenging democratic norms at home & around the world," per Senate Intel Committee chair @MarkWarner
#China's communist party "is now a near-peer competitor with the United States in its economy, technology & military capabilities" per @MarkWarner
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#Russia #cyber ops in the war on #Ukraine - "We continue full spectrum operations w/a series of partners to include Ukraine to provide them assistance as they battle the Russians" @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen Paul Nakasone tells lawmakers
#Russia "a very capable [#cyber] adversary" per @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA "We continue to work very tightly w/our other partners within the US gvt -CISA, @FBI- to ensure our US critical infrastructure is protected, and @NATO in general"

“If the conflict continues to not go well for #Russia, there is some chance that Russia will be increasingly brazen in its cyberattacks” an NSA spox told @VOANews “...will increasingly look outside of Ukraine's territorial borders"…
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US intelligence making a case to renew sweeping communication surveillance powers granted under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act - set to expire this year

"FISA Section 702 is irreplaceable" @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen Paul Nakasone told @PCLOB_GOV Thursday
#FISA establishes rules US intelligence agencies when surveilling foreign powers and agents

Section 702-added in 2008-allows for targeted surveillance of electronic communications of foreign persons outside of the US

BUT critics argue it subjects Americans to unlawful searches
US intel officials, like @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA, call #FISA Section 702 a critical tool

Sec. 702 "plays an outsized role in protecting the nation, providing some of the US gvt's most valuable intelligence on our most challenging targets...It provides unique information w/minimal risk"
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Durchsuchungsbefehl (#Affidavit) gegen #Trump entsiegelt. Nicht redigiert geht aus dem Durchsuchungsbefehl detailliert hervor, warum die #Razzia auf Mar-a-Lago vom 8. August notwendig war. #Trumpisgoingtoprison…
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1.ricordate un anno fa come abbiamo guidato il dibattito pubblico sul tracciamento #Covid e #Immuni,impedendo scelte sciagurate sui nostri #DatiSanitari? Ebbene, con il #CloudNazionale è in gioco tutto: una questione cruciale,1miliardo di volte #Immuni. Dobbiamo ribellarci
2.NON ci salverà la #procuraDiRoma: l'inchiesta aperta sul #CloudNazionale va bene, ma NON impedirà al governo #Draghi di metterci sotto il giogo della #NSA,del #FISA. Dobbiamo impedirlo noi
3. la procura di Roma è quella procura che,di fronte, allo spionaggio #NSA contro #Berlusconi e i suoi più stretti collaboratori, che rivelai nel 2016 solo grazie a Julian #Assange e #WikiLeaks, non fece NULLA: l'inchiesta misteriosamente morta
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1. Remember Carter Page? He was found in four #FISA applications to be an "Agent of a Foreign Power." Irregularities in the applications gave John Durham something to justify his existence as a special prosecutor, but that key finding has not, to my knowledge, been challenged.
2. Four FISA orders of 90 days each are permitted under FISA 50 U.S. Code § 1805(d)(2). One year. After that, the statute says it shuts down as to a US person. FISA applies to surveillance of "agents of a foreign power" and applies separate rules for persons other than US persons
3. and, like Carter Page, US persons. For a US person like Carter Page, the statute defines them as an agent of a foreign power as follows:

(2)any person who—

(A)knowingly engages in clandestine intelligence gathering activities for or on behalf of a foreign power,
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1. @SenWhitehouse was US Attorney during the same time my late brother worked with AG Garland as Janet Reno's man Friday. My brother handled all top-level #FISA related matters. It's an educated guess, but a program that is new since then is 702. That is what I reported the
2. other day as would likely be producing intercepts of the members of the House, Senate and White House conspiring to overthrow. If I'm right, it means, as I have suspected, that foreign adversaries were involved at least in the collection of signals intelligence on 9/6. We
3. then sucked that data into the eye of Sauron. That is then used to obtain @FBIWFO warrants and wire taps to surveil the ongoing criminal activity. We may never hear the first tranche of intercepts due to the secrecy surrounding their collection. But, like a mobster sitting
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1. Is @RonDeSantisFL committing terrorism? First, Covid19 is a biological agent under18 USC 178 broadly defined as "delivery system" to include any "means of delivery specifically designed to deliver or disseminate a biological agent."
2. Propaganda and focused lies pushed on defenseless public forces them to be exposed to the biological agent that IMO would be a means of delivery and covered by this broad definition. So I believe we can prove DeSantis is engaged in delivering a bio-weapon.
3. 18 U.S. Code § 2332a - Use of weapons of mass destruction provides that DeSantis knowing and intentional spread of a bio weapon is an act of terrorism because he is doing it to influence a civilian population and it causes death. The two key elements of a terrorism crime.
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Matt Gaetz defends Frat Boy Freedoms and believes he and other trust funder party bros are being spied on America. He also hates social media and wants to invite Britney to blub for the cameras. That's a pretty full agenda.…
Exclusive: NSA photos of Matt Gaetz released. ImageImageImageImage
Other trust funder bros who appear to have something to hide and insist that they are being spied on: Tucker Carlson, Erik Prince, Donald Trump, Don Jr and all the shitheads who reached out to foreign spies and dictators before and during the election.…
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1. Looking at the documents produced under #FISA to @JasonLeopold @BuzzFeed and I spotted what may be a violation of federal law by Cambridge Analytica (CA) and arguably the Trump campaign in the 2016 cycle. Here are two pages of an email dealing with the contract in Sept 2015.
2. The email identifies "enriched voter data*" that could be produced by CA Connect, a "data manipulation and segmentation software platform."

It then goes on to explain what constitutes "enriched voter data."
3. At the top of the list on the second page is "Nationwide enriched credit file (400 data points for 220m individuals."
Assuming it's a reference to consumer credit reports, IMO this likely violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S. Code § 1681b - Permissible purposes of
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Taiwan. 👀
This man ain’t playin’. Just sayin’
⌚️ 19:44 EST time stamp on Kansas’s tweet

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1. @RepJerryNadler @SenatorDurbin @StateDept Why not simply list the Nazi party as a FTO engaged in "international terrorism"? IMO it passes 18 USC 2331(1) statutory test:
2. Once listed the US affiliated members would be immediately subject to the full toolkit available under #FISA that defines "foreign power" to include "a group engaged in international terrorism" or activities in preparation therefor" 50 USC § 1801(a)(4).
3. A member of a Nazi party affiliate would then be an "agent of a foreign power" pursuant to 50 USC § 1801(b)(1)(C). That would open these international terrorists to the full panoply of FISA tools to be able to uncover their identities and make sure they
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#FISA The @carterwpage lawsuit (seeks 75million in relief) is well sourced, citing declassified docs, Congressional testimony, IG Horowitz report as well as Strzok/Page texts which are an unfiltered guide to 2016/2017 FBI decision making + apparent media leaks. READ: Page 6 Image
Lawsuit suggests/alleges FISA used to capture broad universe of "campaign" communications which can be achieved through the so-called "double hop" Page 27 Page legal team says former FBI lawyer Clinesmith (pleaded guilty Aug 2020) doctored CIA email in mid-2017 about Page's work Image
for the Agency because "Clinesmith knew IF Page had been a source for the CIA, that info, must be disclosed to the FISC. However, disclosing this exculpatory fact now would expose the material omission..from prior 3 FISA." NOTE: Surveillance before + after 2016 election @CBSNews
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1. Ironically, in April, it got easier to take down US white supremacists. IMO, if they know someone affiliated with this crew, they're subject to #FISA 2-hop authorities. Have fun boyos.😎

@StateDept labels white supremacists terrorists for 1st time ever
2. Trump's "I don't know who the Proud Boys are" is the predictable result of him being briefed today by Ft Meade on something that ties them to RIM. But by now the circle has closed on these morons. It's automated. Like the machine in A Person of Interest. Don't be a terrorist,
3. or even know somebody who knows somebody who is.
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The DOJ & FBI announced some additional #FISA reforms.

- They are creating the "FBI Office of Internal Auditing"

- They are adding additional reforms on top of what FBI Director Wray has implemented.
Here's the memo directing the creation of the FBI Office of Internal Auditing:… Image
More rules for compliance and oversight

Routine audits of FBI's national security activities

Routine audits of FBI's national security letters

Routine audits of FBI's #FISA compliance

Routine audits of steps taken to make sure FISA apps are complete and accurate
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#FISA From FBI Director Wray, “ Since the Inspector General’s Crossfire Hurricane report was issued last December, I have made clear that it describes conduct that was unacceptable and unrepresentative of the FBI as an organization” + “That’s why I
immediately ordered more than 40 corrective actions, including foundational FISA reforms, many of which went beyond those recommended by the Inspector General. The FBI has been working diligently to implement these corrective actions” separately reporters were told
The FBI is in the process of seeking an outside consultant to advise on improvements to the FISA audit process + recent IG reviews of FISA applications have proven that the information the FBI includes is overwhelmingly accurate. @CBSNews
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#FISA 2 memos from AG Barr in direct response to findings that FBI warrant applications to surveil @carterwpage were defective. Key section: Memo 2 applies to surveillance political campaigns + FBI personnel who “knowingly misrepresent facts” to FISA Court…
“The reforms also include oversight protocols to ensure that any use of FISA to surveil federal elected officials, candidates for federal elected office, or their advisors or staff is justified, non-partisan + based on full and complete information.  Finally, the memorandum...
requires the FBI to develop procedures to prevent US persons from becoming unwitting participants in malign influence operations by foreign powers + to review its disciplinary policies + procedures to ensure appropriate disciplinary action for those who knowingly misrepresent
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1. My suggestion on the recalcitrant folks like @SecPompeo is to compile a list of crimes that have committed that have no immunity. Gather the admissible evidence so the @TheJusticeDept free of Barr's K&E fascists can move to grand jury right after Jan 20. Goal should be to
2. have the @POTUS @realDonaldTrump cabinet members who obstructed Congress indicted by mid-February. The people to target would be the ones involved in Russian treason like @RichardGrenell @DHS_Wolf, Pompeo, Barr, DeJoy, @stevenmnuchin1 & DeVoss. Tee up McGahn & Eric Prince.
3. The charges against the Cabinet members should also include Trump political appointees who conspired in the departments. Threaten to add them to the indictments to flip them. If they balk, indict them. Begin amplifying the #BigFascistRoundUp on January 21, 2021. @FBIWFO @WHNSC
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#FISA Today marks the release of the Carter Page book. In response to @CBSNews questions, @carterwpage stated that he was a "known quantity" to the CIA + had a "very long term relationship" with the Agency on both the "operations + analysis" side. Page said his "dialogue" with
CIA began in the 90's + he was eventually "directed or tasked" to explore areas of interest to the Agency that went beyond Russia, to include the Middle East, China + Africa. CIA declined to comment to @CBSNews. Page’s relationship was first documented at length in IG Horowitz..
report where CIA is identified as “OGA” (think of it as Other Government Agency) WHY IT MATTERS: Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty to 1 count false statements for altering a CIA record in June 2017 about Page's CIA status for the final FISA. What we learned from
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