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“I took it at Walter Reed Medical Center in front of doctors. They were very surprised."

This is another bait trap.

Here’s what will follow:

- Press starts contacting DoD attempting to verify

- DoD says they have no record

- McEnany says it did happen

- Press call her a liar

- Doctor at Walter Reed signs letter confirming Trump aced cognitive test

- McEnany demands Biden take it

- Media says Biden’s word is good enough

Through the process of the argument the press gets further exposed as biased corrupt operators and more voters start focusing on Biden’s mental decline.


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The UN Arms Trade Treaty doesn’t inhibit law abiding citizens’ gun use or sales, AT ALL!!

That’s completely untrue, & the @NRA knows it.

Let’s talk about what’s really happening here, because the gun lobby sure as hell won’t tell you the truth. #GunReform
The UN ATT helps to crack down on international illicit arms deals, ranging from firearms to tanks.

It actively seeks to prevent weapons from falling into hands of those that would abuse human rights around the world.
#VeryStableGenius announced the decision to pull us out of this worldwide treaty.... at an NRA conference.

The NRA seeks to boost weapons sales by whatever means necessary, ensuring a nice little payday for themselves in return.
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The gun violence epidemic in the U.S. affects certain groups differently, which we need to acknowledge considering it’s LGBTQ Pride month.🏳️‍🌈

This crisis is covered up by Republicans/NRA. They suppress relevant voices & tell lies to distract from the truth. Let’s talk #GunReform.
Falsehoods like this are spread: “The NRA wants the LGBTQ community to be armed, because their safety is valued. Equal rights means loose gun laws for all.”
The NRA wants everyone to be armed because that sells more guns. It brings more profit, & buys more mansions for its CEO Wayne LaPierre (while squandering members’ dues)....

The NRA doesn’t respect the LGBTQ community though.
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We desperately need #GunReform laws in the U.S. #MassacreMitch has an A+ rating by the NRA, & has taken $ MILLIONS, ensuring no gun laws pass.

R’s are handmaidens to the gun lobby, ensuring thousands die yearly, so long as they get #NRABloodMoney.…
Now #MassacreMitch has stated he will only allow a Senate vote on #GunReform laws IF #VeryStableGenius is guaranteed to sign it. He wants to be absolved of any responsibility.



These deaths are on his hands though. He requests to be known as the Grim Reaper on passing legislation. He certainly lives up to the name.

The NRA is in Republicans’ pocketbooks as well as ears, telling them how to spread fear & lies about guns to the public.

We know better.
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1/ Here’s the transcribed Trump quote from last night. If you’ve been reading my TL, this is what I’ve been explaining. The firing of Comey launched a sting on McCabe who predictably did what they expected and opened inappropriate investigations against POTUS.
2/ I want you to take notice that Trump names exactly who “did it” and he does not mention Rosenstein. The reality that there was a sting run by DOJ, where McCabe was the target triggered by Rosenstein’s letter and Comey’s firing, is now nearly impossible to deny.
3/ The investigation targeting McCabe would’ve been viewed as obstruction if McCabe would’ve continued as the head of the investigations that he launched after Comey’s firing. There was only one way to pull the plug on McCabe and avoid obstruction claims.

Appoint Mueller.
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Dimms and their PR arm, the media, are handing Trump an unlimited amount of time to talk about #ConfirmKavanaugh and all the associated political issues, going back decades.

That's why I call them the Dimms.

#TrumpPressConference. Democrat #ConJob #ConArtists
Jim Acosta LOL
IMO the main reason Trump scheduled this press conference was to use it as his opportunity to speak about Kavanaugh and the whole situation. He is so smart. They are so dumb.

Watching this, I could cry tears of joy. What a blessing this President is to America. #MAGA
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Rubio has an A+ rating, & has taken $3.3 million from the NRA. He is just one of many R’s (Cruz) who are handmaidens to the gun lobby. The safety of the public is not as important as their #NRABloodMoney.

Let’s dispel gun myths the NRA constantly parrots.…
“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”
This is probably the most common argument heard from gun advocates. It’s true that guns can’t kill by themselves & DO indeed need someone to pull the trigger... Guns don’t kill people, but allow someone who WOULD kill much easier, faster, more lethal means for killing. #GunReform
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(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread: Visit to Europe July 2018 - Part I.

First stop, Brussels, then on to London, Scotland and the #HelsinkiSummit with Russia.
(2) Leaving for and arriving in Brussels.
(3) A VERY strong start to the day in Brussels, when POTUS ate Germany for breakfast ,with Jens Stoltenberg (NATO head) sitting across the table. Good times!
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(1) Thread: #NorthKorea prisoners hopefully about to be released while Secretary Pompeo is there. I will use this thread for photos and updates over the next while.

#MAGA #PeaceIsThePrize #PeaceThroughStrength #FreeNorthKorea
(2) I feel like I should at least learn the names of the three men who have been suffering under the deadly Kim regime while President Trump and his team work to free them.

>Kim Hak-song
>Kim Dong-chul
>Kim Sang-duk

God bless them & their families.
(3) We value each and every human life in the world. This is what separates us from the totalitarian rulers of North Korea, China, Russia, Iran and Syria. For example.

The fight for freedom will never end, but I'm glad I'm on America's side.
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(1) At what point in his life did President Trump become a conservative? Liberals would say recently, which is incorrect. Never Trumpers would say he is no conservative now, which is also incorrect. IMO it was at least 30 years ago, if not more.
(2) Trump bought the dilapidated Wollman Ice Rink in NYC in the 1980s, specifically for the purpose of demonstrating the problem with govt works projects.

He rebuilt it on time & under budget. Govt had failed to do it for many years.
(3) Trump donated large amounts of money and in kind services to Reagan's 1980 and 1984 campaigns. His stated positions on foreign policy and the Cold War were conservative.
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1) President Trump's critics almost had a victory with this #WolffBook and the idea that Trump is out of his mind.
2) But The Donald is not one to take any attack passively - especially this one.
3) His response is, like, pure genius. A #VeryStableGenius. #POTUSVSG
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