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Our @PotUS is #GENIUS when it comes to many things; negotiating & doing what's best for America & Americans is why #WeThePeople put him in the @WhiteHouse

3 weeks is only 21 days... when the "#PromisesMadePromisesKept" President says 3 weeks, we all need to be patient for 21 days.

We've trusted & backed him thus far, relieving hardworking Americans from no-pay during a partial gov. shutdown is the fair & just thing to do.
Keep Calm

Seriously, this isn't like Barry Hussein's "#redLine," the @realDonaldTrump WILL fulfill his oath of Office to protect us from enemies, both Foreign & the Liberal Left.
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@POTUS states he is not looking for an alternative venue for #SOTU and will do the address when the shutdown is over in the House Chamber.

He did not cancel the address. Think logically! What does POTUS know? 👇🏼👇🏼
Article II, Section 3 of the United States Constitution states that the President “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” #SOTU
On #Hannity tonight, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (House Minority Leader) stated he's bringing forth a "privileged resolution" tomorrow that will allow ALL members to vote, potentially bypassing Pelosi & will "disapprove of the speaker of the house, who's running this like a dictatorship"
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"Understanding #encryption & the #aabil" for #dumbbastards like me
.#Encryption & #privacy are strongly & deeply connected.
"Privacy", as understood in AU, is an individual's #humanright to #privacy, as enshrined in legislation, created in the @Parliament's, both federal & states, to guarantee individuals their #HumanRight as detailed by the @UN & interpreted by our legislators & the courts
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ADVENT - A Christmas Ghost Story from Dec 1 to Dec 24

Dec 1

Where’s the chocolate? Just a picture of a dumb bird!
What kind of advent calendar hasn’t got chocolate in it?
Can’t believe I’m stuck here all Xmas in the middle of nowhere while you get to go to Darren’s party!
Sophie slept
In spite of the house
In spite of herself
In spite of the spitting, chattering rain against the thin black ugly window pane
It was strangely soothing
Strangely calming . . .

Until a sharp
Smacked her furiously awake!
Dec 2

Hey how you?
Sooooooo tired! Thought I heard a noise last night but no one else heard it so I guess I must’ve dreamed it. Then I couldn’t get back to sleep. This creepy old house is doing my head in!
Btw another lame pic on this stupid calendar today.
Looks like you LOL
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A more serious thread on @kanyewest and #thesunkenplace. One of the most seductive attractions for black artists in the west is to be considered a #genius. There's never been any doubt Kanye has covered this designation for himself...
But Kanye's model of genius is not rooted in the black tradition. His is rooted in modern white commercial expressions of genius. College Dropout provided a refreshed template for what hip hop could sound like. The genre owes him a huge debt for this...
But Kanye's metric for success has never been the degree to which his base adores him nor his own standard of reinventing his art. Consider his consistent whining and childish outbursts for not winning mainstream awards...
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Et aller, Rony Brauman revient sur @mediapart nous refaire une einieme série de bobards sur l'intervention en Libye. Difficile de lister toutes les incohérence, les mensonges où les tartes à la crème orientalistes de cette vidéo
A peine à la moitié j'ai déjà une page A4. Rony Brauman donc réécrit l'histoire de la guerre en Libye pour que ça colle à "la guerre en Irak" et que Rony Brauman puisse passer pour un héro qui dénonce les mensonges qui ont déclenché la guerre. C'est frais, c'est nouveau...
"on nous promettait un génocide" dit Brauman. Déjà tu ment à la 1ere minute, personne a jamais parlé de Génocide en Libye (en fait c'est pas tout à fait vrai, certains sites parlaient du génocide commis par l'OTAN ou par les rebelles)…
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1) President Trump's critics almost had a victory with this #WolffBook and the idea that Trump is out of his mind.
2) But The Donald is not one to take any attack passively - especially this one.
3) His response is, like, pure genius. A #VeryStableGenius. #POTUSVSG
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