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#StrangerThings writers have denounced fake leaked Season 4 scripts 👀… Image
Here's the deal with those "leaked" scripts.

#StrangerThings4 saw Nancy torn between her supportive BF, Jonathan, and her newly heroic ex, Steve (and possibly even sparking something with awkward new friend Robin).…
Then, near the start of the long wait for #StrangerThings Season 5, a rumor popped up that hinted who Nancy will end up with — and that's when things got ~messy~ 👀…
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The on-screen descriptions in series four of the Netflix drama have become a hit with a younger generation who aren’t hard of hearing.

So, how did #StrangerThings4 make subtitles cool?…
Jeff T, the shows subtitles writer, used phrases such as “tentacles undulating moistly”, to describe the villain Vecna; “fissure writhing wetly”, to describe a gate opening; and “Nancy bandaging wetly”, as the character Nancy Wheeler attends to a wound
These phrases have become a hit on social media for displaying the sort of verbosity usually found in sixth-form English literature essays 📔
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The vicious cycle on climate change: the worse things get > the more people feel doomed & helpless > the less they engage, just as we need them most. To break the cycle, I'm trying something WAY different (think @GretaThunberg x #StrangerThings4 ). A 🧵
The fossil fuel industry and its allies are master storytellers—nimble, sophisticated, targeted, ever-evolving. Just as we effectively counter one fossil fuel industry narrative, another pops up. They’re cynically feeding narratives of apathy & doomism to keep the status quo 2/11
Simultaneously (and doubtlessly connected), young people are around the world are facing debilitating climate anxiety. The @Lancet recently released a powerful study of 10,000 youth across 10 countries documenting this fear 3/11
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Ok so I have some theories as to #StrangerThings, don’t look if you haven’t seen the finale Image
MacTheory 1. One is Eleven’s Dad. Papa wanted to grow One’s power but couldn’t control him and so made him impregnate Elle’s mum and experimented on her as seen in flashbacks. We’ll discover this when Vecna has a chance to actually kill Elle and finds he will not (#starwarsvibes)
MacTheory 2. The Upside Down is actually a manifestation of Elle’s imagination (like Wanda in wandavision) She is breathtakingly powerful and is messed up w PTSD. Explains why the UD only seems to consist of Hawkins - the only place Elle has ever known.
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O Hellfire Club e o personagem de Eddie Munson foram inspirados na história real de um crime que aconteceu em Memphis, no ano de 1993.
Eddie é inspirado em Damien Nichols, que foi preso e acusado injustamente de uma série de assassinatos.
Damien e outros dois amigos foram presos em 1993 sob acusação de assassinato de três crianças de 8 anos. Conta-se que a acusação e o julgamento foi o puro satanic panic, principalmente por parte das igrejas da comunidade em que viviam.
Isto porque, assim como Eddie no Hellfire, os três garotos formavam um grupo de RPG. Além disso, Damien gostava de usar roupas pretas, ouvir heavy metal e escrever poemas sombrios - ou seja, prato cheio pro satanic panic que rolou no caso.
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Kate Bush’s 1985 track “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” was bigger than a hit.

“It was a landmark and a genesis, an anthemic fount of agency and illumination,” writes @jennpelly. “It remains an eternal lighthouse in the night of being other.”…
That Bush is having a resurgence and connecting with a whole new generation thanks to “Running Up That Hill‘s” use in #StrangerThings — more than a sync, the song is a recurring plot point in the ‘80s-pastiche series — is cosmically perfect.…
The theatricality and horror of #StrangerThings aligns with Bush’s supernatural inklings. In a time of elevated cultural comprehension of female genius, her place in pop’s pantheon is undeniable.…
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#StrangerThings4 és probablement el millor que he vist i gaudit els darrers mesos (anys?) a les plataformes.

Em preocupa que els crítics de sèries nostrats, al menys els que he sentit, parlin de "allarga el xiclet" o "s'han fet grans". 🙄👇
La sèrie és un cant a les adolescències prèvies a les pantalles, ja ho era abans, i un homenatge al pulp i a la cultura pop, del cine, al còmic, als jocs.

Una obra que auto-referencia les bases de la cultura mainstream actual. De la música al cine, passant per D&D.
La sèrie ens explica com la caspa es va defensar dels frikis, acusant-los de satanisme.

Personalment, l'any 94, quan organitzava GENCON a Barcelona vaig patir l'assetjament dels mitjans amb el assassinat del "rol", causa i conseqüència.

I no hi havia Twitter, Basté...
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#StrangerThings4 offers the deepest insight yet into Max, Sadie Sink’s character.

“Season 4 is when we really dive into the immense amount of pain that she’s in as a result of Billy’s death and the grief that she’s processing,” says Sink.…
“Everyone has different coping mechanisms, and for some opening up to others is really helpful,” Sink explains. “It could be helpful to Max, but it doesn’t operate like that for her. It’s easier to just avoid the conversation altogether.”… Image
Max channels her feelings into music instead, inspiring a revival of interest in Kate Bush’s classic “Running Up That Hill.”…
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Viendo #StrangerThings4 no pude evitar pensar en cómo la polémica de juegos de rol como D&D, surgida en el 79-83, nos ha perseguido casi hasta día de hoy. Yo empecé a jugar a finales de los 90 y aún ahí volvían estos asustaviejas cada cierto tiempo.¿Pensáis que no? Dentro hilo 🧵
Todo miedo repentino surge ligado a un tremendo desconocimiento y cada época tiene un nicho de gente temerosa que no se las piensa a la hora de demonizar y señalar algo que le es del todo desconocido. D&D (1974) fue uno de los primeros que marcaría el camino de la controversia.
La mayoría de estos miedos fueron importados desde el fanatismo conservador e ignorante americano en la década de los 80. Todo era su objetivo: los cultos satánicos, el heavy metal, las drogas, las películas de terror, el arte... Nada escapaba de la alerta moralista yankee.
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Stranger Things - Season -4 -2022

மிகப்பிரபலமான இந்த தொடரின் 4வது சீசன் வெளியாகி உள்ளது. இந்த முறை தமிழ் டப்பிங் உடன் வந்து உள்ளது .

#IMDb 8.7

Season 4, 7 Episodes

Available @NetflixIndia

இந்த தொடரை பத்தி விரிவாக எழுதுவது ரொம்பவே கஷ்டம் ‌
#StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings Image
ஏனென்றால் இந்த தொடரின் கான்செப்ட் அப்படி மற்றும் ஸ்பாய்லர் ஆகிவிடும்.

சுருக்கமாக சொல்வது என்றால் Parallel Universe கான்செப்ட் இந்த தொடரில் முக்கியமான ஒன்று.

வேறு உலகத்தில் இருந்து கொடூரமான மிருகம் ஒரு பாதையை உருவாக்கி நாம் வாழும் உலகத்திற்கு வந்தால் என்ன ஆகும் ?
இதனை தடுக்க ஸ்கூல் பசங்க + பொண்ணுங்க குரூப் முயற்சி பண்ணுது.

இன்னொரு முக்கியமான கேரக்டர் Eleven . இவங்க பயங்கரமான பவர் கொண்ட ஒரு பெண். இவரின் பவரை உபயோகித்து இன்னொரு உலகத்திற்கு வழியை உருவாக்கிட முடியும். இந்த சீசனில் இவளின் சக்தி காணாமல் போய்விடுகிறது.
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so there’s a slur in #StrangerThings4 and apparently no one even knows it a slur so here’s a little thread on why “eskimo” is a slur and why it shouldn’t be used in ANY context
first off this slur is directed ONLY at northernmost canadian and alaskan natives
there’s many different said meanings, one of them being “raw meat eater” which is seemed to show inuit people as barbarians for eating raw meat. the true or most reasonable meaning is that it stems from the latin word “excommunicati” which means excommunicated. this was because —
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A "level 1 Dwarf", Eddie? Really? You're trying to razz this middle schooler when you're out here running B/X or BECMI or something? #StrangerThings4
...I feel like Hawkins might just be the worst place on the planet to crawl into a K-Hole.
I guess as I think about it, he might have been implying that *she* was only familiar with flavors of boxed-set-basic.

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💥Strangers Things (Cosas extrañas en CSS)💥

Todos encontramos cosas extrañas en código CSS continuamente. Pero veamos algunas de ellas, y la forma recomendada de abordarlas hoy en día...

¡Te lo explico en un par de tweets!

#StrangerThings4 #css #javascript

🧵🔽 Image
1️⃣ No agrupes selectores en la misma línea, separa.
2️⃣ Aunque tengas canal alfa, usa RGB() y no RGBA(). Incluso ya puedes usar hexadecimal con canal alfa.
3️⃣ Si tienes propiedades con valores múltiples, separa en múltiples líneas. Image
4️⃣ Usa variables CSS. Se colocan al inicio, separados por una línea en blanco del resto de props. ¡Y tienen ámbitos locales!
5️⃣ Se pueden guardar todo tipo de datos: medidas, gradientes, colores, funciones css, keywords, etc...
6️⃣ Con `var()` puedes usarlas y añadir un fallback. Image
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DE VOLTA À HAWKINS: O que você precisa lembrar para assistir a quarta temporada de #StrangerThings4?

A quarta temporada de Stranger Things chega na @NetflixBrasil nesta sexta (27).

E se você não teve tempo de reassistir as três primeiras temporadas, viemos te salvar com a #ThreadTracklist de hoje!

Vem relembrar os acontecimentos principais de Hawkins

É sempre bom alertar: os próximos tweets terão detalhes cruciais da trama das temporadas 1, 2 e 3 de Stranger Things.
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.@laubf te cuenta los estrenos semanales de @NetflixLAT en @Late931Oficial con @lolibelotti
#CaminoARoma, el director Alfonso Cuarón reflexiona sobre su infancia, los detalles de la época y las decisiones creativas que le dieron forma a ROMA, la película ganadora del Óscar. Image
#NarcosMexico, segunda temporada. Sé testigo del inicio de la guerra del narcotráfico mexicano en la década de 1980 en esta nueva saga de Narcos, que narra el ascenso del cártel de Guadalajara. Image
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