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Built a website with react since I desperately needed a platform quick to try out blockchain!
Then I made a website just to try deploying on #firebase.
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1/ A Question ??? Graduation from world top-notch institutions and opting #CSS as a preferred career where one will have no material application of his hard-earned professional degree. What are vision and objectives ??? Job seeking with certain privileges ???
2/ If CSS inspired much, why not general bachelorette/masters and give a try to your luck. Proud of a senior school fellow, now a PSP in BPS-21 had forgone his choice of MBBS, went for general bachelorette and finally ended up as PSP, he stood courageous.
3/ #AitzazAhsan @hasaankhawar @Razarumi #ZubairKhurshidBhatti and lot of other forgone #CSS for their ambitions and still living happily. Graduating from @UniofOxford #Horward @SOAS #LSE and @warwickuni like institutes and ending up finally in price check campaigns is absolutely
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Segue o #fio de um #historiador sobre o curso Programação Web @metropoledigi @ufrnbr. Ideia dada por @brennovich no dia da #MarchaVirtualpelaCiencia @SBPCnet. Conversas com Brenno, @freireopaulo, @Guimme_ e outros sobre #programacao #Tecnologia #web #Historia #ensino #ti
04/05/2020: Começo da matéria Lógica de #Programação. De cara me lembrei dos livros de #HarukiMurakami que se passam nos anos 1980. Vários personagens aparecem japoneses aprendendo sobre #input e #output nos recém lançados editores de texto e computadores pessoais. #literatura
04/05/2020 Me lembrou conversa com @iberemoreno sobre editores de textos que funcionam com lógica de #programação. Aqueles em que ao invés de tentar reproduzir na tela o que você vê no papel, partem para a o que você "quis dizer" é que vai para o resultado final. 1/3
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Hello tweeps!

In this #Thread, I'll be explaining step-by-step process of designing the below #UI #Mockup (by @frontendmentor) with only #html & #css.

You can follow along by typing out the #codes in the images.

#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
#WomenWhoCode #freeCodeCamp

1/25 ImageImage

We'll learn how to look at mockups so we can do the following:

1. Deduce #html tags to #code the #webpage
2. Declare #css properties to style the webpage
3. Establish #breakpoints to make the webpage #responsive.

First, let's set up our html page.


As shown below, we started with the following:

1. Create an #html document.
2. Specify the title.
3. Set the width.

The width is set to equal the viewport width. This means that it'll be as wide as the screen viewing the page - first step to #responsive #designs! Image
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Can computers create art? This is 'A Prayer For A Christian's Grave', created by… a computer!
What do you see in it?
@glitch80bot #GlitchMe #innovation #digital #cryptoart #css #abstract #stainedglass #security
@threadreaderapp unroll what do you see in this artwork? #bot2bot 🤖 #digitalart #lanwangji #robotics #cryptoart #drawing
@ImCaedmon For me this image represents  Jesus' life from before His Crucial Event, and from his life in death, in which there has also been . What do you see in this artwork? #animalcrossing #digitalart #painting #ai #robotics #drawing #abstract #master
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Bah, #CSS et faire de l'UI c'est facile, c'est même pas un vrai métier : #thread
- tu as testé en dark mode ?
- en "light" mode ?
- avec un fort zoom ?
- avec un fort zoom texte ?
- avec une combinaison des précédents ?
- si ton viewport est petit ?
- si ton viewport est immense ?
- si ton viewport est large mais très peu haut ? (mortel celui-là)
- si ton viewport est étroit mais haut ?
- sur tous les navigateurs ?
- sur tous les systèmes ?
- sur Safari Mobile ?
- sur Android ?
- avec des contenus générés improbables ?
- si la structure change ou est reprise ailleurs, ça pète ?
- si les effets de bords de ta modif font des dégâts ?
- à propos, c'est scopé correctement ?
- si ça passe au print ?
- si en high contrast mode ça déconne pas ?
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I'm publicly committing to the 100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today! Learn More and Join me! #100DaysOfCode
Day 1: There were already existing projects I have been working on, some of which I will be following through for these 100 days;

Analyzing a sales funnel and building a Machine Learning powered recommendation engine with the use of SQL and Python.
Day 2: Several mini projects will precede the 2 main projects for these 100 days. Today, Using Python I built a mini sales system to help speed up the process of creating receipts for Customers during Transactions.✅
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Okay guys, it's time for a thread on #CSS and its preparation. I keep on getting numerous queries daily while having addressed many of these already. If you're interested, please follow through and share with those you think will benefit from it.
To start with, this interview of mine with Jahangir World Times gives a general idea on how I proceeded with the exam and talks specifically about precis paper.
In this blog, I've written in depth about the exam & my experience. I have said almost everything I had to. There's actually very little I can add to it. It's a long read, but please read it. You'll find most answers here & won't feel the need to ask more.…
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Hey #webdev

As promised, here is a list of 100 project ideas to practice, showcase or challenge yourself.


♥ Add a star to repo and 🧩 retweet to reach more devs.

#100WebProjects #angular #javascript #html #css #devcommunity #typescript
Quote generator
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[Web Development]

First Tweet!
Kita mulai ya untuk bahas semua seputar koding.
Mungkin bisa kita mulai dari Web Development dulu kali ya?
Karena sekarang kan lagi ngetren soal Web Development.
Nantikan update berikutnya.

Sebelum kita berangkat lebih jauh ke teknis terkait web development. kita harus tau apa itu web.
Web adalah kependekan dari website. yang merupakan kumpulan halaman yang dapat di akses dari aplikasi browser.
Browser yang sering kita temui diantaranya : google chrome, mozilla firefox, internet explorer dan safari.
Bayangkan ada kumpulan halaman dan untuk bisa melihat/mengakses nya kita harus menggunakan aplikasi browser.
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The excellent Professor Fred Gellert, Prof of Science and Technology at @ArmyWarCollege for the @Strategy_Bridge Carlisle Strategy Session.
The history of warfare and the history of technology are closely linked.

Ex: the history of armored warfare - tech changes warfare and warfare influences technological development
Dev of tanks requires advances in metallurgy, propulsion, ammunition, mobility, engines, etc.

Much of the tech is borrowed from agricultural machinery.

But it could have gone another way.
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تحدي عمل 30 تطبيق بال #html و #css في مدة 30 يوم و كل تطبيق سأقوم بتصويره على شكل فيديو و انشره في اليوتيوب للمشاركة معكم
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Revisit CSS Selectors 😂

CSS selectors are used to find HTML elements you want to style. The various selectors include:
1⃣ Type:
selects element of specific type based directly on providing the element name
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Hoy les quiero compartir una pequeña explicación sobre la ESPECIFICIDAD en #css ❤️ Sigue el thread ! 🧵
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Aujourd’hui, les #WCAG ont 20 ans ! 🎉🎂
Pour fêter ça, voici un p’tit zrèd #accessibilité web où je vais donner une recommandation par jour, en espérant que ça serve à qlq personnes.
Il sera question ici d’accessibilité et pas nécessairement de conformité.
On commence par UX-UI.
👀 Visibilité du texte
Un ratio de contraste d’au moins 4,5 avec la couleur qui l’entoure est nécessaire.
Tolérance d’au moins 3 pour du “grand” texte (rendu équiv. à au moins 24 px ou 18,5 px pour du texte en gras) et les graphs / pictos non décoratifs.
Une échelle graduée de 1 à 21 avec le curseur sur 4,5. En dessous c'est pas bon, au dessus c'est bon.
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This year for #merryCSSmas I'll be covering some of the most requested styling features and how they can be used with CSS. This will be a month-long series showing ways that simple, valid CSS, and simple JavaScript functions can work together to style anything you can imagine!
Dec 1: Parent Selector 🎄🎁 Though CSS doesn't have a :parent selector, you can create your own with a small JavaScript function and use a selector like [--parent] in your CSS stylesheets today!


#css #javascript Supporting your own parent selector in CSS with [--parent]
Dec 2: The :has() Selector ⭐️✨ Even though this selector has been specced in CSS for years, no browsers support it yet. Thankfully it's easy for us to support with a selector like [--has] in our CSS


#rwd #webdesign
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One of the best gift I have ever had on my birthday. This is really nice when you get a gift from your mentee, the gift explaining the topic on which you mentored on.
Explaining the box model (the most important topics on HTML, CSS) just by wrapping the gift in different layers.
Thank you so much @kml_1326. Here chocolate box is the real content. The immediate yellow box before the chocolate box contains the padding area and the border. The blue box represents the margin outside border. The big yellow box is the bigger area in which the box is placed.
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Here is my lovely website! #madewithbulma
My needs are simple while choosing #CSS framework:
No #JavaSript because I don't mind writing in #JS for the things I need.
I came across Skeleton ( when I was looking for CSS #Framework, which was not included JS.
I used to like #Skeleton by @dhg, it's true that it is dead simple #responsive #boilerplate. Skeleton is truly #mobile-first. Not only in terms of mobile web experience but also the code is written in CSS.
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This just reoccured to me for the nth time, but I really wish browsers would just pass along the layout engines own cached values with Scroll/Resize events, like: scrollPosition[x,y], document[w,h], window[w,h] /cc @ietf @w3c @csswg @webkit @mozilla @MicrosoftEdge
...heck, even just a delta[x,y] would be an improvement.

it would make things like parallaxers & scroll position based triggers so much smoother (like at least 2x instantly), since we wouldn't be causing thrashing when we attempt to re-measure these values every 16ms (or sooner)
ultimately, I'd love to see a mechanism for subscribing to high-frequency property value updates. so that we don't need to request measurements for certain element properties in tight loops. but rather, could just receive them in a callback
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Inspired by @patio11 @RachelTobac @HydeNS33k @holman @sehurlburt here is a list "Quick Things Many People Find Too Obvious To Have Told You Already" aka "Things I wish someone had told me earlier"
I've often heard that #DevOps is all about #empathy and I agree.

As an operations person, the most helpful empathetic developers I ever saw were the ones that were told: "20% of your bonus depends on a rating of you from the Operations people"
I didn't believe this for a long time but you can 100% start a blog, write interesting posts and get people to pay you money to tell you more about what's in those blog posts.

Put another way: there are videos of people putting together Duplo on YouTube with MILLIONS of views.
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