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#EliNetflix #ELI the next #OMEN movie 👇👀👀 son of sam
#EliNetflix ELI 👇👀👀
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Anoche terminé de ver la 3ª temporada de #StrangerThings y la verdad es que aluciné. Es una pasada. Y ahora vas a ser tú quien alucine: ¿Sabías que la Virgen María aparece en todos los episodios? Te lo cuento en el #HiloDeStrangerThings
Si no has visto la serie, mejor no sigas, porque puede que no entiendas muchas cosas. Además, si quieres verla en un futuro, hago spoiler, así que, repito, no sigas porque vale la pena verla sin saber cómo acaba.
Volviendo a lo de la Virgen, ¡que conste que yo no me había fijado tampoco hasta anoche en su presencia! Pero Ella estaba ahí, silenciosa, escondida…
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Marvel announces newest film: ETERNALS. 😱 Oh hey, @salmahayek and Angelina Jolie. #SDCC2019 #MarvelSDCC
Next up: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie. #SDCC0219 #MarvelSDCC
Next: Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings, starring Simu Liu. @awkwafina. They’ve been “seeding hints for this film since Iron Man.” #SDCC0219 #MarvelSDCC
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Quick $NFLX Q2 thoughts (not ordered)

#1: Biggest show, #StrangerThings, launched to biggest-ever viewership (40 of 155MM accounts) 4 days after Q2 ended

If released week earlier, odds are US would have been flat. Still bad, but July 17 would look same and narrative VERY diff
#2: What happened in Q2 in the US? Nothing. Netflix lost 100k of 61,000k subscribers. There was no change. That's the issue.

Actually not true, they hiked most prices 20%. So actually Netflix got worse, but barely changed. Issue is it didn't get better enough to get new subs
#3: Story is that Netflix's inertia seems to be almost over. Just doing the old thing, but more, and riding the decline of pay-TV (i.e. shift of video viewing) is over

#4: Bad for two reasons, 1, we only just hit Netflix's lower goal (60-90), 2, inertia ended before competition
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OK, then, I will go ahead and review the rest of #StrangerThings, the season that dedicated itself to two noble goals: exploring the worlds of one-handed suspended strangulation and Soviet stereotypes. Also, apparently, it's very heavy on long-distance relationships. Bummer, Mike
Here is my review of the glorious Soviet stranglings in Episode 1:

And here is my explanation of Russian linguistics in American ice cream parlors in Episode 2:

Let's move on, then, with the final few episodes. Poor Alexei 😭
Let me first pay tribute to the Glorious Comrade Baumann, easily the least annoying character in season 3. The working masses of the world express the greatest hope that capitalist pig Hopper stays dead and the Marx-bearded Murray takes over as the male lead. Now, his Russian...
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All right, I have now seen Episode 2 of Strangler Things... er, I mean #StrangerThings and I am profoundly happy. Mostly because the show's creators have clearly understood that one-handed strangulation does not have to be an exclusive domain of the Soviet Heavy.
I really hope more American filmmakers recognize this. Of course, Bacho slowly grabbing Pavel by the neck and pensively uttering "I told you to not make them suffer" as we see Pavel's feet dangling half a meter off the ground would have been a kickass Chernobyl scene. But...
... as the wispy-armed American idiot above clearly demonstrates, the art of one-handed suspended strangulation can be mastered by any heavy of any nationality. Of course, the American Idiot couldn't do it properly, but I didn't say everyone can be Glorious World Champion, did I?
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I have started watching #StrangerThings3 and, holy crap, there are Russians in it! Suffice it to say, I have questions. And exclamations. Many, many exclamations. It looks like a thread is coming. Feel free to stop me, Twitter.
Comrade Dyatlov before he became criminally reckless.
The very opening scene, with 80s Bond flick music, tells me this is gonna be spectacular in the most horrible way. This series has been so faithful to the 80s, it now pays homage to how we looked in your imagination then
The opening shot is the classic 3 Stock Evil Russkies: the Boss, the Heavy and the Background Drone You Won't Notice But Who Makes Me Cringe. Let's dig in... The boss is Major General in what may be either Air Force or KGB border troops. He's so far pretty unremarkable
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Jeffrey Epstein arrested again on sex trafficking minors and will face up to 45 years in prison.

Credit to @jkbjournalist Julie K. Brown, who was (I believe) the first to report on #Epstein the billionaire Pedo.…
#QAnon research has brought to surface many disturbing elements in regards to #Epstein his friends, private island, private her, temple of sacrifice and even who supplies these sick ppl with #Children
We have been expecting the arrest of Jeffrey for along time.
Attached are Q posts relating to his sick world.
Feel free to ask any questions.
There is a lot to go into.

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So I just got done with #StrangerThings3 and I have to say, I liked it WHILE I WAS WATCHING IT—but having digested it, I'm not very fucking impressed and I can tell you why. I don't usually do threads, but here goes: 1/
The thing that really struck me about Season 1 of #StrangerThings was its clarity of vision. It wore its Eighties influences on its sleeve, and they were quite specific influences: Spielberg, Carpenter, and King. They aimed for a tone that combined them... 2/
...and the combination of the three was as well-calculated and evocative as you might hope for. The middle ground between Eighties Horror Movie and Eighties Kid Movie was a long-neglected field that turned out to still be fertile when the Duffer Bros. arrived. 3/
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Am I the only one who agrees with Will about playing D&D rather than hanging out at the mall? #StrangersThings3
Hawkins has no punk kids and therefore is forced to endure 1980s pop. Dear writers of #Strangerthings, would it kill you to throw in some Joy Division, Ramones, Clash, Killing Joke, Black Flag, Agnostic Front, Misfits, etc.? There is no way skater girl is listening to pop.
Episode #5 opening has no subtitles. Here is what the 2 Russians say at the beginning:
-“Are you American police?”
-“Please put the gun down, we are just mechanics”
-“We are doing nothing wrong here”
Native speakers of the language.
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Here we go. #MermaidParade
The Mind Flayer looms over Punk Eleven. #MermaidParade
Joyce’s living room wall (Mermaid), Mermaid Punk Eleven, Mermaid Hopper, The Mermaid Mind Flayer, Mermaid Dustin, Mermaid Joyce. #MermaidParade #StrangerThings
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#LALLORONA(2019) es la última versión de la leyenda mexicana extendida en toda Latinoamérica. El fantasma de la mujer que llora por sus hijos ha aparecido en muchas formas en la cultura popular y el cine. Repasamos las películas más importantes del mito.👇
La LLorona tiene muchas acepciones y diversificaciones, pero, resumiendo, el relato más extendido es el de una mujer pobre cuyo amante noble le abandona por una mujer de clase alta y en un arrebato ahoga a sus hijos, lamentándose el resto de su vida.
El espectro condenado de #LaLLorona, en su imagen más extendida es la de una mujer de cabello negro vestida de blanco, vagando cerca de lugares con agua (o caminos) en busca de su prole gritando "¡Ay, mis hijos!", adoptando el papel de hombre del saco que se lleva a los niños.
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A CREW! A GROUP! A CLIQUE! #Emmys #StrangerThings
YES, @SadieSink! 👏 #Emmys
The princess dress of my dreams! 👑✨ #Emmys
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So I’ve been wanting to be play this game..Finally going to do it...
1. (#Damon & #Elena) #Delena |You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger..#TVD
2. (#Liam & #Steffy) #STEAM | No one can stop us. You know why? Because we are written in the damn stars.
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Okay, what follows are some thoughts I've been mulling over about #StrangerThings

I think the writing wasn’t as strong as it could’ve been (though there were a LOT of narrative threads that they were managing this season!). The acting, however, was, as in the first season, *superb*, and I think this made up for a lot of the writing’s shortcomings.
That said, the first half of the series is a very different demagorgon than the second half, and it was really well done. It was right that all these characters spend several episodes dealing with/suffering from the psychological effects of what happened last year (season 1).
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@fernandokrammer 1)todos #países tem #StrangersThings
2)nem todos podem escolher
3)qdo fazemos nossa parte c/ #Empatia ,colaboramos p/ o lugar ficar melhor
@fernandokrammer depois do silêncio adotado ao observar que NÃO foi nada inteligente apoiar o #Golpe feito na democracia #brasileira, é incoerente se acovardar diante as manobras direcionadas nos diferentes sistemas
#justiçabrasileiraPartidária 😱
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#Emmys2017 Thread 💫
Justina Machado and Rita Moreno 💫
#OneDayAtATime #Emmys
The boys from #StrangerThings 💫
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