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Just in: Attitudes towards US, @NATO improving - +60% of ppl surveyed across 18 countries have "favorable" view of both

79% now see US as a very or somewhat reliable parter, per @pewresearch

85% have unfavorable view of #Russia Image
Context: the @pewresearch surveyed 23,484 adults from Feb 14-May 11

Countries included:
#US, #Canada, #Belgium, #France, #Germany, #Greece, #Italy, the #Netherlands, #Poland, #Spain, #Sweden, #Britain, #Israel, #Australia, #Japan, #Malaysia, #Singapore, #SouthKorea
Per @pewresearch, favorable opinions of the US increased significantly year over year in #SouthKorea, #Sweden, #Australia and declined significantly in #Greece, #Italy, #France
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On #defence and #security policy choices in the #IndoPacific :
I recently produced research assessing how 12 nations are aligning, looking at defence spending, arms imports, military exercises, intel sharing, and force presence agreements.

Who balances against #China?
Looking at trends in the values of stocks of imported #armaments, #Vietnam and #Indonesia seem clearly to be balancing against #China, whereas #Malaysia drops off strongly, suggesting #bandwagoning. Singapore stable.
A statistical analysis on trends in stocks of imported armaments shows most countries with a break (a change) around the year 2014 - this is consistent with threat perceptions towards #China going up around 2012.
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'The increasing recurrence of incalculable and terrible weather conditions has directly impacted the agricultural sector. It indicates a possible worrying future for the nation’s long-term food security.'

#ClimateCrisis #foodsecurity #Malaysia…

"The mental health side of this for producers is difficult. You have the chaos of it. Producers could see their cattle in the pasture, but because of the heat of the fires, they couldn’t do anything. It was moving so fast"

#ClimateCrisis #food…

'the extraordinary heatwave that occurred during the grain filling stage of wheat in March this year had a significant effect on crop production.'

#AgTwitter #food #farming…
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Horrible to see the degeneration of #Malaysia, a once upon rising star among #NICs and Emerging Market Economies, which served as a justified model and example of equitable development and growth, now, sadly, falling under the list of nations that are rotten to the core.
This turmoil started after DR Mahathir left power.
Since Dr Abdullah Badawi took over the reins of political power, Malaysia, as a country, has remained in a state of pendency.
All good work done in the 80s down the gutter due to bickering among UMNO and corrupt Najib n Rosmah Co
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NEW: @TheJusticeDept launching new Strategy for Countering Nation-State Threats, Asst AG Matthew Olsen tells audience at @MasonNatSec

"We see nations such as #China, #Russia, #Iran & #NorthKorea becoming more aggressive & more capable...than ever before"
Foreign Malign Influence - "In recent years DOJ has exposed & prosecuted covert influence efforts undertaken on behalf of the governments of #Russia, #China, #Malaysia & #Pakistan, to name just a few" per @TheJusticeDept Asst AG Olsen
#Cyber-"We continue to see costly interference with critical infrastructure and public service systems, supply chains & private businesses" per @TheJusticeDept Asst AG Olsen citing example w/#China #Russia #Iran #NorthKorea
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Avoid doing superfluous degrees from top-notch academic institutions.
Most of the top academic brand names will help you up to a certain extent, but, what employers are looking for are skills earned from subjects/specializations which can add value to their brands and bottom line
Just recently saw a top-notch social science specialist school offering a degree in #history in conjunction with another excellent #Asian Uni.
The problem is that nobody wants to hire exotic #historians, unless you are applying to work in the civil services or as a journalist.
A lot of universities are also advertising all types of degrees from financially #besmirching faculties which aren't contributing much to the university revenues.
So the vultures (FT staff) are offering degrees with a twist to lure innocent students to save their own jobs
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Waning COVID19 Vaccine Effectiveness (VE) for #CoronaVac & #BNT162b2 in #Malaysia

➡️ Observational study: Data on all confirmed COVID cases from 1-30 Sept 2021

⬆️ ‘Early’ group (fully vaccinated in April to June 2021) & the ′late′ group (fully vaccinated in Jul to Aug 21) 1/
➡️ For BNT162b2:

-VE against COVID-19 infections declined from 90.8% in the late group to 79.1% in the early group.

-VE against ICU admission & deaths were comparable between the two different periods. 2/
➡️ For CoronaVac:

-VE against COVID-19 infections waned from 74.4% in the late group to 30.0% in the early group.

-VE also declined significantly against ICU admission, dropping from 56.1% to 29.9%

-For deaths, VE did not wane after 3 to 5 months of full vaccination 3/
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The @BritishArmy recently selected its next batch of RSMs.

Here’s a thread about the most inspirational RSM that ever lived.

He fought in N Africa, dropped at Arnhem, saved countless lives in a POW camp, and became the first Academy Sgt Maj at @RMASandhurst.

RSM JC Lord, a🧵
Fighting with @3PARA in Tunisia he showed just how rigid he was in setting his standards. And in keeping a cool head:
He also showed a leader needs a sense of humour and compassion.

Ray Sheriff, of 3 PARA, was wounded in the chest in North Africa. He was staggering back to find the medics when he came across RSM Lord:
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Malay Mail Asks: Dr Joseph Tan on prolonged sitting | Part 1

With many working from home, some may experience the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. We speak to Dr Joseph Tan, a chiropractor, on prolonged sitting and ways to counter it.

#Chiropractic #Prolongedsitting #Malaysia
Malay Mail Asks: Dr Joseph Tan on prolonged sitting | Part 2

With many working from home, some may experience the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. We speak to Dr Joseph Tan, a chiropractor, on prolonged sitting and ways to counter it.

#Chiropractic #Prolongedsitting #Malaysia
Malay Mail Asks: Dr Joseph Tan on prolonged sitting | Part 3

With many working from home, some may experience the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. We speak to Dr Joseph Tan, a chiropractor, on prolonged sitting and ways to counter it.

#Chiropractic #Prolongedsitting #Malaysia
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This thread is a list of nations that have vaccinated at least 70% of their populations, and how they're doing on a cases/deaths per day bases before and after during the #COVID19 #pandemic.
All vaccination rates are as of October 1, 2021.
All cases/deaths are as of October 20, 2021.
Data from the publicly available Our World in Data dataset.…
#Andorra has seen a 25.3% drop in cases and a 56.7% drop in mortality.
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🧵~5.3 million views in 4 days.

"Fragile"《玻璃心》mocks the oversensitivity of cyber-nationalists, internet trolls that guard #China against criticism.

– by Malaysian #Chinese artist activist @nameweemusic 黃明志 (ft. Kimberley Chen 陳芳語)
🧵"It might Break Your Pinky Heart"

Paid cyber trolls: "fifty-centers" (五毛 *wumao*).
Unpaid cyber nationalists: "little pinks" (#小粉红).

The name recalls the color of a popular online nationalist forum. Many are young women.…
🧵references in "Fragile"《玻璃心》(lit. "Glass Heart")

* cotton (picked by #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang labor camps)
* honey loved by Winnie the Pooh (Xi Jinping)
"Carrying the cotton and collecting his favorite honey. / Common prosperity!"
“扛着棉花踩着它爱的蜜蜂 /#共同富裕Image
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1/ #THREAD: #Submarine rescue ships in the Pacific

HQ-927 Yet Kieu sub rescue ship of the #Vietnamese Navy is the latest one

It supports #Vietnam's 6 Kilo-class submarines, it was just commissioned this year

Only Vietnam, #Singapore & #Malaysia have sub rescue ships in #ASEAN
2/ The Yet Kieu is designed to rescue submarines & surface ships, survey the seabed & search & recover undersea objects.

Built by the #Vietnamese 189 military owned shipyard.

It measures 94m long x 16m wide and has a displacement of 4,000 tons.
3/ The Republic of #Singapore Navy (RSN) operates the MV Swift Rescue, submarine support & rescue vessel (SSRV).

It is equipped with the deep-submergence rescue vehicle Deep Search and Rescue Six (DSAR 6)

Displacement: 4,290 tons
Length: 85 m
Completed on April 2009
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Today is #AccessToInfoDay. The #RightToKnow enables the public & civil society to access info held by public bodies, empowers them to hold their leaders accountable, & ensures other human rights. However, many barriers to #AccessToInfo persist.
1/5 Image
Cambodia’s draft #AccessToInfo Law presents barriers to the realisation of the #RightToKnow. It is crucial that the Draft Law is amended prior to adoption to fully enable the right to information in #Cambodia. #AccessToInfoDay
Read the full analysis👉…
2/5 Image
The Official Secrets Act is a barrier to the right to information in #Malaysia. The Act may be used to stifle critical journalism and should be immediately repealed. #AccessToInfoDay #RightToKnow
Read ARTICLE 19’s analysis of the Official Secrets Act👉…
3/5 Image
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#Taliban/#ISI reportedly disrupting the Internet access of the #Panjshir resistance, whether in preparation for a final offensive is unclear.
This is absolutely extraordinary, all the more so for being presented as a myth-busting exercise.
The likelihood of a repeat of the 26 August attack by ISKP is very high
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🧵Pregnant women are at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID. This is the third thread dedicated to pregnant women worldwide who lost their lives during the pandemic. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid
Unvaccinated women are at increased risk for severe illness from COVID.
🇺🇸31 y.o. Greyzie from Jacksonville Florida was 31 weeks pregnant with her second child when she became ill with COVID prompting an emergency c-section. Her baby Evie survived, but Greyzie passed away. #SoulsLostToCovid 1/30…
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An Autocratic Ruler needs to control the following to maintain a tight grip over both power and people->
1. Education
2. Religious Interpretation
3. Taxation
4. Currency
5. Military
6. Monopoly Permits
7. Land
8. Unions
9. Publishing and Broadcasting
10. Property Rights
Of course, this is an expandable list!
Many are arguing that I should add more to it.
I just added a few domineering aspects, tools and policy interacting methods of governance, which a ruler might bring into use!
You may add more to the above suggestions.
In modern times, no leader, in the so-called developing world, outside the Fascist Southern European Region, the NAM Nations, LATAM Markets, and the OIC Bloc, had exercised so much control, across all walks of life, other than Late Lee Kuan Yew of #Singapore
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"#SouthKorea posted its highest-ever number of new daily COVID-19 infections in the last 24 hours, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said on Saturday, the third consecutive day of record highs in new infection cases."… Image
#USA: "Twenty-four states have seen an uptick of at least 10% in Covid-19 cases over the past week"… Image
"#Russia on Saturday reported 752 coronavirus-related deaths, the most confirmed in a single day since the pandemic began"… Image
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#India: "Delhi reported a surge in coronavirus (Covid-19) cases on Tuesday"… Image
#Indonesia: '"on the edge of a COVID-19 catastrophe" as the country navigates an uptick in the number of infections'… Image
#Australia: "The Greater Darwin region has confirmed it is dealing with an outbreak of the Delta variant, a strain which experts warn is more infectious but "manageable" with the right restrictions."… Image
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Overall .. despite today's 195 cases in #Penang .. we are still seeing a Downward Trend in #COVID19 cases.. Data presented is for period of 4th Jun till 21st Jun 2021.. 1/n…
First a #throwback for comparison, especially the Sporadic or Unlinked #COVID19 cases in #Penang which hit a high of 68% from 10th May till 3rd Jun 2021.. 2/n…
Then, it was a rising trend of not only total #COVID19 cases in #Penang but also percentage of sporadic cases.. from 55.4% between 19th Mac till 9th May 2021 till the 68.5% for 10/5 till 3/6.. 3/n…
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CONGRATS Kisona 👍🏻👍🏻😁
Good fight.. Jin Wei !!
#SpanishInternational #badminton #Malaysia…
Good win again !!
By Wei Chong & Kai Wun 👏🏻👏🏻🇲🇾🏸🏸
#SpanishInternational #badminton #Malaysia ImageImage
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Morning Tan Sri @DGHisham & @KKMPutrajaya .. A study from #Finland shows 100% of #COVID19 px in ICU were unvaccinated !!

Article is in Finnish which you can translate with Google with a tap at bottom right corner.. 1/n…
A good way for KKM to convince people in Malaysia that #COVID19 #vaccine helps prevent serious illness !!

This article in Finnish can be translated to English at a tap .. and it tells of how so many hospitals were surveyed.. on their ICU #COVID19
px.. 2/n… ImageImageImage
Reading on .. we find its methodology.. is by a simple series of questions.. 3/n
cc @DGHisham @KKMPutrajaya… Image
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yet preventable !!
Deaths from #COVID19 ..
Community Cluster..
NOT work place.. #Malaysia .. 1/n…
A look at 1 of a few ways these #COVID19 Community Clusters happen.. in #Malaysia .. 2/n…
This is 2 of the various #COVID19 Community Clusters.. which sadly has led to not only deaths (34 to be exact 😔) .. but with 2,693 cases !! All from 1 who travelled from Johor to Sarawak for a funeral.. #KlusterPasai .. 3/n…
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Hey friends and comrades! Quick updates on going public about Anti-Asian racism experienced at @iiumich, @umichLSA, at @UMCSEAS, primarily but not exclusively from @umichsph Prof @laurarozek. This actually blew up: I'm humbled and thankful.
We've over 33k views on IG, and aren't too far behind on Twitter. The petition has nearly 1800 signatures; I didn't expect 100 on Friday. We're expecting news coverage in Ann Arbor. Also Dr. Rozek has acknowledged the letter @geo3550 sent on my behalf.
But still, no news from @iiumich. Not a word to me directly from @UMCSEAS even as scholars from their sister schools internationally call them out. No contact on twitter as both @MaryGao and @laurarozek have blocked me. Not even a word.
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The #Ivermectin story in #Malaysia with regards to its usage in treating #COVID19 patients has taken a new twist !!
Now just to put things in context.. remember #COVID19 raging in #India just a month back.. with thousands of daily deaths, open cremation & bodies thrown into the Ganges.. article below is on 24th May 2021..…
Yet within #India .. where individual States have authority to decide on health matters.. Some chose to use #Ivermectin for #COVID19 .. some chose not to.. And the results were pretty staggering !!…
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