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Today I’m on a boat trip organized by the @MFAThai for Thai media to explore historical neighborhoods along the river in #Bangkok where foreigners used to live. The trip is called "ย่านฝรั่งในบางกอก" (Foreign Quarter in Bangkok). This is a live THREAD of the day trip #Thailand
Wat Rachathiwat in Dusit district was originally established pre-Ayutthaya. It was given its present name by King Mongkut who once resided here. Of interest is the Khmer style ordination hall with murals in a fresco style by an Italian artist.

In 1674, King Narai granted land in Bangkok to the Portuguese community to build the Church of Immaculate Conception. Later, Vietnamese Christians settled here. The present church building dates back to 1847.

📍MAP:… #Bangkok
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Hear their thoughts at @betaworkstudios on 2/15.…
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Monday's #Covid19 thread starts here. Still holidays around the world for many, including #UK. But here all eyes on Boris Johnson - will he, or won't he make more restrictions or even lockdown? We should know today.

I've got more hospital data in the thread, updated real time..
So let me start with #UK. I've managed to get new health data, which will be critical to the decision on new restrictions in #England

As of y'day there were 7,536 #Covid19 patients in English hospitals; up 17.1% in a week.

But 2,425 of those are in London and that's up 45.5%
Strangely, South-East & South-West areas of #England have fewer #Covid19 patients in hospital.

Occupied hospital beds by region (weekly change):

#London 2,425 +46%
#Midlands 1,345 +17%
#East 681 +16%
#NorthWest 945 +8%
#Yorkshire/NE 847 +3%
#SouthEast 803 -2%
#SouthWest 490 -5%
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🚂 Calling all train fans! There is an event at Hua Lamphong station from now until 16th January 2022 where you can get up close with steam locomotives and also visit places in the 105 year old station that are not normally open to the public. [THREAD] #รถไฟไทย #thaitrain [1/7]
As well as taking pictures of the steam locomotives, there are also various carriages on display from the wooden benches in 3rd Class to the sofas in the 1st Class carriage. There is also a board room with a very long table #รถไฟไทย #thaitrain #Bangkok
At the front of Hua Lamphong station, you will find the railway museum which is open every day during the train exhibition. Entry is free. There is a lot of train memorabilia that will fascinate all train fans #รถไฟไทย #thaitrain #Bangkok4Free
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⛴ Good morning from Bangkok. Today I’m on a special one-day excursion on the Chao Phraya River aboard the RIVA Express. I love doing boats trips and so couldn’t resist. Cost is 699 Baht and there will be seven stops. This is a live THREAD of the trip. #Bangkok ImageImageImageImage
The RIVA Express has a lower deck which is air-conditioned and an upper deck which is open to make it easier to enjoy the views and take pictures. There are also male/female toilets #Bangkok #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
[⛴ STOP 01] Our first stop was the Guan Yu Shrine, which is the soul of Thai-Chinese people. Inside there are three statues with the oldest dating back to 1736 when the shrine was established. King Taksin is believed to have come here.

📍MAP:… #Bangkok ImageImageImageImage
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This morning I’m exploring Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem on foot. This outer moat for the Grand Palace was dug in the 1850’s during the reign of King Rama IV. The canal is 20m wide, 3m deep and 5.5km long. All of the land on the right hand bank of this photo belongs to the railway. Image
As you can see from these photos, the BMA are improving the landscape on each side of Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem for 1,250 meters where it runs alongside Bangkok Railway Station. They will widened the path to include a jogging track and also plant 151 more trees. #Bangkok ImageImageImageImage
These are artist impressions of what this section of Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem canal will look like. The BMA anticipates that this new green area will be finished by March 2022 #Bangkok #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
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This is going to be a THREAD about Khlong Phra Khanong. The starting point of the canal is the Chao Phraya River in Klong Toei Port and it goes eastwards beyond Srinakarin Road. I will be posting in this thread every time I come here to explore #BKKcanals #walkingBKK #Bangkok Image
As you can see, Khlong Phra Khanong is not a straight canal. In fact it’s a natural river that has been straightened a little over the years to make it a more efficient “highway”. The community along the banks date back to the pre-Ayutthaya period #BKKcanals #walkingBKK #Bangkok ImageImage
I was hoping to start my exploration today by taking a public boat from Phra Khanong Pier. Unfortunately due to lack of interest it isn’t running at the moment. But you can rent a long-tailed boat for around ฿1,000.

📍MAP:… #BKKcanals #walkingBKK #Bangkok Image
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This weekend I am exploring the coastline from Samut Prakan to Samut Sakhon with my friends @chilipastetour and @DavidLuekens. There's a new road along Sapphasamit Canal that now goes all the way. My map notes for this trip are here:… #bkkdaytrip #Thailand.
If you switch to a satellite image, you can see that the coastline is mainly fish and shrimp farms. There are not many roads here. This section is actually in Bangkok. Yes, Bangkok has a coastline too in Bang Khun Thian district. #bkkdaytrip #Thailand.
[01] Our first stop on the coastal tour is Phra Samut Chedi. This is the symbol of Samut Province. When it was first built, it used to be on an island on the Chao Phraya River but it’s now on the West bank.

📍MAP:… #bkkdaytrip #Thailand.
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#COVID19: The reaction of doctors and fake scientists to vaccine adverse effects (and eventual deaths) is worth deploring and taking to courts. They are helping in this #Genocide and most heinous #HumanRights violations of humanity so far. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 @_Perry4Law Image
#COVID19: With data of infections, hospitalisations and deaths despite vaccination, it would be a legal obligation to revoke all permissions of emergency use of vaccines. Ignoring these conditions and deaths is criminal negligence…. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75
.@threadreaderapp unroll please.
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😷 I’ve been invited to join an international campaign to research the potential dangers in shops and indoor venues. In this mega THREAD, I will be using a CO2 meter to measure the Covid-19 risks that we all face #Thailand #COVIDisAirborne #โควิดแพร่ทางอากาศ #CovidCO2 #โควิดco2 Image
Measuring the virus in the air is not easy. But CO2 meters recognize exhaled air inside rooms and so is a good proxy for the aerosols that carry the virus. If it’s 1,500 ppm that means 1.5% of the air has been in someone else’s lungs. Today I tested CO2 in three shops.
The first lesson I learned today is that you should be very careful in a vehicle. Anything over 800 ppm is risky if you’re not alone. With recirculating turned on it was 1885 ppm. In a taxi, ask the driver to turn it off or open a window or two #CovidCO2 #โควิดco2 #WearAMask Image
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Myanmar anti-coup demonstrators vow big turnouts as the junta regime intensifies its crackdown, following overnight raids in parts of Yangon which targeted officials from Aung San Suu Kyi's political party
Hein Yar Zar grimaced as a tattoo artist etched onto his chest the features of his first love, a young protester whose death has become a symbol of resistance against Myanmar's junta
"There was nobody like her"
VIDEO: 🇲🇲🇹🇭 Thousands of members of the #Myanmar diaspora in Thailand protest on Sunday against the military coup in their home country outside the UN office in #Bangkok, as the junta intensifies its crackdown on protesters
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#Thailand #China #Bangkok #Coronavirus #VACCINE

Thailand will receive the first batch of Covid-19 vaccines from China's Sinovac Biotech Ltd. next month, .
enabling the country to begin inoculating people with the highest risk of infection in the midst of a revival of the coronavirus outbreak. According to the Health Ministry, the Southeast Asian nation will receive the Chinese vaccine in three batches,
with the first 200,000 doses arriving in February, 800,000 in March, and another 1 million in April. Local production of vaccines produced by AstraZeneca Plc has also begun in Thailand under a technology transfer agreement, which is expected to be ready for delivery in May,
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#Thailand #Bangkok #Coronavirus

Due to rising corona numbers, the authorities in the Thai capital Bangkok have imposed a partial lockdown. Bars and discos have been closed, and the sale of alcohol in restaurants is no longer permitted.
According to the authorities, the measures also affect boxing stadiums, cockfighting rings and beauty salons. In addition, all public schools were closed for two weeks.
"We do not want extreme measures such as a lockdown and the imposition of a night curfew, but we need a stronger means to prevent a new wave," said a spokesman for the competent authority. Thailand had come through the corona pandemic comparatively well so far,
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#Thailand #Bangkok #Smog

Chronic air pollution covered Bangkok, Thailand, this morning (December 14). The air quality reached dangerous levels of 180 on the IQ Air index, with the safe levels of particles in the air being 50 micrograms per cubic metre.
Thai capital Bangkok was the world’s eighth-most polluted city by 10 am local, with residents complaining of headaches, sore eyes, coughs and a metallic taste in their mouths.
The country has been suffering from debilitating levels of toxic air pollution for several years, with the government seemingly unable to fix the problem.
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#Thailand #Bangkok #Protest

At protest rallies in front of the parliament in the Thai capital Bangkok, against the powers of the royal family and the military, at least 55 people were injured in the course of clashes between government critics and the police.
According to a clinic in the city, at least 32 of them were suffering from the effects of tear gas, and six people had gunshot wounds. The anti-government protesters are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and amendments to the constitution,
which goes back to Chan-o-cha's military rule. A new constitution would be the 21st constitution of the country since the end of the Absolute Monarchy in 1932 in Siam (today Thailand). King Rama X is far less popular than his father, King Bhumibol, who died in 2016.
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Are you looking for an easy 20 minute walk this afternoon that includes street art, a flower market, sunset from the Sky Park and finishes with a stroll along a new walking street? Follow this THREAD for details #Bangkok #walkingBKK #กรุงเทพน่าเดิน
Your starting point is MRT Sam Yot station. From here walk 100 meters east along Charoen Krung road to Damrong Sathit bridge (…). Turn right here and enjoy the street art along Ong Ang Canal. You will return here in the evening for the walking street.
Keep following the canal south. This is the outer moat for Rattanakosin Island and the Grand Palace. At Saphan Hin there is a giant Alex Face street art. There are plenty of food shops and cafes in this area if you want to take a break #Bangkok #walkingBKK #กรุงเทพน่าเดิน
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This series of tweets is about a new street art project along Charoen Krung road in the Bang Rak and Talad Noi area. There are 30 new art pieces.

[1] 01 สีสันเจริญกรุง - เชิดศักดิ์ เม้ยขันหมาก… #Bangkok #Thailand
Color of Charoeng Krung.

[3] MONOPOLY… #Bangkok #Thailand
Color of Charoen Krung.

[4] Weaving Culture…
[5] We’re Human… #Bangkok #Thailand
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This weekend, I’ve been invited to stay at The Peninsula Bangkok. They’ve been closed since April due to COVID. As usual, I won’t be lazing by the pool. I’ll be using the hotel as a base to explore the area and share my photos with you. If you have any ideas, please let me know.
At the weekend, I’m going to check out the new Ong Ang Canal Walking Street. I’m told they have some good street art there. Talad Noi also has some new street art that I want to try & find. If you have any ideas of where else to go in this area and Khlong San, please let me know.
This new street art project called “Colour of Charoenkrung” looks great. I plan to photograph and map it this weekend. It’s in the Creative District of Bang Rak. Directly across the river from where I’m staying. I will be taking my e-scooter as it’s quite spread out #Bangkok
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Thread: I have collected tweets of protest images from across Thailand going on in parallel with the major protests in Bangkok. (It’s not a complete list. Pretty sure some are missing.) #ม็อบ18ตุลา #WhatsHappeningInThailand
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#Thailand #China #Bangkok #tourism #Coronavirus

Thailand Tourism Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn said Thailand will reopen to foreign tourists in October with limited restrictions. In the absence of a COVID-19 re-outbreak,
Chinese tourists will not have to undergo mandatory quarantine and can instead use coronavirus testing and a mobile tracking application. According to Thailand's long-stay tourist visa programme, the first batch of Chinese tourists will arrive in Bangkok on October 20.
Thailand plans to issue 1,200 visas per month to help ease the loss of foreign tourists over the last five months as tourism is severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the report.
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#Thailand #Bangokol #Chachoengsao #accident

At least 17 people were killed in a collision between a bus and a train in Thailand. The authorities announced that 30 people have been injured in the accident so far. ImageImageImage
The collision occurred in the morning about 50 kilometers east of the capital Bangkok, when the bus occupants were on their way to a temple in Chachoengsao province to hold a ceremony to mark the end of Buddhist Lent.
Pictures from the scene of the accident showed the bus lying on its side, the roof of which was torn off in the accident. The death toll is expected to rise.
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1️⃣ #Unit400 is the special forces unit of the #QudsForce, focused on planning and conducting attacks outside #Iran. Within this remit, it also takes responsibility for transferring #military aid to terror and #guerrilla organisations around the world...
2️⃣ and coordinating their activities in order to prepare them to carry out attacks that serve the interests of the Iranian regime...

The HQ of #QudsForce's #Unit400 is in southeast #Tehran (Iran) The office run by the unit commander, Hamed Abdallahi.
3️⃣ Both the #IRGC and #QudsForce have been secretive and #Iran keeps most, if not all, of their activities and resources well guarded. However, given the #military unit’s expansive operations, they developed another section within the organisation for more specialised operations.
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My new favorite shirt! (Also keeping an eye on some shifty pigeons!) Image
I don't know what this is but it's fried and freshly hand made and sure to be delicious! ImageImage
It's a fried dumpling made from sticky rice flour! Basically a super soft mochi with an incredibly crisp fried skin, filled with what I think is a sweet mung bean paste with just a slight hint of chili pepper. It's FANTASTIC. ImageImage
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@Adrilastra Las redes no se ceban por un lapsus ni una equivocación, lo hacen al conocer su tremenda ignorancia,a nivel jurídico y de partido, pues ni su propia historia conoce. El ministro bicéfalo, J.A.Belloch, el artífice del nuevo Código de 1995 y de la rocambolesca historia Image
del capitán Khan ¿No recuerda los €1'8mill entregados al agente Paesa que les tomó el pelo para facilitar la entrega del prófugo Roldán? ¿tampoco sabe que se inventó un operativo en #Bangkok de 144 policías, 54 agentes extranjeros y 24 coches de gran cilindrada?
#Vergüenza Image
¿Sabe lo peor? Que sólo un 36% de la clase política ha trabajado en el ámbito privado. Precisam UP(sus socios)es la formacion con más diputados que nunca antes habian trabajado en nada.
Ustedes viven únicam de la "sopa boba" de un cuerpo electoral fiel, adoctrinado y aborregado
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