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In the face of this terrible tragedy, we must remain cohesive and invoke the ideals of democracy, solidarity and universal brotherhood by strongly saying #StopWarInUkraine #Peace .

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#scritturebrevi #VentagliDiParole #ThePhotoHour #StopWar
I invite you to carefully read the entire thread: one by one the 12 tweets.

#StopWar #UkraineRussiaWar

#scritturebrevi #ventaglidiparole

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A lot can happen in 10 minutes - Let me tell you a short story about this picture of Arrowhead when she was a cub. #IndiAves no birds though but interesting. #ThePhotoHour
7 years ago towards the end of the safari time we reached the exit with about 20 minutes to spare. The park had been very quiet. My friend and guide Raj Kumar decided that we are going to check an area for activity one last time. I went along reluctantly not expecting much but..
I was wrong. With a few minutes we heard Sambar deer frantically calling out in alarm and soon saw a tigress called Krishna with her 3 cubs in tow walking down the road. I remember Rajkumar telling me “Boss you have 10 minutes” and a lot can happen in 10 minutes
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Following up the (rather longish) #BirdsSeenIn2021 thread from last year with a #Lifers2022 this year.

Hoping to add on to the India 🇮🇳 list of #BirdsSeenIn2022 with this 🧵

1. Black-capped Kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)

#IndiAves #ThePhotoHour #TwitterNatureCommunity #Lifers Image
2. Malabar Grey Hornbill (Ocyceros griseus)

#BirdsSeenIn2022 #IndiAves #Lifers2022 Image
3. Malabar Parakeet (Psittacula columboides)

#BirdsSeenIn2022 #IndiAves #Lifers2022 Image
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A group of tigers is called an ambush. It’s a beautiful sight. Once in a while you find an ambush in good light & it’s jackpot time for photographers. #ThePhotoHour #IndiWild
But what comes to my mind when I hear the words ‘tiger’ and ‘ambush’ in the same sentence is this - the art of stalking prey. A 250-300 kg, +9 feet long, orange coloured ‘striped’ cat goes into stealth mode for hours, if required
Once a prey is targeted, one individual - more often males, then the orange giant cat has to get close enough to get within charging distance. This often involves clearing some open patches without been no seen nor heard by any animal. Wild Cats are brilliant at it even huge ones
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On #WorldTourismDay let me tell you about my favourite place on this planet - the area of the three lakes in Ranthambhore national park. It’s a stunning place. I will take a few minutes of your time but it may brighten up your day. 🙏
#ThePhotoHour Image
The overall backdrop is stunning because of a plus 1000 years old UNESCO World Heritage site Hill fort from which the park gets it name. It’s just too imposing. #Rajasthan Image
There are lots of pretty places but few where our countries glorious ancient past mixes with raw nature is such a mind blowing manner. Hundreds of years ago people actually prayed in this mosque. Monuments here are a classic mix of Rajput and Mughal architecture #IncredibleIndia Image
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My #BirdsWithTalons long #Thread from Delhi. Seeing raptors around Delhi is a Joy. Each sighting is unique but not always gr8 wrt #photograghy

On a good day, they can be found up close
Black-winged kite & White-Eyed buzzard
#IndiAves #BirdsSeenIn2021
#birdwatching #birds
And there are days when they surprise me by visiting the fig tree just outside my house -like this Shikra which I clicked from my balcony.
#BirdsWithTalons #indiAves
#BirdsSeenIn2021 #birds #birdwatching #thePhotohour #birdphotography #NaturePhotography
But on some other days(should I call them bad days?) they are quite far. Like this Grey-headed fish eagle from Okhla & the Short-toed snake eagle from Mangar.

#BirdsWithTalons #indiAves
#BirdsSeenIn2021 #birds #birdwatching #thePhotohour #birdphotography #NaturePhotography
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Almost all wild cats are ‘ambush hunters’ and #Camouflage is really important to them. I would have never spotted this leopard if he did not turn his head to look towards us

- a photo thread for #IndiAves
Same here. If this Caracal had not moved her head to show her gorgeous ‘tufted ears’ my guide would have never spotted her.
Name: सिया or Ink - गोश or ears : to make सियागोश in Hindi, their name
We had spotted this Jungle cat entering this patch of short grass and then totally lost her till she came out in the open. We are good at spotting wildlife, really good but this one played with us.
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