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Mission accomplished!
I’ve finally found all 240 wildflowers in my Collins Gem guide. The project has taken me many years and to many places, from seashores to mountain tops, and I've absolutely loved it! 🧵

#wildflowerhour #TwitterNatureCommunity #wildflowerhunt
Since 2006, I've been recording the date and location of each new species I found flowering in the wild. After making gradual progress for years, I decided in January to find all the remaining 112 by the end of this year.
The goal of finding all 112 in a single flowering season meant I had to do a lot of research on when and where I could see each one. Then I started making special trips to find the species not growing locally. I went on foot, by coach, train, bus and even boat!
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A thread 🧵 or rather a slow amble past wildflowers down a favourite lane.
First Red Campion foreground (Silene dioica)
#wildflowerhour #TwitterNatureCommunity 1/
Interwoven flowers of bluebells & Stitchwort form the fabric of this verge - with bright knots of dandelion as counterpoint.
🧵 2
#wildflowerhour #TwitterNatureCommunity
I only want to linger to admire the graceful arc of the bluebell bloom, with now Yellow Archangel (Lamium galeobdolon) adding contast.
🧵 3
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¹Hello! Your friendly birder here introducing you to another cool grp of birds
¹Red-faced Mousebird
²Speckled Mousebird
This is 2 of the 3 in southern Africa
Like their name, they have cool similarities with mice. They hang out in grps clamoring on trees like mice..
²they are grey with long tails, a crest and short legs adapted for tree crawling. If you watch them on trees, get do look like mice🐀
There are 6 spp of Mousebird & all are confined to Africa. They are evolutionary distinct & special (someone can add here)
³they eat a wide variety but mostly fruit. They like to huddle together to keep warm. From time to time, you can see them on tree tops seemingly basking in the sun.
Cool fact: they bask in the sun with their bellies facing out to help with digestion...fermantative digestion 😉
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Following up the (rather longish) #BirdsSeenIn2021 thread from last year with a #Lifers2022 this year.

Hoping to add on to the India 🇮🇳 list of #BirdsSeenIn2022 with this 🧵

1. Black-capped Kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)

#IndiAves #ThePhotoHour #TwitterNatureCommunity #Lifers Image
2. Malabar Grey Hornbill (Ocyceros griseus)

#BirdsSeenIn2022 #IndiAves #Lifers2022 Image
3. Malabar Parakeet (Psittacula columboides)

#BirdsSeenIn2022 #IndiAves #Lifers2022 Image
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At Chhapar, a sleepy village 4 hours from Jaipur, life for the birds is high energy and high stress. A constant battle for survival. This black-winged kite flew from a distant perch to come close to me. He was carrying a skink. Sequence follows.
#IndiAves #TwitterNatureCommunity
Choosing the safe perch of the moment.
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Yesterday's got a leucistic Jungle Babbler @ Ayodhya #IndiAves
In leucistic birds, affected plumage lacks melanin pigment due to the cells responsible for melanin production being absent. #birdwatching #nature #BirdsSeenIn2021 #BBCWildlifePOTD @Avibase @ThePhotoHour
2/n #IndiAves
This results in a white feathers, unless the normal plumage colour also comprises carotenoids (e.g. yellows), which remain unaffected by the condition. Although leucism is inherited, the extent and positioning of the white colouration
3/n #IndiAves
can vary between adults and their young, and can also skip generations if leucistic genes are recessive.
The reduction of pigment in leucistic birds causes feathers to weaken and be more prone to wear.
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Welcome to my #OUFamily Giving Day contribution! Details, thread & donation link below. Follow along for lots of #plant, #wildflower, #butterfly & #nature photos to raise money for @OpenUniversity Giving Day! @OU_EEE @OUGradSch @OUstudents @OU_STEM
Full detail of what I'm doing:…
Donation link (Choose Futuremaker - Bradley Neal):… #OUFamily
Starting in my own garden is a Neetle-Leaved Bellflower (Campanula trachelium). This is a native wildflower in England but maybe not to MK, I planted it because I liked it! Very hairy tube-shaped flowers makes this well adapted for bee pollination, and they seem to love it.
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Indian wild #Truffles being sold in street-market. These #Rugra #Putu #Katarua #Phutphut grow around #Sal_trees & erupt in rains.Closely related to other truffles of d world& expensive #delicacy.

#Wildlife #Nature
Also called "Black #Diamond" cost Rs 1000/ kg in early &late season. This flavourful #Natures_bounty is worth savouring.Some #delicious_dishes- Masala-Rugra, Rugra-Chicken, Rugra-Mutton, Rugra-Biryani. 4 types of wild #truffles r eaten in Central india.
#wildlife #Nature #forest
Ever wondered why #Truffles grow near #Sal_trees? #Truffles grow from spores that live underground in a #symbioticRelationship with Sal #Trees..#Fungus helps d #tree extract nutrients frm ground& d tree gives #truffleFungus carbohydrates, to grow.
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Asian Barred owlet #Thread

I have photographed (shared earlier here) a pair of Asian barred owlet earlier last month which I found in the backyard of my home in Assam in my recent visit in April.

#IndiAves #birds #birdwatching #BirdsSeenIn2021 #TwitterNatureCommunity Image
Today, my bother called me in the morning and told me that he found a chick at the bottom of a tree with a large hole. I ID the bird and he managed a bamboo 🪜 to place the chick in the hole. He noticed 2 more chicks there.

#IndiAves #BirdsSeenIn2021 #birdwatching ImageImage
While doing so he was attacked by one the parents. The hole was little wide at its mouth so we concluded that the chick came out of its own while crawling inside the hole.

#IndiAves #BirdsSeenIn2021 #birdwatching Image
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Today, on #TheMisplacedMenagerie -

We report the exotic (for #India) apple #snail, #Pomacea diffusa, also known as the spike topped apple snail, from the #Mumbai region, as part of our ongoing studies on #urbanwildlife, and the #ecology of introduced species, in #India, Mumbai.
The study was officially published in the 'ELA Journal of Forestry and Wildlife' - a peer reviewed #science journal, which is also the official journal of the #Maharashtra State #Forest Department.

Link to paper:…

#sciencetwitter #TwitterNatureCommunity
Spiked Topped Apple Snails in #Mumbai (and other parts of #India) are the direct result of the #aquarium trade - either as accidental, or deliberate releases from home aquaria.

#InvasiveSpecies #sciencetwitter #ecology #naturalhistory #urbanwildlife
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You know websites have FAQs?
Here's my Twitter version ⬇️

1. I use a Nikon D500 with a Sigma 150-600mm contemporary lens. 🐦
2. I never use a tripod. 🐦
3. I never use flash. 🐦
4. I shoot full manual, changing settings as I go along, depending on the light & circumstances. 🐦😊

5. I use a free online picture editor 'Faststone' & have done for years 🐦
6. I was a rubbish bird photographer for years, because I shot 'Auto' as I was scared to miss the bird & hadn't learnt the manual settings!🤣
7. I was a birder long before I was a photographer

8. Contrary to popular belief, I don't have much patience & don't have the time to sit in hides hoping a bird will happen along! 🐦
9. I spend about 5 hours a week, on average, out in nature taking pics. 🐦
10. I use @Wix for my website and shop 🐦😊
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1ere partie d'un #ThreadPhoto, résumé de notre ballade ce matin avec @petitesarcelle au (quasi) lever du jour dans le parc Paul Mistral à @VilledeGrenoble .
⚠️Clic sur les 📸 pour les voir en format réel 😊
#TwitterNatureCommunity #NaturePhotography #nature #Grenoble
C'était une matinée "étournesque". Cet #Etourneau sansonnet ( Sturnus vulgaris) était en train de se laver en barbotant dans l'eau, pas très loin de nous
#Starling #photography #birds #BirdsSeenIn2021
#birdphotography #TeamOrnitho #ornithology Etourneau sansonnet (Common starling) - Sturnus vulgaris
Du coup Cette petite Merlette (#Merle noir ♀ - Turdus merula) s'y est mise aussi, pour notre plaisir =)
#blackbird #photography #birds #BirdsSeenIn2021
#birdphotography #TeamOrnitho #ornithology
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Rose ringed Parakeet ImageImageImage
Spotted necked Dove Image
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| An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth | 👁️🦷🦅

#TwitterNatureCommunity #comics #birds ImageImageImageImage
Some bird’s names are still obscure nowadays. And if birds with silly names had a queen, it would be the black-winged kite, “élanion blac” in French. “Élanion” is not the problematic part, as it comes from the Greek “elanos”, meaning kite.

📷Yathin S Krishnappa Image
For the 2nd part of its name, “blac”, it’s another story. François Levaillant, a French ornithologist, chose this name in 1799. But he did not provide any explanation for this choice...

⤵️ François, feeling pleasure imagining people pulling their hair out about this bird's name Image
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